AUGUST 27, 2023

Welcome to our message dear readers.  

You are all well aware that much on earth is no longer flowing harmoniously as it previously did, personally and globally. Countries and individuals struggle to maintain rules, regulations, ideas, and beliefs that have always been the accepted in attempts to return things to "normal". Present times have become confusing and often frightening even for those who are spiritually awake simply because so much is changing and often seemingly not for the better.  

Those unaware of earth's ascension process are trying to restore what used to be because the old ways seemed to work just fine but that was because they were in alignment with the collective. However, because many of these things were born of error and false belief, things cannot return to what they once were because consciousness is evolving and collective consciousness is changing.  

Let go dear ones. Let go of exhausting attempts to keep everything as you have always known it--family traditions, rules, practices, even the food you think you must eat. The struggle to keep things as they have always been is a manifestation of separation, separation from your good. It is the fear that if you deviate from traditions and practices that have always worked well for you something bad may happen.  

It is tempting to try and "fix" things that no longer seem to be working in your life because you are living in, experiencing, and are accustomed to the workings and solutions of a three dimensional world. Remind yourselves that the material world you are experiencing on earth is an illusory concept created from energies that are now dissolving as individuals awaken. Earth is ascending into frequencies that more closely resemble her true Divine nature in spite of appearances and efforts by those who seek to maintain the status quo.  

A major source of all discord is the collective consciousness of two powers. Mankind through an ignorance of truth has given power to just about everything--to foods, climate, vitamins, employment, animals, money, relationships, people etc. Know this--There is only one power--God/Divine consciousness which is not a power over anything but is simply the only power that exists because it is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. 

The truth of ONE has been revealed by many spiritual masters--Buddha, Jesus, and others attempted to tell followers that God was all that existed and was therefore their own real nature but the majority interpreted the idea of "I AM" as being personal to the teacher and rather than accepting it as the truth of their own ONEness began to and still today worship the messenger rather than the message. You are ready to leave this idolatry behind. No man, teacher, preacher, priest, "saint" or holy person is more God than another including those considered to be criminals or bad people.  

The third dimensional belief system has given power to and attributed much of the "bad" that happens on earth as being in and of Satan, evil, or the devil. Know this; there is no devil or Satan unless you believe there is and then being a creator, create one for yourself and maintain it through fear or love. Where could a devil possibly come from if God is omnipresent, all that is?  

Many beliefs regarding Satan come from past lives where these beliefs were taught and perpetuated as general knowledge. Many still carry this energy in their energy field where it lies dormant but alive and well ready to activate when a person watches certain movies, reads certain books or articles, talks to other believers, or attends a church that teaches that the devil is real and must be resisted. Consciously state your intention to clear once and for all, any remaining energies based in the belief of an entity outside of yourself who can harm, destroy, kill, or affect you.  

There are some who believe so strongly in the power of evil and Satan that they create ceremonies of worship in the belief that their connection to the "devil" will give them power and allow them to experience whatever they desire like revenge or material things. What these ceremonies actually do is attract low resonating un-evolved entities from the other side who are more than happy to participate in anything that will feed them energy and because even devil worshipers are also creative, things happen that they attribute it to the Devil. There is no unexpressed consciousness. 

The three dimensional belief system endows bad appearances (disease, drugs, alcoholism, etc.) and good appearances (money, fame, relationships, material things) with power in the belief that these things can control or effect their lives. Endowing anything other than God with power simply feeds it energy. Every war declared on some disease or issue serves to grow it rather than eliminate it. 

Nothing is power over you unless you endow it with power. You are the boss of you. God (your real Selfhood) is the only power, law, reality, and cause and effect governing you. There is only ONE power, one omnipresent omnipotent, omniscient reality and the belief in two powers has resulted mankind's sense of separation from God and others while manifesting as duality--good and evil, sick and well, rich and poor. 

All must at some point in their evolutionary journey cease giving power to anything outside of self/SELF in the realization that everything is an expression of God life, God intelligence, God wholeness and completeness--the fullness of Divine consciousness being misinterpreted through minds conditioned with beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers. Every person is free to fill their God individualized consciousness with whatever beliefs they choose but should not then blame others for the manifestations.  

We are not telling you to go out in a hurricane, walk down dark and dangerous alleys, or eat all the junk and processed food you want and nothing will happen to your bodies while declaring to the world that "God is all". The consciousness of one power must be known, acknowledged, accepted, and then practiced until it becomes your state of consciousness. Jesus stilled the storm. How? His consciousness held no beliefs of power outside of God and thus he knew that the storm had no power of its own. Practice these principles with every thing you do and gradually they will become your state of consciousness. This is how it works with all truth.

Do what you feel you need to do with regard to your health and home, but do it in awareness of truth, that in reality nothing is power over you for good or bad. There really are no victims, only those still asleep to the truth of their Divine nature. Know that the fullness and completeness of Divine Consciousness has never left nor could ever leave anyone for it is who you are. The human condition is like a person living in poverty totally unaware that they have a bank account full of money.  

Help self and others as you are guided. Help is available at all levels of awareness but always act with awareness of the innate Divine nature of yourself and others whatever the circumstances. 

In spite of any and all appearances know that God alone is.

We are the Arcturian Group 8/27/23

                                      AUGUST 13, 2023

Welcome dear readers. It is our intention that these messages flow to you on steamers of love that will help you to better understand and move through the chaotic aspects of the ascension process. 

Know and trust that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan meant to evolve earth and all upon her out of the collective illusion that has held mankind in bondage for eons. In order to do this, erroneous beliefs that still support and maintain separation must be seen, recognized, and no longer be energetically fed. Everyone, those spiritually awake as well as those who are not, are starting to recognize the deception underlying so much that has been accepted as truth. 

Evolution is causing increasingly more individuals to begin acknowledging and trusting their intuition rather than continuing to blindly follow experts, politicians, and religious leaders (priests, ministers, rabbis, shamans, channels) who cannot present anything higher than their own state of consciousness which is often less evolved than that of their followers. However, know there are many spiritual teachers working from a very high level on earth at this time. Always trust your intuition as to which ones are working from a consciousness of truth and which ones are working from three dimensional ego.  

Most of you have reached the point at which you must become aware of and clear issues of control. We do not speak of control as exerted by bullies and dictators but of the control energy many individuals continue to express through every aspect of their life. This commonly accepted type of control manifests as often forced actions taken even with the simplest of issues that support the person's concepts of what determines safety, correctness, and accepted three dimensional norms.  

It is time for every student of truth to honestly ask themselves; "Why do I believe and often insist that things must be a certain way? My way? Is it because I believe that if things don't go as I believe they should everything will be chaos or somehow incorrect?" 

A certain level of desire for control remains ingrained in almost everyone's consciousness because when the world was less evolved control was necessary for survival but those times are finished. Spiritual evolution requires the surrender of ego based personal control which begins to happen automatically as a person truly realizes that being the individualization of Divine Consciousness means that God can do nothing other than express ITself in, as, and through ITs human expression if allowed. 

You who read these messages are evolved enough to begin handing personal control over to the Real You unless you still believe that the omniscient Divine reality you are must be told what you need, want, and how to go about doing it. Get out of the way and allow yourselves to accept and receive the reality of your own Divine Self rather than continuing with attempts to control everything in your life according to three dimensional concepts of how things should or must be.  

Issues of personal control affect every aspect of daily living from what you should eat to how the world must work in order to be right. A person often doesn't even realize that they are controlling but rather believe that they are simply helping to make some situation or person better by insisting on "their way" which is why it is imperative to be very honest with oneself regarding intention.

Every person is an individualization of God/Divine Consciousness which means that every person has had varying experiences over the course of many lifetimes from which they have developed personal preferences. Human ego having no awareness of reality, believes that it is in charge of making things happen for self and others and in order to do this must draw its information from the three dimensional collective consciousness where beliefs of duality, separation, and the belief in two powers reign supreme. 

Letting go of personal control can be very frightening because being in control brings a sense of security and safety. Most control issues are formed of uncleared old energy that you brought with you into this life. Other than power loving dictators, control issues usually arise from fears and insecurities accumulated in and still active from past lives. Example; A life in which you were a slave (most everyone has had one or several of these) required to perform perfectly in a certain way or be severely punished. 

Moving beyond three dimensional control does not eliminate preferences. Every person has free will and is entitled to do things and live their life in ways that work best for them. Parents must maintain a certain amount of control for the safety of their children. Every household needs guidelines in order to keep things running smoothly. However, control issues are often excused by the controller as being a preference which is why a person must be very honest with themselves when they feel the need to push their personal beliefs about how things must be done even with the most insignificant of issues. 

In the beginning, letting go of personal control may not go smoothly. Almost everyone still carries some degree of "control over" energy simply because it has been security and defense though lifetimes. Moving beyond three dimensional issues of control is a process of awareness, of being alert to every automatic urge to step in and control something without regard to the choices of others. It is about leaving behind the belief that things will fall apart if you do not step in and take charge. It is about replacing fear with trust, allowing oneself to receive from within, and most importantly it is about the intention to once and for all clear these old no longer serving energies. 

There is a grand picture unfolding beyond everything you have been taught and lived up to now. As you learn to let go of attempting to control every aspect of your life and that of others, you will find life becoming easier and easier because you will be allowing IT, the Self sustaining, Self maintaining real you, to express ITself as what is needed while eliminating that which is not.

Rest in reality.

We are the Arcturian Group 8/13/23

                                                     JULY 23, 2023

Dear ones, once again we welcome you to our message.

Many are tempted to doubt and question the whole idea of an ascension process and we understand this because in these times of increasing violence and misunderstanding between countries and individuals it is very easy to do. The ascension process automatically brings change but moving beyond the false belief system that has ruled the world for thousands of years must unfold gradually at this time in the presence of fear and resistance to change.  

Many long accepted beliefs are changing or even disappearing through the presence of the increasingly intense high frequency energy now pouring to earth. These energies are exposing the underlying error of much that has long been accepted as truth and reality. Those who have lived lives dependent upon one particular belief system panic when it begins to crumble as they have nothing with which to replace it. You are seeing the result of this in the actions of so many now attempting to re-create and force obsolete traditions and their belief systems on everyone else even if by force. 

Empowerment is a spiritual quality, a facet of evolution, but for many who as of yet do not understand this new sense of empowerment it feels like permission to impose their will and beliefs on others. Forcing one's beliefs on others be they family, friends, or strangers regardless of intention, reflects separation/ego consciousness at its highest level. However this too will eventually pass because it is actually forcing many to reconsider their own beliefs and question much that they have automatically accepted. It is part of the ascension process--exposure, questioning, seeing with new eyes, change.

You are also witnessing the actions of many who feel entitled to be mean, obnoxious, and violent because their new sense of empowerment feels like permission to express the old emotions and beliefs they previously kept in check. This too is a part of the ascension process. At some point they will realize either through others, within themselves, or through energy rebound, the pain their words and actions cause and in some small way, begin to wake up.  

Many do not yet understand that their real nature is Divine and that the three dimensional experiences of their lives are steps along the path of spiritual evolution. They see death as an enemy rather than the act of simply moving from one location to another. The drug epidemic is the result of so many feeling correctly that there must be more to life, but not knowing how to access it. Do not be too concerned with overdose deaths because these dear ones learn a powerful lesson about seeking outside of self from the experience and will return to earth with a great deal more wisdom. 

Many of you are experiencing exhaustion, bodily pains, and nausea at this time. This is because the higher frequency energies now flowing to earth have become very intense, forcing remaining pockets of low resonating energy from past lives as well as this one to move through and out of the body causing many of you experience the energy physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  

Some are traumatic injuries, accidents, torture, that may have resulted in death or a life of pain. Some are a disease that you have carried through lifetimes and as the energy clears it affects the same area of the body. Clearings often involve past attachments to some person (I will love you forever) or certain places,countries, and belief systems. It takes energy to integrate the new and higher frequencies and make the changes required in the physical body leaving less energy than you are used to having. 

Trust that everything taking place in your life at this time is part of your journey into a higher state of consciousness. If you are awake enough to read these messages, then be assured that your Higher Self is guiding the process and drawing to you what is necessary. Your only job is to state your intention to evolve, clear old energy, and then get out of the way. Humans have been programmed through lifetimes to "do"--say this, do that etc. in order to make something happen. That is the past. Stand in your Light and simply allow the process.

Do not mourn the loss of anything regardless of how good it may of been. The creations of duality, separation, and two powers are and always have been unreal, illusory concepts with nothing to hold their material appearance permanently in place regardless of how wonderful they may seem. This does not mean that these things will not reappear in a new form because everything material is a concept of some permanent spiritual reality. Most, not all, human eyes do not yet see the reality of things. If you were to see the true essence of a tree you would see a twinkling bright form with branches of high resonating light connecting to all the trees around it.

Peace is a God quality, the manifestation of the oneness of all within ONE. Peace is not something that can be negotiated between the leaders of countries that believe themselves to be separate, better, or entitled to what another country has. Because peace is a state of consciousness it must become the overriding energy of the collective before true peace will fully manifest on earth. 

Peace is simply about awakening to reality--that there is only ONE and that ONE is manifesting in, through, and as every living thing. Carry peace with you as you go about your day even when or if you find yourself in situations you do not like or want to be in. Try not to give power to a job, relationship, or any situation because that simply feeds it more energy. 

Do not believe teachings that say it is love to stay in an abusive relationship or a situation that consistently pulls you into low resonating energy. Spiritual empowerment allows a person to lovingly, firmly, and without guilt to remove themselves from any situation binding them to negative energy or abuse. You are not obligated in any way to remain in situations of physical, emotional, or mental abuse and to do so out pressure from others is human thinking that does not reflect Self love or respect for your own Divinity.

However, it is very important to listen to ones inner guidance and intuition in these situations. There are times when being in an abusive situation can be a pre-birth chosen experience because the person feels spiritually ready to clear and move beyond it as something they have dragged with them into many lifetimes. Even when speaking necessary words that may sound harsh but are the language the others can relate to, always remember that they too are Divine beings on earth to learn. When you remove yourself from any negative situation in this way rather than with anger and hatred, you do not create energy (karma) that will need to be resolved later.

Many of you are experiencing a sense of sorrow. Sorrow for old and seemingly better times, sorrow for the loss of a friend or family through death or a difference of beliefs. Sorrow for what you see out in the world. Sorrow is a human emotion that results from the belief that something real has been lost. Nothing real is ever or can ever be lost. The material world is a world of concepts. Sorrow comes from the belief that some concept is the reality.  

Third dimensional state of consciousness interprets reality as being good or bad, temporary, dangerous, frightening, or even good and wonderful. Material forms will always change and disappear because they are mind formed images of an underlying reality. 

As individuals evolve to a higher state of consciousness many of the creations in their lives (both good and bad) simply resolve or disappear because the energy that has sustained and maintained them no longer exists. This may manifest as the ending of a relationship that is no longer in alignment or a job, or change of location. Try to understand that these things are not "bad" they simply represent the process of moving to a new state of consciousness. Remember, consciousness is the substance of form.

Acknowledge the Light within every person even if it is only a pin point. You came not so much to suffer and learn from three dimensional experiences (you have already done that) but to bring the Light of your evolved consciousness to a world collective ready to awaken. 

Hold your light high dear ones, it is what you came to do. 

We are the Arcturian Group 7/23/23

                                                             JULY 9 2023

Welcome, dear readers. Always know that it is our joy and privilege to serve you in this way. We understand the frustrations of being spiritually evolved while living in a world that for the most part is not. We honor you who have chosen to be a vital component of earth's ascension process.  

Fear nothing in the outer scene but rather trust that everything is a necessary part of an unfolding Divine Plan. In order for earth to once again reflect who and what she really is, the old and dense creations of a three dimensional collective consciousness must dissolve into the nothingness from which they came.

Everyone is feeling change and it is leaving many confused and resistant. When a person knows what to expect from the foundation they have built for themselves, they feel safe even when that foundation consists entirely of concepts. Most of you have built a foundational life plan that has for the most part, worked. However, many of you are now finding or have already found that your carefully tended life plan is no longer working as it once did and that the foundation you so carefully built from what you believed to be your highest good is cracking--physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. 

Allow trust to be your strength, protection, and guide. Trust that in spite of the troubling global and personal issues that continue to arise, there really is a Divine plan and everyone is in the midst of experiencing it as their Higher Self deems necessary. It is very easy to accept truth intellectually when life is going along as planned, but actually believing, accepting, and living it becomes difficult when one's familiar life style and belief system begins to crumble. 

Trust. Not a trust in three dimensional concepts that come and go, but a trust that arises from knowing that everything is proceeding according to a Divine Plan and that you are a Divine Being in physical form who chose to to assist. Always remember that your Higher Self is ever present overseeing your life, guiding, and drawing to you the experiences necessary for your soul growth. How you interpret these experiences depends upon what you hold in consciousness as reality. 

The dense and erroneous creations that have long ruled earth were created from states of consciousness conditioned with beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers. Many of these creations are beginning to dissolve in the presence of the high frequency energy now streaming to earth as well as from the Light of many highly evolved individuals now on earth.  

Three dimensional creations are always temporary because they are mind formed concepts without Divine Law to maintain and sustain them. Divine Consciousness/God and everything embodied within IT is infinite and permanent, held in place by Divine law. Divine Consciousness knows only ITself because IT is all that exists. If disease, suffering, war etc. were a part of Divine Consciousness they would exist permanently never to be changed or healed.  

When you say that a person is kind or loving know that it is not the person who is kind or loving but rather that God qualities are flowing through the person. In and of themselves human beings have no intelligence, wisdom, health, love, harmony, peace, etc. of their own. These are God qualities embodied in and expressing through individuals as their state of consciousness allows. 

Those who live and act fully from separation have for some reason closed their hearts, blocking the flow of love, energy, and the Divine qualities within them. Because like attracts like, those living from a low vibrational level attract similar energy from those on the other side who have also closed themselves to love and need to draw energy from others. When someone accused of a serious crime says that a voice told them to do it, it is probably true because the human has opened themself to this sort of energy attachment.  

We bring this subject up not to cause fear, for at your level of awareness it is not an issue. We want you to have a clear understanding of how energy works. Energy always seeks to align with like energy because there is only ONE and that ONE is always seeking oneness whether the energy is high resonating or dense. Everything is energy in a state of vibration be it high, fast, and light or dense, heavy, and dark. God is pure Light unable to be seen or understood by limited human minds. As a person spiritually evolves, their energy becomes lighter and more refined.

Everyone experiences energy but often does not know what it is that they are feeling--a sense of heaviness when going into certain businesses (often bars, antique stores, dirty or unkempt places etc.) The reason you are urged to spend time in nature is that the energy of untouched nature is more pure and of a higher vibration than in places where human thinking has created some concept of nature, what it should be or look like.

​The energy of churches is easily felt by almost everyone because it is a group energy. If the church is one of love and truth you may want to sit, stay a while, and simply bask in the energy. However, if it is a church of judgement, criticism, rigidity, sin and damnation from a punishing God you may just want to leave.  

Because the energy of earth is becoming more refined people are more sensitive to the energy around them. You may feel anxious or fearful for no reason other than that you have allowed yourself to align with the energy of the collective or some person. Never claim any negative emotion, symptom, illness, problem, etc. as being personally yours because these things are not God ordained and are therefore always impersonal. 

 Whe you claim anything as being personally yours it becomes yours because as embodied Divine Consciousness you are creators. Consciousness is the substance of form and there is no un-manifest consciousness. This does not mean you deny, resist, or pretend something isn't bothering you, but rather you acknowledge it for what it is, not giving it power.

Churches first came about long ago as a way to ease suffering and be sanctuaries of healing and rest for a very dense world. However, as with so many things, their original purpose was taken over by those seeking power, self aggrandizement, and financial gain. Many of today's organized religions continue to hold members in bondage to fear with false teachings of heaven, hell, Satan, and a judging punishing god. Because most of you have lived lives under the influence of these false teachings you may still carry aspects of them in your energy field where they may still be influencing your view of the world.  

The only God there is is your own Divine Consciousness and that of every person and all life forms seen and unseen (Devas, fairies, elementals, and more), Everything is made of the ONE same substance--Divine Consciousness. Heaven is not a place, it is a state is consciousness that a person creates for themselves just as is hell. 

There remain many on the other side who because of these false teachings continue to wait for Jesus to come and save them, some have been waiting for centuries. They will be waiting a long time because beliefs of heaven and hell do not exist in the master consciousness of Jesus. Many of you work with these dear ones at night, helping to guide them out of the particular hell or purgatory their belief system has created and toward allowing themselves to open and become receptive to the healing, help, Light, and love that awaits them.  

God is all. God is. Nothing else exists. Release everything and anything you may still be holding in consciousness contrary to this truth. You are ready.

​We are the Arcturian Group 7/9/23 

                                                      JUNE 25 2023

Welcome, dear Readers.

Never doubt that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan, for earth is a living soul never meant to suffer the effects of separation consciousness permanently. As high resonating energy continues to flood earth the spiritually awake as well as those who are not are feeling it and being affected physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

Most of you are still in the process of clearing the low resonating energy that accumulated during hundreds of lifetimes lived in and from collective belief systems that were much denser and un-evolved than today's. Until cleared, a person will carry the energy of intense experiences (good and bad) into every consecutive lifetime where they will continue to influence the person's choices, likes, dislikes, fears, and desires for people, places, or things.  

You have all had the experience of meeting someone and for no apparent reason instantly liking or disliking them. This is because a remnant of energy from some previous interaction with or knowledge about the person remains. These need not be cleared, it is major pockets of energy that effect one's life that are clearing. Never forget that you are consciousness and not simply physical bodies of organs and functions. Death leaves behind the material concept of a person but as Divine Consciousness the actual person simply takes a different form. 

Try not to rush or fix clearing experiences with three dimensional concerns and solutions. Old energy often flows through and is experienced at the body's weakest spot--an old injury or ongoing health condition. Exhaustion as well as physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual aches and pains are common. Occasionally the actual experience that created the energy block will manifest in some similar three dimensional version. 

Some experience clearings as physical symptoms while others experience them emotionally and mentally depending upon the type of energy that is clearing. Rest more and trust the process to unfold as needed without comparison to others experiences. This does not mean ignoring or pretending what you are feeling doesn't exist . Simple solutions for ease of discomfort are fine, but resorting to heavy narcotics and intense three dimensional protocols for what you are experiencing will simply delay the process.
Some clearings take longer to complete because the clearing process must flow at a pace the body and mind are ready for which is determined by the Higher Self. Energy involving oaths, promises, vows etc. will often take longer and proceed gradually as a sequence of layers. This often happens when a person has added to and reinforced an energy. An example--taking the same vows and oaths in successive lifetimes because they were the same state of consciousness. 

Trust that your Higher Self (that aspect of You that has never forgotten who it is) knows what you are prepared to handle and when. You have entered a time of dying to all that is old and finished in order for that which is higher and more real to replace it but it can feel like dying as you leave behind much of the familiar. The mind does not want to surrender what it is used to and will keep reminding you of the "good old days".  

Evolving to a state of consciousness able to discern the reality underlying appearances is a process that begins with intellectual knowledge then acceptance and practice. Many sincere newly awakened students of truth make the mistake of trying to live and experience the absolute simply because they have read a book about truth or have accepted that God is all.  

Intellectual knowledge does not and can not manifest because it is consciousness, not mind that constitutes the substance of form and is the creative principle of all that is. A truth must become one's state of consciousness before it can then express. You are not beginners, a great deal of truth has already become your state of consciousness and is manifesting but you don't realize it. Compassion, honesty, patience, courage, love, etc. are all aspects of Divine Consciousness. 

Think of consciousness as cupcake batter. Think of mind as the cupcake papers or the molds of a muffin tin. The cupcakes can be elaborately frosted and decorated but the taste and quality will always reflect the contents of the batter. Every person through free will is allowed to like, hate, blame others, or deny truth as long as they wish but it is the contents of every person's consciousness that determines what expresses. 

There is never blame for those choosing to live from a hypnotized state of consciousness. Evolution is a process that unfolds differently for every person because every person has had or needs to have different experiences. Some are just beginning their awakening journey. Every person will at some point awaken to their oneness with God and do it without the preaching and proselytizing of others because it is reality.

Bring your spiritual questions into meditation and ponder them from the premise that you are already ONE with the insights and answers that may quietly unfold as you do this. After pondering or contemplating some truth in contemplative meditation there comes a time of quiet and finish that allows you to simply rest in oneness. It may seem that even after years of meditating nothing ever happens but the intention to align with your real Divine Self is always heard because it is YOU that is doing the listening. Let go of all concepts about how meditation must look, feel, or experienced in order to be "real" meditation.  

Meditation has been presented to the world as a means of getting which is based in the three dimensional belief that you are separate from what you want or need and meditation will help you get it. This is the beginner approach to meditation, but one often necessary for those unacquainted with sitting silently with themselves. If continued this sort of meditation usually evolves into less seeking and more resting in and finally evolving to a deeper sense of what meditation is all about. 

The energy of earth has become increasingly more refined which in turn is causing density to surface and be exposed for what it represents. Much is yet to surface that will shock many. Do not deny, resist, or argue with others about world appearances. Rather, as one who understands what is going on, simply be an observer always centered in the realization that earth is a spiritual universe peopled with sons and daughters of God.  

Even those considered corrupt or "evil" are Divine Consciousness for there is no other life or substance they could be made from. Those living in density are totally unaware of who they really are and so have created lives in which they act from, seek, and experience all their pain and pleasures from ideas of separation and two powers. Your work is not to send them light in the belief that they have none, but to see and acknowledge their already present Light in spite of how deeply that Light may be buried in density. 

Some of you are on earth to be active in earth's ascension process while some of you came simply to hold the Light. Allow your intuition to guide you as to which resonates and know that the two often overlap and neither is more spiritual than the other. Every ordinary action between people, animals, and nature is Light Work when it flows from a consciousness of oneness.

Many are choosing to leave at this time so do not be shocked if this happens with someone close to you. It is a difficult time for some and many are choosing on a deeper level to leave in order to go home, rest, heal, and then come back well prepared for a higher resonating planet.  

Every twist and turn of the human journey is simply about awakening to the fact that 
  God is

We are the Arcturian Group 6/25//23

                                                         JUNE 11, 2023

Welcome to your message dear ones for in reality these messages constitute the receptivity and consciousness of the readers because there is only one. Just as you are the fullness of Divine Consciousness individualized, so are we and all who have chosen to express on other planets in forms that may differ from yours. No one is or ever has been created better, more special, or holier than another because there is only one life. Some are simply more awake than others.

We speak often of the intense personal and global clearings that are taking place at this time and it is important to understand that any energy unable to align with the refined frequencies of ascension will automatically clear or change and not just those that are fear based and traumatic. Many of you are experiencing a sense of sadness, depression, and of belonging nowhere as you realize that much that brought the "old you" happiness and satisfaction is finished and nothing seems to be replacing it.

Do not deny, resist, or ignore the past because remembering and moving through it is a facet of the clearing process. You may find yourself feeling nostalgia or a sense of loss as you ponder both the good and bad of childhood, youth, and young adult memories because things seemed easier when living commonly accepted beliefs. 

Clinging to emotions of and nostalgia for the past gives them an energy that will affect your life, choices and decisions. Remember that as Divine Beings you are creators. Those who spend their lives trying to recreate the highlights of their past, or reliving them through constant retelling believe that these things constitute their personal value and worthiness.  
Those living fully in a third dimensional state of consciousness will experience these beliefs, but those who are spiritually awake should consider nothing to have been wrong, a mistake, irrelevant, or accidental because the pre-birth decisions of the spiritually evolved are well planned and often intense with a long list of experiences they believe necessary for spiritual growth and even ascension--the completion of unfinished business with one or more and the clearing of remaining old energies while adding Light and awareness to the collective. 

Those choosing to live from a third dimensional state of consciousness will continue to experience the effects of duality and separation but their spiritual evolution is a given. Free will allows a person to delay it and many are doing that, but it can never be stopped because ONEness with God is the reality underlying all that exists. 

It is important to understand that nothing real is ever lost because everything seen, heard, tasted, smelled, and touched in the material world is a three dimensional interpretation of its spiritual reality. The dissolving of the current form of some belief, idea, or thing will simply allow it to manifest in higher and better forms as consciousness evolves. You are seeing this now as increasingly more people are starting to disregard many long held concepts about people and life in favor of ways that are fairer and more loving. 

Allow the process, dear ones. Human minds are unable to understand much of what is taking place physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually because human minds draw from the collective and not from within. In attempts to serve you the mind may send warnings of something wrong as new and higher frequencies integrate and clearings manifest as pain or some physical issue. Talk to the cells of your body telling them not to fear but rather allow the incoming higher resonating light energies to replace the dense vibrations they are accustomed to.

Know that you are pure consciousness, bodies of Light that appear material in the low resonating energy of present day earth. You may own a car, but you never become the car. You may travel in an airplane but never become the airplane. You are not a bright ball that you see inside or outside your physical body. You are not a spot between your eyes. Nothing exists separate from Consciousness so cease seeking to connect to a concept of God outside of you.

Accept that every life--people of all colors, animals, trees and plants, are pure Divine Consciousness. Just as you speak of a body of water, think of yourself as a body of God.

In our last message we spoke of the still small voice. Many serious students of truth become discouraged waiting for a voice that never seems to come. It is imperative that you let go of any and all old religious concepts about how the still small voice should or will manifest. The still small voice is silent and you may or may not be aware of it although occasionally it does take the form of a loud voice if that is what is necessary for safety or a needed wake up call. Know that even if you are not aware of it, whenever you sincerely open yourself to the Divine within there is connection, Meditation is NEVER a failure.  

The still small voice is the conscious experiencing of the activity of Divine Consciousness individualized as your own SELF when your own consciousness is in alignment with IT/ SELF. Divine Consciousness is infinitely expressing the fullness of ITself in, as and though all IT's expressions.

Regardless of appearances, every person is the fullness and not just a part of the one omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Divine Consciousness. When a person attains a state of consciousness able to align with the Divine Consciousness of their own being, IT automatically manifests ITs qualities through them because the door has been opened.  

Mind, being an avenue of awareness and interpreter, translates the completeness, wholeness, abundance, intelligence, harmony, etc. etc. of your own Divinity into what is needed because it now has access to the substance of all form. Be careful that you do not hold concepts of how or what those forms should be. Let omniscience determine that. 

Most of you have already experienced the activity of your oneness but were not aware of it--A needed answer that seems to come from nowhere, the solution to some problem, an idea for an invention, a new avenue of supply, even finding the perfect home or car to buy. This flow of God qualities is not random, but rather personal to each person. The surgeon will not get ideas about how to fix a car (unless that is what is needed) and the mechanic will not be shown a new surgical technique.  

Because Divine Consciousness is all that is, IT knows only ITself. The illusory dreams of conditioned human minds do not exist in Divine Mind which makes praying to God for material things useless and foolish.  

Seek the source and substance of things rather than things themselves for when you have the substance (consciousness), you automatically have its manifestations. Seeking the concepts of good while ignoring their substance constitutes the human condition. 

Anything created from duality, separation, and two powers must come and go, be good or bad, alive or dead, sick or well, rich or poor etc. because these energies have no real substance to maintain or sustain their expressions.

Look only to Divine Consciousness which is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. 

We are the Arcturian Group 6/11/23                                               

                                                        MAY 28, 2023

Welcome dear readers. Always know that these message hold the intention of guiding readers toward a higher understanding and awareness of what is taking place both within and without. These are times of intense clearings because all old energy that has been stored and carried from past lives must be cleared in order to align with the higher frequencies of spiritual ascension. 

However, do not worry about how to do it. If your intention is to spiritually evolve, you are already doing it--often in dreams and sometimes through conscious experiences that force you to confront particular issues.

The energy of intense experiences such as those involving fear, pain, or violent death usually remain deeply hidden where the person does not have to think about or relive them and believes they are gone. These stored energies are not gone but rather remain active just below conscious awareness where they influence the person's decisions, likes, dislikes, choices, and beliefs etc. until cleared. 

Torture, violent death, and abuse of all kinds were common experiences in earlier less evolved lifetimes and even though a most people do not consciously remember these experiences the body's cells do, causing irrational fear and anxiety around certain places, events, people, and belief systems. 

For example, a person who died in one or more lifetimes from drowning will continue to have an automatic fear response to being on, in, or around water. They may take calming medications, see a therapist, and even force themselves to be close to or in water in order to make themselves "normal" but the underlying frequencies of fear will continue to manifest until no longer present.

Clearings often begin as a three dimensional experience that closely resembles the original experience but only take place when a person is ready to clear something that they may not even be aware of which is determined by the Higher Self. Even the very spiritually evolved will often find themselves faced with some troubling physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue that seemed to come out of nowhere. 

The clearing of some long carried old energy is often a pre-birth choice. Prior to incarnating a soul prepared to clear something that has affected every lifetime, will choose to be born into a family or situation that will re-activate the energy they have chosen to clear. Example; A person who suffered sexual abuse in a very early life and formed a consciousness of un-empowerment, low self worth, and sexual abuse will choose a family with this same energy in order to reactivate it, embrace their power, recognize its nothingness, and once and for all clear it becoming a state of consciousness where the issue no longer exists. 

A person who has been an alcoholic in many lifetimes may choose a family with this same issue. A person with fear of heights may choose to live in a country of mountains and cliffs. The person with fear of water may choose to incarnate into a family that makes their living from the water-fishing, sports, or recreation.  

Once on earth, most do not remember their pre-birth choices and cannot understand or why they are having negative experiences that seem to repeat but because on a higher level their intention is to clear , most eventually find a way to do it.

An important aspect of clearing is that every person consciously intend to clear all vows, promises, oaths, forever commitments etc. made to persons or religions. Almost every person has lived one or more life in a convent, monastery, or ashram and sincerely took vows and made oaths fully embracing their teachings. Until cleared these old vows and oaths remain active and continue affect a person's life.  

A person who continually struggles with abundance may very well be manifesting the energy of one or more sincerely taken vows of poverty. Promises of everlasting love made to another long ago may well be why a particular person is continually showing up in ones life--wanted or not.

Earth clears through what are called natural disasters. Earth, being an idea in the mind of God, is a living soul and not a piece of dirt to be used and abused by ego minds. She has endured thousands of years of war, violence, and the raping of her resources to say nothing of mankind's violence toward her many life forms. Natural disasters are her way of clearing old energy although some natural disasters are not so much natural as man created. 

Some natural disasters are the result of the clash between the high resonating energy pouring to earth and the denser energy already in place but natural disasters are NEVER a punishment from God as some believe. The concept of punishment does not and never has existed in Divine Consciousness. Would God punish ITself?  

Imagine an infinite ball of Light with millions of streamers flowing out from it. See the streamers fully as bright as the ball because they are extensions of the ball like rays of sun. Now see the streamers become duller, less bright as they move further away from the ball eventually becoming slower and denser manifesting must less of their original radiance. 

This is the story of mankind, of what happened when expressions of pure Light forgot who and what they were and became trapped in the dense, low resonating, and false energy they encountered. However, every streamer forever remains a streamer of Light and after many lifetimes of playing games of separation, pretending to be bad or good, and experiencing all that separation can offer, the streamer begins to seek for more and remembers their Light.

Divine Consciousness is always flowing and expressing ITself but cannot be understood by the limited conditioned human mind so do not attempt to do so even as some believe and preach that they have done it.  

God can be understood because God is continually manifesting and revealing ITself to ITself but a mind or consciousness already filled to capacity with concepts of duality, separation, and two powers cannot hear the still small voice of God.  

The purpose of meditation is to quietly center and prepare ones self to receive and hear SELF silently reveal ITself .

We are the Arcturian Group 5/28/23

                                                         MAY 14, 2023

Dear readers, welcome to our message.

The underlying reality of oneness automatically prompts most individuals to try and make things better, to change the bad pictures into good ones. This does not mean that you who understand about three dimensional illusion should "walk by on the other side" but means that you must be aware of the universal pull to align with appearances. It will help you stay centered if you give less or no attention to today's constant bombardment from the media and refrain from engaging in polarized political or religious discussions. 

The reason there are so many evolved souls on earth now is that the time has come for earth to evolve beyond the extreme density it has been in for too long. The presence of high resonating energy was needed to break through and dissolve the density of earth's collective consciousness. You who are presently living the mystical life are those who chose to be on earth where your evolved state of consciousness would automatically add increasingly more of these higher energies.  

An evolved consciousness in alignment with truth is capable of witnessing and experiencing third dimensional issues without adding sustaining energy to them. A state of consciousness that knows there is only ONE and that anything other than that ONE is an expression of duality, separation, and two powers is a powerful force for change because one with God is a majority. You who live from a consciousness of truth are Light Warriors even if you think you are doing nothing.  

A state of consciousness once attained can never regress back to its previous state and will override the many forms of three dimensional hypnotism simply because it is the reality. Many have tried to go back to a previous time when things seemed easier but always present in the midst of their activities was consciousness saying "hello". An example; Most of you have had opportunities to steal and perhaps even considered it at times, but you never followed through because honesty which is a facet of oneness, was your state of consciousness.

Some spiritually evolved individuals find it easy to love others but are unable to love themselves. Often when words said or actions taken in the past are seen through more evolved eyes, it brings about shame, guilt, self loathing, and the belief that they are unworthy of love or even of doing spiritual work.

Because of the density and pressures of living in a third dimensional world, most require a few years to consciously awaken into their attained state of consciousness. During these fragile earlier years most become hypnotized by the concepts and beliefs they were taught by parents and society leading them to do and say the very things now causing them guilt and shame.

Self loathing is present in almost everyone and underlies the prescription and street drug epidemic, violence, lashing out at others, depression, etc. The bottom line of third dimensional energy is; "You will never be good enough.". Because the state of consciousness of the majority remains three dimensional most simply accept this to be the truth about themselves.  

If you experience self loathing, hatred, or guilt when looking back at earlier times in your life remember that the personal human, ego sense of self is a material concept of you. The person you ignorantly believed yourself to be in the past and even now is not the reality. Waking up to this fact is what evolution all about.

Many know this, but fall into the ego trap of needing a sense of punishment for past actions and so continue to think of themselves as "less than". Forgive the self of the past that made less than loving choices just as you forgive others, make amends when appropriate, and begin to identify with your real Self rather than a false concept of you. 

Often an incoming soul will choose to be born into a family with that can activate the energy they have chosen to clear, some belief that they have carried from lifetime to lifetime and are now prepared to move on from. The process often takes years because the particular energy must first be activated, lived, seen through, finally cleared. For example, a person may choose to incarnate into a family fully engaged in the strict religious beliefs of some particular religion in order to reactivate this same long carried energy in themselves. This is particularly true for many who have lived many lives and taken vows in convents, monasteries, ashrams, or rigid organized religions. 

In meditation simply rest in a silent awareness of oneness. No need for petitions, imaginings of this and that, or constantly repeating mantras. These things are tools for those not yet used to sitting quietly. Mediation may begin with the contemplation of some truth or asking for more Light but eventually should move into resting in the awareness of being the fullness of Divine Consciousness. Gradually the deeper insights that come in meditation become your state of consciousness where they then manifest outwardly.

Serious students of truth struggle intensely to attain a higher state of consciousness. They practice what they know, meditate, seriously attempt to stay centered in truth at all times and yet continue to have experiences that cause them to redouble their efforts in the belief that they must be doing something wrong. It is important to understand that the transition from one state of consciousness to a higher comes by Grace and not through human effort. 

Grace is the activity of the Divine within and when a person is spiritually ready for their next step, it happens. There may be lessons to learn, experiences to have, and clearings to take place before even the very evolved are ready for their next step. Cease struggling to attain some preconceived concept about ascension or a particular state of consciousness because to do so simply illustrates that you believe you are separate from that which you seek.  

Miracles of transformation do occasionally happen where a person suddenly and without seeming effort shifts into a new and higher state of consciousness. This occasionally happens when the higher state of consciousness has already been attained but the person is totally unaware of it and when they finally open themselves to truth, the door swings open with a bang.

All seeking, begging, and praying for things simply adds energy to beliefs of separation that originally created and continue to perpetuate the world's bondage to lack, limitation, suffering, pain, even death. Learn to go within, where everything needed is already fully present. Because...

 "My oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all that God is."

We are the Arcturian Group 5/14/23

                                                       APRIL 30, 2023

Dear readers welcome once again to our message. You are known and your courage admired as those on this side observe your struggle to break free from the dense cocoons of belief that have served only to hold you in bondage to illusion over lifetimes.

It is difficult to move past the many commonly accepted beliefs you have lived in alignment with through hundreds of lifetimes. Many of them seem ordinary and "harmless" causing you to question why they are important in the larger scheme of things. Any belief regardless of how simple and unimportant that is believed to be good or bad can only be based in duality and separation--from God, people, and other life forms. 

When on earth you must conform to some extent, living as a human from your highest level of awareness while at the same time utilizing three dimensional tools that make living on earth as a human being easier. However, within yourself stop assigning good to some things and bad to others because material good is no more real that material bad. Both are concepts of some Divine Idea. (Example: All forms of transportation are material concepts/interpretations of Omnipresence) The secret to living the mystical life while on earth is learning to be in it, but not of it. 

Every person knowingly or unknowingly seeks the happiness and sense of wholeness that can only be permanent when one attains the conscious realization of their oneness with Source. The majority does not yet understand that happiness and wholeness reflect a state of consciousness and are not something "out there" to be acquired. Not knowing this, most spend their lives in a continuous search for whatever they believe will bring them happiness and wholeness. Even the murderer believes that his actions will bring him/her a sense of peace.

High frequency energies pouring to earth at this time are dissolving many of the energies that have long held mankind in bondage to beliefs of limitation, unworthiness, or of being a sinner in need of saving. These energies are bringing a sense of empowerment to everyone, those not yet spiritually aware as well as those who are. Most are not yet aware that what they are feeling is spiritual empowerment.  

Because every individual is capable only of living from their highest attained state of consciousness, this new sense of empowerment is causing some who live fully in third dimensional consciousness to feel free to act in ways they may have wanted to but never allowed themselves.  

This is why the world is seeing such an increase in violence. Some of those who have harbored thoughts of prejudice, fear, revenge, anger, and separation are interpreting these new energies of empowerment as a right to act on them. What you are witnessing in much of the world at this time, is the misinterpretation of Divine empowerment by those unable to see and live from a spiritually evolved state of consciousness.  

Those living from a spiritually evolved state of consciousness are experiencing empowerment as the freedom to comfortably and without fear act on their creative ideas and choices regardless of other's opinions allowing them to more fully become who and what they seek to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

Empowerment is a facet of spiritual evolution, a door that opens into individual consciousness where fear simply does not exist and where wholeness and completeness does. Because spiritual empowerment is a quality of Divine Consciousness it is already fully present within every person just waiting to be recognized.  

Empowerment allows individuals to move beyond the hundreds of concepts and beliefs that have held them in bondage to things and people over lifetimes. Empowerment is the ability to gently, lovingly, and without fear say to another; "Thank you for your opinion, but I am choosing to do this."  

Your job as an enlightened person is first and foremost to acknowledge the true identity of all even those creating violence, problems, and suffering for other people and the animal world. Your realization of all life as being the One Divine Life does not mean those causing problems should be spared the three dimensional repercussions of their actions because that is their present state of consciousness and the level they understand. It may also very well be their chosen way of learning in this lifetime.

As a spiritually evolved individual you carry your Light with you wherever you go into every situation. Your secret silent knowing that those committing the most heinous of crimes are in reality Divine beings with no awareness of this truth can actually lift the consciousness of someone receptive.  

Some of you are actively engaged in and others are being guided to do "hands on" spiritual work. This work is important to and benefits spiritual beginners who need material spiritual guidance and activities that they can relate to, see, and participate in.

Much of the world continues to believe that spirituality means doing--teaching, hands on, writing books, channeling, or meditating in a monastery or convent 24/7. These activities comprise a part of almost everyone's spiritual journey but the important and often more powerful spiritual work is often done silently and secretly through being rather than doing.  

Hands-on work is ancient. The healing temples of long ago worked with oils, crystals, sound, color, and much more. Most hand-on workers today are simply remembering the work they did long ago in these temples. However is time for these techniques to come more into alignment with today's higher states of consciousness because this work will remain three dimensional if it flows from the belief that the "patient" needs healing, fixing, or changing.  

You who do this sacred work must begin to work from higher and more evolved levels--"Yes, I acknowledge negative appearances that feel very real but I also know they have no law to support or sustain them because God never formed ITself as these things and you are the individualization of God." Then proceed, focusing on and acknowledging the Divine reality of the person you are working with rather than appearances. 

Never believe you are doing nothing if you are not guided to outer spiritual work because you are doing spiritual work when you hold the Light in every now moment. Keep a part of your awareness always centered in truth as you go about your ordinary days. This powerful silent, secret, and sacred work constitutes the foundation and "heavy lifting" necessary for earth's ascension process. 

This does not mean you will never be called upon for action or help in some way. Many who have happily lived quiet lives are now finding themselves increasingly being called on for advice, guidance, or even ordinary "hands on" help. Give it your best and do what needs to be done on a level those involved can relate to but do it with compassion, not sympathy.  

Sympathy ("Oh, I feel your pain...") brings you into alignment with the lower resonating energy of a situation while compassion does not. This is especially important for those of you who work in areas like law, police work, mental health, doctors and nurses etc. because you will often hear "sad" stories and it is easy to align with them. Give three dimensional answers to those on that level of awareness, spiritual baby food to the newly awakening, and spiritual meat to those evolved enough for it always using your intuition and not ego to determine which is which.  

The majority as of yet simply does not understand what is happening to the world they have come to know and so they are lashing out in fear and attempting to go back to "simpler times". As three dimensional support systems begin to increasingly dissolve people will begin to create and access higher ways of solving what needs to be solved. The old must crumble before it can be replaced by something better. 

Evolution is nothing more than the process of remembering that God alone is.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                    4/30/23