All is energy.  All is  vibration. All is One energy manifest as...

We can resonate with  the dense heavy energies of  unenlightened awareness that reflect  third dimensional beliefs of separation and duality (reflected in war, crime, torture, cruelty to animals,  etc.).or we can have a combination of lower resonating energy and  higher resonating energy (most common) because as we spiritually evolve  we began to  resonate with  lighter and high resonating energies which replace the denser.  This is what evolution is.  Some physical eyes can see these higher frequencies and some cannot.   Some can see angels, some cannot.  Some can see "dead people", some cannot. Everything is  vibrational energy, consciousness, the un-manifest made manifest. 

That which we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, is  mind's interpretation of a spiritual idea.  The reality behind everything is a Divine idea being  interpreted by mind into  forms we can comprehend  three dimensionally.  When consciousness is  filled with false concepts of duality and separation ( the third dimensional belief system), it becomes  the substance that mind has to work and create with and  our outer world is filled with expressions of duality and separation.

The mind is like  a muffin tin and our consciousness is the batter.  We always have and always will  have a supply of pure and perfect  batter because that is the Reality, but over eons of time and in the ignorance of many lifetimes lived in third dimensional energy,  we have added  bits of stones, dirt, and grime ( concepts and false beliefs) to our batter.  The muffin tin still pumps out  the muffins, but  they are not as they could be, not in their purest form; they  are contaminated. 

As a world people we are moving out of  third dimensional energy and into  higher resonating fifth dimensional energy. We are graduating.  We have earned it. The new energies are more refined and  less dense. It  is pushing us to open our eyes and start to pick the bits of dirt out of our batter. We are beginning to "see".  Concepts that we held as truth are beginning to sound hollow and  mind in it's perfect functioning as an avenue of awareness, is now  beginning to form itself as higher and purer  expressions.  Businesses that function from a place of love and service will become the successful businesses.  Relationships of mutual respect, love and equality will become the norm.  Churches that demand unconditional bondage to their concepts of truth while  functioning in  fear of God and punishment, will  no longer be a part of this higher new energy.

Highly resonating energies are pouring into our planet at this time.  We are all feeling them. The days seem shorter,  there seems to be less time. We find ourselves bringing closure to old issues  in our lives. We are becoming open and aware to ideas and ways of doing things that we had never considered before.  Ideas that would of sent us either laughing or into great fear, no longer seem so outrageous.  There is a sense of the new, an excitement of change, and a hope that things are going to be different.   All the result of those higher resonating energies of Divine Unconditional Love now flowing into the three dimensional world consciousness at this time. 



The mind in its un-illumined state,  filled with materialistic beliefs, theories, opinions, doctrines, and creeds can only manifest its own state of chaos; but a mind freed of these beliefs becomes the instrument through which the creative Principle of life can flow as harmonious and eternal form.   The external appearance is always mind-formed.  As we sow mentally, so shall we reap materially."

                                                         from "The Thunder of Silence" by  Joel S. Goldsmith


An energy clearing of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual  bodies  happens as we move further into the resonance of  fifth dimensional energy.  Many evolving humans are going through clearings right now .  Ills and maladies are popping up  where before  they were not even a part of waking consciousness.  There is a universal sense of tiredness, and disturbed sleep patterns.  We may experience  symptoms we believe to be  heart attack, but  which turn out to be nothing.  These  are spiritually are associated with  a deeper opening of the heart chakra.  I have a friend who suddenly experienced a yellowing of the whites of  his eyes; this we were told, was a clearing of toxins and old energy in the kidney and pancreas area.  We may feel sick to our stomach, headachy, and extremely tired, all of which are physical manifestations of the clearing  old energies in order to  make room for the new and higher.   Many  find themselves interested in doing  physical cleanses- of the colon, liver, or gall bladder, or becoming a vegetarian, or switching to organic or more natural skin products.  These are all signals of evolution; signs  that the physical body is shifting out of  old, heavy, three dimensional energy.  Our consciousness is opening to a deeper  understanding of healthier and better ways of taking care of the physical body.

Physical cells are conscious.  Start talking to your cells,  telling them to let go of all the old programing that you have carried into this life from other life times.  Energetically, we pick up where we left off from our last life time.  Tell your cells that it is time to embrace the Divine Blueprint for that particular cell, and to let go of any fear  developed and carried from other life time experiences.  Send love and light to the cells of every organ and function of your physical body, flooding them with a light as if it were the sun shining on a lake, barely able to be looked at.  Tell them you understand they are afraid because they are functioning from past experience, but that  it is now a new time, a time to let all past experiences release. Tell them  that they are safe, and that they have a sacred function that is unconditioned by the beliefs of duality. You can have relatively pain free surgical experience by preparing your cells for what is coming.

Even as we evolve into our fifth dimensional Light Bodies, we are still living in physical  bodies with cells but that is the miracle of this ascension process, we are ascending while in our physical  bodies.  Be careful not to immediately fall back into old concepts of disease when you experience physical symptoms, but simply  recognize that this is what we have been asking for;  a step forward in our evolution. This does not mean that you are to  ignore an illness if you feel  the need for medical help,  but  means that it is important  to remember that as we move into the new energy, we are going to experience some  physical signs.

The clearing of the emotional body can be  a painful experience because  we are unloading life times of stored emotional trauma.   Our Higher Self will lovingly guide us through the process if we can  step aside and simply allow  it to unfold, freeing us of the heavy emotional  burdens we have dragged with us through lifetimes.  As old negative emotional energies come to the surface to be released,  we experience them as depression, anger, frustration, and negativity; in other words, we experience the emotions we have  here-to- fore avoided and pushed  down deep in this and all previous lifetimes.  If we can resist the temptation to reclaim these clearing  emotions,  and realize that the experience is simply old energy  leaving, then it will  gradually decrease in intensity.   If a clearing is particularly intense, we may believe that we are spiritually losing ground and begin all sorts of techniques to get rid of our feelings.  This simply gives these old emotions  new life and power  because now we have claimed them back in as "ours".

Once we  commit  to spiritually grow, unfold, and take the steps to do so,  "the train leaves the station" so to speak.  We don't have to light a  candle, chant a chant, hold a crystal, sit a certain way,  wave our arms in a specified  direction, or use affirmations. These old techniques we used when living deeply in third dimensional energy,  because  we needed techniques to get us into the higher frequencies.  We are now IN the higher frequencies and our job is to simply  be ready and willing,  give permission, understand the process the best we can, and then sit back and enjoy  (or not) the ride. Energy is different now; the earth and its people have evolved; it is faster, higher, and lighter.

At first, emotional clearing can be difficult.  We often have no idea why we feel as we do and we never know exactly what is clearing, because there is no need to.  Our job is to understand that we are simply old clearing and not slipping backwards, although it may seem like it.  Emotional clearings usually last about three intense days at a time, but then  become less intense and shorter.

If we are carrying deep  emotional blocks that we are unable to  clear in a general way, they will be brought  to a conscious level  to be looked at and released.  These are those deeply traumatic events from other lifetimes that  need to be consciously recognized in order for us to  release them; examples could be being burned at the stake in another life or  deeply buried experiences of painful abuse.

Just honor the process.   If you are having some really depressing and sad days, remember now you know what is going on.  Rent a funny movie,  pamper yourself, and don't resist.    Regardless of how it feels, it is a good thing, a step forward.  It is a process that everyone must go through in order to bring in their Light body.

Clearing of the mental body involves the evaluating and releasing all concepts and beliefs  we still  hold to be truth simply  because our first grade teacher,  parents, priest / minister, or some  "expert"  told us so.  We begin to move  more deeply into our own power when the mental  clears through the letting go of our outgrown  belief system. We  begin to trust our intuition to guide us, and  seriously seek  answers to what  is truth.  As with the clearing of the physical and emotional, we don't consciously do the clearing, we simply give permission, acknowledge that we are ready, and then begin to dig deep into our belief system as ideas and emotions present themselves.  Ask;  "What am I believing that is making me feel this way"?  This opens up a whole can of "belief" worms.  Then ask; "Is this true"?

As old outgrown beliefs start to surface we  are presented with an opportunity to reject or accept them.  Beliefs that we may have previously accepted without question, begin to pester our thinking, like a mosquito that  won't go away. 

We begin to look deeper and to question, and thus begin moving  into our power as spiritual beings.  We evaluate our belief choices and start the process of changing from spoon fed  "tried and true" third dimensional concepts  into choices that represent a  higher world view. We start to live out from  a whole new way of seeing and being. 

We move into a realization of the continuity of life, and begin to understand why war always has been and always will be, the 3D sense of separation and duality.  We come to understand that abundance is a quality of  Divine Self Completeness and is therefore within all, not just the few.  We start to see that all life is the One Life and is therefore connected as One. Thus begins our journey of re-evaluating our belief system, and the replacing of old concepts with truth.  This is the clearing of the mental body. 

If we have been  rigid in our thinking and in  our beliefs, this experience  can feel like the foundation is being pulled out from under us, because it is.  The foundation of sticks we built must crumble in order  to make room for a new and stronger one made of stone.  This can be  a painful  time because as we begin to question and move beyond  our old beliefs,  "friends" may leave because you no longer resonate with them or the interests you once had in common-- they  "don't understand what has happened to you". They  may tell you to stop acting crazy and try convincing you  of your error, using  arguments from your old belief system. This can be  a lonely time if find yourself with no friends at all. This is the point at which some relationships disintegrate because one partner is moving spiritually deeper but  the other is not yet ready.  It is as if one is standing on a rooftop  and the other on the sidewalk, both looking at the same thing.  No blame, only different views.

Don't panic and slip back into  thinking you are crazy.  Even if you do try to go back, it doesn't work because you are energetically aligned with a new energy in a new state of consciousness.   Like attracts like, and those that  most closely resonate with your new energy level will begin to appear in your life.  

This  is why we are here on earth, to evolve into the truth of being while in the third dimensional energy of duality and separation.  Mind, as it interprets this new state of consciousness, will begin to present ever new and higher forms of Divine Ideas.  You will begin to experience new opportunities, new people, and new ways of living.


                          2012...  What does it mean?

We have all heard about the year 2012 and the coming of a Great Planetary Shift.  Some of what we have heard, are rumors based in fear, for example; “2012 is the end of the world" but in truth, IT IS.   It is the end of the world AS WE HAVE KNOWN IT.  It is the end of a third dimensional world that functions within a consciousness of duality and separation; separation from Source and from each other.  The  time for our letting go of false concepts and beliefs that no longer work for us,  is here.   The old is not resonating with the new and higher frequencies of fifth dimensional energy.  We are graduating!

Gaia is a living Soul and not a piece of dirt that we can utilize as we please and destroy to suit our own selfish desires.  She has tried to keep her clearing, gentle out of love for us, so  humans  could evolve even though she has been  resonating at a higher energy.  She is moving her physical body into her Light Body.  We can go with her or not, it is our choice.

The criterion for  partaking in the shift is that of having evolved to a "consciousness of Oneness".   An individual may seem to have no interest whatsoever in spiritual matters, but could very well have over the course of many lifetimes, evolved to where he or she understands that all life is connected (animal, plant, mankind-One Life) and this is the individual's state of consciousness.  There are others however who simply have not evolved enough through their lifetimes to be able move into the fifth dimensional energy of ONE, and they will be given another place in which to evolve at their own pace. 

What does this mean for you and me?  Well, right now there is a lot of "house cleaning" going on for Gaia and for us.  As higher resonating Light enters our world, it automatically displaces old and heavy three dimensional energy.  This releasing of old (some heavy and negative) energy manifests on the material level, as fires, floods, tornadoes, and other weather phenomena.  Gaia isn't specifically targeting areas of the earth; it is simply a matter of the Light displacing the heavy.  These areas have history; some ancient, and some not, and some that must be cleared. 

As we bring in the lighter higher resonance of the new dimension, we as individuals are also releasing the old. Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are all bringing in the higher resonating Light energies. Physically,  releasing the old  enables cells  to bring in the  higher frequencies, we may feel physically sick and very tired.  Occasionally a long dormant discordant energy may express and suddenly pop to the surface or an area of blockage from injury or surgery, is unblocked and this can be temporarily painful. Emotionally we can feel as if we are real close to "losing it" and not understand  why.  We may experience extreme depression, frustration, sadness, or anger for no seeming reason.  These are old emotions carried from many lifetimes as well as this one, which are now surfacing in order to be released.  We find ourselves once again experiencing the emotions that accompanied these events.  We may recall events from the past of this present lifetime and find ourselves re living them and getting upset all over again.  Mentally, we start to question many long held and cherished beliefs, asking ourselves why we ever believed them in the first place.  This often causes dissention in families who still strongly adhere to those certain beliefs now being questioned.  Spiritually we begin to open and become more receptive to new ideas and new ways of non-dogmatic spirituality.  We may take an interest in meditation or start reading books that we would have dismissed as crazy a year ago.  We begin our search for the meaning of it all.

Our job as spiritual initiates is to understand that this powerful time is the process of enlightenment which will enable us to integrate into our fifth dimensional Light Bodies while still in our ordinary physical ones just as Gaia is shifting. Difficult physical or emotional clearings will usually only last about three days at a time, and then you get a break. (For a bit) During the clearing times rest, relax, and try not to resist because you now know what is happening.  Don't claim the old energies you are releasing back in, they are LEAVING and as they leave you may once again re-experience them.


Once we have chosen to evolve and have stated our intention (through various ways-for instance meditation) to grow spiritually, the "train leaves the station" and no amount of rite or ritual will make it go any faster or slower. We can ask that our spiritual journey be gentle and loving.  There is a very entrenched concept in  impersonal world consciousness that was given mankind by religions which teaches that we must suffer in order to be spiritual.  Many still believe that the more you suffer, the holier you are.  Because of this, many, not realizing that this is a belief and not a truth, experience many  difficult times in their evolutionary process. Remember the outer is always the inner (our state of consciousness) made manifest.

Rejoice and be glad, all is perfect and moving according to plan. All are being guided through this process and all are very loved by Beings of Light who are watching and helping planet earth and her inhabitants at this powerful time of graduation.



                                               DEATH AND THE AFTERLIFE

The topic of death and the afterlife, is one that is in dire need of attention.  We have been taught from childhood to fear death as being  the end of us, and that the consequences of death may be to burn forever in some sort of hell.  Current health care takes the position that they have failed if a patient is not restored to perfect physical health by whatever means it may take. Drugs seem to be the popular method of choice at this time.  In the past it may of been treatments like  the use of leeches to bleed a patient, or simply the cutting off of an offending part regardless of how it was actually related to the whole picture.  Today we have mental and emotional treatments in  addition  to the  physical, but the bottom line is still all about keeping us alive and away from death's door no matter what it takes.

Mankind has entered a new time; one in which the need to become aware that death is not the end of anything, but is rather a returning  "home".  On the "other side"  where we then evaluate our time here on earth with respect to what we have learned and what it is we still need to learn.  All this is done lovingly and with the help of  our Guides--enlightened beings who have chosen to work with us.

It is now time to take the "bull by the horns" so to speak, and come into a true knowing about death instead of what an ignorant society and many religious leaders have taught, and which we in turn accepted- hook, line, and sinker because we didn't believe we were capable of understanding such things by ourselves.

There are many who have had "near death" experiences and have returned to tell us what it was like through writing books (I am including a list of my favorites at the end of this message) and giving lectures, but many still refuse to leave  behind their old and untrue beliefs about death  because they either don't believe they are capable of making decisions about these matters, or that they already know the truth and there is no room for discussion, or out of a fear of death preventing them from even thinking about such matters.

As a Lightworker,  I see and send many deceased people to the Light.  This will become more and more common for all  as we ascend into the higher resonating energies and the veils between dimensions becomes thinner.   Some who are very attached to the third dimension may become stuck or "earthbound" so to speak and need  help to  move "into the Light" where they will then get help and understand what has happened to them. As a person evolves they become more able to access the "other side" because they are more in alignment with the higher more refined frequencies. This is why it is imperative to stay in the energy of Light , open (for channeling) only to Beings of Light.  You may see a face looking at you  as you awaken, or when meditating.  Do not go into fear, these souls are drawn to you for a reason.  They are often attracted to your Light, or they know you, or perhaps believe that you can help them since you are aware of them. They are often unaware of those  who are  trying to help them on their side, because their consciousness is still resonating more with physical/earth energy. 

Helping to send someone to the Light

Step one:    Make conscious contact by speaking with them as you would any stranger (do it in your head, they hear).  You can ask their name, or ask if you can help. Ask if they can see a Light, then tell them that it is very important that they go to the Light. Sometimes you may have to gently explain to  them that they are dead now.  Most importantly explain that there is only Unconditional Love in the Light and that they will understand everything after they move into it. Sometimes it helps to tell them they will see loved ones that have died before them, over there.
It has been my experience that many are terrified  because they have been taught that there is a hell, and they believe that might  be what is behind that Light they see.  Assure them that this is not the case. 

Step two:   If you are unable to get their attention (many are confused and may not even know they have died or are just too preoccupied with their surroundings to focus on you) then call for help saying something like; "Would the person most appropriate or someone from the angelic realm please come to help this person?"  Almost immediately you will see the person either disappear, or slowly walking into the light with one or more at their side.

Step three:
If you happen to get a  visitor  that refuses to go,  you are allowed to say; " I demand you go to the light".

These are beginner steps and if you wish to really go deeper, read Bruce Moen's "Afterlife Series"  (on the list).

The point of  this page is to educate  people out of their "death fear" whether it be of their own death, that of a loved one, or their experiences of sensing, hearing, and seeing  of others who have "died".  Please know that it is NOT like the TV show "Ghost Whisperer" where danger is lurking in every corner from those who have passed over, but it is important that you keep yourself in the energy of Light and Love.  There is nothing to ever to fear when resonating with the energy of Love and almost always, the person is seeking help, and are confused by their sudden change in status.

As an evolving species we are beyond ready to let go of old fears, concepts, and all the religious nonsense  that holds us in bondage to the belief that  death is end of all things.  Death is not sleep, is not an ending, nor is it a place of judgement and damnation.  Death  is simply a transition from earth energy into another dimension and we have all done it many times before.  There is no death. How could Source Energy die?  It is time to wake up.   Becoming awake to the truth of what death is will remove fear and allow us as an evolving species to move forward in our personal spiritual  journeys and help others along the way.

The following list contains titles of books about death that I am familiar with.  I am sure there are other good ones out there, but these I know and can recommend.


                  1.Testimony of Light  by  Helen Greaves
                  2.Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven  by  Suzanne ward
                  3.Exploring the Afterlife Series  by Bruce Moen
                            a.Voyages Into the Unknown
                            b.Voyage Beyond Doubt
                            c.Voyages Into the Afterlife
                            d.Voyage To Curiosities Father
                            e.Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook
                  4.Journey of Souls  by Michael Newton
                  5.Destiny of Souls  by Michael Newton
                  6.Courageous Souls  by Robert Schwartz
                  7.Home with God  by Neal Donald Walsch
                  8.Into the Light  by John Lerma MD
                  9.      Your Soul's Plan    by Robert Schwartz

                                                                                                 MCR 1/08