JULY 26, 2020

Dear readers, during these times of so much turmoil and confusion our hope is that these messages will bring information and encouragement.  Do not become discouraged for present times are the very reason you chose to be on earth at this time. 

The shift that so many have hoped and prayed for has begun but does not look like so many expected it to look.  This is because they were imagining it with three dimensional concepts of what a perfect new world would look like.  All the bad guys would be removed and all the good guys would live happily ever after with no problems.  Release any remaining concepts you may still hold regarding the earth's ascension and allow the process to unfold as it must.

Many old and well established three dimensional creations must first surface in order to be seen and recognized for what they really represent before the majority can be aware of, reject, and stop energetically feeding them. This is a process, but as maps  point out; "You are here." 

This will continue  for a while and there is more to come.  Stand centered  in your highest spiritual realization as an observer, but one who is open to helping as needed.  Some are being guided to take an  active role, while others are to simply hold the Light.  Neither is more important than the other but both must be done without ego involvement.  Follow your intuition, listen, trust, and know that you are always being guided.

We see many changes coming soon and more to be revealed that is not yet energetically ready for manifestation.  Do not be shocked and upset when people and issues begin to be exposed for who and what they represent.  You are prepared and have had fair warning but some information will be shocking to those still living in old energy. You may be called upon to reassure and assist those unprepared for information and change.

It can be a time of celebration if you allow it to be and if you are able to let go of concepts about how everything should or shouldn't look.  The journey toward a higher resonating planet earth has begun and no amount of interference from those seeking to uproot the process can stop it. 

Much of today's chaos is the activity of those who do not want the world to awaken into a new level of awareness for that would mean they could no longer manipulate and control.  However, they are running out of options for the Light has spiritual law to uphold, maintain, and sustain it, whereas false beliefs and concepts do not.

As one's personal consciousness becomes more enlightened, they begin to access and resonate with  previously unavailable higher dimensional frequencies  because they are now in alignment with them. This in turn  results in ms-alignment with some other things like certain foods. 

Avoid processed, junk, and false foods no matter how delicious and healthy the packaging tells you they are.  This also goes for fruits and vegetables poisoned with pesticides, picked long before ready, sometimes even colored,  and then displayed  beautifully for purchase.  Choose foods that more closely align with your energy and trust your intuition as you shop. The sky is not going to fall down if you eat something of a lower resonance, but you will feel better and your energy will be supported when you choose higher resonating foods.

New energy levels will also cause some entertainments, TV shows, books, and activities to no longer resonate with you as they once did.  Family and friends who remain in alignment with these things will not understand why you are choosing to no longer fully participate and may interpret your lack of interest as personal rejection frequently bringing about discord and misunderstanding.

It can be a loving gesture to continue participating when something no longer important to you is very important to another but never surrender your integrity or personal power in order to please others or "fit in".  Do not allow pressure from others or a desire to keep the peace cause you to slip back into places you have outgrown or cause you to believe that there is something wrong with you.  It  is never a question of wrong or right, it is simply a matter of energetic misalignment.

Never surrender your innate power as a Divine Being, but at the same time be alert to avoid  resistance on your part that can easily slip into being an ego game that becomes about the three dimensional sense of power.  Walking on eggshells in order to please another must cease if a person is ever to experience their own innate power.

There are situations and more coming in your life when you will simply and without regret or guilt, step away.  Always stand in your spiritual integrity (power) lovingly but firmly without making mountains out of molehills in the false belief that you must stand your ground regardless.  That simply gives power to some person or activity that in and of itself, has no power. 

Power is never personal, bestowed only on a select few.  God alone is power and that power flows in, as, and through you from Source within--it is your birthright.  Ego, or the sense of a selfhood apart from God never has or ever can have real power although many continue to claim it for themselves and appearances may look that way. 

Because a physical body is necessary for three dimensional living you are limited in some ways and often under the influence of collective thought.  As truth increasingly becomes your attained level of consciousness, many three dimensional concepts will fade away allowing you to actually experience increasingly more qualities of Divine Consciousness that were previously just intellectual knowledge.  Once a truth becomes your realized state of consciousness, you are no longer in alignment with commonly accepted but false beliefs about it.

You will begin to notice that you often know or act without conscious thought and it turns out to be the perfect action for the situation.  You begin to automatically know what foods your body needs and what activities are right for you.  Synchronicity happen and things begin to fall into place easily and without effort. The right people come into your life at the right time. The harmony, completeness, wholeness, and intelligence of your own realized Consciousness, is expressing through you without personal effort.  You are allowing rather than trying to make it happen.  Be-ing rather than do-ing.

Lecturing, preaching, or punishing the un-awakened never brings about lasting change for every person is only capable of living their attained level of consciousness until they can open to their next level which usually comes about through experiences.  Jail or prison,  counseling, and intense experiences all have potential to awaken someone if they are receptive, but higher awareness can never be forced on another.

Never fear or resist allowing certain people to fade out of your life if they are choosing to remain in old energy and you find yourself no longer in alignment with them.   It is not your job to save anyone, that is the person's own job for every person has a Higher Self and Guides 

Your work is to have your hand out and available at all times should another choose to grab it, but it is never to reach down into someone's personal gutter and pull them out without their consent or desire. Their  situation could very well be a planned part of their evolutionary journey.  Always allow intuition to guide you in these situations for a person may actually be seeking help but not seem that way while another may simply want you to further enable them.

Awakening happens when the Higher Self determines that a person is ready and high frequency energy and current events are serving to shift many into readiness.  A new wave of energy is coming very soon, one that will expose and change many things.  Your awakened consciousness will draw to you those ready to hear what you can tell them about what is happening personally and globally.

Love  is the core and essence of all things because it is the energetic connection of the many within ONE. This interconnecting energy exists between all living things but has been falsely  interpreted by the three dimensional mind.  The result has been a multitude of commonly accepted beliefs about love--attraction,  emotion, sex, possession,  as well as some very negative ones.

Current conditions are forcing many for the first time to begin experiencing a sense of oneness. You are witnessing the birth of a higher sense of love in collective thought as the virus and isolation puts everyone in the "same boat" so to speak.

Because there is only ONE, Love embraces all life regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, age, race, wealth, looks, or anything else that has throughout history served to separate people.  Love is the innate knowing (consciousness) that all things are connected.  Relationships of all kinds start with some sort of  sense of oneness (goals, likes or dislikes, interests, attraction etc.) but are experienced according to the state of consciousness of those involved.  

Frequently a sense of oneness comes from having been connected in some way to another person in previous lives which then manifests in this life either as attraction or repulsion depending upon  previous relationships.  Most heterosexual as well as homosexual partnerships take place between two who have become very close through previous shared lifetime experiences.

As the reality of pure Love  integrates and becomes a person's attained state of consciousness, they automatically and without thought or ego driven goal begin to respond to all life situations from a place of love because they have become Love.  Always remember, you are Consciousness. 

All is proceeding according to plan. Trust.  Allow.  Love.

The train has left the station.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                 7/26/20 

                                                              JULY 12, 2020

Dear readers, we bring with our message a great deal of love and respect for we are well aware of how difficult things have become for so many. Remember that present times represent a large part of the journey you yourself chose for helping to create a new and better world. You are right where you are supposed to be at this time even if it doesn't seem that way according to three dimensional standards.

The silence, the isolation, and the ceasing of that keeps people hypnotized, unaware, and always frantically looking outside of themselves for their good, is serving to awaken many who have never before taken time to look within and honestly examine their and the world's belief system.

The basic structure of most three dimensional creations must first dissolve before reappearing in a higher form. This is what the world is now experiencing. The chaos will not last forever because manifested three dimensional concepts have no law to support or hold them in place without the energy of belief in them. As more and more awaken, these old creations will simply no longer have the substance necessary to keep them in place.

You have awakened and now understand that everyone including yourself, has always been and always will be Divine Consciousness in physical form. However, over time individualized expressions of the One Divine Consciousness became polluted, conditioned, and manipulated through the acceptance of duality and separation as reality and thus creating the "human condition". 

You now know who and what you are and thus it is time to cease judging or criticizing yourselves for actions taken in a previous state of consciousness. Accept the truth of your Divine Nature and stop dragging debris from the past front and center to moan about and regret in the false belief that this is spiritual humility. You are now able to see things from a higher perspective, so you must cease living from familiar but outgrown programming in order to "fit in" or please someone. 

Many things taking place seem horrendous when seen with enlightened eyes, but do not allow yourself to get sucked into (align with) the negative and fear based information that constantly bombards you from news and politics. Also, be aware that there are some channels that do not reflect a high level of Light and that just because they are channels, they are truth. Channels can rise no higher than the consciousness of the one doing the channel. Always trust and be guided by your intuition in these matters. Be informed but not immersed-- spiritual observers informed and aware, but able to withhold adding energy to appearances. 

Understand that many "victims" chose their experiences as part of their evolutionary journey. Sometimes it is a necessary karmic resolution experience that they are ready to complete. A spiritually evolved soul may plan a life experience that will place him/her exactly where their experience will force others to awaken. These brave souls chose to assist the ascension process in ways they themselves choose but did not personally need for soul growth. Other times these types of experiences are simply on the "bucket list" of an individual who needs the experience for growth and learning.

It is not always the case, but examples could be that of the cruel slave owner who on the other side realized his need for energetic balance and greater understanding chooses to reincarnate in a black body. A person who killed and persecuted Native Americans 200 years ago may choose to experience life as a Native American living on a poor reservation. In spite of appearances, everything is perfect. 

Energy is always seeking to align with ITself as the completeness and wholeness of ONE .

Knowing these things does not mean you ignore where there is some human need, but means you remember that there is a bigger picture happening that most as of yet do not know about. Stay centered in the realization that higher dimensional frequencies of Oneness are integrating into the collective at this time, exposing and bringing about the outer events. All is proceeding according to plan.

Chaos will continue to reign for awhile as the new collective consciousness struggles to be born. Let go of all programmed fear dear ones, and accept that you are right where you need to be at this time. Stand back, allow the process, and trust. As Divine Consciousness individualized, you need do nothing but hold to truth and allow IT to guide as you go about the ordinary "human" activities of daily living which then become not so much "doing" but rather "be-ing".

You knew on a deeper level that present times were going to take place but you still chose to be here because you knew that the intense energies would allow you the opportunity to clear any remaining karmic imbalances, old cellular memory, and allow you to shift into a higher state of consciousness while in a physical body.

Look within for any remaining power you may still give to some person, place, or thing. Replace it with the realization nothing in the outer has power because there is only One Power, and that Power is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. This Power is you. Not your humanhood, not the Mary, John, or Bill, you believed yourself to be, but the real YOU. Hold this sacred truth foremost in your head and heart whenever you are tempted to give power to someone or something in the outer. 

The reality of you is Divine Consciousness and until you can accept this and allow it to become your state of consciousness you will remain in and continue to experience old energy. It is time to step away from all old programing instilled into you by family, friends, religions, politics, schooling, military, or any authority figures regardless of how fully you may have at one time accepted or even still accept some of it. 

This doesn't mean that every law, rule, and all information at this time is wrong, it simply means to re-examine your current belief system about these things and begin to bring your beliefs into alignment with a higher expression of these things.

Know that forms of duality and separation consciousness can only ever be illusory pictures in the mind, concepts of whatever spiritual reality underlies them for you cannot make something out of nothing. Pictures of sense manifest in alignment with the state of consciousness of the individual and or collective. So called "good" pictures are no more real or better than "bad" ones. This is why things rot and disappear when the reality of them is no longer present.

There is only God and IT is, always has been, and always will continue manifesting ITself in and as all life. There is only ONE LIFE and that ONE LIFE can never be ended, manipulated, changed, or eliminated regardless of appearances to the contrary. This ONE LIFE is forever expressing Itself in and as infinite form and variety.

Protect, love, and honor all life in the realization that because there is only ONE and thus what you do to others you do to yourself. Everyone draws to themselves whatever energies they are in alignment with. Again, ONE automatically seeks alignment with the wholeness of ITSelf.

This information always brings forth the topic of abortion. We will not get into this today only to say that a soul doesn't not fully enter at the time of conception as so many believe, but rather goes in and out often deciding if this is a right choice or not and frequently not fully integrating until birth.

The energy is allowing those ready and willing to move into a higher dimensional state of consciousness. The choice to accept the process is and always will be an individual free will choice but the choice is now. Now, not down the road, not after you feel a little more holy, not after you read a certain book or take another class, make pilgrimage to some holy site, or no longer curse and get angry. 

The time is now dear ones, to know, accept. and thus consciously become that which you have always been.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/12/20

                                     JUNE 28,2020

Welcome dear readers.

We of the Arcturian Group as well as others on this side see you as a Light corp leading the masses and yet most of you believe you are doing nothing.  You are leading not with protests and overt actions but simply by the Light of your evolved  consciousness which of course goes wherever you go.   If receptive (able to align with) a person can be healed or awakened simply by being in the presence of a high resonating consciousness because there is only One Consciousness.

Those who  fully embrace duality and separation are only able to express themselves in ways that align with that level of awareness.  Do not pass judgement on how things should be playing out as judgement is always  based in concepts.   All is proceeding according to plan.  

Life and even survival was very difficult when  duality and separation ruled the thinking of the majority.  The energy from intense experiences of pain, suffering, and/or challenges in past lifetimes  remains alive and well until cleared.  Many of these old energies have been carried from lifetime to lifetime in cellular memory and  continue  to manifest as problems or disease if activated once again through alignment with some person, place, or thing. 

Example; A person who died once or more by falling from a cliff or some height will remain terrified of high places in every lifetime and not know why.  All inordinate fear as well as love for certain people, places, or things indicate past life experiences with them.  These energies can serve as protection or warning but you have evolved beyond any need to carry around old energy.

As they surface, these old and no longer needed energies often manifest as some intense physical, emotional, or mental issue that seems to have come out of nowhere.  Allow the process.  If you feel exhausted, lay down or take a break.  If you are having pain, address it as best  you can without heavy drugs and allow it to move through.  If you feel overly anxious for no reason, take time to center and align with your real Self. See a doctor if you are guided to do so but know that nothing is random for the spiritually evolved especially at this time. 

Once a person realizes that they are a Divine Being and it becomes their state of consciousness, anything they still carry that is not in alignment with this will continue to surface until recognized.  All, not just a few old energies are now surfacing.  Even relatively unimportant concepts and beliefs are being swept from the corners of consciousness. Remember you have lived hundreds of lives and accumulated energy from many many experiences.

Some of old concepts and beliefs you may want to keep  for in your mind they make life more comfortable and fun but like it or not, when you are spiritually ready your Higher Self will begin the process of moving you forward and beyond some of them if that is what is necessary.  Do not make the mistake many religions make in determining that this activity is bad (evil) but this one is good (holy).  Everything is spiritual, God is omnipresent. It is a mind conditioned with beliefs of duality and separation that determine some things are "good"  and others "bad".

There is nothing, absolutely nothing other than the One Divine Consciousness.   Oneness the bottom line and spiritual key that unlocks all things.   Regardless of how pleasant or harmless a false belief may  seem, it must be left behind in order for  new, higher, and better ones to replace it.  The story of the Phoenix gloriously arising out of the ashes is a true story, your story.

The majority does not yet understand about the clearing of old energy and believes that the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences are having right now are personally their problems to "fix".  The only qualities that are or ever can be personally yours are those of Divine Consciousness.  Never claim error of any sort as personally yours, for all error is  impersonal--a collective belief in separation from God.

Those of you who are drawn to these messages no longer live under the shadow of the old.  You have evolved beyond your previous "seeking" state of consciousness and must now begin to trust that everything is as it needs to be both personally and globally.   Do not resist or go into fear but rather rejoice in the realization that the world is experiencing a turning point.

Present times do not feel familiar or comfortable as they did in the past but know that being here at this time  is the reason you chose to incarnate.  You are being presented with opportunities to live the truth you  integrated through many lifetimes of searching and study.  You are learning to love yourself and others through your ability to see through appearances to the spiritual reality underlying them which in turn is serving to open and lift the collective.

Be patient for events must unfold gradually in order to be seen, acknowledged, and replaced in a  higher form.   Current forms of law, government medicine, education, religion and all things based in concepts of duality and separation must eventually dissolve because the energy that formed them will no longer exist when higher frequencies become dominant in the collective.

Within the next few months you will witness some interesting events and changes.  By letting go of any remaining concepts of what these changes or results must be or look like, you become a silent witness to the subtle and not so subtle energies now flowing into world consciousness.

Most humans live in a dream,  hypnotized by beliefs of duality and separation.  The dreams are sometimes good and at other times are nightmares but always they remain dreams having no law to support, sustain, or maintain them.  Much of the world is awakening out of this dream state, but for many it is difficult to leave behind that which is familiar and has been accepted as reality throughout all other lifetimes.

Begin to see and think of yourself as an expression of Divine consciousness rather than a physical body.  When problems arise, and they will, acknowledge that you are not one with, but  ARE the wisdom, intelligence, harmony, etc. of One Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent God.   Examine your belief system as to what you may still hold as truth that is not in alignment with this truth.

Evolution while living in the dense energy of a three dimensional world is a gradual process and one you have been at since the beginning of your earthly sojourns.  Every lifetime brings learning and growth to the individual regardless of how useless the life may appear to others.  You have done the work and are ready to allow your many lifetimes and experiences to come together as a complete whole. 
Trust that all is as it should be through the realization that you are no longer personally in charge.  Allowing means allowing the Divine Consciousness you are to be  in charge of ITself.   Evolution can be delayed through free will but cannot be avoided, because the goal is already fully present simply awaiting recognition.

Many out of habit or fear, continue walking through life with one foot in both worlds long after the time has come for them to place both feet in reality.  Many so called spiritual leaders still walk and teach a divided path but you have evolved beyond the need for some guru, priest, minister, teacher in the outer to tell you what to believe. 

Those who continue to live divided once they know the truth, will remain in the old energy because there is no unexpressed consciousness and they will be creating this.   Duality and separation cannot come with you into a higher state of consciousness.  We are not saying you must attempt to live the absolute or that you must forgo the pleasures of life on earth,  but rather as we have said many times before, living spiritually  is a matter of  holding truth foremost in your heart and mind as you go about your ordinary activities which turns even the most mundane of tasks into a spiritual activity.

Look to and trust your intuition, that silent inner "knowing" that flows from within and which will guide you in every aspect of life if allowed.   Are you willing to turn away from the distractions that keep you from hearing it?  Those who spend every waking  moment staring at and checking their phones and who have plugs in their ears most of the time, will not hear their guidance or intuition and then wonder why.

Intuition is heard in Silence.  A silence that may be the rustle of wind through trees in a forest, a bird song, a stream bubbling over stones,  a baby's smile or giggle, in quiet acceptance, or in the silence of deep meditation.  Examine your present lifestyle and see if you yourself are tuning out the guidance you ask for and believe you never receive. 

Guidance occasionally but rarely comes as loud voice  but rather comes as a gentle quiet "knowing" that feels right and is often very practical.  It may make the right person or company "light" up when you search the Internet or yellow pages.  I may stop you in your tracks when you begin stepping out in front of an oncoming car or start walking down an unsafe street.  Life lived in alignment with your real Self is not the "pie in the sky" boring holy card image many think it is.  The energy of a consciousness of oneness is the energy of peace, harmony, joy, love, and friendships. 

The third dimensional  world as you have known it is changing and will never return to what is was.  We cannot say exactly what is going to happen for you are determining that but know that if you remain locked into the past, positive change will take much longer. 

Live, move, and have your being truth.  You are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                    6/28/20

                                         JUNE 14, 2020

Welcome to our message, dear readers. 

You are doing a fine job of holding the Light in spite of how things look when judged by concepts of how they "should" be.  Outwardly it may seem as if nothing of a higher level is taking place, but the outer scene is a three dimensional expression of the awakening that is taking place in the hearts and minds of increasingly more individuals. 

High resonating frequencies of Light are bursting ancient dams of ignorance in both personal and global consciousness allowing long repressed emotions to finally flow out and take form in individual ways. 

Emotions  (energy in motion) that are now expressing outwardly have been alive and well throughout lifetimes but kept hidden often even from the one holding them, through fear.  Those receptive are beginning to feel a sense of empowerment not experienced before.  This in turn is causing increasingly more individuals to realize that much of what they have been led to believe is false and based in concepts of separation.  Hearts and minds are opening to realize that every person is entitled to freedom, equality, and respect regardless of skin color, gender, or station in life.

You who are already spiritually awake are doing the same work as those on the streets but are doing it through your spiritual realization of truth and by being examples of loving action and words.   Both ways reflect the surfacing  of old energy ready and needing to be recognized and cleared which will serve to bring a new level of awareness to the collective.

There will be less fear and more unity as efforts to bring about change continue to unfold.  Those filled with hate and violence and who cause wanton destruction are not promoting a higher cause but are simply using the movement as an excuse to act out their own negative personal agenda.  Their actions do not help to lift world consciousness, but also cannot stop the expansion of it for the Light is power and reality whereas concepts have nothing to sustain or maintain them other than the belief in them.

Varying pockets of dense energy formed over time will surface as mankind is ready. At this time it is the energy of slavery and entitlement based in beliefs of separation that is surfacing.  Other long held belief systems waiting to be cleared are abundance/finance,  gender inequality,  health /drugs, food, separation, and organized religion.  As these things  begin to be seen from a higher level, many will choose to no longer align with them in their present state, bringing about change.

Judging by appearances, it may seem as if the world is devolving rather than evolving, but that would not be  possible dear ones. What you are witnessing is the collective consciousness opening to new levels of awareness by virtue of the people themselves who are making it happen whether consciously aware of it or not. 

This is why you are where you are right now at this time.  You are the ETs you have hoped would land and save you and you are the Ascended Masters you have cried out to for guidance but in the density of third dimensional energy you have forgotten who you were. You are personally and globally experiencing exactly what you came to be a part of.   Trust that everything is proceeding according to plan. 

Attempting to understand everything with the human mind will always result in half truths, because the human mind is only able to access what is already in the collective.  Instead  seek answers from within, from Divine Mind and they will come as needed through others, from intuition, from a direct inner voice, or any number of other ways.  However, you must understand there are no answers for many of the things you wish to know because energy is forming itself in each now moment which is why we say that you, the people, are creating the world you wish to see.

Live your awareness by aligning  with truth rather than with the fear based speculation and propaganda being promoted by media and some "leaders".  Rest in your heart center as an observer seeing through outer appearances to the reality taking place behind the scenes. When you do this you bring your energy to higher solutions and change rather than to appearances that consist of what is old and finished.    

You may not agree with all change simply because it is difficult to see the finished product while it is still in the process of being created.   Change  unfolds and evolves as the consciousness forming them unfolds and evolves.  Do not expect the changes you hope to see  immediately manifest fully formed  but know that the process has begun. The energy of earth is becoming increasingly higher and change has begun.

Many think of change only as it applies to government, religion, health services, education etc. but larger change can only follow individual change so be prepared for change in your personal life as well.  When even one person awakens to truth, it adds awareness to the collective for there is only One Consciousness.  As the collective evolves, it automatically creates new and higher ways of understanding and doing things. 

Individuals become empowered as they awaken to their Oneness with Source, other people, and all life forms.  The result is that as increasingly more people reclaim their  power and refuse to  accept or align with the disempowering ego actions of others,  they begin loving  and respecting themselves in a new way.  Empowerment is the finger that pushes the first domino of the long ancient line of dominoes that every person accumulates over lifetimes.  It has begun. 

Everyone will eventually stand powerfully in their identity as a Divine Being for it is  Reality.  However, not all are at a point of readiness for this realization and you may experience situations where firm words and actions on your part are needed.  Empowerment means doing what needs to be done in ways the other can relate to (which can seem harsh if that is what is needed) but always from a consciousness of Oneness.

When words and actions are carried on an energy stream of love (the recognition of the other's true Divine nature) they may seem harsh but will carry a much higher frequency than if the same words and actions were sent out on energy streams of hate or anger.  Empowerment never means being another's doormat or allowing family, friend, church, or organization to have control over your thoughts and decisions. This does not mean you never listen to or ponder the well meaning ideas of others, but does mean that after giving them honest consideration the bottom line remains yours and yours alone.

Empowerment  affects all relationships--marriage, family, church , co-workers,  etc.   Everyone is feeling or at least beginning to be aware of personal empowerment but how they interpret and act upon it is determined by the state of their consciousness. This is why you are witnessing peaceful protesters attempting to bring about positive change while at the same time you see looters and destroyers seeking only self gratification. 

Women in general  have had a more difficult time accepting empowerment because of having lived many lifetimes as both men and women during times that gave no credibility, power, respect, or equality to females.  Some parts of the world still live this way, and continue to feed this obsolete energy into the collective.  Many men and women still carry this energy in cellular memory.  Some who have lived lives as abusive men have chosen a female body in this life in order to experience the other side of it.

The high frequencies of the Divine Feminine are quickly integrating and balancing with the Divine Masculine because mankind is now spiritually ready.   More and more women are choosing  to live empowered lives free from fear and intimidation and more and more men are feeling free to express their emotions without feeling "unmanly". Occasionally the pendulum may swing  too far one way or the other, but will eventually center because the equal balance of both masculine and feminine energy is Reality. 

It is not always women who need to bring in their masculine  or men who need to integrate their feminine because everyone has  lived many lives as both male and female and frequently one energy will remain dominant which  is why some experience gender confusion.  Never forget that you are consciousness utilizing a physical body and not a physical body with a little pocket of consciousness tucked in somewhere.

A woman does not need to act masculine nor does a man need to act feminine in order to be balanced and fully integrated with both.  It is only within third dimensional energy that the masculine and feminine are seen as separate for in reality they are simply the two halves of One Divine Whole.  

Personal and global situations based in, built on,  and maintained by force and dominance will crumble and the rights of all, not just a select few, will begin to be acknowledged.  Active, be-er, do-er masculine/mind energy will become balanced and supported by the receptive, intuitive, loving feminine/heart energy and vice versa.

Men are opening to and acknowledging the feminine energies already present within them which is allowing them to be more open, intuitive, and able to express unconditional love.  Women are integrating their already present masculine energy allowing them to be more active, make decisions, and supportive of their feminine qualities.  Most of you who read these messages have already done this work and are well balanced and live both qualities naturally and without thought.
It is a new time  personally and globally. The "pandemic" will run its course.  Do not allow the fear being promoted by media, some leaders, and those who benefit from other's fears  to suck you into some fear based agenda.  Do what you must, obey the rules, but remember always--God alone is power.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                      6/14/20

                                 MAY 31,2020

Welcome to our message, dear readers. 

Many at this time are in need of support and comfort as they experience situations seemingly generated by world conditions but which in fact are expressions of their own consciousness--experiences chosen as necessary for growth or simply the presence of three dimensional energy. Trust that all experiences are facets of a person's spiritual awakening process.  In the bigger picture, there are no accidents.

Most suffering  arises from fear, the belief that everything in ones life must follow certain concepts of how things must be, and if they aren't "bad" things will happen.  Concepts of "rightness" effect relationships, employment, health, and all facets of daily living.  Your media and leaders continue to promote these things not always to cause fear, but because they themselves fear and believe these concepts.  Most of them are completely unaware of the evolutionary process that is  taking place in the world.

Fear locks individuals to a mindset in which they are unable to see, comprehend, or even imagine expanded ideas.  Fear arises from the belief that one is separate from one's good whether that good is needed or wanted.  Those who live from a consciousness of fear are unable to see any way out of personal problems and often turn to crime or violence as a solution.  Fear also may feed a person's thinking and decision making with so many possible negative outcomes that they become frozen, unable to make any move.

It is a normal to experience fear occasionally.  You have all lived many lives where your survival depended upon fear.  These things remain in cellular memory until cleared.  When you experience fear do not deny, resist, or try and make it go away with various techniques, spiritual or otherwise.  Rather acknowledge it as an  important tool but one that you no longer need  in the Light of your new awareness.

You are the Higher Power that so many speak of and pray to and it is time to fully accept this. There is nor has there ever been a  Power somewhere manipulating the strings of human puppets. The days of praying to some faraway male God in the sky,  attending  church or performing  actions and ceremonies in order to please or get God's attention, must end once a person knows the true nature of God.

We are not saying you must never attend some ceremony or go to church if you enjoy these things.  We are saying only to do them with full awareness that they will not nor can they bring you any closer to God than you already are and  in fact your evolved state of consciousness  will add more Light to them.
Most are not yet  spiritually prepared to understand this, but you who are drawn to these messages are. You have moved beyond the religious and metaphysical steps that brought you to where you are spiritually at this time. You have done the work and are prepared to understand that you and all who attain a consciousness of truth are the ones creating the new world, one that resonates on a higher dimensional level. 

This is what  ascension is all about, the evolution of world consciousness through the evolution of personal consciousness and never the result of finding the "perfect" politician, guru, friend, teacher, extraterrestrial, prayer, location, or ceremony.

Nothing is going to be exactly as it was before because consciousness is evolving.  You are being told by three dimensional thinkers and those who dislike change that everything must return to the way it was before but this cannot happen because consciousness which forms itself as the outer,  is rapidly integrating higher dimensional frequencies.  People are waking up and beginning to see that indeed the Emperor has no clothes.

Some jobs are going to change or simply disappear.  Try not to see this as a negative thing but rather as  necessary in order for new and better ways to manifest.  Be open to the new in all aspects of life but do not expect changes to come in a moment, for new ideas can only manifest as the consciousness of humanity opens to them. There will be resistance, but  higher and better ways of functioning can and will take place in business, health, politics, religion, education etc. as allowed.

The human mind  is an avenue of awareness  interpreting everything  according to the conditioning  present in individual or collective consciousness. This is why several people may witness the same thing but each will interpret it differently.  Divine Mind contains no conditioning.  IT is infinitely aware only of the Self sustained, Self maintained completeness of ITSELF because nothing else exists.

At some point of every person's evolutionary journey there comes a time at which they must really accept the truth of ONE and that that ONE is the reality of their own being.  They must cease considering truth to be "airy fairy", impractical, and un-attainable, otherwise they can and will not move beyond their present level of awareness by virtue of the fact that they are keeping themselves locked in outgrown state of consciousness.

It is time to fully, completely, and honestly examine your life, your decisions, your choices, and your belief system not with judgement and criticism but rather with the love and understanding that comes from knowing that every person is only capable of living out from their highest attained level of consciousness.

Remember this as actions you may have taken in the past fill you with shame, guilt, or remorse when seen with new insight.  Know that everyone, self included,  is doing the best they can with where they are at. This is how you learn to love yourself which is imperative if you are to accept the reality of  ONEness.  Even the murderer thinks he is somehow making things better.

Examine what you learned, still need to learn, and how you grew from the most painful experiences of your life.  Ask yourself; "What was I believing at that time that made me feel, respond, or act this way?  Do I still believe the same?  In the light of what I now know, are these beliefs true?"  These questions are important tools that only you can use and which can help you become more aware of what you still hold in consciousness. 

Nothing you ever do, say, or think can make you more loveable and worthy of good than you already are.  You are expressions of the one Divine Consciousness and nothing can or will ever change that.  If or when emotions of judgement, criticism, and self loathing surface as old energy surfaces, know that it is a sign you are graduating and moving beyond the old concepts and beliefs that created them in the first place and which you have carried in cellular memory for centuries. 
Bless all emotions as they arise for they are your teachers and  bless the fact that you understand what is taking place for there remain many going through clearings who do not.  Be grateful as you realize that you are spiritually ready to rid yourself of all that no longer serves your highest good regardless of how physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually uncomfortable the process may be.

There is so much taking place that you are not aware of and are not being told about by the media.  Stop attempting to find answers to everything taking place for the human mind simply cannot give you the answers you seek.  Begin to live out from your true nature, relying upon the fact that completeness lies within and will manifest outwardly as what is needed if allowed. 

Take frequent breaks to be silent and rest in the Divinity of your own Being as you go about your day regardless of where you are.  This can be just a moment that only you know about.  Allow your Divine Self to live your life in all the seemingly ordinary activities for all activity is spiritual. There is no such thing as the "profane" versus the "spiritual" as many religions teach.  There is only One Infinite Divine Consciousness expressing ITSELF as infinite form and variety.

We are not saying to throw up your hands while declaring "God is all!" when situations arise that need addressing on a three dimensional level for that would simply be pretending to a state of consciousness not yet attained. We are saying that in these intense times of confusion and fear for so many,  do not lose sight of the fact that the one Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Divine Consciousness is and always has been the only power and reality.

Many believe that earth and everything on it is illusion.  Earth, its people, and all forms of life are not and never have been illusion.   It is the false  interpretations of minds conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation that constitute illusion.

Begin to look deeper and see everything through eyes of truth rather than judging by appearances.  Begin to trust that the I of you knows what you need, when you need it,  and how to get it to you.  Some of what you  need may not be pleasant according to three dimensional standards but may be  necessary for spiritual growth.  This is where  trust comes in. 

Once you seriously begin a spiritual journey (this choice is often made on a subconscious level)  the journey intensifies and the  "train leaves the station" often going in directions you did not expect or even want.  

You are in physical form at this time because you chose to be here.  You were well aware of the difficulties you would encounter when living in the lower frequencies of the third dimension but you chose to come anyway in order to complete your own journey as well as to add light and assistance to others in a world struggling through the powerful energies of dimensional ascension. 

Your moment has arrived and if things are not what you expected personally or globally, allow these concepts to drop away and simply allow, trust, and acknowledge  I AM.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                     5/31/20

                                      MAY 17,2020

Welcome dear readers to the Arcturian Group message. 

You are entering a new phase of the evolutionary process.  Present "down times" are allowing a quietness during which many for the first time are pondering, questioning, evaluating their lives, and the right way of doing things.   Every day more are allowing themselves to honestly examine aspects of their personal life as well as the world in general such as business, farming, religion, health, education, environment, and politics etc. 

Much that has always been considered correct and appropriate is being recognized as inefficient, obsolete, and unfair to many and based in convenience and a resistance to change by those who benefit from the status quo.  This period of quiet is also allowing nature a respite from the ongoing barrage of pollution and  degradation she suffers.  

All is proceeding according to plan.  You have been hoping, praying, and waiting for a world that more closely resonated with truth and it is coming but will be an unfolding process over the next few years because the third dimension functions in time and space.   

Know that things will never go back to exactly as they were because consciousness is changing, and as we have said many times, the substance of the outer is the inner (consciousness).  Do not put effort and energy toward attempting to return everything to exactly as it was but rather be open to new and higher expressions of these same things.

Be prepared for change but also be prepared to hear things that will upset you.  Much is going to surface regarding the long standing negative activities of some individuals.  The denser energies must be exposed for what they are in order to be recognized and acknowledged.  There is an element that feeds from energies of fear, pain, suffering, and discord and in order to keep feeding, they promote words, activities, and false information that will serve to keep fear and discord alive.

When you become aware of these types of issues,  send these individuals  Light while recognizing that they too are Divine Beings who have lost their way.  They have chosen to close their hearts to Love energy and have no interest in or awareness of the fact that everything they sought is already fully present within them.

It is easy to get caught up in this type of information and spend a great deal of time and energy studying and researching  negative activities.  You have all experienced the heaviness of dense energy that comes from getting too involved in these types of issues.  As awakened individuals you are ready to move beyond duality and separation and live from the higher levels of consciousness you have attained.  Be aware of and informed about negative beliefs and actions, but then release them and align with Reality.

Activities of love are beginning to take place in the outer scene.  Although these activities flow from spiritual oneness they are generally understood as activities of kindness,  a looking out for neighbors, and the lending of a helping hand where needed.  These seemingly ordinary activities are three dimensional interpretations of spiritual Oneness, evolutionary steps that eventually lead to a state of consciousness that understand service to be service to SELF--Universal Oneness. 

A sense of camaraderie not possible in the old energy is developing among people simply because all are experiencing the same issues (oneness).  Even the small sense of camaraderie you may feel towards a stranger as you walk by is in reality Oneness expressing through you.  However, not all are ready or willing to understand this and the loss of what is familiar is causing them to act out with fear and violence as they seek to protect and  perpetuate everything that has supported their false sense of empowerment.

Selflessness is beginning to penetrate collective consciousness on  a deeper level but selflessness has been misunderstood and falsely taught to mean that the sacrificing of ones's self for some "grander" purpose is spiritual .   Sublimating and denying  one's self/SELF by believing it to be of less value than another's self  represents separation at its finest.  

What can one possibly have to give another if they eliminate themselves  from the equation?   It is only an empowered person,  one who knows and accepts themselves to be a spiritual being, that is able to truly serve.  Sacrificing one's identity, needs, and dreams  in the belief that it is spiritual is a denial of God for is not God every person's true identity?

Never allow yourselves to be guilted, threatened, pushed, taught, or used by others into doing something. When you do this you are automatically surrendering your power.  Service must be a free will choice that flows from a place of love rather than an unwanted activity forced onto a someone for the benefit of another or others who appear more powerful and demanding, or are needy, disabled, and dependant.

We recognize that many are presently locked into some service that they did not consciously choose or want.  As a result they may feel angry, depleted, unhappy, and trapped seeing no way out. To these dear ones we say;  there are no accidents.  Every life is planned before incarnation with the help of Guides, to include those experiences deemed necessary for spiritual evolution. 

These types of situations are usually karmic in nature and represent a person's spiritual  readiness to address some old energy imbalance that may go back lifetimes but which can be balanced and completed through service in this lifetime.  The one needing service may have chosen to learn about patience, humility, and helplessness in this life having never expressed it to others in previously.  Frequently the server is a dear friend who volunteered to assist with this lesson.

Sometimes it is because the one needing service did the same for the server in a previous life allowing them both the experiences of giving and allowing.  Service can be the push a spiritually prepared person needs in order to move more deeply into the empowerment, love, patience, and awareness that they are ready for. 

Do not let obsolete concepts of spiritual duty, and self- sacrifice to enter into your activities of love and service.  As universal consciousness shifts to new levels of awareness, service to others on all levels of need will become common, ordinary, backed by law, and simply the way life is lived because there will be a sense of oneness that was not present in third dimensional energy.

Realize that in and of yourself you have nothing to give another.  God alone is love, energy, appreciation, gratitude, service, cooperation etc. and God alone has these things to give.  To believe that self or some other person has spiritual qualities in and of themselves is the belief in a self separate and apart from God.  Only God is good, patient, loving, friendly, honest, cooperative, etc. etc.

Both human good and human bad are impersonal, never becoming or belonging to the person.  All there is,  is  God, Source, -- perfect, whole, complete, harmonious, abundance, intelligent,  Self sustained and Self maintained Consciousness. 

This is why looking or expecting  acceptance, companionship, friendship, forgiveness, cooperation etc. from a person is to look where these things do not exist unless they flow through the person.  Always seek these things from God, from within, allowing them to manifest as they will which can and often is where least expected.

True selflessness intuitively guides a person to acknowledge and honor their own needs.  It will also guide them as to whether their service is actually needed or simply wanted.  It is understanding  that what one does for another never comes from a personal  supply of love, energy, abundance, and ideas, but rather flows through them from an Infinite Source within--from a well that never runs dry.

Present times are calling  for more awareness,  deeper understanding,  and a serious contemplation of how one will continue living their life.  "Will I grudgingly go back to the same old, same old that I have outgrown or will I have the courage to pursue something that makes my heart sing?"  

This  is where fear will jump in and say that you must go back to what you know or you will suffer lack and limitation, your family with starve, and you will be homeless.  It is fine to  return to what you are used to,  but never forget that you are creators.   Regardless of what others may tell you, do not allow your dreams to pass into oblivion in the belief that they are hopeless and could never happen.

Allow your dreams  to grow and mature silently and secretly within your heart until they ready to be birthed as your new world and identity. 

You are creators, creating your world from the contents of your consciousness. 

What do I hold as truth in my consciousness???

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                   5/17/20

                                     MAY 3, 2020

Dear readers, welcome to our message during these times of chaos and confusion. These messages are meant to inform, comfort, and assist those who resonate with them into more deeply understanding what life on earth is really about.

To hold the light,  help others awaken, and to bear witness to a new and higher reality is why you are on earth at this time.  It is what you came to do and you are doing it dear ones, you are doing it.  You may think you are doing nothing but do not judge by appearances based in concepts of the third dimensional belief system because a large part of your mission has been to clear remaining dense cellular memory and any present false beliefs both of which only serve to perpetuate experiences of duality and separation. 

Many commonly accepted beliefs are starting to feel  unimportant and even silly for an increasing number of people because individually and collectively mankind is shifting into a  state of consciousness no longer is in alignment with them.

Ascension is simply the process of evolving into a higher state of consciousness through the experiences of every lifetime. The Higher Self of every individual determines when they are ready for their next level of awareness.  This is why proselytizing is a useless and ego based activity.  Individuals cannot be forced into someone else's consciousness of truth. 

You cannot make something out of nothing and thus everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled whether seemingly good or bad is a Divine reality being interpreted by individual and/or the collective mind according to the state of consciousness. 

Look deeply into every appearance, both the good and the bad, for good appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones.  By not judging  according to three dimensional standards but rather seeking to understand the underlying reality of all appearances, you are living truth and opening yourself for more to unfold.
Example; When in the presence of a sick person, know that  in reality they are Divine Consciousness and because  Divine Consciousness knows nothing of disease, you then realize that you are witnessing a manifestation of the belief in disease  (separation).  

You are Divine Consciousness utilizing the material body you formed for yourself in order to function in the denser energies of the third dimension.  You have reached a point of spiritual readiness in which you must begin to identify with your real SELF rather than with the limited person you believed yourself to be.  If  you were not ready you would not even understand these messages.

The physical body is like a car that you use while on earth. You utilize it as needed while keeping it clean and well maintained as best you can.  Occasionally the car may crash or get damaged for some reason but you never have been or ever will  become the car.

Once you can accept that you are Consciousness and not simply a material body subject to every belief floating about in the collective, you can begin to use your mind as it was intended, as an avenue of awareness rather than the "boss".  The mind draws and then feeds information through one's state of consciousness and as you begin to accept yourself as Divine Consciousness, allowing IT to express, everything in the outer begins to change.

Imagine  Divine Consciousness as an omnipresent Light so brilliant it is unable to be directly looked at with the human eye.  Over time and through ignorance this Light was covered over with hundreds of varied and colorful veils eventually blocking it from being seen or even known about.   Some of these veils are bright, colorful, and welcome while others are dark and dense but all are accepted as reality because they are familiar and known.

Some of the veils become tattered over time and simply drop away if allowed to.   Others develop small holes allowing tiny bits of Light to shine through.  Most remain firmly in place until the individual carrying the Light begins to feel that there must be more to life than what he has known and begins to search for whatever that might be. 

At first he seeks outside of himself because it is what he knows and this usually becomes the focus of several lifetimes.  After much stepping and falling, hundreds of attempts to find what he does not yet know he is looking for, and many paths followed,  he simply gives up.   It is at this point the veils of begin to separate  and reveal themselves and a deeper spiritual journey begins.  You are here now.

You have been removing veils for a very long time through many many lifetimes.  The intense high frequency energies of today are serving to speed up the process depending upon each one's readiness and how thick and dense their veils.  As some intense long standing veils surface, their energy is frequently re-experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  If or when this happens, do not resist but rather allow these energies/experiences to flow through and out without claiming them back in as your very own personal  "problem". 

Individuals are often  tempted to hold on to or reclaim some comfortable old veil in the belief that it is who they are and that they will lose their identity without it.  The only self that can ever be lost is the personalized false sense of self because your real SELF is infinite.

As each veil of false belief lifts from individual consciousness more of the already present Light Consciousness is able to shine without the need for prayers, candles, crystals, chants, ceremonies, or anything else meant to attract some separate God.  All that is or ever has been required is an intention for more Light and the ability and willingness to get out of the way.   Divine Consciousness  needs no help from concepts of spirituality in order to express ITSELF.


Release the belief that spirituality must be or look a certain way in order to be authentic.  Clear your mind of images of saints with folded hands and ascended masters bestowing light and blessings on adoring crowds.  These as well as most metaphysical "tools" are valid in earlier and less awakened states of  consciousness but relying on anything in the outer after once  realizing that everything already exists fully present within will simply hold the person in an outgrown state and perpetuate the experiences of separation.

Continuing with groups--family, friends, those with like minded causes, or even military after they have begun to feel old and finished does continue to bring the some sense of the oneness that groups provide but only until a person realizes that they have never been or ever could be separate from the love and sense of oneness they sought from the group.  The present form of many groups, clubs, and gatherings will dissolve in the new energy but will reappear once again in higher form. 

Know that the one Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent Divine Consciousness is and always has been manifesting ITself as infinite form and variety.  Know that every rock, every bird, every blade of grass, and every tree is just as much an expression of IT as are human beings.  

Every different form  holds a unique pattern of wholeness and completeness representing the Divine plan for that particular expression/form of ITself.  Different, but not less than... EVERYTHING is Divine Consciousness and to judge certain life forms as being  better or of more value than another is three dimensional ego unawareness.

Be aware that with every breath you breathe in the omnipresent Light of Divine Consciousness.
Rest in the realty of your own soul's perfection.

Trust that all is as it needs to be at this time while releasing once and for all the belief that you need to do, do, do, in order to be.

You will never be more spiritual than you already are.   It is time to accept and allow...

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                      5/3/20