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​                                                             APRIL 16, 2023

Welcome dear readers  

In spite of outer appearances, a great deal of clarity continues to unfold in the minds and hearts of many. Every day "ordinary" people living "ordinary" lives are waking up to the fact that the world is much more than what they were taught and have believed.  

Incoming high frequency Light energies are guiding those receptive toward honest and ego-less examinations of personal and universally accepted world beliefs. This in turn is allowing them for the first time to recognize that much of what the world has taken for granted as true and right, is not.  

As increasingly more individuals awaken to a consciousness of oneness, the universal collective automatically begins to resonate at a higher level which in turn then allows those receptive to more easily access ideas of truth. Increasingly more people are beginning to recognize the error underlying rules, laws, teachings, etc. that are based in separation and have ruled world consciousness for eons. This is causing panic to those who thrive and have benefited from concepts of separation causing them to increasingly promote activities and information that cause fear.

Belief in separation from God, people, animals, plants, and all seen and unseen life is a state of hypnotism. Earth is a spiritual universe peopled with sons and daughters of God but when interpreted through minds conditioned with beliefs of duality, two powers, and separation it manifests experiences of good and evil both of which represent concepts.  

Earth is the perfect expression of a Divine idea in the Mind of God just as every individual is, but when earth is interpreted through three dimensional consciousness it is seen and experienced by most through a state of universal illusion. 

Often an evolved student of truth comfortable in their spirituality finds everything changing and nothing feels the same. "Tried and true" techniques for centering no longer seem to work. Guides do not seem to be responding as readily. Mediation may feel different--empty. Familiar spiritual practices are recognized as being based in separation and the clearing of old energy seems to have become one's primary spiritual practice.  

This is not failure but rather indicates graduation to a new state of consciousness, one no longer in alignment with what previously worked so well. Spiritual evolution is a journey through many lifetimes and states of consciousness that usually begin with idolatry, then atheism, then to organized religions of both East and West, then to metaphysics, and finally to mysticism--each lasting a few or many lifetimes. 

Metaphysics is a facet of almost every spiritual journey but like those that came before it is based in the need to fix, heal, or change a bad picture into a good one in the belief that you are separate and must do a certain chant, carry this or that crystal, use this oil, or engage in some ceremony in order to become closer to God.

 These things cannot give you what you seek because they are outside of you. They can and do assist because their energy can resonate with and awaken these same energies already present within you. Many students of truth get stuck in the metaphysical phase of awakening because the techniques often work and provide a sense of spiritual completion.  

There comes a point at which all serious seekers of truth must leave behind those practices believed necessary for contacting God and actually accept the reality of oneness. Many study and understand that the real self, soul, is God Consciousness individualized, but their ego self convinces them to set this information aside in the belief that living truth was and is OK for "saints" but is impractical and unattainable for everyday folks. 

Many of you are spiritually prepared to move into and live the mystical level which is not as a monk in a robe meditating 24/7 but rather is living an ordinary life from the consciousness of oneness. It can be done, many have done it, and many others are now practicing. One of the reasons you wanted to be on earth at this time is that the high frequency energies present as part of earth's ascension process offer an opportunity for individuals to spiritually ascend while remaining in physical body.  

Many of you have attained a state of consciousness prepared to move beyond ego and allow the Divine consciousness you know you are to live IT's life in, as, and through you. It is letting go of continually attempting to fix, change, heal, clear, or remove personal or global appearances through a state of consciousness that realizes anything requiring fixing or healing is not reality/God ordained or sustained but is rather a manifestation of the belief in separation from God. 

It is having the courage to surrender into what you ALREADY ARE and allowing IT to be your supplier, guide, protector, and teacher. You cannot and will never hear the ever present still small voice within you if you are plugged in to media, technology, or outer activity 24/7.  

Ego (that sense of self that feels separate from God) will always be there to tell you what to do, when, and how to do it in a voice that overrides the silent voice within. This is why it is important to have quiet time/mediation each day until it becomes your state of consciousness regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

Spiritual evolution is a process, it is not easy to shift from the familiar guidance of ego, to listening and trusting within. You have lived as a human experiencing both good and bad through hundreds of lifetimes in which the ego was a necessary component of survival. Ego served well in earlier states of awareness and continues to serve today on earth but the three dimensional ego continually seeks to be the primary force guiding and keeping you well through solutions, ideas, spiritual practices etc. that worked well in earlier states of consciousness. 

Spiritual evolution can be delayed, ignored, denied, and resisted but never stopped because reality is One God expressing ITself as infinite form and variety. Period. Nothing else is. You who have worked hard, studied, practiced, and sought God through practices, beliefs, and religions over lifetimes have evolved and are now ready to move into mysticism--the realization and acceptance of your ONEness, that you are Divine Consciousness individualized.  

Begin to listen for the still small voice within rather than constantly questioning and seeking outside of yourself. Your Guides are always present to assist, but seeking their input in every situation rather than doing your own spiritual work is actually a form of looking outside of Self. You have done the work and are ready to trust, rest in, and rely on the Reality of your own Divine Consciousness, your Higher Self, the you that has never left ONEness and already embodies infinite knowledge, harmony, abundance, protection, creativity, peace, health, etc. 

Because God is the only reality, nothing in the physical realm holds power in and of itself. Words spoken or actions taken do not in and of themselves just happen. An arm by itself cannot just suddenly punch or pet . Everything is governed by consciousness because Consciousness is all that is.  

We are not telling you to throw out your medication, stop eating, or attempt to live absolute truth before you have attained that state of consciousness because doing so would be nothing more than an ego activity. We are saying that many of you are ready, more than ready to begin practicing and living from the level of truth you have sought and attained, while detaching from the tools you gave power to-- religions, traditions, rites and rituals, laws, societal beliefs etc etc.

Living ONEness is not ignoring, resisting, or denying appearances, but rather is; "Yes, I see you, feel you, acknowledge you, and like or don't like you, but I know that God is omnipresent therefore can only manifest ITself relegating appearances of duality, separation, and two powers as being nothing more than manifestations of collective and personal beliefs in separation." Then go about doing what needs to be done, you have done the work and eventually this truth becomes your state of consciousness.

Begin to seriously , yes seriously believe, act, and live from your highest level of awareness because like it or not, you are and always have been Divine Consciousness individualized.

We are the Arcturian Group 4/16/23

                                                        MARCH 26, 2023

Welcome dear readers.

The world seems to have become increasingly polarized with duality seeming to affect every aspect of daily living. Some live in great wealth while others live in fear and poverty struggling simply to survive. Women are treated as non-people in some countries while in others they hold positions of authority and are respected. Manifestations of duality, separation, and two powers seem to be increasing rather than diminishing.  

Many of these issues are not new but seem new to many because they have always been ignored, hidden, or simply considered normal. Now for the first time increasingly more of these manifestations are being recognized and questioned. The high resonating energies flowing to earth at this time as well as the presence of many evolved states of consciousness are acting to open minds and hearts allowing people to see the world in ways they were previously ignorant of or simply without thought, accepted.  

When an individual reaches a place of spiritual receptivity, their consciousness begins opening to truth. Just the tiniest bit of spiritual insight often indicates spiritual awakening. This is happening for many at this time and can be observed as increasingly more individuals begin recognizing that most of the world's problems are a result of laws, beliefs, concepts, traditions, and religious rules that have been accepted and even embraced by the majority simply because they were promoted by those in positions of authority.

Throughout time "leaders" in every field have forced or bought their way into positions of power. Even today there are those in government, finance, business, organized religion, education, and health who promote agendas disguised as being "for the good of the people" but which are primarily meant to serve themselves and their cronies. The three dimensional world has simply accepted this because the collective belief in separation has programmed the majority to believe that others (those in power, experts, religious leaders etc.) know better than they do what is best for them. As eyes begin to open many are going to discover that the 'emperor has no clothes '.  

Portals of high resonating energy are now open and flowing. Even though you may not yet be seeing the changes you have hoped for or expected, most of you are experiencing these energies physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Meditation is getting easier. You may find that you have become more discerning and are now questioning what you are told. Things you previously gave importance to have begun to feel unimportant and irrelevant. You begin to recognize the debris in your personal belief system and discover that many of the things you have always considered as being necessary for happiness (foods, entertainments, relationships, religious beliefs) simply aren't.  

On the other hand, the presence of high resonating Light is also serving to expose pockets of obsolete energy needing to be recognized, acknowledged, and released--presently being experienced by many as physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual discords that seem to come from nowhere. Trust and allow the process dear ones, always remembering that your Higher Self is always running the show, not three dimensional concepts and beliefs. 

Trust that there is a Divine plan and allow it to unfold without resistance. Resistance is a natural human response to anything unwanted, but resistance is a form of energy that simply feeds and gives power to the appearance being resisted. Non-resistance does not mean ignoring an issue, or saying; "God is all, this isn't real" all the while struggling with some physical or emotional issue.  

Spiritual non-resistance is doing what you are guided to do but doing it without giving the situation power or reality through the realization that although everything in the third dimension has an underlying reality, three dimensional creations have no law to maintain or sustain them, are not God ordained, and simply manifest three dimensional beliefs which is why they are always temporary.  

It is difficult to trust that there is a Divine Plan when you witness the suffering of so many or when everything that seems to hold your life in order begins to crumble. However, anyone honestly seeking truth must trust the reality of who and what they are. Those who live three dimensional lives in the belief that they are just a physical body subject to all the diseases, accidents, lacks and limitations of the third dimensional belief system, will simply continue to create and suffer from the creations of their consciousness.  

It is time to really, truly, and honestly accept that a consciousness of oneness with God automatically constitutes your oneness with all that God is and therefore there is no need to continue constantly seeking good from the outer world. As this becomes your state of consciousness, the abundance, harmony, creativity, completeness, intelligence etc. etc. already fully present in your individualized Divine Consciousness will begin to manifest in seemingly ordinary ways and without effort. 

You who read these messages are spiritually prepared to live from a consciousness of trust, in the realization that whatever is taking place in your life at this time is part of an unstoppable evolutionary process that is lovingly guiding you out of a conditioned consciousness of duality, separation, and two powers and into the reality of Divine Consciousness already fully present within you.

You must be willing to surrender concepts and beliefs based in duality, separation, and two powers even if doing this separates you from the beliefs of some close to you. There is no need to broadcast the changes you make within or attempt to "save" others through them. Make these choices silently and secretly, living them to the best of your ability. Your trust in the truth rather than in world concepts about truth will allow you to recognize and release anything still holding you in bondage to the false.  

Many ready to move into a deeper state of consciousness say; "I have been unloving and unkind. I have hurt others. I am not worthy, I am not ready. I have been a bad person and must atone for my sins before I am ready." HEAR THIS--Human beings never have been and never can be worthy. You are not a human being but are a Divine Being living in dense energy and having three dimensional experiences. It is impossible for anyone to be unworthy whether they believe it or not. Concepts and beliefs of "unworthiness" represent nothing more than spiritual ignorance taught and promoted by those as of yet unaware of truth.  

Do you really believe in one omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God? If so, then where could a person filled with sin and error possibly come from? What would they be made of? Where would this sin and error come from if God is omnipresent? You are ready to lift the foot that remains planted in the third dimension up and out, placing it fully alongside the other in the world of God's creating. No one can move into alignment with the high resonating energies of a new earth while continuing to grasp tightly to familiar but low resonating energies they have outgrown.  

Spiritual trust is not a blind faith in some nebulous giving and withholding God. Rather it is accepting that because you are the manifestation/expression of one omnipresent Divine Consciousness, you embody all that God is, making everything unlike God, illusion.  

Do what you are guided to do when three dimensional experiences demand practical three dimensional actions but always remain centered in the knowledge and trust that your Higher Self is guiding you through every experience toward full remembrance of who you already are but have forgotten.

Trust that you are being guided in every moment regardless of how difficult your human world may seem because ONEness is the reality. 

Trust and allow.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/26/23

                                                     MARCH 12, 2023

Dear readers, welcome once again to our message, a message meant to offer hope, information, deeper spiritual awareness, and a fuller understanding of the what you personally and the world in general may be experiencing at this time.

These are troubling times throughout the world, but change and discord are inevitable as many commonly accepted beliefs begin to crumble in order to make room for a new world consciousness, one that serves all and not just a select few. Change is difficult because the ideas, concepts, and beliefs that created and continue to sustain ideas of separation continue to resonate as reality for many.

You were aware of what this particular lifetime on earth would involve (clearings, discords, change etc.) before incarnating but eagerly and lovingly chose to come in order to assist and be a part of the process. Upon arriving, growing up, being taught, and continually subject to the three dimensional world you forgot who you really were and aligned with the three dimensional belief system. However, since an attained level of consciousness cannot regress, the state of consciousness you arrived with has never been lost, just forgotten for awhile.  

The reason so many young people are presently struggling is that they are old souls unable to relate to a world that many of them evolved beyond in previous lives. They were anxious to play a part in the ascension process but once in dense earth energy forgot why they came. Many of them cannot relate to what the third dimensional belief system considers important and real. Because of their physical immaturity, they believe themselves to be odd, different, and weird, and that something must be wrong with them because what so much of what those around them consider important they often find to be silly, obsolete, useless, and unreal. 

It is imperative to understand that everyone's consciousness, which in reality is the one Divine Consciousness individualized, automatically attracts and draws to itself whatever energy it vibrates in alignment with. Those who thrive on being a victim of some sort will simply continue to attract experiences of this sort until their state of consciousness evolves beyond whatever beliefs are manifesting. There is no God somewhere punishing and making people suffer. Every person is their own personal creator by virtue of being a full expression of the one Creator/God.

Long, long ago before materiality, some souls in their quest for experiences chose to experience being separate from God. The result was that they became lost and trapped in the illusions of separation creating a collective consciousness based in duality, separation and two powers, the density of these energies manifesting as material.  

Most of you were not a part of this long ago experiment but as you observed these souls fall ever deeper into their own creations forgetting who they were, many of you chose to help free them and thus began a mission over many many lifetimes lived in third dimensional energy where you accumulated the energies that you are now clearing. 

Know that all is proceeding according to plan. Earth is moving slowly but surely toward becoming her real self which is the expression of a perfect Divine Idea even though things do not presently look that way with all the clearings, shifting, and exposures coming to world awareness at this time. 

Anxiety and fear are manifesting for many at this time. It is important not to claim them as personally yours and seek ways to treat, release, heal, or fix them. Anxiety and fear have always been a large part of the collective, but there is more receptivity at this time. If you experience anxiety and fear for no particular reason, don't align with it but rather simply and without resistance acknowledge it for what it is--thoughts, ideas, beliefs, concepts floating universally in the collective. Free will allows every person to accept the contents of the collective as being real and personally theirs or to see these things for what they really are and without giving them power, move on.  

The only permanent and real qualities anyone can ever have are God qualities. When you feel anxiety, fear, or other negative emotions center yourself in truth, knowing that God alone is power, law, and reality, regardless of outer appearances. Take time often to go within, be still, and align with who you really are in the realization that God never has and never could express ITself as anything other than ITself and if fear and anxiety were facets of Divine Consciousness they would be forever permanent, held in place by Divine Law..

Love, the energy that connects and flows between all expressions of God is beginning to unfold more deeply across the world. Weather related events, war, and violence is serving to open the hearts of many who heretofore have lived happily and comfortably in a sense of separation. Those continuing to believe themselves to be better than others and therefore more entitled and deserving of the world's money, goods, respect, and honor etc., are going to discover that like it or not, all are connected.  

Three dimensional experiences form a perfect evolutionary path for those living fully in three dimensional consciousness. As a person begins to open to truth and attains a higher level of awareness difficult three dimensional experiences decrease because they are no longer creating them. In spite of appearances know that there are no accidents. Before incarnating, every person chooses with the help of their guides the experiences they believe necessary for their spiritual growth. Spiritual evolution is the underlying goal of all earthly experiences regardless of how they may appear because every person is knowingly or unknowingly working toward attaining a consciousness of reality and oneness with God. 

Frequently difficult life lessons involve the energy of past life situations, habits, and beliefs that are still active and being carried from lifetime to lifetime. Energies that need to be once again experienced, acknowledged, consciously risen above, and cleared. For example, a person being somehow persecuted in this life may very well have been the persecutor in one or more previous lives and must personally experience this energy in order to break the cycle. 

Some of the African/American community, were slave owners in the past and chose to incarnate with black skin in this life in order to experience, learn, and help change societies prejudicial beliefs. Some women living in and suffering from oppressive male dominated societies were men who held these same beliefs in past lives. However, know that experiencing one's own past creations is not true in every situation. Many suffering today from prejudice, male dominance, and persecution did not need these experiences for personal growth but rather specifically and bravely chose those them in order to bring change and enlightenment to others.

As a person evolves into a consciousness of oneness with Source, many ordinary beliefs, ideas, pleasures, needs, desires, and even problems of the three dimensional world begin to feel less real, less important, and less attractive because the person has shifted out of alignment with them. Many of you may be experiencing this now, a sense of detachment from what the world considers important and necessary. There is nothing wrong with you, you are simply graduating.

The outer world with all its physical, emotional, and mental pain looks, feels, and acts very real because you have had hundreds of lifetimes in which you became increasingly conditioned by experiences of duality and separation. The frequencies of a conditioned consciousness cannot align with the higher, lighter frequencies of truth now flowing to earth and into the collective. Anyone choosing to be a part of the "new earth" must be able to align with it.  

There is no unexpressed consciousness. Divine Consciousness is, always has, and will forever continue to express ITself in and as infinite form and variety-- ideas, creativity, life...This same one Divine Consciousness individualized is also expressing. What am I holding as reality in my Consciousness?  

We are the Arcturian Group 3/12/23

                                                   FEBRUARY 26, 2023

Welcome, dear Readers.

The intense high frequency energy that continues flowing to earth is affecting everyone because it is disrupting, changing, and even eliminating many of the well established world concepts originally created from false beliefs and which have long been considered as right and unchangeable. You will witness many of these ideas, rules, laws, religious beliefs, and traditions dissolving into the nothingness that they really are, which will allow higher forms of these same things to manifest. 

Lifetime after lifetime mankind has unknowingly lived in and accepted the world they see through a lens of false belief, duality, and separation; comfortable in the belief that what they see is reality. It is extremely frightening for those who have built their sense of security, strength, religious beliefs, hopes and dreams, and traditions from this illusory world when the dark glasses they have been wearing come off.

Information and intense energies are coming that will disturb and bring resistance to those continuing to depend on obsolete foundational beliefs for their security and happiness. When information does not align with someone's belief system their fear of change or of being wrong often brings about conflict and angry discussion among friends, family, groups, co-workers, etc. If you find yourself in one of these situations simply and lovingly allow unless you are sincerely and honestly asked for your input. 

The world has been ruled by illusion for too long. It is time. Divine consciousness did not create the world that most believe to be the real world. How could an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Reality create something separate from ITself? What could it be made from if IT is all that exists? Do I really believe in one omnipresent God?

Human beings who in reality are creative Divine Beings are hypnotized by and thus live lives that reflect separation and two powers. Over eons of time world consciousness has became one in which generation after generation continues to believe in and promote the idea that pain, suffering, lack, war, disease, limitation, death, and separation between God, people, and all life forms is God's creation.  

The light of every evolved state of consciousness presently on earth is automatically serving to dissolve lower resonating energy. Because your consciousness goes with you wherever you go, your Light automatically and without conscious thought or effort affects your work, play, gatherings of family and friends as well as everything you focus attention on--the world, news, etc.  

Dark, low resonating energy cannot enter into, align with, or affect high resonating Light energy which is why you need not concern yourself with or fear the demons and evil that some individuals and groups tell you to fear and protect yourself against. 

Yes, there are negative entities busy with attempts to cause havoc and negativity in the minds of those who are receptive and they can align with because having blocked themselves from their own energy source they need to create and draw energy from others. You need not fear these types of things for even though you may feel the presence of dark energy at times and in certain circumstances, know that low resonating dark energy cannot align with Light energy. In fact Light being the reality, simply dissolves the dark or causes it to bounce back on the sender because it has nothing to maintain or sustain it but belief and fear. 

The misuse of psychic energy became popular long ago when some realized that these abilities provided them with an easy way to gain control, financial gain, and power over others. The fear it brought to others because of the general ignorance and superstitions of the times (Middle ages) gave birth to the belief that psychic gifts, healing abilities, etc. were evil and of the devil and eventually led to witch burning and the tormenting of anyone with talents not understood by the majority.  

In the middle ages beliefs and fear of a devil was integrated into church teachings allowing many of Christianity's pure teachings to became polluted when unscrupulous and self serving "leaders" noticed that they could easily control the masses with these ideas. Never fear anything outside of your Self. Be smart and wise as a person living on earth, but never forget who you really are. Even death is simply a concept, the process of moving from one form and place to another.

Many serious truth students continue to struggle and put great effort into becoming what they believe they must become in order to be spiritual. They study, take classes, do rituals, get healing work, have readings, while continuing to believe that they have not yet attained because they don't "feel" spiritual and their concepts of spirituality have not manifested.

Know that struggling and effort do not lift a person into a higher state of consciousness. It is individual readiness as determined by the Higher Self that does this. As you know, the first step is the intellectual knowledge of truth which may come from a book, another person, or simply from within. The intellectual knowledge of truth is a mind activity, the awareness of something previously not known.

The next step is acceptance followed by a desire to embrace and integrate truth through study, practice, and meditation. Many become aware of truth and are ready for it, but choose instead to ignore it in the realization that it would interfere with their present comfortable and well established belief system. However, those spiritually ready, willing, and able find themselves at this point unable to stop thinking about truth and are increasingly driven by a need to search deeper.

This is usually the start of a metaphysical phase in which the truth student seeks out different methods and techniques for attaining spirituality. They may join metaphysical groups, begin meditating if they don't already, attend lectures, get psychic readings, and engage in spiritual practices and rituals designed to bring them closer to God. This part of the journey may continue for many years and it is during this time that some begin to lose hope in the belief that they will ever achieve what they have believed to be spirituality. 

Let go of all struggle and effort to achieve what in reality is simply a concept. You may never "feel spiritual". All the practices and efforts you have made in other lifetimes and this one were moving you to where you could finally let go, rest back, and know; "That which I have been seeking, I already am". It is your Higher Self, the YOU that never left full awareness, and not how many certificates of spiritual achievement you may have accumulated that determines when you are ready to shift to a more fully ascended state of consciousness. 

Personal ascension may manifest as an energetic event or you may simply begin to realize that your life has become different--there is more harmony , abundance, peace without effort, and real love in your life.  

Cease struggling to become what you already are. Live from your highest level of awareness in every moment trusting that your Higher Self knows when you are spiritually ready for your next step. Spiritual evolution is simply the process of remembering who you are.  

Cease your struggles and rest in what is.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/26/23

                                                         FEBRUARY 12, 2023

Welcome, dear readers. Know that we and the many others presently working with you from this side honor, respect, and appreciate the work you are doing on the front lines. Even if you feel like you are doing nothing, know that just the presence of your state of consciousness is helping to lift the world collective. We are assisting earth's ascension process from this side but you have the more difficult job of working in it while not of it.  

This message is about trust. You came to earth filled with hope and excitement, confident that you were well prepared to play a role in earth's ascension process but after years of waiting with seemingly no change, many of you are finding that your trust in the process is waning. 
Ask yourselves, have you put your trust in three dimensional concepts about the ascension process--how it would or should look, unfold, and when?  

Ascension energy is presently being experienced by most as the weakening of trust the majority has always held for government, health care, education, and religious leaders, which indicates collective awakening and personal empowerment. Waning trust in and the questioning of long established authorities however subtle, is a sign of change and awakening--the ascension process.

Even the spiritually awake may be tempted to lose trust when looking out at a world of chaos, war, increasing acts of violence, natural disasters, and "leaders" more focused on getting re-elected and playing "king of the castle" than working for the good of those they were elected to serve. You may ask; "Was I wrong about all this? Is there really a Divine Plan? Is earth really ascending to a higher dimension?"  

You are spiritually ready and prepared for the work you came to do which is to live in the three dimensional world but not be of it through a consciousness that understands that the negativity now rampant around the world indicates the presence of high frequency Light breaking down much that has held mankind in bondage.  

Temples built on sand must crumble and dissolve both within and without in order for that which is of a new and higher resonance to replace them. The habit of interpreting world issues as being three dimensional problems having nothing to do with the ascension process remains strong. Release any concepts about how things should or should not be because the human mind is unable to see the bigger picture. Stand in the Light of your highest spiritual awareness and simply observe.

High frequency energies pouring to earth at this time as well as those you automatically carry with you in consciousness are serving to break apart that which is out of alignment with them. This means that many traditions, beliefs, and many so called "right" ways are and will continue to collapse. False beliefs are created, held in place, and maintained only through the belief in them and never by God. As increasingly more awaken to oneness and the higher truths, much that has been created from beliefs of duality , separation, and two powers will simply fade away.

You may wonder about so many natural disasters but remember, earth is a living soul who must also clear pockets of lower resonating and dense energy. Gaia's body and waterways have been mindlessly polluted, built on, used for war, her parts depleted (oil, minerals etc.), used as a dump for garbage and nuclear waste, covered in concrete, de-forested, poisoned, and considered as something to be used selfishly for monetary gain by humans for generations. Gaia is a living soul, a Divine Idea in the Mind of God and she has chosen reclaim herSelf.  

A second and important point with regard to natural disasters is that for many they are an introduction to the idea of oneness. They often serve to open the hearts and minds of those who have believed themselves to be separate from the problems or needs of others. For the first time they are beginning to take notice, acknowledge, and even assist the needs and struggles of others. It may well be their first step in opening to oneness. 

Everything embodied in Divine Consciousness is held infinitely in place by Divine Law which cannot be broken or changed. If lack, disease, limitation, or discords of any kind were embodied in Divine Consciousness, they would automatically exist forever, held in place by Divine Law, and never able to be changed or be healed. This is why it is foolish and in fact idolatry, to beg, pray, or make sacrifices to some three dimensional concept of God in an attempt to get him to fix, heal, and change something that does not even exist in reality and simply gives more energy to the illusion, 

Trust that because there is only ONE, IT is the foundation, law, and substance of all that exists. Where could anything other than this IT come from? Knowing and accepting this automatically begins one's evolutionary journey toward it becoming a realized state of consciousness where these truths will then begin to express outwardly. Never lose sight of the fact that an intellectual knowledge of some truth is only the first step, it must become one's consciousness before it can manifest because consciousness is the substance of form. 

Spiritual awareness means no longer judging appearances by commonly accepted concepts about how things must or should be in order to be right. Let go of any beliefs about what is right and wrong or good and bad and know that good material appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones. God is...period. Allow yourselves to accept and fully trust that there really is a God infinitely expressing, manifesting ITself as... Beliefs contrary to this constitute mind formed concepts of reality--illusion. 

Ask yourself; "Would or could an omnipresent God take pleasure in the suffering and destruction of ITself in expression as people, earth, animals, nature spirits, elementals, and the many other life forms that humans are not aware of? If there is only ONE Life, why does the majority believe itself to be separate from other life forms? How could a self-sustained, self-maintained Source form ITself as something destructive to ITself? What do I believe? What and who is the God of my consciousness?

Respond to the inner doubts that may come floating into your awareness by reminding yourself that abundance already is, safety already is, health already is, harmony already is, completeness already is. There is no need to struggle, pray, do ceremonies and rituals, beg or plead, offer pain and suffering to God in the belief that God loves your suffering, go to church, or refrain from all things human etc. in order to attain that which is already fully present in and as you.  

Believe, trust, and live truth and it will become a state of consciousness that knows and experiences--  

  Everything I have been seeking, I already am. 

We are the Arcturian Group 2/12/23

                                                     JANUARY 29, 2023

Welcome dear readers.

During these times of confusion, violence, and chaos, never doubt that you are known, loved, and honored for choosing to assist earth in her journey to once again express the Divine perfection that is her reality.

You did not need to incarnate as many do in order to learn and grow beyond the third dimensional belief system, but you along with many others chose to incarnate in order that the presence of many evolved states of consciousness on earth would add Light to and lift earth's collective consciousness to a higher level. 

Everything is energy dear ones. Everything-people, words, actions, "stuff"--has a vibrational frequency and the closer it is to reality/truth the lighter, faster, and brighter are the frequencies. The further from truth something is, the slower, denser, and heavier the vibration which is why the three dimensional earth manifests as material and why you feel heaviness in certain situations, places, or even around certain people. 

In reality your body is pure, perfect, and whole--a Light body, an individualization of God. Just as you commonly think of a body of water, think of yourself as a body of God. In the density of third dimensional energy, the real Light body is interpreted as physical, dense, material, and subject to all sorts of problems. Your real body has always and will continue to go with you wherever you go. It cannot die for it is your individualization of Divine Consciousness. It is only the material concept of body that dissolves after the Light body leaves. 

Everything, that which is considered good and that considered bad, is a concept of a spiritual reality or Divine Idea because Divine Consciousness is all that exists. The third dimensional state of consciousness is unaware and thus unable to understand that earth is a spiritual world peopled with sons/daughters of God because their state of consciousness is as of yet only able to align with denser energy.

There are some who live from a three dimensional level but who have retained the ability interact with energies invisible to most. Most of them worked with psychic energy throughout their past lives and often work as psychics in this one. Always remember that psychic is not the same as spiritual and information can rise no higher than the state of consciousness of the person giving the information. This is an important point to remember in these times of many predictions. Always trust your intuition.

Because there is only ONE Divine Consciousness expressing ITSelf as infinite form and variety, energy is always seeking to reconnect with ITself. In the human scene this manifests as like attracting like or "bird of a feather, flock together". Be aware of what you hold as truth in your consciousness because consciousness automatically draws and connects to whatever energy it is in alignment with. Example: A consciousness of violence, lack, and beliefs based in separation will automatically attract ideas about as well as actions of violence. Hypochondriacs will always be attracting some health issue.

There is no such thing as a God who punishes or gets pleasure from the suffering of ITself as individual being. In fact these things do not even exist in Divine Consciousness. The third dimensional state of consciousness dreams up concepts of God based in limited and false information and then sets about worshiping and preaching these concepts to others.  

Every person is the God creating their life and situations from the contents of their consciousness. However, this does not mean that every negative experience is a failure of spiritual growth but rather often represents a graduation of sorts. Many negative experiences actually represent completion and are expressing a clearing of some old energy unknowingly being held in consciousness.  

The human desire to attain "good" and get rid of the "bad" is actually the material concept of a spiritual reality. Soul remembers who it really is and yearns to be complete, known, and acknowledged. The third dimensional state of consciousness feels this yearning as a desire for human "good"-- people, places, experiences etc. believed capable of bringing happiness and success. However, the duality aspect of three dimensional concepts automatically means that human good and human bad can and often does quickly shift to the opposite.  

Holding tightly to good experiences of the past or continually trying to recreate them for self and others in some way is no different than attempts to bury, forget, ignore, deny, or rid self of bad memories. As either one comes to mind (and they will until cleared) look right at them and see them for what they represent or represented in an earlier state of consciousness. No longer endow them power for good or bad and thank them for the lessons, insights, and evolutionary growth you gained and release them into the nothingness that they really are.

Learn to see through all material appearances and into the deeper reality that underlies it. If you see someone stealing, do not judge the person as bad, but understand that because in reality that person is a Divine Being, he or she is unknowingly carrying a desire for wholeness and completeness which to their limited state of consciousness they are interpreting as a right to whatever they need or want.  

This does not mean those living from an un-evolved state of consciousness should simply be allowed to do whatever they please. Spiritual evolution involves lessons at all levels of awareness which for some may mean that their needed lesson is jail time

Practice oneness at all times--a wordless flash of awareness as you enter a room, get to your office, do the dishes etc. Every time you answer your phone remember that God is the person at the other end or when driving know that God is every other driver on the road. By keeping a tiny portion of your awareness always centered in truth it soon becomes your state of consciousness, your life, and your reality.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/29/23                                                

                                                      JANUARY 15, 2023

Welcome dear readers. During these times of change and new beginnings, remember that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan.

High frequency energy is omnipresent because it is in and of Divine Consciousness but the majority has not been at levels of consciousness able to align with them. Because there is only ONE and because there are now increasingly more highly evolved states of consciousness on earth, more and more people are starting to access Light energies that have always present but mostly unknown allowing them to be experienced and integrated by more individuals which in turn is enlightening collective consciousness. 

Everyone is beginning to experience these higher frequencies and translate them according to their state of consciousness. For some it may be fear and confusion but for others it means shifting to new levels of awareness that allow them for the first time to recognize that many commonly accepted world beliefs really represent "power over" under the heading of what is in the best interests of others.

Many concepts of right and wrong are dissolving and will continue to dissolve as individuals evolve beyond the need for others to tell them what to do and begin trusting and living from their intuition. Many concepts for "right living" will simply fade away without the energy of belief to maintain and sustain them. As increasingly more individuals awaken to the fact that much of what they have been taught by parents, teachers, priests, rabbis, and ministers is simply not true, the world will change.  

Evolving into a consciousness of personal spiritual empowerment is frequently preceded by the full or partial collapse of a person's three dimensional foundation. The fear and chaos that results from the breaking down of a person's firmly established and never questioned three dimensional foundation is often the only way those who are spiritually ready for more can evolve to their next level. In spiritual circles, this is known as a "wake up call". 

Everyone innately desires peace, comfort, and security, and seeks these things according to their state of consciousness. Most are as of yet unaware that these are God qualities and therefore can only flow from within to the without if they are to be permanent. The three dimensional state of consciousness seeks these things in the outer, attempting to build themselves a "perfect life" from concepts of duality, separation, and two powers.  

When one's "perfect life" collapses the result is shock, confusion, and frantic attempts to restore everything back the way it was even if what it was no longer resonated and the person was miserable. There is emotional pain, fear, and confusion because personal foundations are built from what is believed to be true and necessary for happiness and a person a sense of security and confidence.  

If the person continues attempting to recreating the past, the process may take awhile but at some point every individual tires of the struggle, begins to move beyond the past, and opens to new ways of looking at the situation. At first it may simply consist of opening to intuition and allowing it to guide them to three dimensional sources of help. Most then begin to question the situation and their beliefs about it gaining a deeper awareness of themselves, past choices, what they really want or don't want, and a recognition of beliefs that have held them in bondage. 

Empowerment is a spiritual quality, a state of consciousness. The process of attaining this state of consciousness is initiated by the Higher Self and may simply unfold naturally but because most resist change "Wake up calls" are often necessary. Empowerment is a consciousness of truth about Self and all life which in turn manifests as living that awareness while expressing it in practical ways. It is the ability to lovingly but firmly state; "Enough is enough." or "Thank you for your opinion, but I am choosing to do this." Regardless of who these words are being spoken to.

Empowerment is women integrating and living in balance with their masculine aspect and men integrating and feeling comfortable expressing their feminine with mutual love and respect for both. Most of you have already done this work.

In the presence of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual distress, always remember--God is.

If God alone is, IT must be omnipresent. Where does omnipresence leave fear? What does it say about who I and all other life forms are? If God alone is, where is the need for petitionary prayer or rites and rituals meant to bring one closer to God? If God alone is where does this leave beliefs of death, lack and limitation, separation, suffering etc.? Do I really believe that God alone is?  

Because human beings are in reality expressions of God, they are like God, creative. A collective consciousness of ignorance and the rejection of ONEness manifests in and as infinite forms of duality and separation. Yes, situations created out of beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers seem very real on earth and those involved and must deal with them in accord with their state of consciousness but you who are awake are on earth not to get caught up in the illusions of sense, but to add the Light of your evolved state of consciousness to the collective.  

Increasing more dark information and actions are going to be exposed but your job is not to fix things on a three dimensional level, but rather to always have a part of your awareness in alignment with the truth that God alone is. What does this mean? It means remembering that aches, pains, and diseases have no spiritual law to support them. It means that an empty wallet or lack has no spiritual reality. It means that every world wide situation of good versus bad or us versus them has no real Divine law to support, sustain, or maintain it because God alone is.  

Once a person realizes that 2 x2 is 4 and not 5, where does the 5 go? It only existed in thought. This is how truth works. You wake up and begin to live from truth rather than the false, no longer accepting 2 x2 as 5. There is a statement made by Jesus that is often quoted incorrectly which is; "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John) The "You will know the truth" part is often left out which is the most important part of the whole statement. You must know, live, be, trust, and allow truth to grow and strengthen before it can evolve into a state of consciousness that can and will then manifest outwardly.  

You are the Light illuminating pathways for those coming along behind you even if you never say a word. The Light of even one evolved consciousness constitutes a majority automatically because there is only ONE.

  God alone is.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/15/23

                                                JANUARY 1, 2023

Happy New Year dear readers. Welcome to a year in which you will witness increasingly more change, awakenings, exposure, and new beginnings.

New beginnings because the world's collective consciousness which is the sum of all previous and present states of consciousness on earth is changing. It is becoming Lighter and more evolved due to presence of so many spiritually advanced souls now on earth with more continuing to come. Much that has long constituted the universal collective consciousness is dissolving or has already dissolved through the presence of so many spiritually evolved individuals on earth.  

Divine Mind is the One and only mind and therefore the real mind of every person. However, in the lower resonating energy of the third dimension, mind, a channel of awareness for consciousness, is overshadowed with dense energies of duality, separation, and two powers becoming for all intents and purposes a human, personal, ego mind, a three dimensional concept of the ONE MIND.  

The personal/ego mind is only able to access information and truth from outside of itself--from the collective. As the collective becomes increasingly illumined through the presence of the many high resonating states of consciousness now on earth who came specifically for this purpose, people will have access to and begin to draw ideas from a higher resonating collective and begin to implement them as spiritually evolved, new, and better ideas for living.  

There will always be those who benefit from the status quo and resist change while continuing to cling to and promote familiar and less enlightened ways of solving problems and living life. All have free will to choose as they please, but changes are coming and resistance will prove to be futile because earth's ascension is a Divine Plan that will continue to unfold in spite of any and all resistance.  

The new year is seen as a time for making "New Year resolutions" because the start of a new year feels like a perfect time to examine the past year and make changes. However, most New Year's resolutions never come to full fruition simply because people are consciousness with bodies rather than bodies with consciousness and whatever remains firmly established in one's consciousness simply continues to manifest.  

However, choosing to make resolutions for positive change indicates that a person is looking more deeply into themselves, recognizing how and what they would like to change, and are attempting to make it happen. The problem is that most resolutions are based in three dimensional concepts about how life could be better--physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, concepts that never really address the underlying root of that which they hope to change. 

Long accepted beliefs about how people or life should be in order to be right or successful are no longer resonating as true with an increasing number of individuals. People are beginning to recognize that change happens automatically as they let go of old concepts and allow themselves to expand and embrace ideas that are based in oneness rather than separation and competition. The inner is the outer and so in reality there are no victims but you cannot say that to those who as of yet are only able to understand life from a three dimensional perspective.  

Let your New Year resolutions to be about observing, allowing, and ceasing to resist in the realization of yourself as SELF, a Divine Being who chose to be on earth at this time in order to add Light to the collective, clear remaining dense energies, and assist others to awaken. Let your resolutions reflect your evolved state of consciousness, your spirituality. Let them be about love, the reality of all life, and simply BEing.

Resistance adds energy and increasingly empowers whatever is being resisted. The clearing process often causes anger, resentment, fear, jealousy, self loathing, guilt, and all sorts of negative emotions to surface. Do not resist them for their presence does not mean you are reverting back to an old state of consciousness, but rather simply means that you are experiencing the emotions associated with whatever pocket of old energy is moving through. Observe, feel, and simply allow any negative emotions or thoughts. Allow these old energies to flow through and out without giving them power or believing that they are personally yours.   

Refusing to give something power in spite of appearances does not mean ignoring someone or situation in need, saying to them; "God is all, it's not real, its an illusion". Many have gotten trapped in this three dimensional way of interpreting truth which is the ego based act of pretending a state of consciousness not yet attained. Living truth means assisting or stepping in with human footsteps when or if you are intuitively guided to do so while never forgetting the underlying reality and innate Divinity of all involved. This does not mean yanking someone out of their chosen lesson. Always listen to your intuition for guidance in these situations.

There are those who are not yet ready or able to integrate the new and higher resonating energies flowing to earth at this time and are choosing to leave in order to come back into the new earth at a later time. Others are leaving because they believe they can assist earth's ascension process more fully from the other side. Death is always a choice . Not one made from three dimensional awareness but one made on deeper levels. Many were tired and just wanted to go home and Covid offered this opportunity.  

Earth is a very difficult school of evolution but because there is only the ONE Life, no life is ever lost, wasted, or a failure. A person who leaves as the result of addiction, violence, or other negative choices quickly and with the help of Guides begins to understand what he was unable to while on earth. Every soul has infinite opportunities to return to earth armed with a new awareness and prepared to experience and move past that which held him or her in bondage the last time.  

This is how spiritual evolution works on earth until at some point the soul has learned all it can from three dimensional experiences and is ready to continue evolution in the higher dimensions .  

Pat yourselves on the back dear ones, for it takes a strong and dedicated soul to choose and graduate from earth's three dimensional school of evolution and then even when it is no longer needed choose to come back in order to help others.  

New energies and higher states of consciousness are giving birth to a new earth.

We are the Arcturian Group                                           1/1/23