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                                             APRIL 24, 2022

Greetings dear readers.  
Know that both personally and globally all is proceeding according to plan, the Divine plan for earth's ascension. It is a time for courage but also for hope and joy because that which you came to witness and be a part of (the ascension process) is exactly what you are now doing.

It has become very easy and popular to compare today's world with imagined concepts of how wonderful things used to be. Do not allow yourselves to get trapped in this thinking for you did not choose to incarnate simply to live a happy three dimensional life although that can and will be part of it. As spiritually evolved individuals you volunteered to be a part of the ascension process because you knew that an increased presence of evolved states of consciousness would add Light to the collective consciousness allowing increasingly more individuals to awaken. 

Three dimensional energy presently vibrates at a low, slow, and dense frequency. What is seen with physical eyes is not God's perfect Idea earth but as with all material form, is a three dimensional concept of God's perfect creation. Earth's three dimensional form began as a jewel of beauty and life reflecting God's infinite creativity and perfection until ignorant hypnotized minds conditioned with beliefs of duality and separation began to plunder earth's gifts selfishly with no regard for her as a living being. They began destroying earth's perfect three dimensional form and the result over time is the world you see now. However, all Divine Ideas remain intact as facets of God and earth will once again manifest at a higher frequency as mankind awakens.  

Earth is a living Divine being, as is every person and life form. Everything that exists expresses the vast infinity of Divine Consciousness for nothing else exists. Matter is simply the mind interpretation of a Divine idea through collective and personal states of consciousness. The underlying reality of everything expressing materially remains forever in Divine Mind as an indestructible Divine Idea. 

When you are centered in truth it allows the Light of your consciousness to flow and align with those receptive wherever they may be in the world because of Oneness. Remember, you are not here to fix, heal, and correct the three dimensional world. There are those whose work on earth is to assist on a three dimensional level, but the work of those awake to higher truth, is to BE a light in the presence of darkness. Your awareness of the reality underlying every appearance in the material world helps awaken others and adds truth to collective consciousness. 

Old cellular memory and obsolete third dimensional beliefs continue to surface personally and globally in order to be recognized and cleared. Low resonating energy is unable to align with the higher dimensional frequencies pouring to earth and being integrated by individuals at this time. Old energy still active in cellular memory is rising to conscious awareness and being experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by many as part of their clearing process.

Consciousness vibrates at varying rates of Light or density. This is energy. Everyone is aware of it, but most do not really understand what it is they feel. Certain places like some bars, junk stores, old and unkempt neighborhoods, prisons, closed down psychiatric hospitals, and places of past violence and suffering continue to hold energy that vibrates with a heaviness that can still be felt. Places simply manifest the energy of the consciousnesses that formed and may still support them. There are individuals as well as earth herself working to clear and replace areas of dense energy with Light. 

The energetic vibrations you experience in certain situations is how intuition works to guide you away from experiences of low and perhaps a dangerous resonance. Trust your intuition always for it is a facet of your reality as Consciousness rather than a human mind with only a limited three dimensional belief system for guidance.

Every individual has a permanent real body, a Light body that the majority cannot see and knows nothing about. Your light body is you as an individualized expression of Source. You have had a Light body since your beginning. You had it before entering the lower dimensional energies of earth, continue to have it while utilizing a material body, and will have it when you no longer need a physical vehicle and
return home. 

Your Light body is simply God's perfect expression of ITself individualized as you. The reason there are so many diseases and health issues on earth is simply because at this time most states of consciousness remain conditioned with beliefs of good/bad and separation from God and the real Self. Because the outer manifests the inner, human health issues of infinite variety and form reflect the world's belief in duality (sick/well) and separation.

Because mind is the interpreter of both individual and collective states of consciousness, there really are no victims, but you cannot say that to those who are suffering because most are not yet be able to comprehend spiritual truth and live lives fully under the influence of the three dimensional belief system. Know that there is always more going on behind the scene in every situation other than what appearances would seem.  

Every person is on earth to learn and spiritually evolve through the experiences they need, are spiritually prepared for, and have chosen before incarnating. Many appear to be learning absolutely nothing, but that too is part of their learning. When a person "dies" and returns home, with the loving help of their Guides they go over the details of their most recent life and evaluate how well they achieved the goals and choices they had set for themselves.  

A returning soul is never blamed for their actions on earth and suicides are not condemned as many believe. Rather every soul is helped to see and learn from their choices and experiences even to the point of planning their next life on earth which may include a re-do of certain experiences. Suicides are required to once again get to the point at which they gave up and then move through it which may not be in their next life but after more evolution has taken place. 

Hundreds of years of false doctrine and teachings about heaven and hell, a punishing God, and sin, originally for the purpose of control over others, has caused and continues to cause many to live with a fear of death and the harsh punishing god awaiting them instead of realizing that God knows only ITself as them which is love and oneness.  

Being an expression of God, man also creates. Some who have lived very un-evolved and self serving lives while on earth will after passing on unknowingly create similar situations for themselves while others may drop into the heavy energy of self hatred and remorse. Both create for themselves a hell of sorts. Guidance and love are always available just awaiting every soul's receptivity regardless of how they lived on earth. This does not mean they will avoid the lessons and experiences necessary for them to learn and spiritually evolve beyond their present state of consciousness, but know that there is no such place as "hell" for God can only express ITself--love and oneness. 

There is NO DEATH, never doubt this. Everyone's home is the higher dimensions and not earth. At some point everyone chooses to go home which is nothing more than a change of location. No one is meant to stay forever in the low resonating energy of the third dimension. At this time earth is a school of learning. As earth's frequency rises, life spans will automatically be longer if desired because beliefs of disease, aging, and deterioration, etc. will no longer exist as reality.

The war activities taking place at this time will cease in a month or two. These activities represent an intense clearing of the "power over" energies that have remained alive and well on earth for eons. Throughout the ages man's ignorance has increased and added energy to "power over" beliefs as a way to feel complete which in reality is nothing more than the false belief of separation.

Every soul seeks to experience its innate Divine completeness but those not yet spiritually evolved enough to understand this, seek completeness in the outer through various forms of power, sex, and money. Throughout the ages, those governed by ego and a sense of separation have sought satisfaction and their sense of completeness through power over those they believe to be less valuable or deserving than themselves. This belief in personal superiority and separation has allowed them to do and take what they want from others without regret because they believe they are entitled to it.

Tremendous pockets of "power over" energy are now manifesting but rather than being met with general acceptance by the majority as in the past, "power over" is being recognized and met with rejection by a world that is evolving beyond beliefs of separation. A new and higher collective consciousness that no longer supports "power over" people, leaders, governments, countries, religions, laws, teachings, etc. is being born. Mankind is awakening.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence of all kinds leaves an energetic imprint until cleared. You will not know exactly what old energy may be surfacing because some are very ancient, but many of you will feel their energy as they clear. Never accept some negative or dense energy you may experience as being personally yours. Do not resist it but rather simply acknowledge and allow the unwanted energy to flow through, recognizing it for what it is and giving it no power. 

Your Light is assisting these clearings to take place. Dark energy which is not God ordained and sustained but rather is simply formed from beliefs, cannot exist the in the presence of highly evolved states of consciousness. As increasingly more awaken and begin live truth, that which is false must automatically dissolve.  

Cease giving power to all appearances--this is good, but that is bad, the flowers are good, but bugs are bad, the air here is good, but there it is bad, a particular food is good but that one is not. Follow your intuition because even the simplest things can reinforce the energy of duality if believed. 

We understand that on earth some things really do act as good or bad and that practical human actions are often necessary. However you who are awake must first bring to conscious awareness whatever truth is underlying the appearance before taking the human steps needed.

Attempting to live and depend on absolute truth before attaining the consciousness of it is not wise nor spiritual and has resulted in disaster for many sincere students of truth. However, the absolute must first be intellectually known and practiced in order for it to eventually become an attained state of consciousness that will then manifest outwardly in, as, and through the individual. 

Everything IS--neither good nor bad but just IS.  

We are the Arcturian Group 4/24/22

                                               APRIL 10, 2022

Welcome to our message dear readers. Always know that it is our privilege and joy to bring these messages to you who bravely chose to serve and play an important role in earth's ascension journey, a choice not for the fainthearted.

As a spiritually aware individuals you were allowed to incarnate because you were evolved enough to assist in moving a hypnotized world above its long established illusory belief system. Because you are aware that there is no time or space and only ONE Consciousness, you knew that your attained consciousness of oneness could serve to automatically draw and lift those spiritually ready into a more evolved state of consciousness regardless of where they lived in the world.

Do not allow yourselves to become overwhelmed by the pain and suffering you hear about and see through the media which is very easy to do. However, by doing this you add this low resonating energy to the collective and give power and substance to the illusion. We know that it is often difficult and exhausting to remain neutral and hold the Light of truth in the presence of all that is going on in the world at this time, but you were chosen out of many to be here at this time because you were deemed strong and evolved enough to do it.  

You who have attained a consciousness of truth serve as Light in these times turmoil because one with God is a majority. One highly evolved consciousness can dissolve and lift others up and out of their false creations of separation, duality, and two powers where there is alignment. When you are tempted to indulge in anger, disgust, revenge, despair etc. all of which are easily felt at this time, stop and ask yourself; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way? Is it true?" This will redirect your thought to truth and allow you to clear and shift away from adding power to appearances. 

Love is oneness. Those who have attained conscious awareness of oneness and know that the true identity of every life is in and of that ONE, lift and serve by virtue of their understanding that love is the interconnecting energy existing between all expressions of that ONE Divine Consciousness manifesting as many.  

On earth love has been and continues to be interpreted in hundreds of ways according to the state of consciousness of those doing the interpreting. Always remember that because you are expressions of God, you are creators and your consciousness is the substance from which you create. 

Love continues to be preached from many sources but usually consists of three dimensional concepts about love which in most cases means attraction to another or emotions. Love can and frequently does include feelings and emotion, but love in its purest and unconditional form is the energetic connection between the infinite expressions of ONE Divine Consciousness.

God infinitely sustains and maintains ITself, not Joe, Mary, or the dog. ITself, One Divine Consciousness and One Divine Mind individualized as Joe, Mary, and the dog. It does no good to pray that God protect this one or that one, but not this other one deemed to be bad or to beg God to please give me this or that. God is, always has been, and will continue infinitely to be and express ITself in fullness and without limitation because God IS all that is, knowing only ITself in and as infinite form and variety.  

Everyone at some point must accept that their true identity is Divine Consciousness with a Divine Mind individualized and that therefore they embody all the qualities of this Divine Consciousness rather than that they are weak and vulnerable human beings controlled and governed by outside forces formed of beliefs in duality, separation, and two powers.  

When you feel yourself slipping into old habits of self judgement and criticism, pause and call to mind; "I AM the fullness of all the one I AM is" or whatever words resonate with you that will clear and shift you into a higher state of consciousness. Do not judge yourself or feel that you have failed when you feel anger and frustration at what you are witnessing in the world but rather use these emotions to remind yourself that God alone is, and that anything formed from beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers is illusory in spite of its seeming reality.  

Many wonder about the presence of so many seemingly lower resonating people on earth at this powerful time. Some of the less evolved who carried the energetic potential for actions of violence and separation were allowed to incarnate during earth's ascension time not only for their own evolutionary process but also because their state of consciousness could lead to the activation and exposure of dense agendas needing to be seen and recognized in order to be eliminated. 

Earth is ascending, even though it may not look that way judging by appearances. Heavy ancient energies formed from ego based "power over" beliefs that have been active for eons are surfacing in order to be seen clearly for what they represent and for the first time are being rejected by the majority. It is happening.  

It is Easter season for Christians, a time in which the story of the death, resurrection, and ascension of the master Jesus is told and celebrated. However as with the Christmas story, the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus is not just one man's story, but is everyone's. 

Easter experiences are not just one time events, but are part of every soul's evolutionary journey through lifetimes in order for them to shift from a comfortable state of consciousness long outgrown that they refuse to move on from.  

A major Easter experience which you may have had, will have, or may be now experiencing is when everything previously believed and has served well up to a point either gradually or suddenly collapses and drops away. The person's long held foundational belief system crumbles leaving them panicked, confused, and in a state of mental turmoil, even questioning whether God exists. Sometimes physically but more often emotionally, mentally, and spiritually there is a period of deep inner suffering as long held beliefs about relationship, love, spirituality, religion, God etc. come into question. (the agony and loneliness in the garden)

The crucifixion of one's old state of consciousness is followed by a period of emptiness--the tomb--a time of forced resting in nothingness because the person's previously held three dimensional foundation is gone. He/she feels bereft and empty of almost all feeling even though the experience is always accompanied by tremendous Light and Love from the higher dimensions. 

After a short period of time depending upon one's resistance and struggle to bring back the old, the soul finally surrenders and emerges from their tomb of nothingness imbued with a deeper and higher awareness able to see and understand self and others through more evolved eyes. He/she has ascended into the new and more evolved state of consciousness they were ready for but resisting. The old person has died but a new person is born.  

At some point as determined by the Higher Self, every person will or may even now be having a deep profound Easter experience because earth energies have become intense and a great deal of high resonating frequencies are now pouring in clearing, shifting, and forcing those ready out of a comfortable dream that has become obsolete. Easter is not a failure, but is a graduation.

 ONE omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Consciousness as YOU.

We are the Arcturian Group 4/10/22

                                              MARCH 27, 2022

Welcome dear readers. 

In these times of stress and chaos, our intention is to bring encouragement by reminding you that you have done the work and are spiritually prepared and qualified to see beyond the present violence and negativity. Because you are of the spiritually awakened you understand that the high resonating energies pouring to earth at this time are affecting everyone, often causing them act out in ways of reflective of fear and confusion.

Increasingly more individuals and groups are awakening to and embracing a new sense of oneness. For the first time increasingly more individuals are seeking to help those struggling both far and near either financially or in "hands on" ways. Even activities that arise solely from a human sense of sympathy or empathy indicate a receptivity to the deeper truth of spiritual oneness. This in turn is seeding collective awareness with more love and a higher sense of individual rights and value--not yet the full consciousness of spiritual ONEness, but a crack in the door.  

Those choosing to continue disregarding the suffering and needs of others simply because they are different from themselves are discovering that once commonly accepted beliefs based in separation have become obsolete in the minds of many and that there is less and less support for their views. The ongoing ascension process taking place both globally and personally is causing many previously accepted beliefs to disappear because the energy that originally created and has maintained them is no longer.

You are ready for Lightwork in its highest form, which is BEing the Light. BEing Light means that a part of your consciousness is always open to and aware of ONEness with God/Source/Divine Reality regardless of what you may be doing in the outer scene.

Most of you live busy lives that involve many forms of activity done both alone and with others. Because of your evolutionary status you came to earth to live from a higher level of awareness than the general unawakened majority. BEing the Light may seem to be doing nothing because you have been taught throughout lifetimes to do, do, do. Living from a consciousness of ONEness at all times is a higher sense of doing that makes you a Light holder, broadcaster, carrier, teacher, and high spiritual Lightworker. 

Every individual consciousness is connected to every other consciousness because there is only ONE Consciousness. Because there is only one, individualized states of consciousness are drawn to similar states of consciousness seeking alignment--"Birds of a feather..."  

When a state of conscious Oneness with Source, God, Divine Reality is attained, it automatically flows and aligns with those states of consciousness able to align with it. Your oneness with God automatically constitutes your oneness with the spiritual reality of every living thing and with every quality of God--one life, one consciousness, one substance, one law, one mind, and one cause and effect.  

When you hold light of truth in consciousnesses it acts to lift, teach, inspire, and heal the those able to receive it in their consciousness. Those who have not yet attained a level of consciousness able to align with these higher frequencies but who are actively seeking and ready for them, can and are often lifted into them simply through the presence of another's evolved state of consciousness which in reality is their consciousness. This is how the master Jesus did his healing work, those seeking help brought themselves to him and were lifted into his state of consciousness where disease did not exist.

"Doing" in the sense of actions taken to make things better will continue for the majority for awhile yet, but you came prepared to serve from a higher level, in ways that could lift the three dimensional belief system out of its continual need to fix, heal, correct, punish, and force change and into easier and more loving ways of living. You incarnated to assist in opening dense and struggling states of consciousness to an awareness of earth as being a spiritual universe peopled with sons of God. 

BEing is actually doing in the highest spiritual sense. Do not make it something difficult that you must worry about doing correctly or with rigid rules. Set your intention and then do the best you can. As you practice, reminding yourself often who you are, it will become familiar whether you do it as you go about your day at home and work or sitting in a one or 30 minute meditation without an agenda.

There are still some who believe that meditation and time spent within is a time for asking, visualizing, begging, and even demanding for what they want or think they need. These activities represent three dimensional thinking based in separation and are not a higher state of BEing. The minute an agenda is attached to meditation or BEing, it becomes preying instead of praying and will act to create and further maintain beliefs of "I don't have". 

Resting in the awareness of Divine completeness being already fully present within rather than seeking to draw something to you allows your already present Light to flow where it is needed and can be received. You will probably never know when or where this Light is received but that is not your concern. Your work is simply to be the Light automatically making it available to any and all open to receive it world over and even on the other side.

It is a new time and it must be understood that many commonly accepted ways of living will never go back to the way they previously were. Every material manifestation is a mind formed interpretation of a spiritual reality because Divine Consciousness is the only substance there is. The density of third dimensional energy on earth does not allow the realities of spirit to manifest as their spiritual form so they are interpreted and translated into energetically denser forms able to be seen and utilized on earth. Example-Modes of transportation (car, airplane, train, etc.) are material interpretations of Divine omnipresence. Because collective consciousness is changing, many material forms will be changing as well.  

Earth is a wonderful and beautiful planet, a place in which many have chosen to to grow, evolve, learn, and enjoy but it has not been experienced in its purest beauty because of third dimensional energy, the densest and lowest resonating energy of many dimensions. Do not feel sadness or fear in the belief that earth's ascension into a higher dimensional frequency will mean the loss of what you have come to love on earth--nature, pets, creativity, and loving interactions with others--because a spiritual reality is permanent and the expressions of it that you have known and come to love will continue in higher and better form. 

All is proceeding according to the Divine plan which is the eventual awakening of every soul to its true identity as ONE. God's plan can never be sidetracked or stopped by the ego based illusory thinking of those who have no awareness of truth because it is the reality and only power.  

We are the Arcturian Group 3/27/22

                                                 MARCH 13 2022

Dear readers, welcome to our message.  

As you are well aware, life has become increasingly intense the world over and some of you may still question why you are here and what possible good you as one person can do. Some of you may have even pondered the idea of simply leaving as many have already done, but on a deeper level you know you are here for a reason and don't want to leave before you complete what you came to do. 

Try to remain detached from the negativity presently permeating the world--aware of but detached through remembering that earth is in the process of exposing and clearing old energy. World consciousness is increasingly awakening to the futility, pain, and stupidity of war which in turn is enlightening collective consciousness. The Divine plan is unfolding in spite of appearances and will not be stopped or diverted by human attempts to do just that. Do not fear nuclear activity for the Beings of Light assisting mankind will not allow this and have dismantled previous attempts in the past.

Hold to truth in the presence of negativity and violence by acknowledging the Divine nature of all involved even though they themselves have no interest in knowing this. Nothing at this point is random but rather is a facet of earth's ascension process which cannot take place in a short moment. The spiritual ascension process personally and globally takes place as individuals awaken to the reality of oneness allowing the effects of obsolete and false separation beliefs to dissolve.  

Your job as we have said many times before is to be a consciousness of truth regardless of outer appearances near or far. Because you have been programmed over lifetimes to believe that it is only by "doing" in the outer scene that you accomplish something, holding the Light may feel to you as if you are doing nothing for the world. Living the spiritual life is not a life of doing nothing, rather three dimensional "doing" evolves to "spiritual doing". 

When life is lived from within, solutions to outer issues needing to be addressed in some way begin to automatically unfold intuitively, easily, and practically--manifestations of the Divine harmony and wholeness present in your Consciousness. Spiritual "doing" often takes place in ways you could not have anticipated or planned because they were not yet a part of your awareness. 

As individualized consciousness becomes enlightened and false beliefs fade away, the already fully present qualities of Divine Consciousness (intelligence, wisdom, creativity, completeness, harmony etc.) can begin to manifest outwardly as what is needed at the time. Mind, interprets and forms the outer from the contents of individualized consciousness be it conditioned with false beliefs or not.

Mind interprets the self sustained/self maintained qualities of Divine Consciousness in ways that are practical and personal to the individual. A doctor may awaken to a new and better way of treatment for a problem patient. A mechanic may suddenly think of the solution to a difficult repair. An inventor may find the idea for something much needed in the world popping into thought.  

New and higher ideas and solutions can only manifest outwardly when allowed to flow from Divine Consciousness, where they exist in spiritual form as creativity, completeness, wholeness, harmony etc. It is only beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers that have kept the qualities of Source already present in the consciousness of every individual from manifesting. Never forget that your consciousnesses is God Consciousness individualized making you a creator. "What am I choosing to create?"  

Human minds can only access what is already in the collective, and therefore creations of the human mind are limited to what is already known. You are all familiar with boring and repetitive music, art, and ideas created out of what is already known and bring nothing new. The great masters of music, art, and science etc. have always drawn from the source of creativity within themselves, allowing new and previously unknown ideas to flow into form.

Living from a state of conscious oneness with Source is very practical, but third dimensional thinking has relegated it to being an impractical, false, and non-existent illusion. Centuries of living in separation from God and all other life forms has caused mankind to believe that they must work, struggle, war, and step on others in order to survive. However, evolution will always be ongoing because no one can pretend to be other than what they really are forever.

It is important to examine your personal belief system and be very honest with yourself as you do it. "What am I still believing that is making me feel this way? Is it true or simply what I have been told, believed, and have lived? Do I want to continue with the old ways because they make me feel accepted?"  

Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see because it doesn't reflect some three dimensional concept of what you think makes a person desirable, lovable or acceptable? Do you look at your life--employment, education, relationships and believe that you are a failure because your choices don't reflect what society considers success and worthy of allowing you love and respect? Be very honest with yourself with regard to seemingly ordinary and harmless beliefs you may still entertain that actually represent separation.

Everyone seeks to be loved and accepted, it cannot be avoided. Because there is only ONE and the individualized expressions of that ONE are connected. The connecting energy of the ONE as many is what the world calls love. The connection between the many expressions of ONE is interpreted and experienced through the third dimensional state of consciousness as a deep yearning and seeking for wholeness, completeness, love.  

Most are are of yet unaware of why they are driven to seek the things they believe will bring them acceptance and love. Even the criminal believes that his actions will bring him happiness and the respect of his/her peers. There is a seeking for love and acceptance at every level of awareness,but the universal ignorance of why this is so has resulted in a world prepared to do anything to attain what they believe to be outside of self. 

Know and then actually accept that you are God in manifestation--not just a part of or one with, but the fullness. There is no you Mary, Dick, or Joe, there is only YOU, individualized God, the I AM that is known as Mary, Dick, or Joe.  

I is a sacred word that is God and not ego. When the master Jesus said; "I am the way" he was referring to the Godhead within everyone and not just himself, a point that has been seriously misinterpreted over the ages. The universal ignorance of I AM has resulted in a hypnotism that continues to manifest as illusions of duality, separation, and the worship of many three dimensional gods.  

Remembering who and what you are does not become an attained state of consciousness over night but is the beginning. Change begins in the vast and higher levels of consciousness and works through many energetic layers lastly arriving at the lowest level-- the material.  

Changes are taking place personally and globally and quickly becoming accessible to every individual even though much is not yet manifesting on the material level. Do not give up hope or slip into believing that your work is doing nothing because you aren't seeing results but rather trust that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan.

Live what you know dear ones, because the spiritual Genie can not be put back in the lamp.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/13/22

                                                 FEBRUARY 27, 2022

Welcome dear readers.
Know that these messages are brought to you with love and the intention of bringing encouragement, information, and truth to you, the brave ones who chose to be on earth at this time in order to assist mankind's spiritual evolution through the presence of your light and awareness.  

We honor each and every one of you and are fully aware of your frustration with the seeming slowness of change and disturbing situations continually happening the world over. However, know that all this was clear to you before you decided to incarnate and yet you eagerly wanted to be a part of earth's ascension process. You knew that your light and awareness would be needed and that higher incoming energies would make it the perfect opportunity to clear remaining old energy for yourselves.

Know that all is proceeding according to plan in spite of how it may appear when judging by appearances. It is a process and cannot happen overnight. A great deal of old energy is presently clearing from earth herself throughout the world especially in lands that have been inhabited for a very long time. Energies formed from centuries of war, domination, struggle, poverty, and all manner of violence are now rising to the surface in areas desperately in need of cleansing.  

Dictators and others in positions of power are beginning to sense that the "power over" they have always enjoyed is weakening leaving them feeling threatened without knowing why. Fear is causing some of them to lash out in ways that represent their state of consciousness. However, these old ways are quickly becoming obsolete because the energies that have maintained and sustained them (belief) is beginning to dissolve and will continue to do so as increasingly more light penetrates collective consciousness.

It is a time of mourning for many. A time in which the majority, both the awakened and the un-awakened, are experiencing an unidentified sense of sadness. As the familiar begins to fade away it causes fear of the unknown to those unaware that there are new and better ways coming and so they continue to believe that in spite of how disruptive and painful some of the old ways may of been, they were and are the right ways. Many of you are simply feeling this energy, it is not yours.

You will find yourselves increasingly called upon to help those drawn to you with questions and concerns. They recognize your stability in the face of outer appearances and want this for themselves. You will become and many of you already are teachers to those ready for and seeking truth. However, even more important than the outer work is the inner work, your ability to continuously and silently BE the Light that you are for without the inner there can be no outer.

You are spiritually ready to resist the temptation to quickly jump in to heal, change, or fix appearances. Those days ended once you understood and accepted that the only reality is that of one omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God/Source/Creator/Consciousness--period. Once this is understood and accepted, what is there to fix unless the belief in two powers continues?  

When you live life from a consciousness no longer cluttered with beliefs of duality and separation, the energy of your enlightened awareness automatically flows wherever you are because it is who you are. Allow your Light to flow to the earth, people and countries, and to all situations without attaching intentions as to how you think they should be. When you acknowledge the Light and perfection already present in and as them, you are working from a higher level, the level of Oneness.  

God alone is reality and the forms of good and evil that you witness are false mind translations of the spiritual reality that underlies everything. You cannot make something out of nothing. The mind draws upon and presents personal and collective states of consciousness (consciousness being the substance form) which in the third dimension are usually conditioned by beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers. 

This is why the very evolved over time have said that the world is an illusion. The world is not an illusion, it is a real, perfect, and spiritual expression of God. Rather, it is mankind's hypnotism and false beliefs about the world that constitute the illusion.

You may say that this is impossible and very impractical in the ordinary world where events of violence and discord take place regularly but this is why you who are awake chose to be on earth at this time. You came in order to seed collective consciousness with truth just as Jesus seeded the collective long ago. Increasingly more truth in the collective, will allow those seeking higher and better ways to access it. This is the only way a sleeping world can rise out of its present density and into the realities of the Universe of God's creation.

We are not saying it is ok to walk down dark alleys in questionable areas. We are not telling you stop locking your door. Living the spiritual life is the practice of walking the "razor's edge". Allow your intuition to guide you as you go about your day. Take whatever human footsteps may be necessary and practical but do it with an awareness of truth rather than fear. 

Living from within may seem difficult if not impossible as you observe personal and global conflict but this is why only those spiritually strong and sufficiently evolved were chosen for the job of bringing Light to an ascending planet. Allow appearances to be what they are without immersing yourself in (aligning with) them. Your job is not the same as those working to make things better through the three dimensional belief system. Your job as Light workers is to be the Light through your realization that God alone is power, not a power over but simply the only power. Allow the words; "I and the Father are one." to become your state of consciousness, your identity. This is mysticism.  

Over the course of hundreds of lifetimes, everyone's consciousness evolves in stages. First atheism, then into some sort of organized group or belief system, then to metaphysics, and lastly to mysticism or the consciousness of Oneness. Many hesitate to move beyond metaphysics because it offers new, different, and exciting tools that seem to work. However, metaphysics which is based in new ways of changing a bad picture into a good one as well as being able to bring someone closer to God often simply perpetuates the belief in duality and separation.

Every person learns and spiritually grows through each stage which is why it is important to simply allow others to be where they are in their belief system. When they are ready for their next stage, their Higher Self will guide them to it and you may be a part of it. Proselytizing is a very ego based activity.

Mysticism is an attained consciousness of Oneness which is lived automatically even when ordinary human footsteps must be taken. The world in general does not recognize modern day mystics because they live, work, have families and appear to be like everyone else. In general, the world continues to think of mystics as they have been pictured on holy cards, art work, statues etc.--eyes closed, hands folded, and with a bright light around their head. 

You who are awake, living in the world but not of it, are today's mystics. The mystical life is a life of detachment from much that occupies three dimensional thinking and thus those living it are often thought of as being uncaring and cold by those living fully in the three dimensional belief system. Being a modern day mystic never interferes with being loving and warm, but rather embodies the very essence of these things. Mysticism is what you have been preparing for throughout your many lifetimes of spiritual seeking, questioning, study, and practice. 

As you move deeply into conscious awareness of your Divine Selfhood, many previous ways of solving problems and living life in general, will continue to present themselves to your awareness because you are used to and familiar with them. However, you may quickly discover that ways (actions, words, ideas etc.) that worked well in the past for you no longer work as they once did. This is because you have evolved and are no longer in alignment with them. 

Never resist anything because resistance only makes that which is resisted into a "something" giving it power and reality. Rather, simply evaluate every situation in the light of your higher awareness--stop, go within, and remind yourself that nothing is power but God and that God is governing ITself as you. THEN take whatever steps you are intuitively guided to take which may appear to be very three dimensional to others.

Becoming mystical consciousness is a huge step , one that will take many more years, or even lifetimes for some but you who read and understand these messages are ready. At some point every soul finally realizes that all the "stuff" designed to bring one closer to God, is just "stuff" that will keep you believing that you are separate from God and all God's expressions. 

Nothing--no ritual, practice, prayer, class, crystal, oil, mantra, group, guru, or teacher can give you what you already have or make you what you already are. Spiritual tools can assist because they carry their own energy, many being of a high resonance. When you align with the energy of certain crystals or oils etc., you can be temporarily lifted to their level but it will always be temporary because your own state of consciousness is what governs you. 

Use these things, love them, but never forget that spiritual tools are meant to be helps never meant to become one's God. To continue depending upon spiritual tools or some person in the belief that you need them is a form of idolatry that will block further evolutionary progress.  

It is time and you are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/27/22

                                             FEBRUARY 13, 2022

Welcome dear readers.  

Even though nothing appears to be improving in the outer scene, know that increasingly more are awakening each day and beginning to question their beliefs and the systems that hold them in place. The changes that the world continues to hope and pray for can only manifest through the consciousness of the people of earth themselves and not from some far off three dimensional concept of God. Divine Source Consciousness embodies no duality or separation in it, aware only of ITSelf and ITs expressions because that is all that exists. 

As increasingly more begin to recognize the error of separation, the contents of earth's collective consciousness will become more enlightened, in turn allowing higher resonating and more evolved ideas to be accessed and acted upon. This is how change will come and this is the work you and all who are awake are doing.

Freedom is every individual's birthright and not something that must be fought for, prayed for, or anything else. Freedom is free and always has been. The poplar saying that freedom is not free is false. However, like the many Divine qualities that remain dormant in the majority, true freedom can only manifest from a consciousness that realizes oneness with Source makes it impossible not to be free. 

As your personal evolutionary journey draws you more deeply into an understanding of your true self hood, you discover as many already have, that you become increasingly aware of and free from many things that up to now have held you in some form of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bondage without your even being aware of it.  

Can God be bound by man made rules and beliefs? Could God ever be kept in bondage? Is God subject to the whims and desires, rules and regulations of human minds? A lack of freedom remains very apparent throughout the world because the majority has not yet attained a consciousness of freedom and believe that they are only powerless human beings. 

The people of earth will continue witness a lack of freedom on earth as long as there remains even one who believes in separation and duality. This is because there is only one consciousness individualized as the many. That one false belief will then manifest in some way because there is no un-manifest consciousness. But remember, your consciousness is the law unto you and not the collective although you will be aware of and continue to experience some of the collective while living on earth.  

Every person has choice as to what they accept or reject. Energy is always seeking to align with like energy and the state of your consciousness will attract from the collective those thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that align with your energy. However, thoughts that come floating into your mind are impersonal unless you claim them as yours at which time they then become yours because you have made them a part of your consciousness. Example--A person who continually worries about disease and their health will automatically attract ideas and experiences of disease and heath from the collective.

As a person spiritually evolves and their energy becomes more refined, they become more sensitive to the frequencies around them. Many very evolved young people who incarnated specifically to add Light to earth's ascension process, are having a difficult time now because their energetic sensitivity is causing them to feel the negative and low resonating energies (anger, depression, frustration, low self worth etc.) so apparent on earth at this time. Because they don't remember who they are or why they came, they believe these feelings, emotions etc. to be theirs personally rather than being external to them. If you have a young person suffering from this, explain to them what is going on, that their sensitivity is allowing them to feel collective energies that are not theirs. 

Many are beginning to actively protest for personal freedom. Because so many have integrated the higher frequencies that have been pouring to earth for some time, increasingly more are becoming aware of how freedoms on earth have been manipulated. Those who do not yet understand that freedom is already fully present within them by virtue of their oneness with God, will seek it through actions and outer activities that align with their present state of consciousness. You will be seeing increasingly more of this.

There is an opening and awakening indicative of evolutionary change taking place that is causing many who never before questioned personal freedom to now question. However you reading these messages already know who you are and that the qualities of Source including freedom are fully present within so for most of you (there will be exceptions) the work of bringing freedom consciousness to the world will take place more on the inner levels rather than an outer.

The increase of Light on earth is causing many to awaken and begin attempts to regain the personal freedoms they ignorantly allowed others to take in their lives--freedom to be one's self in relationships, job, family, and religious affiliations. Permanent freedom can only manifest through consciousness because consciousness is the substance of form which is why third dimensional tools are often ineffective.  

True freedom is struggling to be born at this time and every person is sensing it. It is not three dimensional concepts based in ideas of separation that will lift the world out of financial, marital, employment, or religious bondage but rather mankind's realization of their already present completeness. However, there remain those in the world who use media as well as other forms of communication to keep the majority from realizing innate freedom because once a person, or group realizes true freedom, they are no longer controllable.  

Know and actually accept that you are already free dear ones, by virtue of freedom being a Divine birthright available to all. Attaining the consciousness of it begins with knowledge, the understanding that you are already free by virtue of your oneness with Source. Follow this by practicing (bringing to mind) this truth in every situation that arises personally or globally.  

Acknowledge that freedom is a Divine law even though the world in general is not experiencing it fully at this time. Gradually a sense of freedom will begin to grow within you in spite of what may be taking place in the outer scene. This will bring with it new feelings of empowerment that begin to dissolve old feelings of victim-hood allowing you to easily say; "Thank you for your opinion, but I am going to do this."

Attaining a consciousness of personal freedom often brings about anger and resistance from those who do not want change and in some cases expect a person to continue doing what they tell them to do as before. Resistance will come from family, religious or social groups, husband/wife, friends, etc. but as long as decisions for personal freedom flow on streams of Love rather than those of anger, resentment, revenge etc., innate freedom will begin to grow and blossom.  

Always say, do, and take actions from a place of love even with those who may be angry, demanding, or resentful of the changes you are making for yourself. This never means surrendering to another's unwanted desires and choices for you but rather means that you firmly and in ways the other person can understand, state your truth from a consciousness aware of the other person's Divine nature. There will be times when you must simply you "play the game" a bit and there is no harm in this because what is important is what takes place in your consciousness. Always trust your intuition to guide you.

Once an individual chooses to open themselves to seeking spiritual truth they are guided in new directions, some of which are not always pleasant. Know that the difficult experiences manifest on all levels for every person once a choice to spiritually evolve has been made. These experiences are are not accidental or a sign of spiritual regression but rather come through an individual's Higher Self (the Real Self) who knows what lessons the person is prepared for, needs, and is ready to learn.  

Individuals frequently choose to incarnate into situations that will re-activate an old energy they may have been actively carrying and suffering with through lifetimes but are now spiritually prepared to clear. For example, a person who has carried and suffered from sexual abuse lifetime after lifetime, will be allowed if spiritually ready, to incarnate into a situation of active sexual abuse in order to personally activate these deeply buried energies, move beyond, clear them, and evolve into a state of consciousness that no longer allows, carries, accepts, or can ever again experience sexual abuse. These dear ones often then become counselors helping others do the same. 

Human minds can only judge by appearances but remember nothing is as it appears for everything in the third dimension is a material interpretation of a spiritual reality. Spiritual reality underlies all appearances or there would be no outer manifestation.  

Trust the process and allow yourselves to let go of the three dimensional "shoulds" and "should nots" you may still hold in consciousness. Be who you are

In the freedom of Divine Reality, we are the Arcturian Group 2/13/22 

                                                  JANUARY 30, 2022

Welcome dear readers,

As you are well aware, the world is presently experiencing a great deal of confusion and stress especially for those who are unaware of the ascension process taking place and many are saying to themselves, " I don't want to be here any longer." As a result many have left or are choosing to leave and Covid has provided an exit point. You must remember that because of free will every soul chooses on a deeper level whether to leave or stay although very few or even individuals themselves realize this.  

We spoke in our last message about relationships and the Mystical Marriage. We would like to add that when spiritually prepared, their balancing of male and female energy (the Mystical Marriage) begins automatically and without conscious effort through choices and life lessons whether the person is alone or in a relationship. The type of relationship makes no difference--heterosexual or homosexual.  

In the third dimension, relationships are often judged as to their rightness, wrongness, correctness, or even "sinfulness" based on how they align with certain religious or universal beliefs about what constitutes a proper or "God" endorsed relationship. There is no such thing as a sinful or wrong relationship if love and respect for both is present.

The two major stumbling blocks in every person's journey out of a three dimensional state of consciousness are relationships which we have already discussed and abundance. Mankind has suffered under the burden of lack and limitation for a very long time not realizing that they themselves were continuing to maintain and sustain it through their belief in it. The belief in lack is firmly established in universal collective consciousness and pervades every aspect of life on earth.  

You have all experienced forms of lack and limitation especially in earlier lifetimes when extreme lack was accepted as normal. The energy of these experiences has been stored in cellular memory and carried into the consecutive lifetimes of almost everyone making lack the dominant belief system on earth. 

Abundance is every person's natural birthright but because most remain ignorant of their true Self, the world as a whole continues to believe that it must struggle, work hard, steal, beg, and suffer even for the most basic of what may be needed. Lack and limitation on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) is simply the material manifestation of the belief in duality (have/don't have) and separation (separation from one's good and God).  

You are ready and prepared to move beyond the firmly established false beliefs that surround lack and limitation by actually accepting that you are in fact a Divine Being, not a limited human being subject to all the good and bad floating in the collective. You are God individualized and therefore embody all that God is and cannot lack simply because the idea of lack does not exist in Self-sustained, Self-maintained Divine Consciousness. If it did, it would be held in place by Divine Law forever, never to be removed.

The first step toward moving into a consciousness of abundance is to get the flow going. Donate what you not longer use or need, put something in the tip jar, give your time and energy to someone or something that needs it. When you pay bills, realize that because there is only one, the money is flowing from your right hand to your left through you from an Infinite Source within rather than from your personal three dimensional sense of supply which must always be limited because of the belief in duality whether at present there is a lot or a little. 

It doesn't matter the amount, start with one penny if that is what you have. What matters is the consciousness with which the giving of anything flows; "I have because I AM."

As God Beings your resources are unlimited. Observe the infinity of the blades of grass, trees, etc. always multiplying. Multiplication is Divine Law. Consciously acknowledge and begin to express money, goods, time, love, service, creativity, etc. in awareness of your Divine completeness. As we have said many times, Consciousness is the substance of form and if you continually make "I don't have" your state of consciousness, then mind, which is the interpreter of consciousness will see to it that you manifest exactly that.  

Many say they have tried these practices and they don't work, everything just remains the same. You must remember that in order for any idea on any level to become a manifesting state of consciousness it must first come into one's awareness, become knowledge and acceptance, and then practiced. This is true of everything whether it be learning to drive a car or attaining the consciousness of a spiritual truth.

As a person continues to remember, know, and practice sharing and giving from the realization that it is flowing through them from an unlimited self-sustained, self-maintained Source and not personally from them, it gradually becomes their state of consciousness and what is needed (not just wanted) begins to flow more easily and naturally, and often from where least expected.

Remember that as an individualization of Source, God, Divine Consciousness, you are the fullness of God and not just a part. You only believed that you were a limited human being because over the course of living many lifetimes permeated with false beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers you became hypnotized into believing that you were separate, less than, and worthless unless you conformed to specific societal or religious laws and standards of perfection.  

The evolutionary process does not take place in one moment, but rather unfolds as each person moves into spiritual readiness for their next step. The old, dense, and obsolete energies that have held you prisoner for so long are now clearing personally and globally and being replaced with higher dimensional frequencies of Light that will allow you to more easily experience reality.

As you rest in and trust the truth about yourself and others, fear will begin to drop away, life experiences will seem easier, and you will discover that you have become a teacher, way shower and Light for those still struggling and seeking. Many of you are already there. Yay!

We are the Arcturian Group 1/30/2

                                            JANUARY 16, 2022

Greetings dear readers. 

In these present times of chaos and seeming negativity it is important to remember that in spite of appearances all is proceeding according to the Divine Plan. You may look out at the world and say to yourself that nothing is changing but understand that before something can manifest materially, the idea and energy of it must be first present in the invisible. 

Changes that you cannot yet see in the outer are taking form on other levels because so many are now awakening to the deeper truth about themselves and as a result are adding light to collective consciousness. The outer world in time will, can not avoid, manifesting these energies of higher awareness because their essence will be present in the invisible allowing them to then appear in material form. 

Now is a time for trust, a time to cease judging the world's evolution according to the three dimensional standards based in old energy that seem to still rule the world. As the substance, energy, and essence of many obsolete beliefs decrease through the spiritual awakening of increasingly more individuals, the energy that originally formed and supports what many still consider to be the right and only way of doing things will no longer exist. 

Earth is a spiritual universe, peopled with Sons of God. Those who do not know this, create and live out from a very limited three dimensional belief system and experience their good and their bad on the physical/material level, unaware that they are manifestations of God and one with all life. This is the human condition, the illusion of separation that you came to help dissolve by entering into and experiencing these energies yourselves.  

As we have said many times, there is no unexpressed consciousness. Divine Consciousness is always expressing ITSelf in infinite form and variety. Individual consciousness (which is the ONE Consciousness individualized) is therefore always in expression as well. Any little bit of false energy you hold in consciousness will express but often in simple unnoticeable ways. If you recognize them, use these experiences as opportunities to examine your belief system and remove that which is false no matter how seemingly unimportant it may seem.

When living in a physical body surrounded by energies of duality and separation a person cannot help but absorb some of them. You chose to be on earth at this time not only to add Light to the world's ascension process, but also to clear remaining accumulated old energy from your own cellular memory. Clearings often involve the physical, emotional, or mental re-experiencing of some old energy as it moves through so do not think that somehow you have spiritually failed or are going backwards if it happens. See these experiences as graduations. 

Many of you are continuing to clear vows, promises, and oaths from the past, some of which you renewed in succeeding lifetimes because the beliefs involved were still held strongly as truth in your consciousness. Take time to sit quietly and state your intention to specifically clear all old oaths, vows, and promises which when taken with sincerity and intense belief, permeate cellular memory and often take time to fully clear.

Most of you had lives in which you sincerely embraced a vow of poverty (find yourself always lacking?) You also willingly took a vow of obedience (find yourself always playing follow the leader, afraid to make choices for yourself?) Lastly there was the vow of chastity. (Still judge sexuality as being of a lower level and not spiritual?) Although participants accepted and entered into these vows with sincerity and a desire to be closer to God, these same vows often represented a source of power and control for churches and those in charge.

Sexuality is a sacred facet of every person's being. The ignorance of third dimensional thinking especially within organized religions have relegated it to being evil, sinful, and a temptation brought about by women. For much of the world sexuality continues to be nothing more than a source of pleasure and a money maker, as well as something to be ignored, hidden and never talked about. In these times of awakening, sexuality is beginning to be seen in a new and higher way but continues to be presented through the media, film, books, etc. in ways that primarily reflect old three dimensional thinking. 

Sacred sexuality was taught in the ancient mystery schools and high resonating temples as being a path leading to a deeper awareness of one's innate Divinity. As with all things present in material form, human sexuality flows from a much deeper reality without which the material form would not exist. Divine Consciousness is neither male or female but rather is the totality of both as ONE.  

In the duality energy of the third dimension, an individual is either male or female. Physically, emotionally, and mentally the male energy manifests as the active, be-er, do-er while the female energy manifests as the receptive, love, and intuitive. When they come together physically, a child, a new person is created. 

Every individual and not just some special one or a few, is fully complete embodying all of God's qualities and not half or just some--ALL. On earth most are raised to emphasize only the qualities of their physical gender and to avoid those of the other, but this is changing. Men are opening themselves to qualities previously considered feminine and women are becoming more willing to experience the masculine energies. This is a sign of spiritual evolution, and not that men and women are becoming weak. 

At some point in everyone's spiritual journey, they must acknowledge and then consciously bring their fully present male aspect into alignment with their fully present female aspect allowing a new and higher state of consciousness to be born. This perfect, whole, Divine Self has always been fully present in every person, but has always been unknown and unrecognized by the majority. 

In spiritual terms, when a person embraces, accepts, and joins his/her male and female aspects allowing it to become their state of consciousness, it is called the Mystical Marriage. Un-awakened minds interpret the Mystical Marriage simply as sex although most suspect that something deeper underlies it. 

This is not to relegate the human sexuality to being "less than" for it represents the material sense of sacred love and oneness, a physical expression of the mystical reality of individualized completeness. Human sexuality is a pleasurable and enjoyable experience and is likewise sacred when entered into with love and respect. However, because the reality underlying sex is the Mystical Marriage, sacred guidelines do exist. It is never to be forced, made fearful, used as a means to an end, self serving, violent, entered into without love or respect, or considered a "duty". 

A consciousness that knows it is whole and complete because it has both male and female qualities rather than just one, lives from a sense of completeness because he/she understands that their masculine aspect (action, initiative, strength, decisiveness) will act to support and balance their feminine aspect ( love, tenderness intuition and sensitivity) while their feminine aspect will love and intuitively assist their masculine actions.

Individuals who are spiritually ready to embrace their male or female aspect but resist, will often experience situations that force them to do it. For example a woman who continually looks to a man to make decisions for her may find herself through divorce, death or some other circumstance forced to do these things for herself. A "macho" man may suddenly find himself in a situation where he is the caregiver for a child or parent. 

Many are now moving into a higher consciousness of sexuality and its deeper significance as being the Mystical Marriage and through this deeper awareness are beginning to accept that they are complete and in need of nothing outside of self/SELF.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/16/22

                                                   JANUARY 2, 2022

Dear readers, welcome to the New Year which will be one that holds surprises and change. Much is going to be exposed during this coming year and some of it will shock you. Most of you have already intuited many areas of change but some things will come as a surprise. 

Be not afraid or concerned dear ones, when familiar beliefs, traditions, and ways of going about your life no longer feel as important and fail to resonate as they once did. This simply means that your energy has shifted to a new resonance, causing you now to be out of energetic alignment with much you have always accepted as a part of your life. Preferences for food, clothing, employment, entertainment, and most outer activities will change, sometimes profoundly and sometimes just a little. You may find yourself being drawn more to silence and aloneness rather than to many of the outer activities you previously enjoyed.

Because everyone is an individual expression of Divine Consciousness, the journey that is necessary for this to become an actual attained state of consciousness never ceases. The spiritual evolutionary journey takes place over many lifetimes and includes whatever experiences are necessary to bring each individual to where they are open, prepared, and ready to embrace the higher dimensional realities of who and what they are. 

Evolution does not stop when a person awakens out of the third dimensional belief system, that is just the beginning. The third dimension is the bottom rung of a very high dimensional ladder and evolution continues infinitely through these higher dimensions. God is infinite and an infinite God simply cannot be understood with the finite limited human mind although many attempt it and many others think they have succeeded. God reveals ITself as an individual is prepared and ready. You have all gotten revelations that seem to come out of nowhere but did they really come from nowhere?

Ascension is nothing more than the expansion of consciousness through the integration of truth which then automatically dissolves the false and becomes a person's state of consciousness. Because there is only ONE Consciousness, every individualization of this ONE Consciousness is already a full and complete but when a person does not understand this they continue to create and live in a world of illusion, experiencing the various forms of duality and separation they have ignorantly created. The spiritual journey is the process of peeling away the impersonal and false debris that every person in ignorance has over the course of many lifetimes allowed accumulate in consciousness..

Once a deeper fuller realization of truth takes place it does not mean you then leave your ordinary life behind, but rather means that because you now understand and have integrated the higher truths regarding yourself and the world, you can live in the world but not be of it. A higher state of consciousness automatically responds to the world in higher ways because consciousness is what you are. You serve the Light and assist with the earth's ascension process simply by being who you are. 

There is no need to continually struggle with attempts and activities designed to to express love to someone or something as many religions teach. Your consciousness of ONEness and recognition of the already present Light within every person serves to automatically bring love into every situation. This is Lightwork, which is what you came to do. There will be occasions where some action is required, but in general the higher sense of Lightwork is that of no struggle, no looking to save, heal, or fix the error you see around you but rather simply holding firm to truth and bearing witness to the Divine Reality that is ever present even when it doesn't look that way.

Even those who choose to remain in old energy feel the resonance of the higher dimensional frequencies of Light you carry in consciousness. Some may dislike you for it even though most don't understand their reaction. Others will be drawn to this higher energy but do not let either response concern you because you have already or are close to graduating beyond seeking validation from people, places, or anything outside of you.  

You may have noticed that increasingly more people seem to be involved in helping others. Often it is on a very basic level and through some rigidly structured group but it represents a first step toward awakening into a consciousness of oneness which is how evolution works, one step at a time. 

Those who are stuck in old energy and refuse to budge preferring to hold fast to obsolete ideas of separation and duality, war, greed, and self serving will gradually find their positions becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as the world changes around them. There are many struggling to hold on to power in the belief that personal power keeps them safe and supplied. Anything formed from beliefs of duality and separation have no law to hold them in place, only a belief in them and as these beliefs diminish, so do their outer forms.

Meditate often, resting in the true nature of your being even as you go about your day. Meditation for some is seen as another means of begging some concept of god for what the person believes they do not have and need. Never go into meditation with the idea of attaining something you believe you do not have for this will simply strengthen the belief of separation. Rather let your meditation be a resting in the silent awareness of "I have because I AM". Meditation is simply allowing yourself to rest in the realization of oneness with God.  

It is normal and natural for extraneous thoughts to float through when meditating. Never go into angry resistance or believe you can't meditate because this happens. Just allow the thoughts to float through without giving them attention or power while continuing to focus on a silent awareness of oneness. Do not look for lights and voices and experiences you may have read or heard others talk about for this will limit your own personal experience and can actually be self created. It may seem to you that nothing happens when you meditate, but know that whenever anyone goes within with the intention of resting in "I AM" something always happens on the deeper levels.  

As a person evolves they begin to live meditation and the need for structured sitting meditations become less. The state you sought through meditation simply becomes your state of consciousness, always with you as you go about your work, interactions, fun, and whatever. It is simply a matter of keeping one tiny bit of awareness always tuned within and aware of Divine reality which in turn allows you to easily recognize the Divinity of others even those who may be unpleasant or rigid in their negative beliefs.

The whole purpose of choosing to be on earth in these unusual and intense times is to assist a sleeping world awaken to their true nature, to the fact that God is not an old man in the sky as so many have been taught but rather is Omnipresent Consciousness which in turn makes everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled on the third dimensional level a material concept of Reality.  

The world you know seems very real. You experience pain, lack, and limitation in many forms. In ignorance over the course of many, many lifetimes everyone has accumulated and stored dense energy that continues to express outwardly but is presently clearing from your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. As long as human consciousness continues to believe that the third dimension is the only reality, they will continue to manifest it as their personal and global reality.  

Every person is a creator, a God Being creating his or her world from the substance of their consciousness, a consciousness that in reality is Divine/God/ Consciousness but over time has become conditioned and clouded over by beliefs of good and evil, separation, and two powers.

This may cause you to ask why some very kind and loving people have many problems. It is because they are still creating from a three dimensional state of consciousness. There is no unexpressed consciousness. Never are troubles or suffering personal but rather these things exist as expressions of an impersonal universal belief system of separation that individuals have ignorantly allowed to be their state of consciousness. The human/material sense of good is just as illusory as the human sense of bad. They are simply the two ends of the hypnotism stick.

Present times are difficult for everyone, the spiritually awake as well as those who are not. Everyone is feeling the intensity of earth's energy at this time. High frequency Light energies from the higher dimensions are stirring up and exposing pockets of dark energy that have lain hidden and often disguised as ordinary people, places, or things. All will eventually be exposed and dissolve into the nothingness that they are formed of.

Do not sit back waiting for this or that to happen or praying for some particular event to take place. The Divine Plan has been activated and is unfolding as it must for the highest and best good of all. Your job is to hold the Light of truth while trusting that all is proceeding according to plan personally and globally which means accepting that in spite of appearances the reality is that everything is already perfect and whole.

We know that you are tired. Try not to compare present times to the past, longing for things to go back to the way they were. The past is complete having served to bring the world to where it is now ready for the new and higher. You are in the midst of a massive consciousness shift.  

Creations formed from higher states of consciousness can only be better than those formed from the lower resonances of the past.

​We are the Arcturian Group                                                         1/2/22

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