"In the company of One" were the words I clearly heard upon awakening one morning.  This phrase perfectly expresses the energy of the times we find ourselves in.  It informs us that at all times we are in the company of One, whether alone or with another.  

One appearing as: flowers, trees, rocks, or even the chair we may be sitting in.  The mistake we make, which in fact is the whole cause of the human condition, is our acceptance of a sense of separation--from each other and Source.  We have a God/Source and...

Our human eyes see the many, and we erroneously assume that everything and everyone is separate.  It certainly looks that way, but could there be an infinite God and something else? Who would of made it? What would it be made of and where would that leave an Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient Creator?  If God is not Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient then what sort of God do we have in our consciousness? 

Every person who seriously  asks himself; "Who am I, how did I get here, and what on earth am I  supposed to be doing?" aught not begin an inner journey to find the answers unless he is prepared to get information he may not like, because a serious inner journeys are is a little like opening a proverbial "can of worms".  

Artifacts discovered  during a serious inner dig more often than not are found with many long standing and cherished beliefs attached  which will require bloody footsteps to remove.  

Countless is a good word for all the times over years that I  asked; "Who put me here and why did they do it, because I surely would not have chosen this!"  But alas, with time comes the realization that everyone  indeed consciously or unconsciously choose their life experiences.  

In fact, each and every one of us begged for the chance to be on earth at this profoundly spiritual time.  We chose to be here to complete our own inner dig, and then  help free others from the chains that still bind so many to the three dimensional belief system and for those ready, be guides leading them through the fourth, and finally into the fifth dimension which is the dimension of unconditional Love.  Metaphysically speaking, the energetic significance of the number five is Love.

The reason this is such a powerful time in the history of mankind, is that we as a race have finally evolved to a point where we can  to let go of the three dimensional false concepts, teachings, and beliefs we have heretofore accepted as truth. 

Organized religion and metaphysics have always been about changing bad pictures in to good ones,  and patting themselves mightily on the back for doing it.  But now comes the universal kicker knocking those unwilling or unable to change, right off their feet and into self righteous fear which is manifesting as an  intense amount of proselytizing about hell and damnation to anyone refusing to stay locked in the old.  

What is this "kicker"?  It is the knowledge that nothing needs healing, correcting, or changing for there is only ONE, always has been, and always will be, and that ONE  already perfect.  This is the scary secret that the leaders of most organized religions who function primarily from fear based beliefs of duality and separation don't want you to know.  

Their ego selves are not receptive to anything new or different from what they already know and so they have nothing new to give their followers.  They falsely believe that they already have all the answers. Churches and their leaders could wake up to so much more if they chose.  Religious "leaders" could lift  their congregations to new levels of consciousness and truly serve if they would only allow themselves to open and begin to think outside of the box they have put themselves in.

If everyone suddenly woke up and realized that God is within and not in a building or that they didn't need an intermediary to teach them truth, where would that leave them and their multimillion dollar churches? Fear keeps most of them stuck in what has worked in the past, but these teachings can only fade because teachings that worked in the past will no longer resonate with people as they evolve to new levels of awareness.  

Am I alive?   Are you alive?  This is the key question because if we are, (and I highly suspect that we are), then we must be in and of the One and only Life there is, that which we term God.  If so, we too must constitute all that the One Life  is.  One Life manifesting ITSELF as us.  

ITs completeness can only ever be our completeness. ITs wholeness appearing as our wholeness. ITS intelligence appearing as our intelligence, and on and on infinitely.  We can't have just one little part of God if God is all there is.  Life is Life is Life...  

It is at this point in our inner digging which may have gone on for lifetimes that we finally discover the pearl of great price--Unconditional Love-- the ONE manifesting ITself in infinite form and variety but always remaining ONE.
Unconditional Love is the realization of ONEness. 

Everyone's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences manifest outwardly according to the state of the depth of their realization of truth--their attained state of consciousness.  

Many love to quote; "The truth shall make you free."  Especially when expounding their particular truth to others.  However, the full and correct quote is;  "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."  

I/Source/God is always expressing ITself and because IT is all there is, Its manifestations and ideas are maintained and sustained forever by spiritual law.
So why is it that our day to day living experiences do not always express in complete, whole, or harmonious ways?  Like the person who starves to death because he is ignorant of having million dollar bank account somewhere, we too do not realize or believe that we hold a  million dollar account within.  

Truth must be realized before it can manifest because we are creators.  Our inner IS our outer.  Mind is the substance of matter.  We really are the creators of our lives, and we have the courage to ask ourselves; "What have I been creating?"  

Time is running short. Are you ready to enjoy the Company of ONE?

                                                                                                         Marilyn Champagne Raffaele   10/15/18
D                                            UNDERSTANDING THE PURPOSE OF OUR LIVES

                                                                                                                      Excerpt from Matthew's Messages

To understand the purpose of our lives, there must be an understanding of our relationship with Creator, the ultimate power in the cosmos. It is a relationship as simply stated as the father and his children, but the origin of our souls within Creator cannot be stated that easily.

The energy of Creator/Creation—the proper designation of the Totality or Source or Oneness of All—is pure love-light and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos. That name designation also is the most descriptive, encompassing both the total essence of that ultimate source and the creative action. For simplicity in communication, we usually say only Creator.

There was nothing before Creator and nothing except the sleeping power of Creator until Its first self-expression of Its essence. In that moment, which some call the “Big Bang,” the original fragmentation of Creator’s love and wisdom and power came forth as individual soul entities.

The term “fragmentation” in this context is not a severing or a breaking down of the whole; it is bestowing upon all the individual parts the same properties, or elements, that make up the whole. And from that first instant of Creation, those first souls and everything else that exists throughout the cosmos are inseparable from Creator and each other. At soul level, ALL IS ONE and forevermore shall be.

However irreverent this analogy may seem, it is the best visual aid I can think of, so I ask you to imagine the spiritual hierarchy of Creator as a pie. The entire pie is Creator Soul: the Omnipotent Totality, the Source of All; and at the center is Creator Mind: Omniscience, All Knowledge. Starting at the center, imagine a series of concentric rings superimposed over the whole pie—the rings are the spheres of the hierarchy, the flexible divisions of Creator.

The visual aid now requires an unusual perspective for accurate representation. Imagine the pie cut into countless slices whose widest ends touch the center, the limitless mind of Creator, and become narrower as the slices enter rings successively farther from the midpoint.

The slivers represent the independently experiencing soul fragments of Creator that have been created, or manifested, throughout all time. Every portion contains proportionally exactly the same ingredients as the total pie and no portion is separate from another. It is the same throughout All of Creation.

Now we return to the Beginning, when Creator first divided Itself. Each of the fragments within that first sphere of the spiritual hierarchy’s perfect light and purity had the identical powers of Creator. This is the sphere of Christed light, where the paternal power called Archangel Michael and the other archangels originated, and where for unknown eons only pure awareness existed.

Then Creator gave to all those parts of Itself the ultimate gift, free will with its inherent power of co-creating ability—“co-creating” because the energy source for producing anything comes from Creator and the productions come from the ideas of the souls. And so it was that those highest angels and Creator made the second angelic sphere. Although not as close to Creator Mind as the archangels, these newer souls also were composed of pure light, without form or substance.

After reflection for untold ages, the two angelic realms had the idea to co-create souls with life form potential—they had the choice of remaining discarnate, without form, or manifesting a form for wider experiencing. The co-creations in this third sphere are the celestial bodies throughout the universes and the gods and goddesses, who could choose to remain discarnate or embody in male or female forms—either way, these souls are androgynous, the perfect balance of male and female energies.

As we understand it, the souls Creator selected to reign over the universes are discarnate. They may show their presence as near-blinding golden white light, but their unlimited co-creating powers and ideas are evident in everything that exists within their respective universes.

One of those gods is the Supreme Being of our universe and, with Creator, created everything within it. Since our god is called God by some Earth religions and that is how you think of Him, Mother, that is how I shall refer to Him. Also, God is a perfect blend of male and female energies and Mother/Father God accurately expresses His essence, but on Earth He usually is referred to only as Father and with masculine pronouns.

That evolved naturally when male energies began to dominate the nature of Earth civilizations millennia back in your timing; and even though feminine, or goddess, energy is being beamed to the planet in abundance, simply for ease of speaking I shall use the more usual masculine designations you are accustomed to.
Now then, for ever-greater experiencing, God’s original beings, which are called root souls, expressed themselves into divisions called soul fragments or soul sparks, or God fragments or God sparks. Similarly and successively, those souls divided themselves into sparklets, who divided themselves into sub-sparklets. Entities created by further fragmentation also are called sub-sparklets. The myriad individual, independent and inviolate lifetimes of every soul at all levels of fragmentation are called personages.
I gave you those designations—and there may be others, too—only to show the order of lineage in the innumerable spheres radiating outward from the mind of Creator. None of the designations defines the souls’ spiritual evolution status, and simply “soul” is sufficient because there is no difference in each one’s connection with Creator or its makeup in proportional measure.

Always the life force of even the newest soul is its own independent, inviolate Self, and it is connected inseparably to God and Creator, just as every single cell in your body is both a viable, independently functioning cell and at the same time is an inseparable aspect of the composite—the person you are.
Matthew, where does our current population fit into the subdivided spheres?

Primarily at sub-sparklet level, but remember, Mother, that’s NOT soul evolution—it’s only the order the personage souls emerged for independent experiencing! I think your expression “old soul” pertains to the evolution part and not the order of lineage. Those may have nothing at all to do with each other, because spiritual growth is determined by each soul’s free will choices and not how many lifetimes it took to make the choices that elevated it to a higher level of spiritual evolution.

And now—a time that is without precedence not only on Earth but in the universe!—there are some extremely “old souls” on your planet to guide the rest of you to greater enlightenment.
Oh, I see. Thank you, dear. Is Creator the supreme being of the cosmos and God is an assistant?
No. Cosmos and universe often are used interchangeably as synonymous terms, but each universe is only one part of the cosmos, which has several universes, and each has its own god or goddess as its Supreme Being. Because people on Earth are not aware of other universes and their rulers or the spiritual creation hierarchy, God is the name some religions have given to Creator.

This is using a generic term for a formal name, like naming a baby girl Girl. And it is not uncommon or incorrect for God to be referred to as “our creator,” because He is, but that adds just another element of confusion about Creator and God and the names.

I don’t know how the name error started. It may have been some deviation of reference in deepest antiquity, when it was known that Creator/Creation is the Source, All That Is, I AM, Almighty, Oneness, Totality or other name to denote Creator as Supreme Being of the entire cosmos. The name doesn’t matter. When love and reverence are given to Creator in name and to God in meaning or vice versa, the communion is honored in fullness.

The Trinity of the Christian churches could be interpreted like this: Father (Creator: the highest power in the cosmos, who is called God or other names in your religions). Son (God, who is the creation, or the “son” of Creator, and although the Supreme Being only of our universe, is not generally recognized on Earth as different from Creator). Holy Ghost (the realm, or sphere closest to Creator, also called the Christed realm, where the highest beings are total love expressed as light; and from whence come the souls who incarnate to become major spiritual influences throughout this universe, including Jesus the Christ and Buddha the Christ on Earth).

Regardless of the difference in names and interpretations, the interconnectedness of this triune order is the same. And there is no difference in the divine order of the Almighty Omnipotent and Omniscient Creator Being and Its subsequent powers, only in the names as they have evolved.

Do God and Creator differ in any way besides the size of their “jurisdiction”?
Yes, there are two essential differences, but first let me repeat that any part of Creator contains ALL of Its elements. Therefore, God is a perfect, undiluted expression of Creator and in effect is Creator for this universe—Creator mind in knowledge and wisdom, Creator heart in love, Creator power in authority and responsibility.

Now, the first essential difference is this: Creator’s core essence is the center of order and life in the cosmos, and a vital function of that essence is not active. Like the axle of a wheel provides an “anchor” for the parts in motion, the stable force within Creator enables the constant motion of Its other parts. If that stability ceased, life itself would cease. The creation of life in any form requires the measured pace of energy frequencies, and that requires both the stable and the active aspects of Creator’s functioning.
God is active in all aspects. As the magnified active force of Creator in this universe, with the same quality and extent of Creator’s love and light energy essence, God initiates all life forms and all order here. Just as in the cosmos where the highest, most powerful energy is light—the essence of Creator— so is that true in this universe—the essence of God. Light is a fluctuating, expanding and contracting motion ever increasing in its power to encompass more loving capacity and sensation.

Light can be directed but never captured or destroyed, and Love is infinite. This love-light force, which is the same energy simply expressed differently, is the foundation of individual souls interacting with God.
Because life in all forms in our universe comes from God, it can be said that humans are made in His image by attributing to Him His human creations. The idea of a human appearance and the material of which physical bodies are made came from the mind of God.

With the creation of life in our universe He set in motion the unstoppable momentum of laws that govern everything from the orbiting of galaxies to a seed knowing when to emerge from its covering and start growing. For the immeasurable time since this was started, only the refinements of energy direction through technology have changed the original course of energy’s divine purpose and motion. There cannot be any change within energy itself because energy IS creation. It is how energy is tapped into and used that is the key to creating.

In the beginning, all creation within this universe was flawless, pure, holy and loving. All was in perfect harmony and union, and life was meant to be lived like that. Creator intended free will to be a gift to all souls—that is why, by cosmic law, rulers of all the universes are bound to honor the free will choices of every soul in their respective domains.

But it is possible that this Gift of all gifts, the total freedom of souls to choose, has been so abused and misused that it cannot be regarded as the golden gift it once was. In some universes free will is unknown, so we are told, and even in parts of this universe, souls have absorbed the gift into such radiance that it no longer is an individual decision, but rather a unified choice of myriad collective souls. However, in accordance with Creator’s law, on Earth free will is the order of life wherein the hand of God is ever-present in observation but never permitted to restrict or deny souls’ choices.

The second essential difference between Creator and God is this: Whereas Creator is aware of each individual life throughout the cosmos, there is no standard for Its involvement in the lives of the souls or interaction with them. God is not only aware of each soul’s station in this universe, He knows every person’s heartaches, secret dreams, torments, joys, fears. ALL in known to God.

When Creator left Its state of sublime stillness, the purpose was to experience through creating. As the perfect expression of Creator, God has the same purpose, and His sentient aspect is within every one of His creations in any incarnate or discarnate lifetime. He feels the very same emotions being felt by all souls in spirit or in physical worlds. Not for even one instant is He detached from the total sensations of all souls regardless of their spiritual evolvement status and free will choices, and this also pertains to every life form within the animal and plant kingdoms.

At a much higher level, God experiences the anguish of Earth in her present turmoil and heavy negativity, and the sensations of every other celestial body as well. I cannot state too often the inseparability of God from every life form in His universe, and that same interconnectedness is true of each soul with every other soul in all life forms.

The term “personal God” that sometimes is used on Earth is absolutely accurate because God IS every person there as well as every other soul in the animal and plant kingdoms. Feeling the collective sensations of all life on Earth, much less the sensations of ALL life throughout this universe, simultaneously is impossible for even the most highly evolved souls in this universe to imagine.
Since Creator doesn’t become involved in our lives, does that mean It (?!) doesn’t feel souls’ physical pain and emotional suffering like God does?

Mother, “It” as a pronoun for Creator is not demeaning. This use cannot be compared with your “it” indicating a thing or condition rather than a being. When applied to Creator, It is akin to white: White is not devoid of color, it is the color composite. From white, all colors of the universe are refracted into their own essences, and elsewhere in the universe are many magnificent hues unknown on your planet.
Now then, Creator does indeed experience feelings of souls throughout Creation, and to a far vaster height of sentience than the capacity of your third density bodies, but It does not become involved or give personal response to any soul’s situation. God, on the other hand, constantly has in motion all avenues of potential assistance for His souls within their pre-birth agreement choices.

The arms of God, if you will, embrace each and every soul in this universe, and faster than the blink of an eye, his emissaries respond to his authorizing their aid to souls in distress that is not in their agreements.


                                                                                                  Messages from Matthew - Matthew Books