When an individual spiritually awakens, he often finds himself plagued guilt and remorse with regard to  actions taken in the past.  He begins to realize how he could have  handled these situations in a better way. New insights often bring  a sense of embarrassment, regret, and even self-loathing for words spoken and actions taken that may have resulted in pain and difficulty for another.  It is important to understand that past actions reflect of our state of consciousness at that time; beliefs that often held  self-righteousness disregard for the feelings and beliefs of others.  These actions often  alienated those we thought we are “helping” in the egotistical belief that we were showing them the “right” way (our way) of doing,  living, or believing.  We may actually have been functioning as an enabler, or simply a self-righteous “know it all” .  We thought of ourselves as being “loving” and helpful, but now, when seen with more enlightened vision, we are shocked by some of the things we said or did.  We begin to see clearly that we only helped our own ego and now we become very uncomfortable with ourselves.  It is like a light bulb has gone off in our thinking causing us to feel very shamed  by some past actions; we don’t like ourselves very much.

Self loathing reflects the third dimensional energy of duality and separation  expressing itself as; “You never will be good enough”.  The manifestations of this false belief are experienced on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by those  living fully in third dimensional consciousness as well and many who have awakened. 

Those who live completely in  three dimensional  consciousness,  who get all their  pains and pleasures from the material world,  compare their physical bodies to the three dimensional concepts of perfection presented by Hollywood, the fashion industry, and work out gurus.  This usually results  the person believing “I am too fat, my hair is not right, my body ism’t perfect etc. etc.” or if you are a man, “my body isn't muscular enough, I am losing hair”, or  “I don’t make enough money”.   All this in turn leads to negative behaviors like starving oneself,   gulping down steroids, or being dishonest in a desperate attempt to be accepted (loveable).

Emotionally, every culture contains concepts  regarding almost everything with regard  to proper and acceptable emotions.   If we discover that we are somehow out of sync with the acceptable emotions  we find ourselves out of the acceptable “loop”.  Romance novels, movies, magazines, and TV shows all promote concepts of what love is and what we are supposed to feel in every situation.  Pharmaceutical and illegal drug industries have created a gold mine for themselves through the presentation of “out of the norm” emotions as a reason for drug use while ignoring basic underlying causes.

On a mental level, we school our children from the day they are born to learn; pushing them frequently beyond what is appropriate to keep busy acquiring knowledge and expertise in order to be acceptable (loveable).  We have organizations created solely to support and feed the egos of those with high IQ levels qualifying them to be members.  We give awards and credits for being smart in a “book learning” way while disregarding or looking down on those who may actually flow with true wisdom.
Spiritually, as we awaken to the truth of our true nature and find ourselves regretting some past action, self-loathing may rear its ugly head.  If we cannot love ourselves, we will not be capable of loving others because we have eliminated ourselves from ONE.   How can  we begin to love the unworthy person we have discovered ourselves to be?  Spiritually, we are required only to live out from our highest state of realized consciousness.  Know that this is exactly what you were doing at the time you feel guilt about.  If we were to take those same actions today, in our new and higher state of consciousness, then it would be an error-a step backward.  We would do things differently because it would express our new and higher state of consciousness.

It is hardly surprising that so many  despise themselves and silently suffer from the belief that they have somehow failed; not realizing that this is what the “earth experience” is actually all about-- discovering truth while living in  the energies of duality and separation.  

Three dimensional concepts expressing on all levels are not ours unless we accept them as ours, even though they feel personal.   There is only ONE Consciousness, but the false beliefs of duality and separation have formed an overlay of error that functions and forms its creations through  the collective consciousness of unawake mankind.  There is and will always be only ONE Divine consciousness, but in third dimensional energy this one Divine Consciousness is interpreted falsely and colored with error. Once we spiritually awaken, we are able to see through the false concepts and beliefs and realize that outer appearances of good and evil are maintained solely by  belief in them. “There is no unexpressed consciousness”-Joel S. Goldsmith

Mankind in general, does not yet realize its Oneness with Source (God) and all life, and so compares and makes judgments based on erroneous data.  We chose to enter the third dimensional experience for those lessons we ourselves knew we needed, but once here, the denser energies of the third dimension caused us to forget and we began to accept world beliefs without question.  Many get lost in the “crap” of “this world”, while at the same time on a Soul level; continue  to be drawn to their true nature which is Love (oneness). 

Everyone yearns to be accepted (loved) because Oneness is our true nature.   Oneness is translated and manifested through the state of consciousness of the individual.  For example-A suicide bomber feels the need to be accepted and honored, and is doing what he believes to be a brave and righteous act.  His desire to experience oneness (acceptance and love) is being translated and is manifesting through his un-evolved and very third dimensional state of consciousness.

Duality/separation consciousness preaches loudly to us from the pulpit of appearances.  It is now time to reclaim ourselves from all that we have given our power to-- churches,  governments,  experts, friends, family, the rich and famous, and anyone or anything that says we must believe, say, or do as they do, or we will not be acceptable and worthy of love- Gods’ or another’s.  Love (Oneness) is our true nature, but we have allowed ourselves to be validated from outside of ourselves.  We believed it when we were told that we were worms in the dust,   and have  been unable to love and accept ourselves as anything more.

Remember this when world beliefs present themselves for acceptance or rejection.  Do not accept at face value everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell, but instead always go within knowing;




Everyone is concerned about money these days and for good reason, the financial system as we have known it, is collapsing.  Life has become a whole new ball game with change coming each day.  The world is evolving into a new, higher energy vibration, and the old ways are no longer being supported by the old. Those who believe they control all the financial strings, are frantically trying to rearrange cards in a house of cards based in third dimensional energy which is  no longer being supported in the same way. 

We are used to living from a consciousness of--  "I don't have, therefore I will do what it takes to get, even if it means stepping on you to get it".  This attitude reflects duality and separation-- "I am separate from what I need."  The world is gradually shifting into a consciousness of Oneness (fifth dimensional and higher energy).  Businesses built on a foundation of service that manifests love and gratitude through lovingly providing their best service or product and then receiving gratitude in the form of fair billing will survive.  Businesses that function  from  consciousness of;  “I don't have so will do whatever it takes to get" will be unable to survive the shift into  higher frequencies.

We are graduating beyond all we have ever known and it is difficult.  Lifetime after lifetime we have survived by using the tools of the old energy and it is hard to leave behind those things that worked in the past even if they were and maybe still are painful or difficult.  We are moving into the realization of who we really are, who and what Source (God) is, and why we are on earth at this time experiencing so many of the struggles we seem to be engaged in.

Every individual on earth chose to evolve through the energy of duality and separation; being here is not random.  There is a "veil of forgetting" in place on earth which everyone knows about and accepts before incarnating.  It is the forgetting of who we are and why we are here that forces every person at some point to dig deeper for answers.  The evolutionary journey is one of  many, many, lifetimes and  many, many, different experiences before being ready to  spiritually  awaken.  There are those on earth who are  beginners but there are also many now ready to graduate into the truth of abundance or supply.  We have always been in charge of ourselves, but we have not known it. 

Mind is the substance of matter.  Mind forms outer experiences from the substance of consciousness and if our consciousness if filled with beliefs about lack and limitation, then that is the consciousness that  mind has to work with, and which is  reflected outwardly.  There really are no victims which is a hard pill to swallow for those that base their identity and validation in their victim-hood.  This is also the answer to that question asked by so many; "Why does God allow suffering"?  God doesn't, Divine Consciousness is aware only of  ITself  as wholeness, harmony, perfect. and complete.  IT is all that exists.  If lack and limitation or disease were a part of Divine Consciousness these things could never be changed because everything in and of Source Consciousness, is infinite and held in place by Divine Law.

Abundance is all its forms is the outer manifestation of tGod's infinite abundance.Could an Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Creator Source Consciousness lack?  If it could, then we do not have and omnipresent, omnipotent, or omniscient God.  If I embody all that God is by virtue of being an expression of God, then I must accept what this really means. I begin to recognize how the activity, law, power, and presence of God is expressing in my own being and nature.

This is mysticism.

Earth University is not for the faint of heart, it takes work, prayer, meditation, a personal commitment to spiritual evolution, and a willingness to change some of our comfortable ways.  However, once an intention to spiritually grow is made, guidance is ever present and abundant.   Beings of Light are ever ready and anxious to help us move forward and our Higher Selves  begin to feed us the tools and information necessary.  Situations of financial crisis often act as the spiritual spur necessary for awakening into  to the deeper truths regarding abundance. 

God is Self-sustained and Self-maintained, but you ask; "What does this have to do with me?"  Well, if my real self is the manifestation of Creator energy, then I am also self-sustained and self-maintained.  "Ha," you say, "not me, I don't have two nickels to rub together".  Mind draws from our state of consciousness and translates it into what we can understand.   When we believe and keep telling ourselves; " I don't have two nickels to rub together", that is exactly what we are creating.  Mind is the substance of matter.  Be ever alert to what you are  believing, thinking, and stating to yourself and others.

Once we understand this, we can devote ourselves to knowing truth and living it.  This doesn't mean stop taking the human footsteps necessary to get things rolling.  We pay our bills, donate, share etc on all levels but we do it in conscious awareness that these things are not coming FROM us but rather THROUGH us. This is how your gradually attain the consciousness of truth allowing them to manifest in outwardly.

The process is to remember who we really are as we go about doing ordinary the things like paying  bills, going to work, raising  a family, and playing, as well as taking time to meditate and contemplate truth. We  remember that our paycheck, job, creative ideas, joy etc.  never come from the employer,  sale, husband or wife, family, friend, influence, religious practice, or anything outside of ourselves, but only comes through them from the only place they exist--in my own Divine consciousness which then through alignment, draws to me what I need.

With time, truth begins to move from being intellectual knowledge to an attained state of Consciousness where our outer world begins to reflect this. 

The secret of abundance in all things is this;     " That which I am seeking, I AM."
                                                                               (Quote from Joel S. Goldsmith)                               


                                               SPIRITUAL SURRENDER

Why is it that at some point spiritual literature always mentions a need for surrender?  We are told to "let go".  What does it mean to surrender and let go?  Does it mean simply to give up, stuffing our emotions and concerns down deep, and just biting our tongue when disturbing events happen?  If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that our primary response to reading about surrender is FEAR.  "What…after all my years of meditation, reading, classes, and believing that I must surely now be ready for ascension, I am now expected to just let it all go?   What will happen to the person (me) that I know and love?  What does surrender mean?  Why would I want to surrender?  What the heck am I surrendering?  Is this annihilation?”

Spiritual surrender is not  blind resignation to whatever comes along in our lives-good or bad.  Spiritual surrender is the letting go of all that is not real through the realization of what is real and what is not. The idea of spiritual surrender does not even present itself to an individual until they are spiritually prepared which means having attained a level of awareness that is able to understand that the surrender of favorite concepts and false beliefs is a necessary step in the spiritual journey.  For years most spiritual students have enjoyed reading  metaphysics, going to discussion groups and classes, and practicing the latest rituals or  techniques guaranteed to bring one closer to God. However, there comes a point in the initiate’s journey when they must  stop "talking the talk" and begin to "walk the walk" and this is where spiritual surrender enters in.

As  human beings living in third dimensional energy  (duality and separation) we have all had lifetimes in which we learned to  stand firm on certain issues, only surrendering our opinions, beliefs, concepts, or ways of seeing something after much analysis and the consensus of  "experts".  Spiritually surrender is impossible while still engaged with the tools and games of the third dimension because they represent and can rise not higher than current three dimensional concepts of coping, survival, and living.  Spiritual surrender means evolving to a place within ourselves in which we are able and willing to let go of all that is based in the old energy in order that we might move into what is real, that which is  beyond duality and separation. It is the attainment of an ability to see the real behind appearances and not respond but instead rest in trust, surrender, and  let go of the old.

This spiritual surrender indicates a willingness to leave behind all that no longer  serves us.   Our reactions to words, pictures, ideas, and world events become indicators that prompt us to ask ourselves;   "What am I believing that is causing me to feel this way?"  It can be as benign as not liking the dress someone is wearing.  In and of itself the dress is nothing, but if I am labeling its wearer as good or bad because of it, I am in third dimensional energy (duality and separation).  It is important to remember that every individual is entitled to their preferences, but preferences are not judgments. "The dress is very interesting, unusual...It would not be my choice…” instead of “She has no sense of style." It is our conscious withdrawal of power from anything outside of us; all persons, places, or things to which we have in the past, given power to.  Surrender means getting out of the way and allowing Source/God, my true essence, to live and express ITself in, as, and through me.

The false concepts and beliefs of the third dimensional collective consciousness are  always impersonal but become ours when we accept them as ours. “What am I still holding as truth that was originally given me a teacher, parents, the experts, friends, or religious doctrine?  In the light of what I realize to be spiritual truth, are these beliefs still relevant ?”  Honest self-questioning takes the seeker deep within  allowing recognize the outgrown beliefs.   These beliefs can be as benign as believing that one can only serve turkey for Thanksgiving, or as non-benign as intense hatred toward a certain race.   Each person must determine where their belief system has become obsolete for themselves, no one can do this for us because even if another's clear vision is correct, we ourselves must recognize it before we can change. There is a book called; "My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor who suffered a stroke and writes about it. In  her narrative, she minutely examines the antics of her left brain and how easily we get caught in "mind games".  Eckart Tolle also examines this subject, especially in his book; "Practicing the Power of Now".

Ego is simply that aspect of us that believes itself separate from Source and with all  living things.  The ego self must be protected and validated, eternally struggling through life for survival. The bottom line of third dimensional belief system is, "You will never be good enough."   That is how human beings acquired their sense of insecurity and the need to defend the ego in the false belief that represents the fullness of  who they are.  As we spiritually evolve into an understanding of who and what we really are, the need to protect who we thought we were disappears.  We now realize  that the I that I really am needs no protection. I am all that is, now-not after I die and pass a judgment in which I may or may not get admitted to some three dimensional concept of "heaven".

The ego survives through  beliefs and concepts that remain  valid  for many, but as we move into new and higher frequencies of Truth we no longer need them and these once vital tools  become obsolete . We are graduating!  

Spiritual surrender is a  conscious choice to release all that has kept us in bondage to the three dimensional belief system through  the realization of the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Divinity within  that is our true Self.  "I am able to surrender because  I now realize   that IT knows where I belong, when, and  how to get me there.  It will manifest ITself through me as my highest good, being the very substance of my very Selfhood. 

Through the conscious releasing of all that we have spiritually outgrown in our belief system we begin to lose our fears and move into trust.  The process happens without our having to say a holy word, burn a candle, chant a chant, or follow a guru in spite of what the third dimensional world around us may try and make us believe.  Our only job is to choose and  intend to spiritually evolve.  Our personal journey then begins, for we, (not something or someone outside of ourselves), are the creators of our lives.  The Universe hears us and  the "train leaves the station". 

Spiritual surrender takes courage and is not for the faint hearted.  At some point we must ask ourselves; "Is there a Source/God/Creator or is there not?"  If there is, then I must be in and of it, for there could be nothing separate from Omnipresence and it  would be very wise then, to move toward, rest in, and surrender to it.



Guilt is that sense of heaviness and separation experienced when an individual realizes that he has not lived out from his highest level of realized consciousness.

As we spiritually evolve,  old and heavy energies still active in our  physical, emotional, and mental bodies  begin to clear, and as they do, a person will often experience  waves of the guilt, depression, anger, and other negative emotions that are still resonating . One of the biggest is GUILT. 

As we begin to live our lives from higher levels of Truth, we start to remember lower resonating events from  past--negative words spoken, actions taken, or words and actions not taken when they should of been.  Here is where emotions of guilt often rise.  We recognize that we would never say or do things in the same way today in the light of our higher state of awareness  but the guilt that  often arises causes many to experience anger at themselves for past actions or for giving some person or circumstance power over them.  "How could I of been so stupid?" or "Why didn't I stand up for myself?"  These memories  come to conscious awareness in order that their energy can be released with a sense of gratitude for the lessons learned.  Releasing makes room for higher resonating frequencies to integrate.

We must begin to acknowledge that we chose to be here on earth in order to evolve to a higher understanding of who we really are.  As we begin to accept that past actions simply reflected out state of consciousness at that time, we can forgive ourselves because we were doing what seemed appropriate.

SOURCE (God) neither rewards nor punishes.  God is simply  expressing  Itself in and as infinite form and variety.   Because God is omnipresent , I  can only be the Divine in expression. Therefore, neither guilt or any other negative emotions can be of my real being, or have power over me.  Society, mainly through the teachings of organized religions over centuries, has consistently pushed upon us images of humanity as being sin filled failures in need of saving.  Most of mankind  ignorant of their true spiritual nature  blindly accept this.  The time has come to once and for all move beyond these false teachings and concepts, for they are just that, beliefs. We are ready to understand that any sense of guilt I experience is based on  comparing what I know now with what I knew then.

The belief in duality (two powers) and separation (between all living things as well as Source) is the energy of the third dimension.  This world is not  illusion,  it is our concepts of the world that constitute  illusion. In the third dimension, we look out on the world  through a stained glass window, each different color representing a concept or belief that we have accepted. Once this is understood, a spiritual student can rest back in silent awareness and begin to accept the nothingness of guilt through realizing that it has no Divine law to support or maintain it.

As I begin to examine long held concepts regarding events, interactions, and individuals and move into deeper spiritual awareness, I begin to see more appropriate and loving ways of interacting rather than with the choices that resulted in guilt.  I am able to recognize, love, and honor the experiences of life as being  tools for spiritual learning, instead of continuing to hold myself in a demeaning sense of guilt for past actions.  I am able to see how perfectly certain experiences taught me which is why we chose to be here.




                                       ACTION VERSUS REACTION:
              HOW TO STAY CENTERED IN THESE TIMES OF SO MUCH                                                                                   NEGATIVITY.

How does the spiritual student stay neutral in the presence of duality?   That is a question all serious spiritual students are asking in the presence of world events at this time.  "Be in the world, but not of it” is how the Master Jesus presented this goal.

How do I see and experience living in  third dimensional energy  (duality and separation)  without entering  into it?

As students of Truth, we are taught to stay neutral and interpret outer appearances from the higher vantage of truth  rather than  from judgment and criticism which is always based in three dimensional beliefs and concepts.  Whatever negative event, circumstance, or person  I become aware of, I call to mind that it is neither good nor bad because everything  is the  manifestation of some aspect of Source.  What we behold with our human eyes, is a mind interpretation; the material sense of the appearance  as it is being interpreted through the state of consciousness of the collective or individual. The interpretations of an unenlightened consciousness are  based in duality and separation (third dimensional energy). When we see a tree, we are seeing a mind concept of the perfect spiritual idea of  tree and we all see the same thing because there is only one mind. 

This does not mean we simply ignore gross injustices  simply bury our heads in the sand , or stand on a soap box shouting that everything is an illusion.  It means we stay centered in the highest  truth we know while doing what needs to be done, if anything. There will be times when we may have to speak firmly, or take forceful stand, but we do it  from a level of unconditional love, one that realizes that the person, place, or thing we are dealing with is in and of Source/God- -in reality a Divine Idea  no matter appearances. There are  times when the highest action is no action at all but to simply rest in truth regardless of the outer appearances.

Moving into a consciousness of non-duality does not eliminate  joy, for joy is the natural and harmonious expression of alignment with what is real.   Our reactions are good measure of our state of consciousness.  When we react negatively to certain persons, places, or things even in small measure,  it tells us that we still carry a judgment of some sort;  concepts regarding the rightness or wrongness of something (duality).  This is where we ask ourselves; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way?  In the light of what I know to be truth, is it correct?"  This is a process, and doesn’t happen overnight or from just reading a book.  Mankind has been conditioned to believe that everything is black or white and the mind must be retrained to see things differently.

Good appearances are just as illusory as bad appearances, and once we learn to interpret all appearances as  material, mind formed concepts of a Divine Idea, it all becomes easier to view the issues of the world without total emersion in them. We no longer experience joy simply because something or some experience fulfills our concept of good or suffer when it doesn't.  If I believe that my joy is determined by some concept of what is good and what  is not, then my joy will come and go- (duality). If my joy is the expression of my conscious realization of Oneness with Source then it will be permanent and manifest in those forms that represent fullness to me which may not be the same as that which would bring joy to my neighbor.   Source manifesting Itself as me, is complete and whole.  Min will interpret this according to the degree of my consciousness of this.

We are permitted preferences.  It is our Divine right as free will beings to make choices that express our individuality.  Through enlightenment our choices  become increasingly based in truth and we begin to experience non-judgment and  unconditional love for and from the world.