Humans have two types of energy; masculine and feminine

Masculine energy is characterized as that which is active; the be-er, do-er energy which manifests on all levels-- physically, emotionally, and mentally.  "Spiritually it is divine will, power, and purpose-mental and outward focused attributes of the Creator."   (Ronna Herman) Physically the male is stronger, larger, and has evolved over time to protect and feed the weaker. Stereotypically we can observe pure male energy as the aggressive, tough, outgoing, dominant, and assertive personality which is often taken for granted and excused as in the statement; "boys will be boys..."

Devoid of balance with feminine energy, pure masculine is pushy, determined, and self-serving; expressing a disregard for others' needs in an aggressive quest for whatever is believed to be important to their happiness. It manifests as what we term "cave man mentality"; a state of consciousness that sees and enjoys conflict and all the challenges of self-serving aggression. We have all known of men like these especially in countries of intense male dominance.

Feminine energy is characterized by compassion;  receptive, intuitive, nurturing energy which also manifests physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Physically the female form is created to be the receptor for the masculine seed, which she then nourishes and protects as the child grows. Her smaller physical structure manifests less need for the masculine strength required of the warrior, aggressor, hunter, and gatherer.  Emotionally, feminine energy is compassionate and intuitive.  Mentally, she more easily understands the needs of others when making decisions.  Feminine energy devoid of the masculine is "wimpy", spineless, whiney, and seeks to be taken care of.  We all know women like this.

The "battle of the sexes" began thousands of years ago when the feminine Godhead was attacked by those declaring that only a masculine Godhead was truth.  This glorification of the masculine resulted in the oppression of women who were physically weaker and smaller by nature.  This bullying has gone on for centuries in many cultures and religions, and continues today under many guises.  It is time to heal this imbalance, for one without the other manifests only half of what really is.  Society has done males a tremendous disservice through teaching them not to express their feminine aspect, telling them that tender emotions were signs of weakness.  Neither have we helped women by often forbidding their spirits to unfold into directions labeled "male".   Every human being embodies both the feminine and masculine principles of Divine Consciousness, and together the two aspects make the whole.

All human beings, regardless of present gender, embody both masculine and feminine aspects.  Because we see and experience ourselves and others as being either male or female, we accept current concepts about each. Without much thought, we often disregard, downplay, and or deny those qualities considered inappropriate for a particular gender. This does not mean that men are interchangeable with women or vise-versa.  Nature provides the necessary components for activating gender specific qualities to the male body or female body. The primary energy specific to our physical body is an important component in our evolutionary process. We chose our gender very carefully before incarnating with regard to whatever basic qualities we need most to help us learn our lessons.

Because of the ascension process being experienced now on earth, mankind is shifting out of duality and separation, and into the energy of Oneness.  All who need it are being pushed to balance their masculine and feminine aspects.  Men with too little feminine are being faced with learning experiences that force them to become compassionate and caring.  Women who carry very little masculine energy are finding themselves faced with life issues that force them to take hold of the reins, and make decisions.

The choice of either a male or female body in preparation for incarnation is determined by the individuals need to actively experience the energy of whatever aspect he needs more of.  This is why you often see very feminine qualities in some men, or very masculine qualities in some women.  Their present gender was chosen through the realization that they had experienced too many lifetimes as either male or female, and now need to experience and integrate the opposite in order to bring about balance.  Once we know this, we can understand why there are lives of transgender, homosexuality, cross dressing, and gender reassignment surgeries.  Humans are not just physical bodies, but are spiritual beings having a physical experience.    Often homosexuality is a pre-birth choice simply to add this experience to the Soul’s learning process; every life is about learning , growing, and expanding into new and deeper awareness of the self as Self. 

When an individual resonating with a great deal of either feminine or masculine energy (because of having lived many lifetimes as that particular gender)  finds himself living as the opposite sex, there is a great deal of confusion. He or she experiences himself as the opposite sex from physical body. Once in third dimensional energy, individuals don't remember the how or whys of pre-birth choices and in fact don’t even remember having lived on earth before.

It is our job to respect and help these individuals to love themselves, for it takes a great deal of courage to choose an unfamiliar gender in order to spiritually evolve.  Third dimensional (duality and separation) society often treats these individuals as outcasts, and with those who would call themselves “Christians” labeling them as "sick or sinful" within   a society that badly needs to evolve beyond prejudicial and outdated concepts. 

Homosexuality is often simply individuals who have been loving partners in many life-times coming together again in this lifetime as partners even though both have chosen the same gender.  The key to spiritual understanding is to remember that human beings are in reality spiritual beings using physical bodies; spiritual beings choosing to study for a while at Earth University.

One cannot enter into the high frequencies of Light being integrated throughout the earth at this time, until coming into balance.  There is no duality in the higher realms.  Beings of Light (us) are both masculine and feminine in the reality of the true self as a manifestation of Source.


                                            SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH

During these rapidly changing times, individuals are being pushed, as well as being given opportunities to speak their truth-like it or not.  Those still functioning in the "old energy" continue to give vociferous opinions that increasingly seem immature and irrelevant to our awakening ears, but change is beginning to manifest through the voices of those speaking out for change and truth in places that heretofore have not known much freedom. These new voices are indicative of the massive energy shifts taking place on earth at this time, moving us into the energy of 2012.  What does it all mean?  It means that humans are finally emerging from behind the crumbling walls of outdated concepts and false beliefs that have held them in bondage for eons and because of this, they are losing their fear of standing up for themselves.  It means the gradual dawning of a worldwide awareness regarding each and every individual’s God given right and capacity to think and to make intelligent choices, regardless of what the popular beliefs promote through media, government, or churches.

How many times have we simply gone along with the latest popular trend because we were too intimidated to speak up, too afraid of being labeled stupid, or because we simply couldn't’ be bothered to look into the matter?  Because there is only ONE, everyone feels a deep inner need to experience love (energy of Oneness) although most have no idea why.  We want others to like us, and we want to feel as if we are a part of something even if that something is negative (street gangs).  This all has to do with the fact that all living things are united in the One, but until individuals awaken to this, it is impossible to understand this drive to be loved and accepted.
Humans are rapidly moving into a more powerful sense of who they are and why they are here, and it is this awareness that is bringing about changes.  We may begin to notice that we are no longer enjoying many of the things we used to. We may find ourselves out of sync with some old friends, certain activities, and pursuits that may have been of primary interest.  This often causes a panic within; "What is wrong with me"?  Nothing is wrong; our state of consciousness has changed. This is evolution.  We are graduating.  There is no problem with these interests of the past, we have simply outgrown them.

We have all experienced the dilemma of trying to tell a family member or friend that we are no longer interested in activities we once enjoyed doing with them.  This becomes especially difficult if the other person has not changed in any way.  For example; you and your friends have enjoyed a routine of dinner and film once a month.  For you it always meant fun, something you looked forward to.   Gradually you have begun to notice that you no longer look forward to these evenings as you once did. You recognize the conversation and many of the films as holding old concepts and being very third dimensional because you are no longer resonating with the energy of the entertainment or even the friends you once so enjoyed being with.  You have evolved beyond much of what identified this event.  Do you beg out, making up excuses about being too busy or are you able to say honestly and with love; "I am sorry, I find that I just don't enjoy this anymore".

This is simply one small example of how the integration of higher energies is changing us as individuals and the world in general. We are taking back our power, and learning to speak our truth. Throat chakras are clearing and opening. Evolutionary changes are rapidly expanding our world view which in turn is forcing us to re-think all aspects of our lives and make the changes necessary. Many resist the change as they begin to discover facets of their lives in need of resolution or release, but an individual cannot go back asleep once he has awakened even in a small way.  To the newly awakening individual however, it may seem easiest to just ignore it and try to maintain the old.  

Our integration of those higher dimensional energies flowing to earth at this time is pushing us deeper into a new awareness of ourselves.  We are beginning to realize that we are much more than we have been led to believe, and this gives us an inner strength that heretofore we have not known.  We are losing the need to be validated by others, and are beginning to trust that we ourselves can make intelligent decisions.  We are beginning to trust and rely on our intuition.

Women are getting the opportunities necessary to bring about an integration their masculine aspect (the active, be-er, doer energy) which for many women still remains unacknowledged.  Men are getting the opportunities needed in order for them to acknowledge their feminine aspect (the intuitive, receptive, wisdom energy).  As men and women integrate both aspects of themselves, their ability to speak the truth becomes easy and ordinary, simply the expression of their way of living and being each day.

The individual speaks their truth, but always with love, respect, (recognition of the Divine within the other), and without fear or trepidation. They are now validated from within, not from societies’ current trends in thinking.

It is important to understand that speaking your truth does not mean that you are never say what may  need to be said in a firm and powerful way.  There are those that need to hear on a level they can understand and relate to.  The power in the words may seem 3d dimensional to the one hearing it, but the difference is in the energy with which the words flow forth. The key to speaking your truth is in the INTENTION.  Actions and words go forth as energy, so words spoken with an intention to hurt or harm another carry a lower resonating and negative energy.  Those very same words could be spoken but now carrying the intention of spiritual love and with the recognition of the recipient as spiritual being.  This time these words will not carry a negative impact.

Always ask yourself; “What is my intention in speaking these words?"   Know that unconditional love energy in our words does not mean "according to my religious or political concepts".

Take these ideas within and ponder them.

                                                                              October 18, 2010


                                   DOING "     VERSUS      "BEING"


If you are reading this, then you are someone who has probably spent many years and for sure many lifetimes evolving to your present state of consciousness, and a great  deal of time was spent in spiritual activities.  There were (and still are)  mystery schools started in  medieval times, healing temples, secret societies, monasteries, churches, metaphysical groups,  and many more all teaching  through ceremony, words, actions, and  whatever spiritual tools they  believed were necessary to lift  the spiritual aspirant to new levels of spirituality.

Spiritual students (then and now) are taught to  sit correctly,  chant, and listen to  the right vibrational sounds while  utilizing  crystals, pipes, pendulums, fire, incense, drugs, oils, body positions, words, metaphysical books, rites, rituals, fasting, and hundreds of other tools; all representing an infinite number of  belief systems  for how to  become more spiritual or psychic.  Many of these  spiritual tools were necessary tools for shifting energy levels when living in heavy third dimensional energy.  They also served well as a preparation for meditation when many found it very hard to sit still.   Many still find certain metaphysical tools are  helpful for centering and going within which is fine.


Dependence upon  tools can  become a serious spiritual block.  Addicted to their favorite modalities, they come to believe that the  rituals involved are absolutely necessary to their spiritual growth, and refuse to let them go in order to move on.  This is true regarding almost all organized religions.  The tools have become the belief system, and this is idolatry.

We are not saying that you should throw away or stop loving your crystals, for crystals carry their own powerful energies and can be powerful co-workers and companions. We do not say to stop burning your favorite incense or listening to music that lifts your soul, brings you joy, and helps you to center.  We are saying that a dependence upon these things in the belief that they are necessary to your spiritual evolution will become a barrier to it .There was a time for spiritual doing,  most serious spiritual seekers studied in the ancient mystery schools in  past lives and  also lived lives of rites and ritual in convents and monasteries.

However, you have evolved.    It is time to start "being" instead of "doing" which means a personal commitment to live out from the realization that you already are that which you have been seeking.  It is the understanding that there is no need to struggle for something you already have.   It is a letting go of doing- doing- doing- and learning to simply “be".  "Being" is an  action,  the action of consciously  resting in what  is and  does not need some outer action  to make it so.

Tools are symbols, only symbols, and in order to let go of the tools if they have become your crutch, you must understand what the symbols represent.  It is time to accept that you are no longer  functioning fully in the  three dimensional energy of duality and separation, but are moving into the new and higher frequencies of the fifth dimension.

It doesn't matter what you choose to do each day, what matters is the state of consciousness with which you do the things you choose to do.  All spiritual "doing" is simply to get a person to a place of spiritual "being".  You can "be" while doing anything you please; no one action is holier than another for it is the intention that accompanies the action that determines the energy of it.

Humans have bound themselves to spiritual struggle through the belief that a person must suffer in order to be spiritual.  This is a lie still perpetuated by organized religions who don't have answers to suffering and want to keep you coming to them so you can be "saved", (and hopefully bring with you large donations). There are still those who believe that if they whip themselves, or do severe penances, they will become holy.  Original sin is the belief that you are separate from your Source, which is impossible.  All was created perfect and still is, for there is nothing other than the One Omnipresent Substance of Source from which all has been and still is being created.  (We speak of your true Soul Essence and not the physical/human concept of it).

With the exception of some mystical writers, most spiritual books at this time are metaphysical.  Metaphysics seeks to change a bad picture into a good picture through the use of spiritual tools.  Mysticism is the realization that nothing needs changing but  false concepts being entertained about God’s perfect spiritual creation.

Many ask; “How can a loving God/Source allow these bad things to happen?”  Well dear ones, God/Source knows nothing about what third dimensional dreams man is dreaming and creating through un-enlightened concepts and beliefs (duality and separation). Rest assured that if there were Divine Ideas of disease, lack and limitation, etc., no one would ever be able to change these things, for the Ideas embodied in Source are held infinitely in place by Divine Law.   Source is forever perfect, knowing only Itself  AS...  Evolution is the awakening to that. 

It is now time to rest in the truth of completeness, and to let go of a dependence on tools that were indeed once needed--when you were a  beginner.

Marilyn and Arcturian Group                                                   6/24/10



Compassion is the awareness and understanding of another’s problems without personally aligning with  the energy of them, be they physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.    It is the ability to understand either through personal experience or simply through observation, what another is dealing with. The more life experiences we have personally had, the better able we are to understand what the other person is going through and it is this that tempts us to sympathize.  In compassion we understand, empathize, and offer assistance, but do not resonate with or enter into the other person’s energy.  We have all heard; “You cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem.” Sympathy is exactly that- the  entering into and  resonating with the energy of the situation in the false belief that this is  helpful but rather it is an attempt to solve a problem on the level of the problem.

In order to work from the level of compassion, we must learn to refrain from entering into the drama of whatever situation is presenting itself because when we embrace a problem, we are adding to the energy of it.  At the same time we don’t turn away or deny appearances, but rather acknowledge the situation that is affecting the other’s life with an inner detachment.  It is the ability to see and understand  painful issues that seem very real, but without becoming a part of them.  Compassion is a facet of love, an evolved state of consciousness

Be fully aware of what is going on with another who is  looking to us for support or guidance, and freely offer whatever practical help and ideas you are guided to give, but do it without entering into the energy of the issue.  This does not mean acting cold or disinterested, although some may interpret our lack of alignment this way because they believe that if we really cared we would  get into the problem  with them.

We can be of no help to anyone if we are vibrating with the same resonance as the person and their problem.  Because there is only ONE , energy always seeks to entrain with itself as similar energy.  If we allow ourselves to become the energy of a problem, we will be unable to see the bigger picture or help move the person into it.   This is a particularly important point for those whose profession involves helping others-- counselors, teachers, therapists, etc.  Many of these workers find themselves totally "drained" at the end of their day because they have entrained with a lower resonating energy of their client allowing the lower resonating energy to draw from the  higher resonance of the therapist.  This is where the term “energy vampire” comes from.

There are many who continually look to someone else to solve their problems but really don't want resolution because problems and victim consciousness feeds their ego. They prefer  to draw energy from others and so enjoy “stirring the drama pot” in order to attract lots of energy.  Energy drains cannot take place if you keep your resonance Light filled and high because the lower cannot enter into the higher.  B e alert to this because as loving people it is very easy to slip into alignment with a person and their difficulties.

Everything we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell in the third dimension is illusory--a mind interpretation of the spiritual reality formed our of our concepts and beliefs. Because third dimensional energy is the energy of duality and separation, we always see pairs of opposites.  Enlightenment is awakening into the realization that there is a Divine Idea behind all appearances which constitutes their reality.  War and violence is the out picturing of  a consciousness filled with beliefs of duality and separation.  These beliefs are then translated by the mind that draws from  personal and collective consciousness and manifests outwardly.  The world is not an illusion, the world  is very real, rather it is our concept of the world that constitutes illusion.  This realization enables a person  to deal with appearances from levels of compassion rather than from sympathy..

Aligning with  another’s human issues and "feeling their pain" personally does not help them so much as it feeds the human ego and brings all concerned to the same low frequency level.  On the other hand, don’t ever be afraid to hug or even cry with someone from a place of love and understanding, compassion is not indifference. Compassion means seeing and helping to resolve situations spiritually while appearing to be an ordinary three dimensional human.

Light workers (and all who are awake are  light workers) must learn to see and work from this higher vantage point in all situations, serving from and staying aligned with spiritual truth no matter the outer circumstances.Living  from an enlightened state of consciousness means that we are always aware of the spiritual reality behind all appearances.  We understand that earthly struggles are third dimensional lessons that serve to move individuals beyond  duality and separation until the person not longer needs to learn in these ways.  We stand not in judgment or criticism, but with profound respect and love for our brother as he works through his lessons because we know what it feels like and how difficult it can be.

We give the “bread to the hungry”, if that is the need, doing what our intuition tells us is appropriate to ease their burden, but at all times we remain centered in truth that in reality they, like us,  are Divine Beings.  There will be  instances where letting someone fall flat on his or her face is the form love they really need. 

This is the difference between compassion and sympathy.  In compassion we are lovingly aware of the situation, but do not enter into it.  In sympathy we  fully enter into the energy of the situation.

Compassion is a facet of Divine Love.

Compassion is being in the world, but not of it.         

                                                        WHAT ABOUT   DEATH ?


Death is simply the term we use to describe a person leaving the  third dimension and returning back home to other higher resonating dimensions.  Their material sense of body is discarded and once again they utilize their permanent  spiritual Light body.  A person's attained level  of consciousness is not lost in the process, but rather is permanent, expanding and evolving in each lifetime.  If an individual is on an upward evolutionary journey at the time of his transition, he will find himself in an even higher state of consciousness with transition but if an individual is on a downward spiral at the time of death, he may sink even lower through the process.
It is actually easier to understand death if one realizes that veils of illusion overshadow the third dimension  and allowing  life experiences to express as both duality and separation.  In death, it is only the three dimensional concept of body that remains, whereas one's real Light body that has always been present but not seen with human eyes,  once again becomes the primary vehicle of expression.

Our very essence is spiritual and therefore we are actually more at “home” when we are on the other side rather than on earth.  The three dimensional world is a microcosm of the macrocosm, meaning all that  we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell on earth during our incarnations , are actually concepts  of  the ever present spiritual ideas that exist in the higher dimensions.

Because of mankind’s inability to “see” the spiritual realms with their physical eyes and do not know that life is eternal, they have been taught to fear and avoid death at all costs in the belief that it is the end of all good things .  As we evolve into a truer sense of who and what we are, our fear of death begins to fade and lose power over us.  We come to understand that death does not constitute an ending, but is simply a new phase of the one and only  Infinite life we are and always will be.

Those who tenaciously hold to three dimensional concepts and beliefs about death, that there is a heaven for the good people and a hell for the bad(even after leaving their physical bodies) will find exactly that because all are creators by virtue of being one with Source.  However, there are no deadlines for awakening, and all are free to believe as they choose for as long as they choose, on this side or the other. 
Some continue clinging to what they knew during their lifetime after death  and are what we call ghosts-earthbound souls that continue to hang around anything or anyone in order to stay with what they  knew during their earthly sojourn even if the experiences were painful. Ghosts are usually spiritually un-evolved beings who simply do not realize there is anything other than what they knew it on earth.  Many refuse to move into  the Light at their time of transitions out of an intense fear of hell awaiting them as they were taught. Others do not even realize that they have died, like the drug addict that dies from an overdose, or the sudden and unexpected death of someone who does not believe in an afterlife. These souls are usually very confused, and become attached to earth energy because it is all they know. They are often totally unaware of those in the spiritual realm that are trying to help them, because they still resonate only with three dimensional energy and can't see them. These are some examples of what can act to prevent a  deceased individual from moving into the Light  after death.  The Light of  Higher dimensional energy awaiting every soul  when they transition,  is where their guides, friends, and relatives wait to greet them and where the newly transitioned soul will receive the help, guidance, understanding, and unconditional love necessary at that time.

We are in the midst of a tremendous energy shift on earth in which many heavy third dimensional vibrations are  giving way to higher and more refined energies of the upper 4th and 5th dimensions.  The veil of separation is thinning and more are awakening, embracing new and higher ways of seeing including  losing the fear of death.  Through the realization that no one ever dies, old fears give way to the joyous realization of death as a journey home, not dying.

At this time many souls choosing to leave the earth in order to come back into the new, higher energy earth that is coming.  Awareness of this can be a comfort for those dealing with the death of a loved one or someone who seemed “too young to die”.  A key element regarding the deeper understanding of death is to realize that death is always a choice made on a deeper level.  It is important also to have an awareness and acceptance of the reality of reincarnation.  Many religions still teach that we live only one life and that this one life is followed by either a heaven or hell.  This is absolutely false.  Reincarnation can be validated through vast amounts of information that substantiate it-- personal remembrance, ancient manuscripts, regressions, dreams, etc.

Mankind is evolving into a conscious realization of Oneness with Source, but this journey  simply cannot be accomplished in one lifetime. The lessons, experiences, and awareness necessary for each soul who chooses to evolve into enlightenment through third dimensional energy, take hundreds of lifetimes.

We lose our fear of death once we realize that we are the one Infinite Divine Life in expression, and therefore have never have had a beginning or an ending.

                          The one Divine Life we are simply IS;  always has been , always will be.