NOVEMBER 8, 2020

Dear readers, we welcome you with love in these times of turmoil, confusion, fear, and uncertainty. Because a great deal of what the un-awakened ones consider as being essential to successful living is changing or actually disappearing,  many of them have embraced resistance and futile attempts to keep the status quo.

High vibration frequencies of Light are exposing many long buried low resonating creations formed of false beliefs based in duality and separation.  They are surfacing the world over, being seen and recognized for what they really represent by increasingly more people each day. You are witnessing exactly what you came to witness, the dissolution of old energy which in turn will allow the spiritual  evolution of the third dimension to unfold.

If you read and feel alignment with these messages, then you are not a spiritual beginner who just happened to get caught on earth during these times. You have attained a state of consciousness capable of holding truth while witnessing  appearances of a lower resonance. This is the work.  It is what you came to do and is why you chose to  incarnate when you did.  It is no accident that you happen to be on earth at the very time of her ascension.

Cease believing yourselves to be powerless humans subject to every physical, emotional, and mental belief floating about in the three dimensional collective.  You must begin to accept and live as  the powerful and spiritually evolved beacons of Light that you are, well prepared to do what you came to do which is to live in the density of a three dimensional world but not be of it.

As of yet, the majority does not realize that they are one with God/Source carrying within themselves everything they have sought and hoped for. These dear ones are meeting world situations the best way they can  according to their present state of consciousness which is frequently through some violent form of grasping for what they believe they need or are entitled to, be it peace of mind or material goods.

Remain alert to inadvertently aligning with the lower resonating energies of fear and hopelessness so abundant at this time.  "Be in the world, but not of it".  It is very easy to energetically align with what  you are presently hearing and seeing.  At the same time, do not confuse spiritual detachment with  total disregard for those who are suffering.  Even though you know the illusory nature of forms of duality and separation, you cannot be the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand.  There will be occasions when you will need to somewhat  "play the game" in order to assist others in some needed way. Always trust your intuition on these occasions.

Hold to center in each now moment, never forgetting that God is the only  power, the only reality, the only cause and therefore the only effect in spite of what you may see.  When you feel yourself getting sucked into lower resonating energies, stop, re-center, and  focus on the truth of "I am".    "I am Divine Being who has chosen to temporarily experience the dense energies of the third dimension" keeping in mind  always that this is true also of every person.

It helps to do mini mediations during the day that keep you centered and remind you of who and what you are--at the stop light, while waiting for someone, in the bathroom, at your desk, folding laundry.  Just a blink, a second that indicates your intention to align with the reality of your being--I AM.

Send Light often  through frequent eyes open mini-meditations.  Visualize earth surrounded  with bright white/gold Light while holding  no intention other than to send love and Light. There is no need to tell the Light what to do because Light is high vibration energy as it is perceived by the human mind and when you  send it, you are sending unconditional love, Divine energy.  You may see colors change or become something new.

You have all lived many many lifetimes under the influence of the third dimensional belief system.  Some of these lives were short and some long.  Some were happy and some were miserable even to the extent of being tortured to death.  However, the accumulated experiences from these many lifetimes  have brought you to the level of spiritual awareness you now have. 

During these lifetimes your energy field integrated and stored some lower resonating energies from that particular time.  Disease, fear, frustration, lack, expressing as  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual  pain  remain  alive and well until the particular energy maintaining them is cleared and no longer a part  of consciousness.  Remember, consciousness is the substance of form.

You have already cleared a great deal of old energy simply through allowing  higher levels of truth to become your state of consciousness as well as through dreams. Trust that your Higher Self will allow each new step to unfold as you are ready. When dense physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual  issues surface it means they are presenting to be recognized and cleared because you are ready. You are no longer beginners subject to the random accidents and events that often occur to those living fully in three dimensional energy.

Some evolved individuals  question and believe that they have somehow spiritually failed when one or more negative issue suddenly appears in their usually harmonious lives. No dear ones, you can never fail, rather you are graduating, finally prepared to release and move beyond whatever remaining false concepts and beliefs you may still hold.  Trust that you indeed have the tools with which to meet every situation.

Most of you are no longer clearing in a major way but rather are in the process of integrating higher frequencies of Light.  The integration process can be difficult for the physical body because every organ and function is changing its vibration.  The mind frequently translates the "ascension symptoms" that accompany  energy integration as disease or a problem. New meridians are being formed to carry the higher resonating energies, DNA is changing, and all systems are upgrading.  Allow the process.

We have stated that there is a Divine Plan, but there has been some confusion with this.  The Divine plan is not a three dimensional plan where this will happen at this time and  then that will happen at that time.  The Divine plan that is forever in place and can never be stopped or put aside is the evolution of every individual soul into full awareness of their oneness with God.  Many continue holding three dimensional  concepts of what the Divine plan should look like not realizing that the people themselves are interpreting and creating the Divine Plan. 

Keep this in mind when you are tempted to give power to officials, elections, government, or anything in the outer scene for none of these things can stop the Divine Plan.  It really doesn't matter who wins elections.  Nothing can deter the Divine Plan. The spiritual awakening of every soul is ordained by Divine Law simply because Oneness is the reality.  It can be delayed through  free will  but never stopped.  Keep your focus on this and not outer appearances.  Stop feeding the  illusions.

There is no  puppet master in the sky with strings attached to every person.  It is time to accept that every person is their own puppet master. For those of you who are spiritually awake, the time is long gone for seeking outwardly to people, places, or things to "save" you.  Governments, experts, family, or religious doctrines and practices served as tools along the way, but you no longer need them.  Everything in the outer can rise no higher than the state of consciousness from which it springs and placing  trust and dependence on them simply aligns you with that state of consciousness. 

Earth has reached a point of readiness for new and higher experiences as per the Divine Plan.  Personal and global evolution will continue to express though outer events that may not appear to be very spiritual.

The incarnation of many, many evolved souls capable of lifting collective energy to where change could begin to manifest was necessary and you volunteered.  Know that you are qualified to do this work.  It is why you came, dear holders of Light.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                    11/8/20

                                     OCTOBER 25,2020

We see your suffering dear ones, and we witness the struggle of so many to remain objective in the midst of a world that seems to have gone mad with people acting out in ways never seen or experienced before.  Trust dear ones, trust that there is indeed a Divine Plan unfolding that cannot be stopped by those who do not want the world to awaken. 

All is proceeding according to plan but to three dimensional thinking there is no plan.  Most are as of yet unable to see or understand that there is a Divine plan underlying  outer appearances.  Human minds steeped in beliefs of duality and separation are unable to grasp anything outside of the limiting belief system they live in and so act in the only ways they know.

You do know what is going on and this why your job is to hold the Light as an observer, doing what needs to be done but in ways that reflect spiritual awareness.  It is time to actually embrace being "In the world, but not of it" and because the third dimension functions in time and space, the Divine plan must unfold as a process. 

Do not accept everything you read and hear though news media sources for they are often misinformed themselves, passing on information that has been skewed with falsehoods.  Always let your intuition guide you in these matters, even with regard to "spiritual messages"  for some of these are not on the highest level as well because a channel flows through the consciousness of the channeler. 

Anything that promotes fear and negativity is not reflective of the Light.  However, be alert to whether you are reacting to something from your present human mind level, or are being intuitively guided.  It  is easy to be fooled when something you simply do not wish to hear about or deal with in yourself is presented in a channel.

Stay informed, while not aligning with the energy of that which you are being informed about unless you are guided to become involved.  Some are guided to be a part of the chaos, but they are those who have attained a consciousness that allows them to work from a detached level and bring Light into situations.  Never doubt that there are many  Light workers in the trenches at this time but this work is not for most. Trust your intuition on this.

Our message today is about Trust.  Not ordinary trust based in ideas, concepts, and beliefs reflective of the third dimensional belief system but a higher trust, one that springs from the realization that omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Divinity is the reality of who you are.  This trust understands that the qualities of Source are already fully present within, available to express and be experienced as truth becomes an attained state of consciousness.

As the reality of Oneness is understood, accepted, and becomes the consciousness of increasingly more individuals, many three dimensional creations will dissolve simply because  the energy that formed them in the first place is no longer present to sustain and maintain them.  This is beginning to happen now.  Many obsolete belief structures are beginning to crumble and much more is to come which is very frightening for those who have placed hope and trust, safety and security in concepts.

Allow everything that feels finished in your life to drop away regardless of how well it once worked for you in spite of the opposition you may get from those around you. Try not to mourn the loss of certain comfortable ways of living if they have begun to feel "old",  but rather rejoice in the knowledge that a  spiritual idea underlies every outer manifestation because you cannot make something out of nothing.

When the energy that formed and has sustained many facets of three dimensional living like health, education, government,religion, relationships, etc. begins to dissolve,  always know that only the lower resonating form/concept of the Divine idea dissolves, never the reality.  Divine Ideas, permanently held in place by Divine Law will always re-manifest in a new and higher resonating form if allowed. 

Evolution is and always has been an ongoing process but these times represent a particularly giant step of evolution.  Everything, on all levels automatically changes as the substance of it (consciousness) changes.  Recycling is simply a higher form of waste disposal, cars have replaced horses, the printing press replaced hand written books, respect for nature is growing, and people are becoming increasingly aware of how unloving and unfair much that was previously considered acceptable, is.

God being the only cause, can therefore be the only effect.  Ask yourself;  "Do I really believe in One omnipresent God, or do  I continue to have many gods in my consciousness?"  The third dimensional belief system has promoted gods of money, power, religious beliefs, fashion, physical appearance, employment, relationships, family, traditions, and much more.  Anything a person deems to be necessary for happiness and success represents belief in a false god.  Utilize these present "down times" to seriously reflect on this.

A person cannot continue to worship one or more three dimensional  gods while at the same time believing that they accept the truth of ONE God.  Ancient belief systems of many Gods were about invisible beings and creatures that had power over everyone and needed to be appeased, often in some violent way. Now replace images of these ancient gods with whatever you have allowed to become a personal god.

Take time to go within and honestly ask; "What am I worshipping in the outer scene? What have I made into a god?  What do I continually dedicate my thought and  action to attaining in the belief that I must have it in order to be happy?"  Examine your beliefs honestly, sincerely, and without judgement dear ones, for this is the purpose of the present down times.  Go within and discover what you may still hold as being true, real, necessary, unchangeable, and important etc . and then decide if you wish to continue making it a part of your consciousness.

Never allow self judgement to interfere with your journey of self examination for it is a sacred process, a necessary part of evolution.  You were taught throughout lifetimes to put your dependence and value in outer things and you sincerely believed in the correctness of these teachings.  However, those of you who read and understand these messages, have attained a level of awareness that now makes these three dimensional teachings obsolete.

Many three dimensional ideas have served well and continue to serve some, but because you have shifted into a deeper awareness these same things  will no longer function for you as they once did.   For awhile the mind will continue to express what it is familiar with--judgement and criticism, fear and negativity, longing and desires. Simply allow the old programming  to flow through , aware of what is happening, and giving it no power. There is a bible statement that says; "Let the heathen rage". 

If I am truly one with Source, Divine consciousness in expression, then I  am self-sustained , complete, and whole.  So why do I continue to seek that which I already am outside of myself?  You have been on this journey of enlightenment for a very very long time dear ones, and have reached a fork in the road.  "Do I stay on a path that has worked pretty well for many lifetimes and brought me some success and happiness, or do I take a chance on this unfamiliar path that seems to be drawing me toward it?" 

It is a frightening time for the world, a time in which much that has worked in the past, is no longer working and everything seems to be getting worse. The dense energy creations  now surfacing and shocking many have always been present, well sustained and maintained but out of majority awareness and those that did became aware were often silenced.

You have not failed, for you cannot fail.  Let go of all remaining concepts about spirituality and what you must do or not do in order to be "spiritual".  These teachings were valid steps along your evolutionary  but are now simply part of that which you are ready to let go of.  You have moved on and no longer need former tools once  so important to  your awakening process. 

Use these present times to discover and release concepts you may still hold about what constitutes failure or success on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.  Acknowledge your talents, your reality, your gifts, the  truth of your being, and accept what you discover, dear ones.  Denying one's talents and Divine Light never represents humility as many have been taught, but rather is its opposite, a rejection of one's true nature as ONE.

Let go, let go, let go and allow the Divine Consciousness that you are to live and express  ITself through and as you.  These times are the reason you came and  why you have devoted so much of your life to spiritual study, growth, and awareness.   The world needs your Light NOW and you are fully capable of doing this work.


We are the Arcturian Group                                                                     10/25/20

                                    OCTOBER  4, 2020

Welcome, dear readers.

A sense of losing hope has come to some of you even as you resist it.  Know that it is ok to feel the emotions that arise in these powerfully  energetic times as so much negativity is being amplified in the outer.  Don't resist them or judge yourself when they appear, but rather simply recognize them for what they (impersonal) are and let them go. They can serve as perfect tools for practicing what you know.

Much of what you are now witnessing in the outer scene is a three dimensional response to false fear information being  promoted through multiple media forms by those who stand to benefit from maintaining ignorance and fear in the majority. 

Many old and no longer relevant programs are breaking down in order to begin shifting into higher form but to human thinking it seems as if everything is regressing and getting worse.  Those who do not understand what is taking place then react from their level of consciousness, which is often based in duality and separation.

Spiritual evolution is unstoppable.  The three dimensional belief system that has governed life on earth for eons, must dissolve into its own nothingness  in order to be replaced by that which is of a higher reality. This has always been known by truth seekers but many did not expect the journey from three through fourth and into fifth dimensional energy to be filled with so much chaos and confusion.  Rather, they envisioned a gentle transition into a happy peaceful world without troublemakers. 

Let go of any and all concepts you may still hold with regard to what personal or global ascension should look like.  Trust the Divine  plan to unfold as it will for it is a process, a very powerful one that cannot be interfered with by those who simply don't like the idea.  Individuals ascending into higher dimensional energy while remaining in their physical bodies has never before happened and  is being observed with excitement by those in other dimensions. 

If an individual  were to integrate high resonating energy all at once without preparation, he would die, because his physical system would not be capable of assimilating it.  This is why you are experiencing a process wherein remaining dense energies clear from cellular memory and at the same time those of a higher resonance  integrate.  The speed, timing, and readiness for this is determined  by each one's Higher Self so never compare your process with that of another. 

Not all are ready in this lifetime for the full integration of 5th dimensional energy.  In fact, they may be doing exactly what they came to do in this life and attempts to enlighten someone when they are not yet ready will simply be interference. This is why it is important to let go of feeling the need to "awaken" friends and family in the false belief that you are doing them a favor.  Always trust your intuition regarding who has "ears to hear" and then you can lovingly share what you know.

Occasionally the mind of someone newly awakened to energy and truth  interprets the integration of the higher and different frequencies as being an invader and resists it, causing the person to experience pain, negativity, and often fear.  As the mind becomes accustomed to the process these things subside.

                     Allow, allow, allow, dear ones.  You have reached a readiness for allowing.

Allowing does not mean giving up in the sense of being powerless, but rather means choosing to live each now moment from your highest level of spiritual awareness without attempting to heal, change, or correct it.  It requires living truth 24/7,  not just when it is convenient.

In order to move into allowing one must first understand it because to human thinking allowing makes no sense and seems contrary to three dimensional beliefs about how to live a successful life.  Allowing is a step in every person's evolutionary process as they attain a consciousness of ONE.   This then allows them to live life from a place of trust and confidence, with awareness of the reality that underlies all appearances.  You who read and resonate with these messages are ready to allow, otherwise you would not be interested or even understand this information.

You have done the preparatory work throughout your many lifetimes.  You have studied and practiced many different truths and had good, bad, and horrible learning experiences. You have lived in convents, monasteries and ashrams.  You have been warriors and peacemakers, male and female, rich and poor, smart and stupid, healthy and sick, happy and miserable, free and slave.  You are now qualified to accept the reality of who and what you are and cease judging yourself by three dimensional standards that have become obsolete for you.

For lifetimes you have been taught and even now the world still teaches that your good is outside of you and you must do whatever it takes to get it.   You are taught methods and techniques for attracting it to you even in metaphysical teachings.  So called "experts" in all areas of life have been endowed with the power to determine your choices, which in reality is a surrendering of the innate power every individual has as a Divine Being.

All must eventually come to  believe and trust that they are made of God substance, Divine Consciousness and therefore already embody everything that constitutes God--peace, harmony, abundance, safety and security, completeness, wholeness, intelligence, and that their reality is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient on every level. This constitutes absolute truth.  Attaining the consciousness of it is what the journey is all about.

Do not make the mistake some have made when learning about oneness with God and then proceed to go abut declaring that they need to nothing because "I am God" or "Everything is illusion,  just ignore it".  This is very foolish because until truth becomes an attained state of consciousness, it remains just information and cannot manifest outwardly.  Getting there is the evolutionary process. 

As truth integrates and becomes one's state of consciousness, he/she will begin to experience God qualities in their personal life, qualities that have always been fully present but were not accessible through human thinking.  Remember, consciousness is the substance of form. 

Example;  A medical doctor who has attained a consciousness of his/her completeness as a Divine Being, will find the solution to some medical problem simply present itself to his awareness without struggle. Mind interprets consciousness individually.  That is, the mechanic will not get a new idea for surgery, nor will the surgeon received information on how to fix his car (unless he asks and needs it).

It is time to claim your Divinity rather than continuing to look at the idea of ONEness as being simply a nice idea for those more spiritual than you.  No one is more spiritual than another.  NONE.  The difference is that some know it and some don't.  All are Source expressing ITself for IT is all that exists. 

Religiosity has come to be thought of as spirituality.  The trappings, rites, and rituals of many religions will dissolve as mankind becomes increasingly aware that they are already one with Source and don't need  religious "hoopla" to make it happen.  There are those who will continue to need these things as a first step in their awakening and so they will not completely go away, but for most they will no longer be necessary.

Every time you meet a challenge from your highest level of awareness, it becomes a part of the collective where it then can be accessed by others who may need this exact solution in their life.  Because there is only ONE, everyone's actions and thoughts automatically become a part of collective consciousness.  As the collective is increasingly fed with energies of truth and Light, higher forms can begin to emerge in the outer scene.   You help to lift the collective simply through ordinary acts done or words spoken with spiritual awareness and Love.  This is the work.

There is no need to become a world leader or guru in order to do what you came to do.  It is simply a matter of living  the truth you know about yourself and others in all situations and as you do this, more awareness unfolds and opens you to new levels.  Living truth is difficult during these times.  Fear and anger  make it very tempting to revert back to the familiar with solutions and thinking that worked in the past.  However, the energy that once sustained many of these concepts no longer exists making them  unworkable.

Each day brings  increasingly higher Light frequencies.  You will feel them but so also will those still fully enmeshed in illusion often empowering them toward some sort of outer action.  Acknowledge the Light within every person especially those causing problems.   Visualize flames of Light surrounding the earth and send Light from your Sacred Heart Center to all  of earth's kingdoms--crystal/mineral,  plant,  animal, devic/elemental/nature spirit,  and all people. 

Living life from this level need not be complicated.  It does not require living alone on a mountain top meditating day and night although a few are still being called to simply hold the Light.  Rather it is learning to live, be, and allow one's highest realized truth about God, self, and all life forms to govern your choices.

You are silent vigilant sentinels observing and standing guard over truth as you witness the play of illusion versus reality. 
You are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                         10/4/20

                                   SEPTEMBER 20,2020

Welcome dear readers.  Know that through your alignment with these messages you are in alignment with the energy of the Arcturian Group.

All is proceeding according to plan even though appearances look increasingly negative especially for those  who are unaware of the ascension process taking place.  You may think you are doing nothing but each and every one of you chose to be a part of these energetically powerful times in order to provide your energy, experience, and knowledge from hundreds of previous lives to collective consciousness. 

The energy that emanates from one's consciousness is automatically felt in varying degrees by others because there is only One.  Energy always seeks to align with ITself, drawing its own level of vibration. This is why there is the saying; "Birds of a feather flock together" and is also  why  attraction or repulsion frequently happens between people who do not even know each other.

No one can hide their state of consciousness behind a mask for very long although many try and a few even succeed for a while.  Energy speaks loudly without words or actions especially to those who live more from within than from without, and have become more aware of energy. Trust your intuition for it is a powerful tool.

Certain places will begin to feel heavy and uncomfortable because your energy is now resonating at a higher frequency causing you to be out of alignment with some favorite places, people, or activities.  Honor these experiences without resistance or fanfare but with understanding.  There will continue to be times when you must participate in something  you have outgrown but rather than resist, use the occasion as an opportunity to practice staying centered without judgement or criticism of those still in alignment with them.

Never attempt to hold on to or restore something you have spiritually outgrown through  peer pressure, guilt, attachment, or common belief.  Once you no longer energetically align with some person, place, thing, idea, or belief nothing can make it as it was in a previous state of consciousness unless it moves to your level. This is spiritual evolution.

It is very important that you learn to let negative thoughts and feelings flow through and out without claiming them to be personally yours simply because you are aware of them.  The hundreds of negative thoughts and beliefs that float about in collective consciousness are always impersonal because they are not reality-- Divine Consciousness.  The moment you claim them as yours, they become yours and then begin to draw to you similar energy. 

The only qualities that are personal to you are those of Divine Consciousness.  Begin to claim these qualities  rather than every three dimensional belief about money, health, spirituality etc. that comes floating into your awareness from the collective.

If you find that some similar or same negative thought seems to consistently present itself, it means you are somehow in alignment with that energy, drawing it to you.  Use the experience to discover and clear the beliefs that are behind the consistent thought.  A good example is a person who always thinks and worries about their health and who automatically comes down with whatever disease is popular at the moment. 

Mind in its perfect functioning as an avenue of awareness lovingly forms for every person exactly what they hold in consciousness from the substance of their consciousness.   It is not uncommon for someone in the medical field who has specialized in a specific disease to find himself or someone close to him developing that very disease. 

Do  I still accept age, deterioration, and disease as reality? Can God age or deteriorate?   If disease was a part of Divine Consciousness, no person or treatment would ever be able to heal, change, or correct it for it would be held permanently in place by Divine Law.   Start accepting the truth that you are creators.

Because the energy of earth is becoming increasingly intense and refined, everything is manifesting very quickly and it is much easier to suddenly discover one's self in some sort of unpleasant  predicament when one slips back into old energy. 

Do not fear, but be alert to what you are feeling and believing in each moment.  Practice truth even though you don't yet fully realize it.  The first part of spiritual awakening is knowledge, then the practice, and finally when you least expect it, the realization where it becomes your attained state of consciousness.

The next year is going to be one of turmoil but great awakening as much of the old begins to crumble.  It is important to stay in the now moment, not projecting and worrying about what is now or what is to come.  Trust that earth's ascension is a Divine Plan and Divine Plans cannot be diverted or affected by resistance from human minds that are governed by ego and false information. 

As increasingly more Light flows to earth and exposes personal and global energies ready to be released, your body or life may seem to suddenly fall apart.  Do what you need to do on a practical level but never forget that there is  much more happening than what three dimensional appearances would testify to. With regard to the physical issues that are popping up for many of you right now, know that most of it consists of old disease or injury energy from past lives that will pass.

Love is the highest form of energy because it is Divine Reality.  Love is omnipresent, is what you are made of, and  is all there is.  This is why you read and hear so much about love in messages from the higher dimensions.

           Love is the energy that connects and flows between all within ONE.

We have stated this before, but it is very important to say it again because understanding the true nature of love is the key to everything.  Love is acknowledging the Divine Nature of everyone and every thing including self along with the realization that you have never been other than this.   

On the three dimensional level,  love is interpreted through states of consciousness that are deeply conditioned by beliefs in duality and separation.  Love has been degraded into meaning sex, power, ownership of another, pain, punishment, or even in some cultures and religious groups, the sacrifice of human or animal life. 

Love has been and  is often still promoted as the giving up of one's own identity in order to serve another person or cause deemed more worthy.  Never surrender your innate Divine Power out of guilt, remorse, or pressure from others for it is who you are.   If a need presents itself for you to serve in some way, let it be your choice, one made  in full awareness of your Divinity and not something forced upon you by the opinions and beliefs of others.

A sense of Oneness is being felt by increasingly more people although most do not yet understand what it is they are feeling.  It is beginning to manifest as the result of destructive weather events and the many demonstrations happening around the world.  Some who have always lived happily isolated  in comfortable homes surrounded by their "stuff" and like minded friends are being forced either from their own experiences or those of others, to begin questioning and examining their  beliefs.

Compassion, service, and a growing awareness of the problems of others  are the beginning steps that eventually lead every individual to a state of consciousness in which no one is left out, a consciousness that understands that no one can be left out of ONE.  

You are seeing a great deal of political turmoil  right now which is the clash of old versus new.  Those fully enmeshed in the old are unable to conceive of any other way of doing things, while the new is aware of how useless so much of the old has become. 

Much of what constitutes politics, law, and organized religion  is based in structures of  "power over"  and as these things are questioned and  begin to collapse it feels like a death to those who thrive from them.  In their ignorance, they are attempting to keep everything as it was, doing all they can through words and actions to maintain the status quo not realizing that new and better structures will emerge from the ashes of the old.

Take heart dear ones, for all is proceeding according to plan, unfolding as it can.  We cannot give  predictions because you the people of earth are creating the energy that  manifests outwardly.  We are observers here to assist, but free will means that the people of earth themselves must do the work of creating  the energies necessary to build a new world consciousness. 

Mankind is now ready to stop looking to stars, metaphysical practices, ceremonies, gurus, priests, experts, or even governments to change things for the better.  Every person must at some point stop believing him or her self to be a weak and powerless human being subject to every three dimensional belief. 

Reclaiming your power means understanding, accepting, and living life from the realization that all power is already and always has been fully established within you. 

All are Divine Consciousness in expression and consciousness of this is the only way a better world can eventually  manifest.  It is time for the people of earth to put on their  big girl/boy pants and come out from under the comfortable umbrella of third dimensional belief.  Like it or not many three dimensional "security blankets" are no longer going to work as they once did because the energy that formed them has changed and is no longer supporting them. 

Trust that there is a Divine Plan, you are a part of it, and that all is proceeding according to this plan.

We re the Arcturian Group                                                                                9/20/20

                                 SEPTEMBER 6, 2020

Dear readers, welcome  to our message.

All is proceeding according to plan although it may not seem that way when observed with three dimensional eyes and through concepts about how a spiritually evolving universe should look. 

Over eons of time, dark energies became deeply embedded allowing them to penetrate every aspect of life on earth.  Generation after generation has been and still is being taught that duality and separation are the reality. These energies are gradually surfacing in order to be recognized for what they represent and eventually clear as people cease energetically feeding, maintaining, and sustaining them for this is all that holds them in place.

Most people are experiencing high levels of anxiety at this time.  Do not resist these feelings in the false belief that as an awakened person you shouldn't have these types of emotions.  Simply acknowledge them, remember that they are always impersonal, and then move on.  Worry and anxiety are not qualities of Source and therefore have no law to support them. 

As you evolve, your energy changes and begins to vibrate at a higher frequency causing you to automatically be more sensitive to the energy of people, places, and things.  This can result in experiencing emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, etc. that are not yours. Be alert not claim them as yours, but simply allow them to pass through and out with out giving them  power.

We are aware of what most of you are feeling during these times and we say to you that all is proceeding according to plan.  Do not get involved in the energy of outer appearances but rather stand back as an observer, not denying or trying to change, heal, and correct appearances but rather as a watcher watching   from a place of detached awareness, conscious of the reality underlying all things. 

Earth is a spiritual universe peopled with children of God and governed by Love.  However, the majority are still hypnotized by appearances to the contrary. Try to remember always that everything  you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell are concepts of a spiritual reality that is being translated by the hypnotized collective mind as being good or bad according to current duality and separation  belief. 

When you find yourself reacting to some thing or some person in a negative way use the occasion to honestly examine your beliefs.  Accumulated obsolete three dimensional beliefs often remain unknown and deeply hidden in consciousness  until something occurs to activate and bring awareness to them.  It is at this point that you simply and with no guilt or resistance, ask yourself; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"

There are no pairs of opposites in Reality,  good appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones.  Reality is spiritual but most have not yet attained a level of energetic resonance capable of aligning with higher resonating frequencies and so believes they do not exist.   This is why a great deal of trust is necessary during these present times.  Not a continuing  trust in government, organized religion, friends, family, or the so called experts, but a trust in truth, that the reality is and always has been One omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Divine Consciousness manifesting  ITself as all that is.

Since God/Divine Consciousness  is all that is,  IT is and always has been the only cause and therefore the only effect.     Ponder this. 

Awakening to truth does not mean you suddenly stop living your life. You are on earth at this time to evolve into enlightenment while in physical form, not to deny, hate,  or try and avoid humanhood as some religions teach. The days of convents and monasteries with rigid rules and regulations regarding spirituality are long  past. Mankind is ready to learn how to be in the world, but not of it.

Enlightenment simply means living each day from your highest attained level of awareness which then allows more truth to unfold.  Do what needs to be done--go to work, cook dinner, wash dishes, mow the lawn, perform surgery, teach, repair cars or do absolutely nothing...but do it conscious of the fact that all activity is spiritual, with none being more spiritual than another. Yes, we realize that many activities have become perverted by human minds, but the reality is that activity is how individuals express the innate qualities of Source that lie within them.

There will always be some people you dislike which frequently comes as the result of some past life interaction  having nothing to do with the present. Other times it is because certain individuals seem totally out of sync with your belief system.  Do not judge yourself or them as bad or unspiritual  but rather bring to mind that no one is good or evil in and of themselves since God is the reality of every individual.  Know that they are hypnotized and acting out from impersonal false beliefs based in duality and separation regarding themselves and others.

This does not mean you try to be best friends, or ignore what may be troublesome or hurtful actions on their part but rather means that after you remember the truth about them, you then take whatever human  footsteps may be required.  Being a loving and spiritually empowered person never means being another's doormat, nor does it mean "walking on eggs" in order to keep a false sense of peace. Silently greet every person you meet as the Christ, and send Light to those far or near in the realization that they "know not what they do".

The need for laws and jails will exist for awhile yet, but the collective is becoming increasingly aware that actions and solutions based in unconditional love serve to rehabilitate and heal better than force and aggression.

It is a powerful time to be on earth because the ascension process now taking place is allowing souls to heal and complete issues that they may have been carrying though lifetimes.  Many wanted to come but were not permitted for some reason or another.  Much is yet to come that will awaken increasingly more individuals and give credence to what we are saying.

Many are and more will yet suffer and even die during this process, but know that most are volunteers who lovingly chose to assist in awakening the people of earth.  For some, their experiences were karmic completions chosen to be done publicly for others to see and learn from.  For others it is a personal choice as to how they can best serve the  ascension process, but all are helping in their way to bring universal consciousness out of the dark ages and into the Light.

Those in the higher dimensions are observing and sending high fives to all even as appearances on earth would testify to  total failure.  Know that things are not as they appear to be.  All is proceeding according to plan.  Rejoice even in the midst of dark events for these things reflect  earth's  journey out of density and the processes bringing change.

Many continue to awaken out of the hypnotized sleep of erroneous belief in spite of continuing attempts by some to keep mankind locked in old energy. Remain alert and aligned with your intuition when you read channels, watch the news, or observe the actions of others for much of it is not what it seems to be. 

Opening to higher levels of awareness is  inevitable and cannot be avoided.  Put off yes, but never avoided for every person is a Divine Being, an expression of God whether they like it or not.  This is a fact that can never change regardless of how many lifetimes a person spends in denial.

Be at peace dear ones,  rest in your heart, and meditate often.  Meditation need not be the rigid structured process that most of you were taught when learning to meditate.  These methods were and are necessary for those unable to relax or allow themselves to be silent without the help of structure.  The purpose of meditation is nothing more than to reach a place of silent and secret alignment with the "still small voice" within. The process of getting there is what all the structured guidelines have been about.

Resting in  "I and the father are one" can be done anyplace and at any time with eyes open or shut--a pause at your desk, a trip to the bathroom, stopping for a red light, sitting under a tree, walking down a busy street, or being at the bedside of someone who is ill.  Every activity of daily living offers an opportunity to center, align with, and silently realize; "I am Divine Consciousness". Eventually and without conscious effort,  you begin to live meditation 24/7 and it becomes no longer something you do, but something you are.

Be not afraid dear ones, for you are exactly where you planned to be before incarnating.  The planet is becoming increasingly filled with awakened souls who have chosen to assist in earth's transition to a higher frequency.  What you are witnessing is a world that is experiencing the strong and painful labor pains necessary for birthing a new world consciousness  based in love and truth.  

Allow the process dear ones.  Allow the process and hold your Light in spite of any and all personal or global appearances for Light is the only reality.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                         9/6/20

                                     AUGUST 23, 2020

Greetings dear ones.  Once again we join you old souls to explore the issues involved in living on earth during a time that has become confusing and troubling even for those who are aware.  You already know  that it is a time of great change, but many of you unconsciously continue to hope and wait for everything to return to "normal" or the way things were. 

This cannot happen because consciousness being the substance of form,  is changing and evolving both personally and globally. The energy that formed the creations of the world you are familiar with is not the same and will no longer energetically support much that you have come to accept as normal.   Many aspects of three dimensional living are dissolving in order to reappear in  higher and better forms, that reflect a higher state of consciousness.  It is simply cause and effect.

Compare the present to a seed in the ground that is forcing its way up through the darkness of heavy, dense dirt before it can emerge into the light as a strong healthy plant ready to grow into its full potential.  The seeds of a  new and higher dimensional world are present, alive and well, but must work their way through the dense and heavy dirt of duality and separation. 

Cells store and continue to  hold energy from  intense experiences of past and present lifetimes.  Some of these experiences were good, some bad, and a few horrendous and terrifying.  This old energy remains alive and well, affecting a person's life choices until cleared through conscious intention or spiritual evolutionary growth.  

High resonating frequencies of Light dissolve and replace those of a lower resonance because there is no Divine law to sustain,  maintain, or hold them in place.   The higher frequencies of Light now pouring to earth along with your intention and choice to spiritually evolve and clear old energy is exposing a tremendous amount of low resonating energy  globally as well as personally. 

Increasingly more people are beginning to experience a sense who and what they are  and that they themselves and not others are the creators of their lives.  This move into empowerment is effecting everyone differently because every person interprets life according to their state of their consciousness. This is why there is a lot of negative chaos is taking place while at the same time, there are individuals acting from their newly awakened sense of empowerment with positive, uplifting, and more evolved activities based in love.

Because you have evolved to being consciously aware that God/Divine Consciousness is the reality of you and everyone else, your job during these times is to stand back and in the light of your awareness and allow the outer process to unfold without trying to direct it.  All is progressing as it needs to which may not be how you or the majority think it should  or want it to based on limited three dimensional concepts.

Try not to be overly concerned with outer appearances, but rather use them to focus more fully on the truth underlying them while examining your belief system with regard to particular appearances that may be effecting you . 

Information is beginning to surface that is shocking to you. You knew that many would be shocked when
long embedded dark activities began to surface, but you didn't expect that you yourself would be shocked.  This well runs very deep.  Be aware, but do not become overly involved with energetically dark and heavy information.   More is to come, the swamp is indeed being drained but not in the way many anticipated. 

Be in the world, but not of it for you have evolved beyond the need for the lessons of old energy.  You have played the games being played at this time over many lifetimes and your work now is to be a Light Holder wherever you are.  A Light Holder stays centered in truth, in oneness, and in the consciousness of God as the one and only power fully present within  every soul whether or not they choose to accept this.

The core essence of every person is Divine for there is nothing else.  How can there be something outside of ONE?  To believe that there is,  is duality, the false energy that has formed most three dimensional creations.  There is not and never has been a faraway God keeping track of who is naughty and who is nice. 
Even some very evolved individuals continue unconsciously holding beliefs of a punishing/rewarding God because these beliefs ruled throughout many lifetimes and have become deeply embedded in collective consciousness.  Recognize this old energy if or when you find yourself expecting to be punished for some unintended infraction.

If there is only ONE omnipresent God, where would any other life come from? Where would any other mind come from, or any other consciousness?  There is only One and that One is forever expressing ITself in infinite form and variety.  This is the truth that every person must at some point acknowledge, accept, and live.  Do I believe this or not?  This is the essence of the spiritual evolutionary journey.  

Picture a "body of water", then picture a "body of land", now with that same concept in mind imagine a "body of consciousness".  This is the reality of you.  You never have been a material body housing a consciousness, but have always  been a "body of consciousness".  What you see as the physical body is a material concept (necessary for living in third dimensional energy) of the perfect spiritual  "body of consciousness"  reflecting the conditioned beliefs and state of consciousness of the individual.  Ponder this, take it into your meditation.

Nothing exists  but One omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient  Divine Consciousness/God. Therefore no one is or ever could be separate from that One or for that matter, each other.  Everything is formed of the "same stuff"-Divine Consciousness- but interpreted by human minds according to their attained level of awareness. The realization and consciousness of ONE is the bottom line, the period, and the only key to true happiness and fulfillment.

What am I believing that is manifesting in my life this way?  What do I hold in my consciousness as being truth?  Experiences are taking place in the lives of many awake individuals that are no longer a part of their belief system and this is leaving them confused and wondering why.   You must understand that over hundreds of previous lives everyone has accumulated low resonating energies that are now surfacing. 

If some intense unpleasant experience is currently presenting in your life consider it to be a graduation rather than a failure, for it indicates that you have achieved a level of awareness prepared to clear and move beyond the remaining remnants of the energy. Old energies hidden in the corners of every person's consciousness are being swept out at this time.  Issues that previously would of not been noticed are now declaring themselves with a loud voice. 

No one is presented with experiences beyond their ability to learn from or are incapable of healing.  Every individual's Higher Self directs and guides their personal evolutionary journey in unity with the person's pre-birth contract.  Pre-birth soul contracts are created before incarnating with the help of a spiritual guidance team and do not simply reflect a person's current state of consciousness but rather what they are spiritually prepared for and need in order to learn and spiritually grow. 

During these intense times of spiritual awakening, everyone is experiencing a full plate of "stuff" to be acknowledged rather than just one or two issues as has been usual in other lifetimes..  This is because you have chosen and are on earth at this time to move into the higher frequencies of earth's ascension process and low resonating energy cannot be carried into the higher frequencies. 

Everything is proceeding according to plan.  Try not to resist anything but rather allow unconditional love to be your shield and sword in every situation.  If you are drawn to these messages it means you are not a beginner in the evolutionary  journey and are no longer experiencing random events  representative of the third dimensional  belief system.  Rather, you are being pushed and guided to a higher level of awareness.

Trust your intuition.  Stay centered at all times, meeting every low resonating situation you see, read about, or personally experience from your highest realization of truth.  This does not mean you do nothing of a practical nature, but means you do what needs to be done from a place of spiritual realization and knowledge.

This is your segue into that state of consciousness you have unknowingly sought  lifetime after lifetime. One in which the personal limited you no longer exists, having been replaced by YOU.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                    8/23/20.