CHANNELED BY MCRAFFAELE--2007

-White contains all colors.  It is completeness
-Sacred sound Music—The energy that created the Universe.  The material of creation.

-Absence of color
-Absence of high frequencies
-Advanced disease
-Negative energy


1. Clear Blue—mental realm

                                                                      - CLEAR BLUE -

I am the blue of the mental realm.  I represent clarity and truth in issues having to do with the mental; thoughts, beliefs, concepts, teachings etc. When I am present, it represents a need for mental clarity and the need to bring in a higher concept of the issue.
-I am crisp and clear, like a cloudless day full of blue sky.
    - No clouds in my thinking
              - Strength and purpose.

2. Dark Blue—Awakening, growing deeper
3. Dark Blue with Green—healing with mental
4. Navy Blue—Mental body open to new ideas and learning
5. Dark Navy Blue--New Beginnings

                                                   - DARK NAVY BLUE-- NEW BEGINNINGS-

I am new beginnings, hesitant to move forward because of the unknown, but presenting the beauty of infinite possibilities.  One must act upon new beginnings; they don’t become something without action.  New beginnings present themselves as neutral ideas and because of free will must be chosen and acted upon-or not-according to each individual.  I am not yet complete, but could become many things.  I am wonderful new tools of unfolding awareness, appearing in life like ripe plums hanging and ready to be picked.
Some pick then discard; many are attracted and place their hand upon the plum but are too overcome by fearful concepts and beliefs from the past to gently pull.  Many are unwilling to even look at the tree let alone pick from it.  However, there are always those who with gratitude and joy are able to see, embrace, pluck, and eat, welcoming the experience of new and rich flavors heretofore unknown to them while at the same time adding deep unfolding dimensions to the ongoing experience of enlightenment.

I am ever present for all who need only embrace the ever present opportunities awaiting them and partake of the banquet.

6. Brilliant Dark Clear Crystalline Blue—Transformation
7. Medium/Lighter Blue—Masculine aspect of love
                                           - Intellect
                                           -Clears mental body, allowing on to be receptive to new ideas and
                                             ways of seeing
                                          - Brings in truth.
8.      Soft Baby Blue—Male infant color/pregnant mother
                                   - Newly awakening mental body
9.        Dark Teal—Awareness
10.      Aquamarine (soft crystalline blue/green)—Healing
                                                                            - Clears mental body


1.      Deep, rich, velvety Purple—deeply evolved (perfect balance of red/physical and strength with blue of Mental)

                                                      - PURPLE -- DEPTH OF SOUL –

I am the expression of Depth of Soul, beautiful, rich, and lush in Infinite facets of wonder and truth.  I am that waiting to be discovered.   I am that which is yearned for but thought to be unattainable.  I am ever present within each and all simply waiting to be discovered.  I am that they never believed would be theirs—the richness, wholeness, beauty of life in all its experiences and expressions.  I am a bottomless well ever unfolding my riches to those who care enough to lower the bucket.  I am attainable to all who know me and I am present with those who don’t   I am he unfathomable depths of rich Source Consciousness always ready to pour forth into expression.  I am the hope, the strength, the anchor in the storm.  I am courage in the face of all that seems impossible and I am that which holds all together in spite of outer circumstances.  I am Depth of Soul and belong to no one man, but to ALL

2.      Violet—Transformation
3.     Soft crystalline lavender—Acts to change energy to a higher frequency according to the
         consciousness of the individual

                                         - VIOLET—STRENGTH OF PURPOSE-

I represent strength of purpose; the moving forward in a given direction in one’s spiritual journey.  I am the energy of awakening consciousness for which the human needs strength of purpose.  I am powerful because strength requires moving in a direction without being distracted by the temptations of the 3D world.  I enable a person to move forward in new directions.  My energy comes when an individual asks for help to understand, to move forward, and to begin his or her spiritual journey of awakening.  I am there to guide, direct, and add the strength needed for the undertaking.  Many have no idea what lies ahead, they only know there is something and they are ready to discover what it is.  I ask you to ride with me on the wing of strength of purpose.  Many do not understand that one has to stand firm in their desire to awaken. 

                                                      VIOLET FLAME ENERGY

This is a powerful energetic tool made up of red, crystalline blue, white, and gold.  It transforms and transmutes energy.  It can appear as a full flame (bonfire) or a reduced flame as you would turn down a gas stove. 


1.       Red—Power, strength, aggressive

                                                      -REDS—STRENGTH AND POWER-

I represent the essence of powerful energy, come to heal and to give the strength to those who have lost their way and their hearts in the mire of the 3D world.  We strengthen the weary soul and represent the masculine energy to the many that need to incorporate it in order to be balanced and empowered.  Red is the ray of power.  We help the helpless incorporate this energy in order that they may spiritually move forward.

2.      Soft pink—Love
                         -Feminine aspect
                        - Female infant/pregnant mother
3.     Bright pink (not hot pink, but a lovely vibrant pink)—

                                                                       - BRIGHT PINK -

I am fun, the living of life without care and worry, and without the belief in separation from the Divine.  I am male and female.  I am the sound of laughter.  I am a glance between lovers.  I am the heart and song of long time dear friends.  I am as life was meant to be, a lightheartedness of living that comes from the knowing one’s own completeness and wholeness.  A satisfaction with self through the realization that all is well, all is perfect, and can never be otherwise.
I am the first chuckle of a baby.  I am the smile of the new bride. I am the wag of a dog’s tail.  I am the skip of the heart and electricity felt in the touch between two in love.  I am love in its’ purest form; an outward expression of the ONE SELF individualized as the many.

4.     Deep Rose—Energy of evolution and transformation
                            An understanding of the deeper mysteries of truth

5.     Raspberry—Transformation, change, movement

6.    Magenta 


I am the energy of glamour, hat which is often neglected in the talk of spiritual matters as being unseemly or non-spiritual.  Glamour represents love and respect for the Self/self through the recognition of one’s own value and worth.  It is the gentle joy that follows this recognition of oneness with the Divine.  It is an honoring of individualized expression through allowing the qualities of each individual to flow, express, and glow outwardly.  Glamour in its proper essence is the honoring of Divine expression.  Glamour can be used negatively as a symbol of  pride and separateness among humans which is what has caused it to be thought of as a negative quality.  Glamour need not accept this 3D concept.  Glamor is neither male nor female in its attributes, but rather represents the gentle pride of realizing that one’s innate perfection is manifesting outwardly.

7.     Maroon (dark muddled wine color)—Old and heavy energy often seen around those in a
                                                              depressed state of consciousness.


1.      Orange--Color of transformation
                     -Helps in understanding the deeper issues of truth
                     -Awakens the illumined Soul to deeper levels

2.     Dark Peach (red/orange/peach)—Acts to help a person change and move forward
                                                        Opens to new ideas
                                                        Makes a person more receptive to truth (often seen with
                                                        beginners.  Red gives a push)

3.      Light yellow/orange Peach—Awakening into a new state of consciousness for those ready


I hold the energy if creation—of new beginnings and first steps.  I am happy in anticipation of things to come as of yet unseen, but felt.  I am hesitant because I am ideas not yet formed, journeys not yet taken, but I am all possibilities.  I am every man--who all hold within their hearts infinite possibilities still buried in layers of doubt and false teachings.  I am there to encourage the soul’s first steps and to nudge it toward that which is unfolding, that which it desires but does not yet know about or even suspect.  I am the chalice of all possibilities ready to pour forth as the hand opens to receive.  I stand in the wings, awaiting my turn, ever aware and ever alert to serve.


1.      Bright lemon yellow (crisp with white crystalline)  -Joy
2.     Yellow/white—High energy, bright, glowing

3.      Amber—Golden burnished brown, lots of gold-

I am the connecting link.  I am that which connects the human to the Divine, the thrusting of Soul into the experience of One. This energy brought into meditation shifts awareness into the deeper resonance of true meditation--a silent conscious connection with the Christed Self


1.      Bright emerald green—Healing (often seen with another color around it.  Example-
          emerald green with navy around the edges—healing of the mental)

2.      Light green—Healing

3.      Clear medium green—Heart chakra

                                                          -GREEN--Heart, Healing, Love-

We hold the energy of the heart, of healing, and of love.  The color represents our energy work, but we are not limited by this to only one way of service and teaching.  We are all wise and very ancient.  We are evolved and we understand the 3D world as we once were a part of it. Once long ago, our relationship with humans was one of much happiness and acceptance.  We are among the many helping Gaia and her inhabitants at this time.  Our names are a vibration and hard to pronounce.  You knew us at one time. We welcome you back

                                           -LIME GREEN—(Intense  yellow/green with gold )

I am beauty, vitality, health, energy, alertness.  I am the outer expression of Divine perfection-physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I am bright and powerful, the composite of color and energy reflection of Source creation.  I vibrate with color and intensity. I am health.  I am life.  I am consciousness.  I am all that makes for vibrancy and aliveness.  I am not a state of mind, but actually resonate within the very structure of the body as energy and life.  I am awake and alive, vibrating the pure joy and innate perfection of all that is.

                                                    -MOSS GREEN—(soft gentle color)-

I am the color of creation.  The potential of all that can be, the Infinite nature of the Divine manifest as…
Creation can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual as interpreted by the consciousness of the individual.  Moss green is a baby green holding infinite potential for completeness and wholeness.  Newly awakened potential, baby steps, the young soul ready to grow and experience.  A state of slumber ready to dissolve and embrace new ideas and new awareness which in turn gives birth to new states of consciousness.  It is the bud, the baby, the sprout.  If you see this color it represents something is finished, outgrown, dead.