Clearing meditation by Matt Kahn

Whether from this lifetime or any incarnation throughout, I clear, unravel, nullify, and transmute any agreements, contracts, energy cords, imprints, or attachments that I have accepted through obligation, conformity, manipulation, fear, or in an attempt to control the fate of a particular outcome in life. I hereby release these agreements, contracts, cords, imprints, and attachments from the healing, awakening, and transformation of one and all. As of this moment, I am free and clear to make decisions from the freedom and will of my highest divine authority through the power reclaimed as I AM now. And so it is.

As the master of my destiny and the creator of my reality, I accept that all contracts, agreements, and every formal vow that I have made were not made by the truth that I AM. They were agreed upon by an inflamed personality structure that I thought I was, but I now realize is not the highest truth of my being.

I accept that neither the Universe nor my highest truth would ever or could ever hold me accountable to agreements made when innocently lost in exaggerated states of unconsciousness. I accept that I wasn’t wrong to take on such vows or make any agreements. These were part of a divine plan for me to incarnate into a world in which contracts, vows, and agreements were already in place. As I take the time to nullify them, I free myself and the world in the process.

In knowing what I now know, I hereby nullify all contracts and agreements, known and unknown, seen or unseen, remembered and forgotten, throughout all cellular memory and my subconscious mind. I also release, relinquish, and surrender all formal vows I may have made as a monk or a nun. This includes the vow of poverty, the vow of chastity, the vow of renunciation, the vow of silence, and all misunderstood bodhisattva vows, agreements of victimhood, codependency, and martyrdom, as well as anything else believed, imagined, agreed to or assumed by ego.

By the appointment of my own divine authority, I allow these vows to be cleared and released out of this energy field, returned to the Source of the origin, transmuted completely, and returned to the purity, wholeness, and perfection of eternal light. As of this moment, I reclaim my complete and absolute power, allowing this personality to uniquely express the light of divinity that complete the mission I came here to fulfill. From this moment forward, I activate and embody a new heart-centered consciousness that heals, awakens, rebirths, and liberates all as I AM now. And so it is.

  Excerpt from “Whatever Arises, Love That” by Matt Kahn