​                                                   NOVEMBER 19, 2023

Welcome dear readers. It is important to understand that it is you the readers who draw forth the contents of each message. The intention to more fully spiritually awaken acts to automatically manifest outwardly as new insights and understanding which often flow from where least expected--a word from a stranger or friend, an experience, a sudden insight, a book or article, a channeled message, or most importantly from within.

Never doubt that all is proceeding according to plan. It may seem as if nothing positive is taking place at this time but as we have said before, moving into a higher frequency for earth and individuals requires the clearing of dense and obsolete energies already present. This usually takes place as activation, observation, evaluation, and then elimination. A great deal of the violence you are presently witnessing between individuals as well as countries consists of energies that were created thousands of years ago. 

Because increasingly more individuals are opening to a sense of oneness, much of the world is beginning to recognize the futility and stupidity of war. Try not to take sides because when you do you simply add more energy to the situation. You are entitled to your opinion but do it more as an observer than a participant unless guided to be active. Accepting anything other than God as power is old energy even though appearances would testify otherwise. 

Allow the process. Allowing does not mean denying. resisting, or pretending to be unaware of some negative appearance but rather means standing aside and allowing it to unfold as it may without supplying it with additional power. Because God is the one and only power, nothing in and of itself has power other than what you endow it with. The belief in separation from God and others is the foundation of all war, violence, dishonestly, abuse, and issues of "power over".  

All discord is a manifestation of the duality, separation, and/or two powers state of consciousness. Because nothing other than God/Divine Consciousness exists, IT is the real substance of everything perceived as being material. Because every person is an individualized expression of this one Divine Consciousness they too are constantly creating and expressing from consciousness. 

Living in third dimensional consciousness is like looking at life through a mud covered window. Every bit of truth that becomes one's state of consciousness cleans a portion of the window until after many lifetimes of learning and experiencing the person's window is finally clean, allowing him/her to see the world in a new, higher and more real way. The mud is nothing more than illusion, the residue of concepts and beliefs that were never real.  

Mind is an avenue of awareness, the interpreter that brings consciousness into manifestation. God consciousness is, always has, and will continue infinitely expressing the fullness of ITself through Divine Mind. Likewise, human minds are expressing the contents of their state of consciousness. The human mind automatically interprets one's state of consciousness as... A mind and consciousness filled with beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers will automatically express as an infinite variety of forms that reflect these beliefs--sometimes good and sometimes bad. (duality)  

  Consciousness is the batter, mind is the muffin tin. 

It may seem as if you are somehow failing in your spiritual journey if or when you experience issues that reflect a resonance lower than your present state of consciousness. You are not failing or reverting to a previous state of consciousness, but rather are simply experiencing old energies as they move through in order to clear. Allow the process and remember never to claim anything of a lower resonance as being personally yours. The only qualities that are or ever can be yours are God qualities. 

Everyone is presently clearing old energy. It is part of the ascension process. Lives lived in a less evolved state of consciousness created an accumulation of low resonating energy that must clear in order for a person to align with the higher frequencies of a new and more evolved earth. Clearings will often involve areas of the physical body that have been weakened by disease, accident, or some past life issue. For example a person who suffered and died from tuberculosis in one or more lives may find themselves dealing with lung issues at this time.  

Observe and acknowledge God as that which flows in and as everything. When you have a day where everything seems to fall perfectly into place, acknowledge it as Divine harmony manifesting through you. When you witness instances of love, forgiveness, patience etc. recognize that is not the individuals themselves, but rather God is expressing ITs qualities through them. 

In and of themselves, human beings have no love, forgiveness, patience, generosity, etc. to give. These are God qualities only able to express through consciousnesses that are open to and in alignment with them. Never look to a person for love, forgiveness, patience etc. regardless of how a situation "should be" because a human being does not have it to give unless they are open to it flowing through them. Look only to God for God qualities and you will find them flowing to you from where you least expect. 

Accept and trust that everything you seek is already fully present in and as you. The word "I" is sacred and creative. "I" is God and not the personal ego sense of self as most believe. It is very important to remember this when you are tempted to tell yourself; "I am sick. I am poor. I am stupid." etc. Never forget that you are a creator. 

Allow "I" to express without conditioning and ego interference through the realization that God is already fully present right where you are and any attempts to influence or contact a God outside of self is a form of idolatry. 

As the Divine Consciousness that I AM, what am I choosing to create?  

We are the Arcturian Group 11/19/23

                                                     NOVEMBER 5, 2023

Dear readers welcome once again to our message.  

Trust that all is proceeding according to plan. Dark and heavy energies manifesting as hatred, violence, judgement, and separation are presently affecting everyone's life in some way. The increasing presence of spiritual Light on earth is forcing energies that have long been hidden from general awareness to surface. This is forcing many who have been living with their heads in the sand, unwilling to look at or acknowledge anything other than what they have been told to start seeing with new eyes. 

Creations of duality and separation consciousness must be recognized for what they represent before they can be eliminated from the world's collective belief system. Many are now for the first time beginning to comprehend the overwhelming vastness of lies, deceptions, and self serving greed that has and continues to be promoted as being in everyone's "best interest" by some leaders and politicians, a few organized religions, and many small and large corporations.  

The Divine plan is alive and well, but is dependent upon the people of earth to implement it. Those observing and assisting earth from the other side cannot step in and change things because every person's free will must be honored and nothing would be learned from having evolutionary work done by others.  

The presence of high frequency energy Light carried by evolved states of consciousness automatically and without conscious effort, acts to expose and dissolve lower resonating energies which is how Jesus and others of high resonating consciousness did and still do healing work. Everything that has been accepted as "normal" but which in reality represents separation, is or soon will be affected by the increasing presence of high resonating energies pouring to earth.  

Practice acknowledging the Christ-hood of every individual. It is easy to automatically and without conscious thought label someone as fat, ugly, stupid, dishonest, etc. When you find yourself doing this recognize that even seemingly harmless labels represent judging by appearances. 

This does not mean that you pretend not to see an appearance or condition and it does not mean you cannot not discuss it with the person if he/she wants to do this. You don't ignore physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual appearances, rather you see through them by acknowledging the spiritual reality that underlies all material appearances--the good as well as the bad.

When confronted with or simply becoming aware of some negative situation or person, say to yourself something like; "I know who you really are, an expression of the living God." Use whatever words you want. This doesn't mean that you suddenly become unaware of some appearance but rather means that you are living a state of consciousness able to see through material appearances no matter how devoid of light they may seem to be which in turn can actually lift or heal if the person or persons are receptive.  

The three dimensional belief system teaches that a person must do this or do that etc.etc. (according to current beliefs) in order to attain success and happiness in life. Success and happiness already exist fully present within every person and need to be acknowledged rather than be attained, but the majority remains unaware of this and so most continue to "do", in often futile attempts to draw to themselves whatever it is they believe will bring them fulfillment.  

Learn to be rather than do. Living from a consciousness of be-ing oneness rather than one of constantly do-ing in order to attain what is already fully present within, allows and opens the avenues necessary for its expression. Never forget that because you are consciousness and consciousness is the substance of form, a consciousness of "I don't have. I need. etc" will create and manifest exactly that.

For eons parents have taught their children from what they know, religions have promoted their beliefs, teachers teach students current information, and experts proclaim the truths of their area of expertise. All of these areas are evolving and opening which is causing resistance from those who have built their lives around currently accepted facts.  

Allow yourselves to open which may very well entail leaving behind a few concepts and beliefs you are comfortable with and that have served you well in the past. It is important to understand that no matter how seemingly good, anything born of duality, separation, and a belief in two powers can only ever be illusory.  

The world is separating. There are those living from higher states of consciousness and those choosing to remain in that which is old and false. You are going to begin witnessing increasingly more incidents of distinction between the two and it will become increasingly apparent to the majority that there is an element that wants to keep the world in darkness simply because it serves their interests. 

You are beginning to see signs of this as increasingly more people start questioning and refusing to accept at face value much of the information being promoted regarding both local and global issues. Each day more are awakening even if it doesn't look that way. Oneness is rapidly finding a place in human consciousness and this in turn is serving to lift and open earth's collective consciousness.  

Allow global and personal issues to unfold from a place of detachment as if watching a movie in the realization that God has never, never could, and never will manifest ITself as war. violence, dishonestly, or any sort of separation. This does NOT mean you take no action if action is required. To stay in an abusive or violent situation out of the false belief that you are being spiritual and loving, is foolish and represents the absence of self/SELF love.

It is important to understand but often hard to accept that there are no accidents. Those suffering and dying throughout the world at this time were aware of and chose their experiences before incarnating. Some needed this type of experience in order to understand how it feels to be on the receiving end of the choices they may have made in previous lifetimes. Some simply need these experiences as part of their evolutionary process. However, many spiritually evolved souls have chosen to be in a situation of violence and trauma as their service, their Light work, their way of helping to awaken a sleeping world to the obsolete status of so much still being accepted as the way of doing things. 

Be the light that you already are without feeling any need to do, act, plead, or beg. Stop the rites, rituals, and seeking meant to make you what you already are and always have been. These things were an important facets along your spiritual journey, but you have evolved beyond them. The only thing you need ask for is more Light.  

Acknowledge and rest in the reality of SELF and all life being the ONE Divine Consciousness manifesting ITself as infinite form and variety.  

We are the Arcturian Group 11/5/23

                                                      OCTOBER 22, 2023

Welcome dear readers.

Do not doubt that all is proceeding according to plan in spite of present world appearances. The increase of high resonating Light flowing to earth as well as being manifest through the presence of increasingly more evolved states of consciousness is causing a great deal of ancient but active karmic energy to surface and manifest, allowing it to be recognized as obsolete and no longer valid in an evolving world.  

A great deal of world energy is focused on fear. Do not immerse yourself in the flood of negative news, ads, predictions, theories, and gossip presently bombarding you 24/7 regarding things you must fear that range from issues of daily living to those that are intense and complicated. News that is presented simply as information carries a different energy from when it is used as a tool to induce fear. Many of those who work in this industry are not intentionally hoping to cause fear and are unaware of how they are being taught to give information. This is why you must learn to "read between the lines" and trust your intuition.  

Fear promoted as being "for your own good" is often a tactic used to keep the majority unaware of personal power and continuing to live in fear, anxiety, and worry which in turn serves to create, maintain, and sustain manifestations of separation.  

There is an element that thrives on low resonating energy and does not want it to disappear. The idea of the majority awakening to oneness and empowerment is extremely frightening to those who see spiritual evolution as a threat to their survival--which it is. They will take actions, create scenarios, and promote fear in whatever forms they believe will keep the majority hypnotized and thus providing them with power. 

Know that the high resonating frequencies of a state of consciousness imbued with the realization of ONEness is automatic protection against lower resonating energies that are unable to align with it. Be aware of low resonating issues and their frightening appearances but do not invite them to become your state of consciousness. Learn to be in the world but not of it.

The one Divine Consciousness/God individualized as infinite form and variety is an absolute truth. However, as we have said many times, absolute truth does not/can not manifest from intellectual knowledge alone, it is just the first step. Truth must become an attained state of consciousness before it can manifest outwardly because consciousness is the creative substance of all form which is why every person is either consciously or unconsciously creating their own world in every moment.  

Do not let this discourage you. As you know about, accept, practice, and hold truth in your heart even in the midst of problems, it gradually becomes your state of consciousness. It is like learning to drive where you must first learn about, study, and practice all the bells and whistles involved in driving (intellectual knowledge) but with practice driving soon becomes so automatic that you don't even think about it. (state of consciousness) 

This is the journey, this is how evolution works. It is every soul's gradual awakening to the realization that they are not the limited physical bodies they seem to be, but are in reality bodies of individualized God Light appearing to be material in third dimensional energy. Being in and of the only substance that exists--Divine Consciousness/God/Source--automatically makes every person infinite, birth-less, and deathless--not the human concept of them, but the reality.  

Free will allows every individual to choose what they accept as truth. Those who choose to fill their consciousness with beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers should not then blame others for the creations they are choosing to create.  

Only the strongest and most evolved states of consciousness were chosen to come and assist with earth's ascension process because they would be able to hold Light in the face the negative appearances they knew would unfold. If your are drawn to these messages, then you are of this group and are doing the work even when engaged in seemingly ordinary activities of daily life because your consciousness goes with you wherever you go. You came to be the Light that is always, not sometimes, the only real power. Because...

  One with God is a majority.  

Many of find yourselves anxious, worried, and confused in spite of being spiritually evolved. Most human minds are still somewhat conditioned to these emotions as the result of programming from hundreds of lifetimes lived in three dimensional consciousness. You are presently clearing this old programming but as you move into a new state of awareness, the mind ( an avenue of awareness) becomes confused. Human minds are programmed by the past, continue to draw from the collective, and attempt to hold you in what is already known by offering an infinite variety of reasons as to why this or that is right or better than something new.

Honor your mind, and never discount it for it is attempting to serve with what it knows, but do not allow it to be power over you. Talk to your mind when it jumps in with excuses and reasons as to why you should or should not do something that you recognize as being old energy. Explain " Everything is fine. We are doing things differently and in new ways now". Tell your mind to relax, that all is well and that you understand the concern.  

Talking to one's mind may seem silly to some, but it is a good way to move beyond the programing that continues to hold even those spiritually evolved locked into patterns of old energy. Some of you are beyond needing this exercise, but some are not.  

Evolution is inevitable and until a person ready for their next step stops resisting and surrenders to it things can be difficult and "wake up calls" may begin. Ask yourself; "Do I really believe that God is the only power/reality/cause and effect? If so, then why do I continue to immerse myself in so many three dimensional concepts of power?" Once eyes have opened to truth, they can never shut again although many have tried in the belief that life was much easier and better before spiritually awakening. ( Which it often seemed to be)

The process of learning and evolving into a consciousness of one's real self as being an individualization of Source, God, Divine consciousness is and has been the underlying purpose of each and every lifetime. Do not try to figure everything out with the human mind because it is impossible. Finite minds are simply incapable of comprehending the infinite but know that as you evolve you will be taught from within and the deeper truths you seek will be revealed as you are ready. God revealing ITself to ITself.

Go within often and allow yourself to simply be. Not reaching "out there" to draw some concept of God to you through the right prayers, rites and rituals, attending more classes, holding certain crystals, learning more truth, or begging and pleading.  

At some point every person must accept that their real Self is already closer than breathing, always has been and always will be because it is who you are NOW--not tomorrow, not after the "event", or not after you become more spiritual or know more truth--NOW. 

We are the Arcturian Group. 10/22/23

                                                   OCTOBER 8, 2023

Welcome dear readers.  

Energies are now present that will allow events that will begin to awaken many of those still stuck in the belief that the laws, traditions, and ideas that worked well in the past should continue exactly as they have always been. Many of these laws and traditions were created with the intention of helping the majority and they were right for that time, but it is now a new and different time in which many of these old creations need to be eliminated in order for their underlying purpose to manifest in higher and more evolved forms.

Hearts and minds are opening and eyes are beginning to see as increasingly more recognize the prejudice and unfairness that underlies many current laws as well as when they witness the childish and self serving behavior of a few so called leaders more focused on playing "king of the castle" than serving the needs of those who elected them. 

Change is going to be seen, heard, and experienced whereas up to now, you were simply aware that change was coming. Evolution can never be stopped because man's true nature as the individualization of the one omnipresent Divine Consciousness must and will eventually be remembered by every soul because it is reality. Those working to prevent the majority from waking out of the third dimensional dream thrive on the fear, suffering, and ignorance that it creates.  

The three dimensional dream experience is the evolutionary process for many but there are some who never incarnate on earth, choosing to evolve on other planets. Learning through experiences of duality and separation constitute an intense and difficult path not for the faint hearted, but one that graduates strong and powerful beings of highly evolved consciousness willing and prepared to assist those following.  

Because of free will, those choosing to remain asleep can do so, but the world is changing and many of them will begin to understand the futility of holding fast to ideas that no longer resonate with a spiritually evolving world. Why do so many continue to resist anything not in and of the three dimensional belief system? Why do so many world, country, state, and local leaders refuse to even consider new and better ways of doing their job? Why do so many politicians, priests, ministers, teachers, doctors, spiritual teachers, and even the general public resist change? 


Fear of losing status in the eyes of those they have convinced of the truth of their concepts. Fear of a hell waiting if they don't promote and even force their personal religious beliefs on others from the illusion of "saving" them. Fear of what may replace known ideas and beliefs. Fear that perhaps the beliefs they have built their life foundation on aren't really true. Fear of the unknown. Fear of losing the power and money that they have enjoyed from the status quo. Fear of losing control over......

Become alert and aware of ever present fear mongering often disguised as being for your own good. Media ads and billboards promote fear of what will happen if you do or do not eat this, take this medication, ignore this symptom, read this book, let children learn everything about the world, ignore some religious belief. News outlets spew a continual stream of information about negative and frightening events about to happen. Much of it is subliminal and you are not even consciously aware of some message or promotion but your subconscious hears it. 

Fear is the manifestation of separation consciousness and has no Divine law to support, maintain, or hold it in place because God is the only power and not subject to or affected by beliefs of separation. Fear is the self-preservation aspect of separation consciousness and is presently dominating earth's collective consciousness which is why you are seeing so much chaos. Self preservation is ingrained in most everyone's energy field simply because in less evolved past lives it was necessary for survival.

We are not saying to ignore issues of health or safety, but we are saying that you are now ready to meet these things from a higher level of awareness, from the realization that God alone is power. Always trust your intuition and become aware of when you are being emotionally or mentally manipulated by some corporation, politician, religious "leader", or individual who stands to benefit from your fear.  

Be patient with those around you who fear change. Explain earth's ascension process if the person is receptive, but never force truth on anyone. Allow those who are simply not interested in more evolved ideas or who are working to maintain the status quo to rant and rave as they please because the actions of human egos have no power to affect reality.

In the three dimensional belief system, peace is considered to be any activity of non-violence-- treaties between countries, actions taken and decisions made between friends and family members to maintain harmony, ignoring slights or insults, remaining silent in certain situations, and often the surrender of personal empowerment in order "keep peace".  

True peace is the outer effect of conscious awareness of oneness and since oneness is the reality peace is ever present but not experienced in its fullness by those living in separation consciousness. Experiences of real and lasting peace will not manifest fully on earth until the realization of oneness becomes more dominant in human consciousness. However, material concepts of peace are steps along mankind's evolutionary path never to be considered irrelevant or unimportant.  

Every person has an ever present yearning for peace regardless of the state of their consciousness because peace is already fully present within whether they are aware of it or not. Every soul yearns to once again be whole, to experience the reality of their oneness with God and all that God is. The desire for peace is strong at this time but three dimensional minds often interpret peace as having more money and things, taking drugs, finding a better partner or job, and attaining increased recognition from others, and even eliminating those who may stand in their way.  

Learn to discover, recognize, and experience omnipresent peace in the ordinary even when your life is difficult--in meditation, as you walk in a quiet and healthy forest, as you see the look in your pet's eyes and wag of its tail when you open the door, when you hear a baby giggle or see it smile, when reading a good book, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend.  

Peace in its truest sense is the omnipresent energy of oneness not to be attained but rather to be recognized, just as love is.  

Your work has begun,

We are the Arcturian Group 10/8/23

                                                     SEPTEMBER 24,2023

Dear readers, with love and compassion we welcome you to our message. We are well aware that many of you are dealing with the effects of clearing old energy as well as issues that come with living in a three dimensional world.  

It is a powerful and difficult time to be on earth but you were aware of this before incarnating. You knew full well that if you chose to incarnate it would mean descending into a soup of dense energy that would block your remembrance of who you were or where you came from. You choose to come because you wanted to serve. You knew that the higher resonating status of your consciousness and that of others, would add frequencies of truth to earth's
three dimensional consciousness which in turn would allow access to increasingly more people. 

Always remember that because you are consciousness with a body rather than a body with consciousness, your consciousness automatically goes wherever you go. This means that you bring the resonance of your state of consciousness into every place and situation even while seeming to do nothing.  

Being a spiritual Light or Light worker simply means knowing the truth and living from your highest attained state of consciousness at all times which in turn will begin to manifest as what is needed--safety and security, abundance, completeness and wholeness etc.--mind interpreting and translating consciousness into recognizable form. 

Some will be ready and eager to learn what you know because they are receptive and drawn to your evolved state of consciousness. However, there are always a few who react with fear and are repelled by Light, even to the point of lashing out for no reason. If this happens, give it no power because it has no power. Acknowledge the spiritual identity the person and move on. These types of experiences have to do with the state of consciousness of the other person and nothing to do with you. 

Many continue attempting to make the past once again be the present, promoting the "Good old days" as being right and better. This represents a belief in the concepts and correctness of a previous belief system, one that is fast becoming obsolete. In reality, a great deal of those "Good old days" covered up an active underbelly of vicious and harmful activities that caused a great deal of pain and suffering to others much of which is now being exposed. 

Much that comprised the collective consciousness of the past is dissolving as increasingly more individuals awaken to higher and more evolved ways of understanding life and the world. Evolution cannot be stopped even by those who loudly rant, rave about, and promote the "good old days". 

Earth is a spiritual universe peopled with sons/daughters of God, and is not the dull heavy illusory expression of duality and separation that most believe to be the real world. The people of earth live in illusion, hypnotized by the material appearances that surround them because it is all the state of their consciousness allows them to comprehend at this time.  

Learn to recognize the spiritual reality that underlies every material appearance. When you look at a flower acknowledge the Divine harmony, life, perfection, and individuality that is appearing as beauty, color, life, and fragrance. When you see modes of transportation, know that they represent material concepts of omnipresence. When you witness instances of love and compassion know that it is Divine Consciousness manifesting through and as those involved. Even when witnessing struggle, lack. limitation, or violence, know that these things reflect states of consciousness yet unaware of their ONEness with God.  

Translating appearances is how you gradually ascend into a higher and more evolved state of consciousness where at some point translating appearances is automatic because truth has become your state of consciousness and is who you are. Earth is not an illusion as many mistakenly believe. Earth is the real and perfect expression of a Divine Idea. It is the false concepts about earth that constitute the illusion. How could an omnipresent God create something not of Itself? 

Love is all that is. Love is all inclusive and omnipresent because God is omnipresent and love is the high resonating energetic vibration (pure Light) of Divine Consciousness. Love is the glue that holds everything together--keeping planets in their orbit, making the sun rise and set, bringing roses from rose bushes and apples from apple trees. Love continues to be misunderstood on earth as being only attraction or emotion. We have stated many times but need to reiterate that love is God resonance, the omnipresent interconnecting energy infinitely flowing between all expressions/individualizations of ONE Divine consciousness--God. 

It is difficult for those living from a three dimensional belief system to understand or even consider that this ONE energy is fully present even when being expressed as discord or the actions of one against another. There is only one energy, vibration, resonance, and because God is omnipresent, it is present (but often in conditioned form) in every place, circumstance, encounter, relationship, or situation regardless of how unloving according to human standards the appearance may be.  

Love as emotion or attraction is the way most people understand and experience love because it is what they have been taught, experienced, and come to believe about love. Love is the omnipresent activity of ONE individualized as many, including animals, trees, and plants--all life. It has been taught that that which you do to another through words, actions, beliefs about, hatred, love etc. you do to yourself. This is true. There are, never have been, and never can be exceptions to ONEness. 

Attaining a higher understanding of love is part of everyone's spiritual journey.  

It is time and you are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/24/23

                                            SEPTEMBER 10, 2023

Greetings and welcome to our message, dear readers.

The evolutionary process is causing many to re-examine the choices and decisions they made in the past. The process is leaving many feeling regret and shame as they recognize some of these past choices as having been unwise, hurtful, and ego based. Whenever past actions are examined from a new and higher state of consciousness they will be seen with new eyes and in ways different from how they were previously seen.  

This experience is a facet of the evolutionary process dear ones, a process everyone goes through as they evolve from one state of consciousness to a more enlightened one. Do not embrace or claim the shame or self loathing that may arise when looking back on your life--things said, actions taken, self righteousness, or anything from the past now causing you to feel ashamed or unworthy.  

An individual can only live out from their highest attained state of consciousness and past actions simply reflect a previous state of consciousness. This is not to say that apologies are never needed and appropriate, but try not to dwell on or even attempt to return to a previous state of consciousness that is now finished. 

You have played hundred roles over hundreds of lifetimes in your evolutionary journey toward conscious ONEness with Source. You been male, female, gay, straight, warriors, farmers, slaves, kings/queens, rich and poor, sick and well, stupid and smart, and have done it in bodies of every skin color while expressing the state of your consciousness at that time.  

Do not spend time seeking to know about and examine past lives for this can easily become an unnecessary and ego based distraction. If a past life is important to your present life and evolutionary process, you will somehow become aware of it through dreams, memories, a spiritual channel picking it up, or simply by the presence of qualities, gifts, talents, and knowledge that you did not consciously learn in this life which is the truth underlying "child prodigies". 

We would like to talk about healing because many of you are presently experiencing physical, emotional. and mental issues that seem to come from nowhere. Pockets of clearing energy are frequently re-experienced in some form and often take the path of least resistance which will be an area of the body still remembering past damage or disease. For example, a person who died of tuberculosis in several lifetimes may clear old energy primarily through their lungs in the form of frequent infections or medical issues.  

Because Divine Consciousness is all that exists, IT can only express ITself and nothing other than ITself for where could something outside of omnipresence come from? If disease, pain, and suffering were embodied in Divine Consciousness they would be permanent, held in place forever by Divine Law never to be changed, healed, or removed.  

Disease on all levels is a material manifestation of the collective belief in separation (from God, others, and one's good), duality (sick/well), and two powers ( that germs, environment, food, age, inheritance, circumstances etc. hold power over every person). The belief that anything can separate you from your real self/SELF is false, but alive, well, and manifesting in and through the third dimensional belief system as appearances easily testify to.

As you grow in spiritual awareness you begin to understand that Divine Consciousness is infinitely complete and whole in and of ITself and therefore the false dreams that so many dream are not a part of it. People often say; "How could God allow this or that to happen?" The answer is that God is not in the dream nor is the dream in God. 

Begging or pleading some concept of God to change something that God has no awareness of is useless, representative of separation, and actually re-enforces the energy of the belief. Yes, miracles do occasionally occur but this has more to do with the person's spiritual contract rather than human petition.  

Do what you are intuitively guided to do health wise for yourself and those you are caring for but do it in the realization that disease is a three dimensional manifestation that God knows nothing about because Divine Consciousness is, can, and only ever has expressed IT's own omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient nature as harmony, love, completeness, wholeness, abundance, intelligence, etc. 

We are not making light of those suffering from physical, emotional, or mental disease. Guides and high resonating beings on the other side are always present bringing support and comfort to those suffering on earth and especially when a person is close to death. Permanent healing can only happen when disease is no longer held as reality in one's state of consciousness because consciousness is always manifesting itself.

Even those spiritually aware of the non reality of disease will have some health related issues while living on earth. Because very few have attained the full consciousness of the non reality of disease and also because you are living where separation belief constitutes the collective consciousness, you will probably experience some but much less than the majority of these appearances.  

When or if you experience physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual difficulty, first know the truth and then do what you are guided to do. Help is available for and on all levels of awareness but allow yourself to be intuitively guided because what may have been a right action last year may not be right for today. Never endow health issues with power even if they are driving you crazy because the only power they really have is the power you endow them with. Many of the issues plaguing people at this time are clearings that will cease at some point.  

It is important to remember that physical death is a soul choice, one not made consciously but rather made on a deeper unconscious level. When a soul chooses to go home, they will often choose a disease or situation that will allow them to do so. Common belief is that everything and anything must be done in order to keep a person on earth but if they have made the choice to leave they will, even when consciously unaware of their choice. Stillbirths or child deaths are frequently pre-planned experiences deemed necessary for the evolutionary growth of the parents and those involved.

Jesus's consciousness held no beliefs of disease or separation and so when people came to him and entered into his consciousness where beliefs of disease, sin, and suffering did not exist, the appearances dissolved, having no energy to sustain them. Never forget that you are this same Divine Consciousness with free will to choose what you put into it. 

Take those you wish to help into mediation NOT to fix them, but to acknowledge their Divinity while realizing that your conscious ONEness with Source automatically constitutes their Oneness with Source because there is only ONE. 

Observe and honor the Light of every person in spite of whatever dark or heavy debris they may have chosen to stand in at this time. This is the work. This is why you are on earth, not to fix, change, or heal but to know that nothing needs fixing because God is all that is.

We are the Arcturian Group         9/10/23