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A time comes in everyone's evolutionary journey, when they must acknowledge and begin to reclaim their innate spiritual power, a power  that lies dormant in most people until  at a certain point of evolution they awaken to its presence.

Human beings generally live lifetimes simply accepting without question whatever those with  money, social status, power, or expertise tell  them.  Most go from lifetime to lifetime  unaware that they hold within themselves the innate  power of the Divine.   Mankind in general has come to believe themselves to be  powerless.  The density and ignorance  of third dimensional energy manifests as situations in which a privileged few are allowed  to dictate the rules to everyone else which often meant and still does mean severe punishment or even death to anyone daring to question.  Man, in ignorance of his true identity as an empowered spiritual being either gives way to what is being demanded or desperately seeks for help from outside of himself. 

Because man has lived hundreds of lifetimes  in ignorance of his true identity, most have learned to only seek outside of self for his needs--from  governments, religions, gurus, experts, and  anyone claiming to have the answers.  The myths and false concepts  regarding power have always been and still are tools for hypnotizing others for those seeking personal power.  Keeping the masses in doubt about themselves and their ability to make good choices is how power and greed continue to function in the three dimensional world.
Over time man descended more deeply into the dense energies of duality and separation causing him to become  increasingly receptive to teachings telling him that he was a  worm in the dust, basically stupid, and a sinner in need of someone "holy" to "save" him and tell him what to do.  To this day, many still hold to the belief that only the saints, gurus, shamans, and self proclaimed "holy" individuals are spiritual, and that everyone else can only access  God through them. Of course who  is "holy" and who is not,  is determined by the particular church or persons involved. 
Falsehoods were taught and  beaten into the masses  by those holding  power at any particular time.  In the middle ages  false teachings and severe punishments were done with full approval and in conjunction with the church in order that power and riches could be maintained without question.   To this day the concept is still blindly accepted in  some countries that only males are capable of  making important decisions, and that women must blindly obey them no matter how cruel, or else suffer the consequences of their disobedience.  In  some called civilized societies,  women are still considered less capable, intelligent, or privileged,  than males.  Those with the courage to refute or question through words or actions  are usually ignored but many suffer severe punishments or death.

Even in modern societies, magazines  continue spewing articles that inform both men and women how they must act,  dress,  or look  in order to be loveable, or successful.  As a result, many confuse looking sexy with being loveable, and allow themselves to be used by others in a feeble attempt to be desirable (worthy) --a perfect example of giving away one's power.  Even  after these types of things no longer resonate, he or she may still occasionally accept old outgrown concepts because of old programming--false beliefs  that still resonate in a person's energy field.  A person who believes that they are incapable of making intelligent decisions will continue to ignore the prompting of their intuition.  Most do not even realize that by doing this they have shut the door to their innate power.

Then seemingly at a certain point and seemingly out of nowhere there comes great dissatisfaction with those things that previously seemed very important. Many things begin to feel less important, even silly causing the person to question why he ever believed that he needed others to tell him what to do or say, how to dress, where to socialize, what to believe.    He begins to examine , rethink, and reclaim himself.  

If he is a spiritual seeker, he begins to awaken to  a deeper sense of  his true identity.  As this becomes his state of consciousness,  he finds that what he needs--(be it answers, ideas, or things),  manifest in his life without struggle and search. He begins to lose the fear of being wrong about something or of not  being good enough.  He begins to release his need for others  to make  his choices. 
This does not mean that one never seeks the advice of those more informed,  it simply means that the bottom line decisions is guided by intuition and the realization of one's innate power as one with Source.

At first,  the realization of one's personal power may cause them to act belligerently or with adamant refusals to accept any outside advice.  This is simply the expression and subsequent release of anger at self for having willingly accepting all the false teachings  given by those in positions of  trust.  These negative emotions are easily released  when the person realizes that every earthly experience is a part of their learning process--their evolutionary journey. 

Once an individual  acknowledges  his true Divine nature,  he discovers that he is  able to speak his truth and  say what needs to be said without fear.   Because he now recognizes that every individual is a Divine Being  his spoken words, (even stern ones that may need to be spoken to an unenlightened mind), flow on higher energies than if the same words were carried  an energy stream of separation and anger.

Accepting the truth about oneself can be difficult.  Many  live structured and comfortable lives  secure in the belief that the third dimensional is all there is and that there is an intellectual  3D solution to everything.  Human mind becomes their master as the result of believing that mind can  formulate the answer to everything.  Divine Mind yes, but not Mind when it has become conditioned with concepts of duality and separation.
It must be understood that the  human mind  only has access  to the knowledge  already present in universal consciousness.  Anything new and as of yet unknown,  does not come from mind but flows into mind from  the deeper creative resources of Divine Consciousness or from Beings of Light assisting the person. 
Because everyone  is an individual manifestation of Source,  ideas and new creations are unique to each individual.  Creations that flow from within rather than from ideas already present in the collective, will reflect new ideas never before seen.  This is the essence of true creativity in all its forms.  Individuals who live mind governed,  planned, and secure lives often experience utter chaos when their soul is ready to evolve, for it is at this point that the "rug gets pulled out" from their structured comfort.

Every person has chosen to be on earth at this powerful time.  Each lifetime  is a step toward  enlightenment,  steps willing chosen in order to experience what is needed  in order to progress into deeper spiritual awareness.  Life on earth is not and never has been for the purpose of having good sex,  becoming rich or famous, or being happy all the time.  These things can be a part of it but incarnation is a carefully chosen free will choice.  Through the  struggles and eventual overcoming of them while living on earth,  mankind learns and evolves closer to realizing who and what they really are which once realized becomes empowerment.  

What does it mean to realize who and what you are?  It means that you now know that all the qualities of God are also qualities you process by virtue of ONENESS. All I have been seeking, I AM. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime I have looked outside of myself  for a sense of completeness.   I sought it from money,  sex, power, beauty, religions, governments, experts,  partners, children, friends, career, etc. etc. often finding it but still feeling empty.   It is as if for eons I have believed that 4 plus 4  equals seven, and now  I am finally  aware that it equals 8 and my checkbook begins to balance.

Everything begins to  look and feel different because  I am seeing with new eyes.  I begin to reclaim the innate power of my Divine Sonship--the prodigal comes home.   I AM Self sustained and  Self maintained.  I AM complete, whole, abundant, joyous, intelligent, wise, and all that is infinitely embodied in Source.   The spiritual evolutionary journey  is  remembering this  through every experience where  it eventually becomes an attained state of consciousness.  
Each time an expression of duality or separation (good or evil) manifests personally or in the world,  there must be a gentle turning away-never denying appearances, but  knowing inwardly that three dimensional appearances have no law to sustain or maintain them and are simply  manifestations of conditioned mind beliefs .

The continual practice of this awareness, gradually evolves into a consciousness of spiritual  power attained through one's personal journey of enlightenment and not by some person, place, or thing outside of self. 

I ALREADY AM .                                                 


                                    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

What is unconditional love? 

Most of us have been taught that  unconditional love is feeling an  emotional  love for everyone. It is a concept  that says regardless of whether or not we  like an individual, we must feel love for them.  Because we have  accepted this and believed that unconditional love is an emotional experience, we feel  guilt and failure when we discover that we are unable to feel emotional love for everyone. 
It is impossible to experience an emotional  sense of love for everyone, especially for those whose actions reflect an un-evolved state of consciousness.  We hear stories of people on the news, or witness them in  daily living  who are happily engaged in hurting and making other people's  lives miserable, and we say to ourselves;  "I simply cannot love this person or these people".  That is... until we begin to understand what unconditional love really  is.

The third dimension is governed by energies of duality and separation. Lifetime after lifetime we have lived lives that held experiences of both good and evil and felt separation from other people, God, and other life forms.  Because of this,  we learned to form judgements about everyone and everything, criticizing and feeling separate from anyone who did not agree with our personal concepts of right and wrong.  We found and still find it  impossible to even like certain people  let alone love them, which can be a personal dilemma for spiritual seekers.

Concepts regarding love are passed from generation to generation, and reflect whatever cultural and religious beliefs of that particular time period. There are some who  prefer an authority figure to tell them what to believe.  Others either through laziness or ignorance, simply believe whatever concepts of love they see on TV, in movies, magazines, or songs which  more often than not present sexual attraction as being love.  Many simply accept and never question whatever beliefs their parents, friends, or church hold.  Rigid and false concepts of love spew forth daily from authority figures, each claiming to have all the  correct knowledge. 

Before an individual realizes that he can seek within himself for answers, he  usually just accepts what he is told allowing many false beliefs to become his state of consciousness and manifest outwardly through experiences.  

The individual who is spiritually ready to evolve  their understanding of love but instead  chooses  to  simply accept popular concepts about love, often finds himself in some sort of life changing experience (often not  pleasant) that  will force him to ask himself;  "What exactly is love?  Where did I go wrong?  What is my responsibility with regard to love, and how do I get there?"

The  belief that love is just an emotion reflects it through eyes of sex and/or romance. This romantic sense of love is  continually promoted through books, TV shows, film, and news as stories about people who must find the "right one" in order to live happily ever after.   The belief that one's happiness and sense of completeness lies in finding and being with the "right one" has caused  many  to go to extremes in order to meet the "right one" and then sink into depression when it doesn't happen, wondering; "What is wrong with me?"  We may watch a romantic movie and be tempted to believe;  "If only I had that, I would be happy." and for those who believe this, life will often become a lifelong and often indiscriminate quest to find the perfect partner.    Is this what love is?  How many times have you actually  witnessed "Happily ever after"?

This is not to say that there is  no romance for those spiritually evolved, or that meeting the right companion for you is illusion, but when you live in a higher sense of relationship these things come as gifts of spirit,  outer manifestations of their realization of completeness.  Real relationships begin with the attraction of like energy, rather than an attraction to looks, status, wealth, or etc.   Relationships that flow out of a person's realization of their wholeness because of ONEness feel right because "all the strings are tied" without the neediness, addiction, jealousy, and game playing  that accompanies most three dimensional relationships.  Relationships that exist on a higher level have romance and emotion, but also an acceptance and appreciation for each other based on who they are rather than for who they can be molded into.

Society  promotes  familial love as being an emotion often to the point of usurping common sense.  "Blood is thicker than water" has been used to excuse many  things through the belief that family is the most important consideration with regard to all actions and choices.  Often when a person decides to go against some family tradition or belief, they will  be ostracized or made to feel guilty by other family members.

We have all felt love  for  an animal, teacher, location or home,  a material object, some activity of work or play, and especially for the big one--MONEY. These are only a few examples of the hundreds of things man  has placed under the heading of love.   But is this really love, or simply an energetic alignment and sense of comfort we experience when we make these things a part of our life?  All desire for someone or something outside of ourselves is in reality the Soul's desire for return to the state of wholeness and completeness already present but not known about that is the reality. 

Love is the interconnectedness of all life forms within the ONE OMNIPRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS.   Unconditional love is the living of this realization.

When the interconnectedness of all within the ONE  is interpreted by mind that draws from a unevolved state of consciousness imbued only with beliefs of duality and separation, it cab manifest outwardly as rape, abuse, war etc.  However, Divine Consciousness and the connectedness of all within it can never changed or be affected by the falsehood that a person may choose to integrate into their consciousness. Outer  manifestations reflect  personal and global  consciousness.  God knows nothing about unenlightened man is dreaming. 

          "There is no unexpressed consciousness"  - Joel S. Goldsmith.

Unconditional love is living the experiences of each moment from a consciousness of Oneness.  Individuals are frequently unaware that they are living out from a more evolved state of consciousness, they simply have an innate belief that all life is sacred and worthy of respect.  It  is simply who the person is.  The reality is that his state of consciousness is the result of living and learning from  the experiences of many lifetimes.  This is what the term;  "Old Soul" refers to. 
We see it in those  who recognize  and acknowledge the beauty and gifts of every living thing regardless of the "package" it comes in.  These evolved Souls have a sense of joy and humor regarding any and all facets of  life and feel at home wherever they are because they never feel themselves to be separate from those around them.  They hold no agenda that others must adhere to in order to be worthy of their love.  They do not allow themselves to be used by others and are not afraid to speak up or say something another may need to hear. Their words always carry respect for others even when harsh words are called for.  Unconditional Love never means being someone's  door mat which often results from living old and  conditioned concepts about love that exclude self from love.

Unconditional love appreciates and is open to learning  new ways of understanding the world through every individual he meets regardless of what worldly label the person may carry.  Unconditional love is compassionate, but does not enter into sympathy (alignment)with the lower resonating energy another may carry.  Unconditional love seeks to lift the person, not wallow in heaviness with them.  Unconditional love recognizes needs, not wants, and takes  appropriate action if guided.  Unconditional love allows choice and never tries to "guilt" another into accepting their beliefs .

Unconditional Love is simply an attained state of consciousness that  recognizes consciously or unconsciously that  in spite of any and all appearances every individual  at his core is Divine.  He lives his life saying, being, or doing what is appropriate regardless of whether or not the other person knows the truth  about themselves or is even interested .

Evolving to a  consciousness of unconditional love  is a process that doesn't occur overnight or from reading a book. One cannot just decide to be there and it happens. A serious spiritual student can begin by jotting down or remembering each time  emotions of judgement and criticism present  and ask; "When does it happen?  What triggers it?   "What am I believing that is making me feel this way?" Developing an awareness of one's habits and programing is the first step toward releasing it.  Intention is a vital tool.  State to your Higher Self; "I choose to release all that holds me in bondage to concepts of love because I choose to move into the higher awareness of Oneness".  Use whatever words  best reflect your intention. 

As the spiritual student practices unconditional love the best he can with every experience and observes others who live out from  unconditional love, he  gradually integrates it into his consciousness where it then functions automatically.  Life becomes more joyful.  No more pressure to  "save" others.  Unconditional love occasionally  means allowing another to fall flat on their face once the difference between needs and wants is realized.  No more judging and criticizing.  No more living as an enabler in the false belief that enabling  is love.   No more trying to live up to someone else's concepts in order to be loved. 

Unconditional Love  simply means living out from a realized consciousness of ONENESS.


                                  THE NATURE OF ILLUSION

Many religious traditions  teach that the world is illusion; that all that is seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled is illusion and so you can ignore everything.  In the  minds of those who have not yet awakened beyond  the third dimensional belief system, this is an excuse to do absolutely nothing.  A blind acceptance of this teaching gives them permission to sit back and do nothing for those who may be experiencing problems of some sort.

It is not the world or its people that are illusion, it is mankind's three dimensional concept of the world and its people that constitutes the illusion.

This world and everything in it is a perfect and whole expression of an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Divine Consciousness--God.  How we perceive it depends on our state of consciousness.   This is the secret of understanding illusion.  Evil operates as mesmeric suggestion which we in ignorance  have accepted.

The three dimensional consciousness is receptive to every belief  that has ever been thought by anyone throughout time. (collective consciousness) We add to this unawake collective  each time we accept some belief just because it floated into our awareness  or is accepted by the majority.  The majority used to believe that they would catch cold if they stood in the rain.  And so they did...   Thoughts that emanate from third dimensional energy are always based in  duality and separation--pairs of opposites.  Mankind  in ignorance of truth accepted these beliefs and perfectly demonstrates them in the good and bad of daily living.  It is time to awaken out of the dream.

The mind is like a bread pan and a person's state  consciousness is the dough.  If our dough (consciousness) is filled with the debris of false concepts and beliefs  based in  duality and separation, our bread (the outer form) is going to reflect that,less than perfect, and filled with debris. When we discover that our loaf of bread is not what we hoped for, we rant and rave against an unfair God and an unfair world, and believe ourselves to be victims, not realizing that we ourselves created our "bread".

Example:   All there exists is the One Omnipresent Divine consciousness which embodies within ITSELF  all  living things for it is the only life there is,  there could be nothing outside of Omnipresence.  The connection energy between all life expressions in Divine consciousness, is  love, of which there are an infinite number of interpretations depending upon the state of consciousness of the individual.  If this "connection energy"  is interpreted by a mind drawing on a state of consciousness deeply unevolved and functioning fully in  duality and separation, it will manifest as rape, abuse, war, and infinite other forms of  gross misinterpretation.   Illusion is simply the misinterpretation of a perfect spiritual universe and all its component parts.  Unillumined man forms its own hell out of its own conditioning.   Creator Consciousness knows nothing of what man is dreaming up in his nightmares.  God is the only creator, and can create only ITS own image and likeness for there is no other substance.

The nature of illusion is suggestion imposed consciously and unconsciously from without.  Every person has the free will choice to accept or reject these suggestions.  How a person chooses to  believe, perceive, interpret, and  understand reality  determines their outer experiences.  Once we understand this, we can impersonalize and "nothingize" every impersonal thought or belief arising from the collective that tries to convince us that we are separate and apart from our good.  (God) It is man's acceptance of duality and separation as being the reality that objectifies these beliefs and is the  illusion.  A true spiritual healer lives from an attained state of consciousness that accepts only God as being the reality of all things and that everything else is simply an illusory concept of the spiritual reality.

Mankind is beginning to awaken from his long dream state and is ready to understand  the truth about himself, God, and the world.  He is graduating and moving beyond the false concepts and beliefs that have caused him  to manifest suffering and pain lifetime after lifetime. This new awareness is beginning to appear outwardly as  higher and more evolved expression on all levels of life.    New and better methods of healing, teaching, governing, finance, food, music,etc  are beginning to be recognized.  Those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear" are discovering that there are more intelligent, happier, peaceful, loving, wise, illumined, and understanding ways to live life.