"In the company of One" were the words I clearly heard upon awakening one morning.  This phrase perfectly expresses the energy of the times we find ourselves in.  It informs us that at all times we are and always have been only in the company of One, whether alone or with others. 

ONE appearing as: flowers, trees, rocks, or even the chair we may be sitting in.  The mistake we buy in to, that which underlies the whole human condition is the belief in  two powers which manifests as duality and separation.  The acceptance of and belief in  separation from each other and Source has resulted in the three dimensional world.

Human eyes see the many, and erroneously assumes that everything and everyone is separate because it looks that way, but could there be an infinite God and something else? Who would of made it? What would it be made of?  If God is not Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient then what sort of God do we have in our consciousness, the old pagan gods or a man in a beard in the sky?

Every person who asks himself; "Who am I? How did I get here? What am I  supposed to be doing?"  should not ask these questions unless he is prepared to get information he may not like or even want.  Beginning to seriously search for spiritual answers is a  like opening the proverbial "can of worms".  Artifacts discovered  during serious inner "digs" are more often than not  found with many long standing and cherished beliefs attached. 

Countless is a good word for all the times over years that I  asked; "Who put me here and why did they do it, because I surely would not have chosen this!"  But alas, with time comes the realization that everyone  indeed consciously or unconsciously does indeed choose their life experiences. 

In fact, each and every one of us begged for the chance to be on earth at this profoundly spiritual time.  We chose to be here to complete our own inner dig, and then  help others find their freedom from the past life chains  still binding many to the three dimensional belief system.   We become guides for those spiritually  prepared, leading them by words and example through the fourth and into fifth dimensional energy, which is the dimension of unconditional Love. 

The reason present times are so spiritually powerful is that the human race has  evolved to a point where most are ready  to let go of and move beyond the long accepted false concepts, teachings, and beliefs we have heretofore accepted as truth.

Organized religions and metaphysics are all about changing a bad pictures into a good one,  and then patting themselves on the back for doing it.  But now comes this universal ascension information knocking those unwilling to change, right off their feet and into fear which is in turn  manifesting as a great deal of proselytizing about hell and damnation to anyone refusing to stay locked in the old. 

New and higher teachings regarding nothing needing healing, correcting, or changing because there is only ONE, always has been, and always will be, and that ONE  already perfect are very scary to the leaders and followers of most organized religions base their income and following primarily from fear based beliefs in duality and separation. 

The human ego is not receptive to teachings that are new or different from what they already know.  Egos  believe that they already have all the right answers. Religious leaders of all denominations could lift  their congregations to new levels of consciousness and truly serve if only they would only allow themselves to open to more and begin to think outside of the box they have put themselves in.

If everyone suddenly woke up and realized that God was within them and not in a building no matter how grand,  or that people don't need  intermediaries to reach God , where would that leave the many multimillion dollar church businesses? Fear keeps most followers  stuck in the status quo and greed keeps many of these so called religious leaders doing what they do.  The time is coming when many obsolete teachings of the past will no longer resonate with people because  they are evolving to new levels of awareness. 

Am I alive?   Are you alive?  This is the key question because if we are, (and I highly suspect that we are), then we can only be in and of the One and only Life there is, that which we term God, Source, Creator...  We  constitute all that the One Divine Life  is.  God manifesting ITSELF in, as, and through us. 

ITs completeness can only ever be our completeness.  ITs wholeness appearing as our wholeness. ITS intelligence appearing as our intelligence, and on and on infinitely.  We can't have just one little part of God if God is all there is.  Life is Life is Life... 

It is at this point in our inner dig  that we discover the secret of LOVE--Unconditional Love.  There is only ONE manifesting ITself in infinite form and variety but always remaining ONE.
Unconditional Love is the activity of ONEness.

Everyone's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences manifest according to the depth of their realization of truth--their attained state of consciousness. 

Many love to quote; "The truth shall make you free."  Especially when expounding their particular truth to others.  However, the full and correct quote is;  "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." 

I/Source/God is always expressing ITself and because IT is all there is, Its manifestations and ideas are maintained, sustained and held forever in place by Divine law.
So why is it that our day to day living experiences do not  express in complete, whole, or harmonious ways?  Like the person who starves to death because he is ignorant of having million dollar bank account somewhere, we too do not realize or believe that we each hold a  million dollar account within. 

Truth must be realized before it can manifest because we are creators.  Our inner IS our outer.  Mind is the substance of matter.  We really are the creators of our lives, and we have to have the courage to ask ourselves; "What have I been creating?" 

Time is running short. Are you ready to enjoy the Company of ONE?

                                                                                        Marilyn Champagne Raffaele   10/15/18


Many continue to  hold false and unenlightened beliefs regarding the natural world,  justifying  cruelty and promoting dominance over the natural kingdoms as being the right of humans.  This is particularly obvious with regard to the animal kingdom.  These beliefs are usually justified by insisting that the bible clearly says man has dominion over all species-- a grossly incorrect interpretation of words meant to imply dominion as caring for, protecting, and looking after the natural world.

There is only ONE--one consciousness, one life, one mind, one reality.  Thus,  that ONE must be the substance from which everything is formed.  Since  nothing can exist outside of an omnipresent ONE, the animal, plant, crystal, the devic, elemental, nature spirit kingdoms and anything having life can only  be in and of that ONE. 

Nature in all its expressions is alive, conscious, deserving, and entitled to the right to live and express  just as much as humans are.  Even rocks have consciousness.  Nothing exists outside of ONE.  Everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled in the third dimension is a spiritual reality, a Divine Idea, a facet of the ONE, being interpreted and translated according to the state of individual and collective consciousness.

Over time, minds conditioned with beliefs of duality and separation (two powers) created a three dimensional world in which some lives have value and other lives do not, self and friends being most valuable.

Native cultures from all parts of the world, understood the oneness of life and lived for the most part with respect and in alignment with the natural world.  If there was a  need for skins and furs for warmth or animals meat for food, they  preceded their hunts with ceremonies asking  permission from God and  animals willing to allow themselves to be taken.  Afterward there were ceremonies of gratitude to God and the animal kingdoms for the sacrifices.

So called modern humans quickly relegated those living  in harmony with the natural world,  to being ignorant savages simply because they did not accept the beliefs  of those who considered themselves to be "more civilized".  Through the ego driven and erroneous belief that intellect and mind represent the highest measure of intelligence,  these pompous and  "more civilized" people as well as many religions categorized  sacred rituals of Oneness and truth as nothing more than primitive nonsense or paganism. 

Intellectuals who live only through the mind, or those who interpret every word of the bible literally represent an un-evolved state of consciousness that as of yet is incapable of understanding  deeper truth  because they are already filled to capacity with  concepts and beliefs about everything and anything.

It is beyond time for those living on this evolving planet to realize and embrace the sacredness of all life,  not just the life of themselves or their family and friends.   Divine Life, God, Source Life, must be realized to be the life of every life.  No one has or ever can give a human the right to take another's life for pleasure, dominance, or any other reason.

Meditate on this;  Since there is only ONE LIFE, whose life is taken?  This is the source and bottom line of the karmic situations people find themselves in.

"The Lion will lie down with the Lamb" is a combination of bible quotes all inferring that as mankind evolves into a higher state of awareness, the energy that now manifests on earth as  killing, maiming, and hunting will no longer exist.  This old energy is based entirely in false beliefs of duality and separation that have been carried from lifetimes to lifetime when  ignorance of truth was the dominant state of collective consciousness and survival was  everyone's main focus.

This is why there are vegan and vegetarian movements.  It is not completely health awareness but is also the dawning of a new and more evolved world consciousness that realizes that  all life is sacred. 

Animals have consciousness.  Animals reincarnate.  Animals evolve.  They are not "soulless beasts" available to be used and misused for the pleasure of humans.  They too are on earth for a reason and serve in their own ways.  They heal, they love, they absorb negative energies, and are our brothers and sisters.

As more and more individuals come to understand  ONENESS and allow it to become their attained state of consciousness, the world's ability to see and communicate more fully with the natural world will become ordinary. 

Trees have always and continue to speak silently to those willing to be quiet, receptive, and listen.  Animals speak intuitively as well as vocally and can easily be understood  by those open to it.  It is only as individuals  are  able to move beyond the belief of being separate from the natural kingdoms, that they will be able to communicate with them. All natural kingdoms are speaking but mankind in his arrogance is not listening.

All seeking to spiritually evolve must come to accept that human life is not the only life of value. 
One Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient life expressing ITSELF as infinite form and variety.

                                                                      Marilyn Raffaele 4/10/17

                                               Metaphysics versus Mysticism

There is a great deal of confusion in the world with regard to metaphysics versus mysticism and many simply believe  them to be one and the same.  Practitioners of metaphysics see themselves as being more evolved than organized religions, while at the same time organized religions are decry metaphysics as the work of the devil.

There is a perfect path for every evolving soul.  Those who in other lifetimes believed in nothing, may now be ready for and in need of organized religion to give them structure.  Others who have evolved beyond the need for the discipline of organized religion find themselves seeking more and find  metaphysics.  This also has a completion point and the seeker ready to embrace the deeper truths of mysticism and a consciousness of oneness.

Because metaphysics covers a variety of different teachings and practices, there is no one metaphysical path.  Metaphysics  is openness to non-traditional teaching and practices that range  from Wicken to the ancient Druids.  The natural psychic development that comes with spiritual evolution causes those locked in narrow religious belief systems to fear it,  believing it to be of the devil.

New ideas, especially those having to do with God always frighten those who believe they already have all the answers about God.  Any belief based in duality and separation automatically excludes anything higher because the individual does no allow him/her self to be open to anything other than what one has been told and accepted regardless of how ridiculous some teachings are.

Metaphysics  provides a foundation that prepares the person for deeper truth. Metaphysics may be the person's primary belief system for several lifetimes.  Many relate to it because they have studied in the Mystery Schools of the middle ages which were primarily about energy.  The wide variety of tools and practices  of metaphysics are geared to help the student  heal and become closer to God. 

In general, metaphysics is about manipulating and utilizing energy in order to change, heal, correct, or evolve a bad physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual picture into a better one which of course varies with every individual.  The manipulation of energy is achieved through the use of crystals, chants, hands on energy work, oils, sound, color, and modalities most of which are not  considered valid according to medical or religious belief.

In the past and even today, there are some who choose to use their knowledge of energy manipulation for selfish purposes which is how the "black arts" began and is why so many associate metaphysics with evil, believing it to be the work of the devil.  Anything that can be utilized for good or for evil represents the third dimensional belief system--duality and separation.  This is why metaphysics is simply a path along the way to deeper truths, and  not a stopping point.

Metaphysics utilizes crystals, candles, chants, ceremony, drums, and many more tools in working with energy to  bring about some desired result.  Generally it is taught and practiced under the supervision of a Guru or  teacher of the particular path.  For many centuries  these tools have been  powerful and effective  for changing energy from one form into another but it is also somewhat dependant on the power and individuals has endowed the item or ceremony with. 

Ancient temples successfully used color, sound, oils, touch, and many other modalities  for healing.  Many present day healers believe that they are discovering new healing techniques when in fact they are simply remembering  their work from other lifetimes  in the ancient healing temples. 

When the energy on earth became very dense, many of these ancient healing techniques were hidden and forgotten.  Now that the energy of earth is once again rising to where it once was and more, ancient practices, modalities, and techniques long stored in the cellular memory of many are once again becoming accessible.

Mysticism is an attained state of consciousness in which an individual lives, moves, and has his being in a conscious realization of Oneness--oneness with Source and all its expressions..  The mystic knows that  because there is only One Divine Consciousness forever expressing ITSELF,  everything is already complete,  whole, and perfect and therefore nothing needs changing, fixing, or healing.  Attaining the consciousness of this  is the evolutionary goal of every soul because all at some point must "come home" and remember who they are.  This can be delayed but never avoided for it is the truth of every individual's being. 

Mystical consciousness is usually comes after a person has lived  metaphysics for one or more lifetimes.  When someone seems to jump into mysticism with no background of religion and very little effort, it usually means that they did the work necessary for that level of consciousness in other lifetimes.
Problems arise when students of truth hold tight to what they believe and refuse to move on from the tools and modalities of the particular path that helped them spiritually evolve.  These tools  served him well along the way and  he has come to  believe that he needs them.  This is especially true for teachers or healers that have built their reputation around a certain practices and modalities.
Continuing to depend upon some tool or  practice after that state of consciousness has been outgrown will hold a person locked in a  belief system he is ready to move on from, blocking his shift into the next phase of his spiritual journey.  Beliefs of duality and separation tell us; "I am not whole and I need this tool or practice to make me whole"  whereas the truth is;  "I already am everything that I seek".

Every soul chooses their earth experiences in order to learn and spiritually grow in wisdom and knowledge. The attained wisdom and knowledge  must then be practiced and lived until it becomes one's state of consciousness at which time it can never be lost or devolve. 

Evolution is simply the dedicated process of removing the self created illusory debris one has ignorantly draped upon oneself over lifetimes in order to eventually expose the reality--the perfect expression of Divine Consciousness. 

This does not mean that a seeker must throw away the crystals, oils, music etc that they have come to  love in order to evolve. Enjoy these things, feel their energy and utilize it in your work, but do it with the  full awareness that you do not  NEED these things.  They are tools and helpers that can serve to  bring you closer to realizing   "I Already Am". 

                                                                 Marilyn Raffaele  1/1 17

                                                                  SELF LOVE--2

One of the most difficult tasks a human being faces when awakening into a higher state of awareness  is that of self love.  It becomes clear that if they are to  live from a consciousness of oneness, self cannot  be excluded and a great deal of inner conflict frequently  arises around attempts to love self.
Self righteous and ego based words spoken and actions taken at an earlier and less evolved time in ones life may have seemed perfectly acceptable at the time, but now, in the light of a new spiritual awareness they give rise to emotions of shame, regret, and embarrassment.  Self-love seems impossible because the person is now blatantly aware of how completely he was governed by human ego.

Every individual is only capable of living out from their highest attained state of consciousness. Consciousness is all there is.  It is our true being and everything is lived and experienced through  it according to the three dimensional conditioning of the person's  consciousness.  Many pretend to be of a state of consciousness they have not attained believing that it will allow them to be more accepted by society, other people, or one particular person.  Scam artists are good examples of this. They assume to be something they are not  in order to take advantage of someone else (relationships, money, health etc.) for personal gain.

Self-love is the ability to acknowledge, accept, and respect the un-desirable parts of one's self just as much as the desirable ones from a place of non-resistance.  It is the recognition that past actions reflect the state of consciousness that you were at that time but are no  longer. Recognize that the personal qualities you dislike  in yourself are simply habits that developed over lifetimes lived in less evolved times that remain in cellular memory.  They are never yours unless you claim them as yours for the only reality you have ever been  is your God reality.

The qualities that you dislike about yourself are nothing more than concepts  based in three dimensional beliefs about what is good and what is bad (duality) with no real substance other than belief in them.  They can serve as tools alerting you to remaining old concepts and beliefs you are still holding.

The law of attraction  is based in oneness, that  like energy always seeks to align with like energy.  If you have a consciousness of self-loathing, you draw to yourself the experiences supporting that energy. This is the secret behind bullying.  If consciously or unconsciously someone projects energies of "I am not worthy, I am not loveable, etc. etc."  a bully consciousness will align with it and honor the request. All are creators but have not been aware of it.

Physical, emotional,  mental, and even religious practices of resistance, hate, condemnation, avoidance, and self-abuse can never bring a person to  the place he seeks, that of becoming more "perfect" and thus more worthy of love from self and others.  Instead, these negative actions simply  hold a person in alignment with the negative energy of them strengthening his belief in unworthiness.

An acceptance of self, warts and all, can only come through  realizing that these things are not  God ordained, maintained, or sustained but are simply three dimensional expressions of duality and separation. Once you stop feeding them with energy, they have nothing to hold them in place.  When resistance is put aside, truth realized, and self accepted there comes a sense of relief--a weight has been lifted and old energies needing attention no longer need to scream and act out in order to be recognized.

Start to see the qualities  you do not like about yourself as the child part of you.  The inner child desperately seeking to be acknowledged and  loved, supported, and accepted as much as the "approved" parts.

As you begin to honestly accept and love the whole package that is you, the judgmental, critical, angry, and fearful parts of your energy field begin to gradually dissolve and give way without effort or even conscious awareness.   As a person's energy field begins to align with the higher frequencies of love and action it begins to create  life from a new and higher level.

Whenever you feel yourself slipping into irritation, judgement, criticism, or some other habit regarding self or others, simply acknowledge it saying to your mind; "Oh, you again.  No, we are not doing things that way any more, we are living and seeing the world this way..."  Then let it go, blessing the person or event that activated the old energy.  You will soon find yourself quietly becoming the person you want to be.

Loving self is not difficult once it is realized and accepted that everyone (yes, even the rich, famous, and airbrushed) learns and evolves on earth through  illusory third dimensional experiences until at some point learning the hard way is no longer necessary.  At a certain point of evolution,  learning takes place on an easier and higher level because the person is able to get it from within.  Accept that you were right where you were meant to be and learning exactly what you were meant to learn when you acted in the ways that may now cause you guilt and regret. 

The key to self-love is understanding and accepting of self as SELF, rather than as  a human being filled with sin and errors that need to be eliminated through any means no matter how harsh. You are now and always have been spiritual Beings regardless if you are choosing to live in "hell" or "heaven".   Everyone who has chosen to evolve through experiences of the  third dimension has over their many lifetimes accumulated a lot of debris. It is as simple as that!

The sky will not fall down because you have a bad habit nor will you be punished or be forced to go back to square one. Consciousness never devolves backward. Because of free will you can keep it in a holding pattern, but you cannot go back to sleep after awakening. 

The dirt in a pail of water never becomes the water. What you see may look cloudy and dark, but the water never becomes the dirt.  Evolution is the process of adding more and more clean water (Light and awareness) until the water is clear. You don't rant and rail at the dirt, you simply allow it to dissipate through the realization that cloudy water is in its true form, pure clear water.

You are infinitely worthy of love because it is what you are made of and if you exclude yourself, you reject the Source that individualized ITSELF as you.

                                                                             Marilyn Raffaele       7/25/16