Welcome to Oneness of All

This web site is dedicated to the promotion of truth and Light  at this powerful evolutionary time.  Mankind has  journeyed through  lifetimes in which  false concepts, beliefs, and fears  were blindly accepted as the truth and in our ignorance, we gave away our power.

The Arcturians, one group of many highly evolved beings from other galaxies, wish to present  their messages of love and guidance or order to assist the people of earth  let go of the false fears that were  given to and accepted by mankind.   They stand ready to offer spiritual and technical  assistance when and if desired.  Free will does not allow them  to step in unless asked.

It is  time to embrace  the truth of who we are and why we are here. The answers are  now pouring in  from multiple Sources of Light.   Events of great energy and change  began manifesting in 2012  and will continue.    It is crucial that mankind become  informed and thus be prepared  as  changes occur.  

There is absolutely no need for fear.  For us and for  Gaia;  this is  a graduation.

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