APRIL 19, 2020

Dear Readers, understand that you are presently engaged in one facet of earth's ascension process and that something much bigger than disease is taking place.  As you witness chaos keep in mind that these times are bringing change to many universally accepted but false three dimensional concepts.  

Solutions to world problems of all sorts have up to now always been based in  solving the problem on the level of the problem which simply does not work.   New, higher, and better ways of addressing all issues will emerge from this.  Do not become impatient with the process for present times are just the beginning.  You are the ones who must bring about change while  being fully supported from the other side.

Ascension energy began long ago  but has  largely gone unnoticed by most.  Evolution is the ongoing and unstoppable  process of awakening into the reality of Divine Oneness.  Many are now beginning to open to a new sense of oneness as all experience  current events at the same time. 

Today's  spiritually powerful times are guiding increasingly more individuals to question some generally accepted activities, beliefs, laws, and traditions.  This in turn is opening them to examine what they hold as truth in their own consciousness be it be religious doctrine, political opinion, words from broadcast news, family/ racial tradition,  or other commonly accepted group consciousness beliefs. 

Many are experiencing internal struggle as they are forced  to cease their normal pursuit for more, bigger, and better in the belief that these things represent success.  We are not referring to small businesses who are indeed facing issues of survival during these times but rather are referring to those who have based their lives on the acquisition of increasingly more in the hope that it will bring them happiness.  

As more individuals begin to examine the commonly accepted concept of more is better, they will open to understanding that the accumulation of material things or success in the outer scene can and will never make someone more acceptable and loveable than he/she already is, leading them to question; "What then really does make one acceptable/loveable?"

Nothing outside of self can or will ever bring about fulfillment for it does not exist in the outer scene.  Adulation of the rich, beautiful, and famous through emulating their actions, dress, and appearance simply indicates the spiritual un-awareness of those who believe themselves separate from and "less than" those few who have fulfilled the some three dimensional concept of success. 

This is not to say that the talented and  gifted or those who have seriously spent their lives in service to others  should not be  recognized and appreciated,  but rather than with  blind adoration based in some concept of success or worthiness,  let it be the recognition and acknowledgement of those Divine qualities  manifesting in, as, and through the person.

Silent, serious, questioning begins to open submerged inner doors  long held shut through fear and beliefs based in duality and separation.  Increasingly more individuals are beginning to realize how much of what they have accepted as truth was simply handed to and accepted by them from some authority figure.  Spiritual evolution is the gradual awakening of personal and collective consciousness into new and higher awareness.  The opportunity is here now. 

Those firmly established in and benefiting from the third dimensional belief system as it has been known  feel no need to question themselves or anything in the world, preferring to maintain the status quo in order to continue benefiting from it.  They work to keep everything the same and delay the awakening of collective consciousness to the new through various means meant to  promote fear.  However, they do not understand that the ascension train  has  left the station.

Most humans live three dimensional lives that serve them well for many lifetimes.  However,  there comes a point of readiness in every individual  where they find that their lives so longer resonate in the same way and they begin to seek something different.  The seeking always begins with what is already known and familiar on the third dimensional level  but over time expands as the person begins to understand that what he is seeking simply does not seem to exist where he is looking. 

The overuse of drugs, sex, and alcohol as well as suicide abounds hidden but rampant in the world of many who have actually achieved what they set out to achieve according to world standards.  Having attained their goals but still feeling unfulfilled, these dear ones often turn to and become dependent upon their chosen "happiness decoy" in an attempt to cover up and quell this unfulfilled longing within, a longing that can never be satisfied through material means no matter how rich, famous, beautiful, or successful the individual. 

This deep inner longing  is every soul's awaiting recognition and acknowledgement as individual Divinity and Oneness with God.   All  must eventually come to understand and accept that they are individualized Divine Consciousness and that they formed for themselves a physical body to use while on earth while working out the lessons and experiences of life lived in the denser energies. No one is or ever has been just a physical body subject to all the beliefs embodied in duality and separation.

You have all lived many lifetimes and are now completing what you put in motion over those lifetimes.  It may be the balancing of energies you ignorantly participated in (karma) or it may be to experience something you have not yet experienced but was necessary for your growth and awareness. 

You who understand and live from the deeper levels of spiritual truth have completed most of your three dimensional experiences.  You have worked hard and balanced old energy and allowed cellular memory to  clear.  You are now prepared for the next phase of your evolution but in order to do that you must move beyond the familiar but outgrown metaphysical tools that served in the past to bring you to now.  Most of these tools are based in seeking and searching for God but you have found Him/Her.

There will be changes to many comfortable aspects of life. Do not expect everything to return to  exactly as it was.  Long favorite books, films, and activities, medicines, careers,  are starting to feel old and no longer interesting because the  previous energy alignment has changed.  Rather than struggling to keep them the same, step back and allow them to manifest once again  in a higher and better form.

As cells  integrate new and higher frequencies it automatically dissolves the previous denser energy.  Some favorite foods and beverages will become difficult for  your body to tolerate.  Certain "foods" (GMO, fake, pesticide ridden) will no longer be able to align with the cells holding new and higher frequencies causing digestive issues. 

In spite of what you have been told and so many continue to  believe, three dimensional energy is the lowest rung of a very high dimensional ladder, dear ones.  Earth's shift to higher dimensional energy  is but the beginning of your journey into an ever expanding conscious awareness of oneness with Source.

Free will allows every person to embrace or refuse the choices of these times.  Some will choose to continue living as they have in the past, fully embracing  illusions of sense based in duality and separation. Others will  utilize these times to  honestly re-examine  personal  and global beliefs.  Many are choosing it as their exit point.  They are tired, their work is complete and they want to go home. which is every individual's  free will choice. 

We would advise that  you use these times to  your advantage which does not mean  sitting and meditating all day, but does mean  becoming aware of your reactions and responses to everything that is going on both within and without.  It means being willing to sweep out the  favorite corners of your belief system without feeling a need to defend,  justify, or maintain them.  It means having the courage to let some of your most satisfying false beliefs go, the ones that may have earned you acceptance and  success.

Many know the truth but have not fully accepted it. There comes a point in every person's spiritual journey where they must make a decision-- Is truth simply a nice idea for like minds to ponder in conversation while speculating on its  pros and cons or is truth to be accepted, integrated, and lived  until it becomes an attained state of consciousness?

Truth must become an attained state of consciousness in order to be experienced because consciousness is the substance of form.  An intellectual knowledge of truth is but the first step toward attaining the consciousness of it. There is a bible quote; "Know the truth and the truth will make you free."   Many organized religions, metaphysical groups, as well as those spiritually inclined  have forgotten or simply ignore the "Know the truth" part of this statement,  falsely relying only on "the truth will make you free" part. 

You are Divine Beings, full expressions of God and embodying all the qualities and gifts thereof.  Trust that your Higher Self is always guiding as you become ready for your next step toward full consciousness.

"I am ready to allow.  To release the control I thought I had to maintain.  To get out of my own way through letting go of concepts and beliefs that no longer serve my highest good.  To accept that my Real Identity as an expression of Source already exists fully present as my safety and security, abundance, completeness and wholeness, creativity, guidance and direction, solutions, health, and everything embodied in Divine Consciousness."

"I  no longer need to seek for what I already AM but rather allow that which I AM to express ITSelf as me."

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                     4/19/20

                                       APRIL 5, 2020

Dear readers, in these present times of stress and confusion, allow yourselves to rejoice in the realization that everything taking place at this time is bringing in the changes you have sought, hoped, and prayed for since incarnating into this present lifetime.

You who are spiritually awake will become the way showers, those who will be helping others open to new and more evolved ideas, solutions, and general ways of living.   Present times are making life  difficult for everyone but you must realize that the cessation of "busy-ness" is an effective way to bring about activities of Oneness where it can then be recognized, experienced, and begin integrating into the collective.

Mankind is in the midst of an evolutionary experience that is about shifting from fear to love.  Is it not  interesting that it is taking place at the time of the Christian holy day of Easter--a time of death, entombment, and then resurrection?

The virus is not a punishment, nor was it chosen as being necessary for your evolution.  The disease you are witnessing today represents the exposure and clearing of false, old, hidden, dense, and no longer valid energy (beliefs)  based in duality and  separation, energies that have been fed and kept alive for hundreds of thousands of years by the unenlightened consciousness of the majority. 

The time has arrived in man's spiritual evolution to move beyond the three dimensional concepts and beliefs that have and continue to hold the majority in bondage.  Spiritual evolution is an ongoing process governed by the higher dimensions  as well as each individual's Higher Self. Spiritual evolution or lack thereof has never been or ever can be controlled by individuals or groups who stand to benefit by keeping mankind locked in ignorance.   Every individual is a Divine Being destined to awaken to their reality at some point.

Things will eventually quiet down but do not expect them to go back exactly the way they were for they will not, cannot.  Present times are birthing  a new world consciousness, one that is learning to see others in a new and higher way and which will eventually lead to the dissolving of separation based rules, laws, concepts, beliefs, and ideas.  You are a part of this because you chose to be a part of it.  Change is not going to happen over night, but the process has begun.

Those leaving earth at this time have chosen to do so on a deeper level.  Death is always a personal choice regardless of how it may appear.  Every individual has the free will choice to go or to stay.  Many leaving are simply tired, and their contracts are complete and so have chosen the virus as their mode for leaving.  Others are leaving in order to return to a more evolved world at a later time.  Some leave because they believe they can better serve earth's ascension process from the other side. 

Everyone has Guides and a Higher Self always assisting them to make choices that best serve their spiritual evolution.  Three dimensional ignorance has created a belief system that says; 1. Every person must try to stay on earth in body at any cost to self or others.  2. That success is about accumulating as much "stuff" as one can.   3.  That one must do whatever it takes (drugs, activities, etc.) to always feel happy.  

Life is about spiritual evolution, about waking  up to oneness with Source and all that IT IS.   Everything else simply represents the experiences and distractions, some good and some bad, necessary to eventually bring each individual to a readiness for truth. 

Isolation is providing everyone the opportunity to stop doing, doing, doing and just be.  Success during these times is not about how many rolls of toilet paper one can accumulate but is about doing no-thing--allowing, being, and clearing the mind of all the three dimensional nonsense that has come to be thought of as acceptable, important, and necessary. 

It is about reconnecting with your Real Self in new ways while acknowledging the Divinity of everyone else as well, even those  you don't like.  It is about recognizing and letting go of the "should's" and "should not's" that have ruled your life and allowing the I AM to express as and through you.  It is only through receptivity, pondering, then allowing and living truth does  it then integrate and become an attained state of consciousness.

Many see present circumstances  as an inconvenient delay in their getting back to things as usual.  Life is not going be be the same as it was before because  consciousness, the substance of form,  is changing. 

Masculine energy (active, be-er, do-er)  is gradually integrating and balancing with feminine energy (receptive, intuitive, love) and the result is going to be that the masculine without the feminine  balance will no longer be able to hold dominance and power over everything as it has in the past.

It was necessary to at least temporarily halt the striving for more, more, more regardless of who got hurt in the process while believing  that more equals better and makes one superior in some way.  The third dimensional world must stop polluting and harming the the very source of its life and health--Mother Earth.  Three dimensional human minds will continue finding ways to destroy each other and the planet for profit and gain if old concepts and beliefs remain.

The continual drive for more, more, more needs to be quieted and hopefully people will begin to seriously question and begin to take action on issues like the polluted water, food, and air that is harming (killing) all forms of life including humans, issues that are generally accepted simply because they increase some business's bottom line. 

Humans are meant to be the caretakers of earth dear ones, but greed  has caused present conditions which cannot continue.  Gaia, her people,  and her creatures are sick and you are witnessing it now.

Those of you drawn to these messages are already caretakers well aware of the oneness of all life and so will be the ones explaining this to those drawn to you for guidance.  You will be explaining that this is a spiritual universe peopled by sons of God rather than purely physical  human beings at the mercy of every belief floating about in collective consciousness.  You can tell them about energy and how each person's state of consciousness creates their world and situations. 

Your work is about to begin dear ones,  It is what you have been preparing for even though you were not aware of it.  It is why you chose to be here at this time.  Let go of any concepts you may hold about how the work must look, for it will be different for each depending upon the circumstances and individuals involved.  For some the work may simply be to hold the Light of truth for the world. 

Some drawn to you will be only capable of assimilating the "baby food" of truth, while others will be ready for a full course meal.  Allow your intuition to guide you as to which is which rather than following some protocol you may have been taught along the way.   

All is proceeding according to plan and your job is to allow the process to unfold without resistance.  Even though appearances testify to discord and suffering, the reality is that a great deal is going on behind the scenes.  Collective consciousness is opening into new levels but as of yet most are unable to comprehend anything beyond outer appearances.  Be practical, follow the guidelines, but don't let your actions be reactions based in fear

Sit quietly and ask yourself.  "What am I believing?  What do I continue holding as truth in my consciousness?  Am I willing to live truth or am I too afraid?  Should I remain in third dimensional consciousness where I  know what to expect even though it reflects duality and separation?" 

The time is now. The time is upon everyone. The time has arrived to live what you know dear ones for this is only the beginning and there is much to come.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                               4/5/2020 

                                 MARCH 22, 2020

Welcome dear readers.  Know that we and all beings of Light assisting with earth's ascension  are supporting you during this time of turmoil and confusion.  We understand the suffering that is happening as three dimensional structures dismantle and force many well beyond their comfort zone.

Present world events represent the energetic dismantling of ancient and false creations, dear ones.  The increase of higher resonating energy in world consciousness is forcing that which is out of alignment with it to surface.  Earth's energy is quickly changing, lifting, and becoming Lighter (ascending) and as it does, it exposes layers of dense energy ready to surface and begin dissolving.  Human mind is interpreting these energies on the third dimensional level as disease and discord.

The inner (consciousness) will always express as the outer.  As mankind spiritually evolves and higher frequencies of Light and truth increase, it automatically exposes everything of a lower resonance. Today's situation of disease is about imbalance.  Imbalances that have been in place on all levels for eons--financial, personal, global.  Imbalances created through the universal acceptance of self serving concepts based in separation--inequality and the non-value of certain individuals or groups. 

You are going to witness a great deal of disruption and disturbance  before this is finished, but it will finish, for there are no laws other than belief to support, sustain, or maintain disease.  Place your reliance in the reality of your Divine nature, trusting that all is proceeding according to plan. 

Rather than seeing yourself as needing protection against some outer evil, know that your conscious realization of Oneness with Source is your protection just as it is your safety and security, abundance, completeness, wholeness, intelligence etc.

Yes, many are and will continue to leave during these times, but know that when a person leaves it is always by choice, one made on a deeper level.  We have stated many times that there is no death nor could there ever be a death for the essence of your very being is infinite Divine Life.  This actually makes you more at home on the other side than on earth. 

Never forget that as Divine Beings, you are creators, and what you hold in consciousness as truth will manifest outwardly for there is no un-expressed consciousness.  The issues at hand now are being promoted and further expanded through intense media coverage serving mainly to promote fear.  Ask yourselves; "What am I believing and holding as truth in consciousness?  In the light of spiritual awareness is it true?" 

We are not saying to disregard  practical precautions that represent third dimensional wisdom, but we are saying to do these practical things from a place of empowerment rather than from a place of fear that assigns power to appearances.  God alone is power in spite of outer appearances to the contrary. 

You are in the midst of the changes you have been hoping, praying, and looking for but didn't expect to manifest in this way.  Everything happening is serving to  change the consciousness of the collective and lift mankind to new levels of awareness. 

There is always discord and confusion during times of change for the majority gets comfortable with things being a certain way and comes to depend upon them remaining the same even if or when those ways are unfair, demeaning, or even dangerous to others.  This often happens in abusive relationships where one partner is willing to suffer physically, emotionally, and mentally simply because they are used to it.  

When familiar structures begin to collapse, the human mind does not know how to interpret it and panics, drawing upon everything it can from the collective belief system in order to "solve" the problem and get everything back to what it sees as "normal".  The human mind is no longer in control.  It is being superceded by Consciousness.   The human mind is  attempting to help through what it knows, but the time has come to let mind take the lesser role, identifying with and allowing the reality of who and what you are to take over.

Allow the process dear ones, allow the process.  You who are in alignment with these messages have the  awareness with which to meet these difficult times.  Take whatever practical methods you are guided to take with regard to your personal situation but resist the temptation to fall back into old programming out of the belief that you need to heal, change, or correct something.

Use each day to practice the truth you know.  Now is the time for trust; for holding to truth and living each day in conscious realization of your true identity as Source while remaining sensible on the three dimensional level.

Present conditions are serving to drive increasingly more individuals out of their old mind set and  into alignment with unconditional love and oneness.  Many who have always thought of themselves as separate from everyone they didn't know personally or believed themselves to be better or less than others are beginning to experience a sense of camaraderie.

Unifying experiences are taking place because individual consciousness is expanding and becoming increasingly more receptive to truth,  This is causing the collective to expand and open to ideas based in oneness-- greater tolerance, understanding, and awareness regarding community and issues that all face regardless of color, gender, country, religious belief, wealth, or politics.

Difficulties presently facing the world are forcing increasingly more individuals to examine their beliefs with regard to how everything must be in order to be right.   Many are beginning to disengage from long held concepts holding them in bondage and obligation to money, jobs they hated, relationships that were finished, and engaging only in what society deemed appropriate. 

Present times are helping many to dismantle the layers of dense and ancient energy that have blocked their spiritual awareness.   Old energies long stored in cellular memory and carried from lifetime to lifetime were originally created through vows taken in other lifetimes,  guilt, obligation-- lives of non-power lived through duty rather than free will choice.

As a majority becomes aware of itself as being one family, many of the inequalities and imbalances that up to now have been considered acceptable will be recognized for what they really represent.  This will help those still fully enmeshed in the third dimensional belief system to begin questioning exactly what they believe and if these beliefs are valid.  

The increase of love and sense of oneness in world consciousness is going to lift and effect all species and all kingdoms--  plant , animal, devic, elemental, nature spirit kingdoms as well as humans which will result in a collective consciousness that respects mankind's sacred obligation to love, protect, and care for all life upon Gaia who herself is a living breathing spiritual being. 

It is long past time for the arrogant thinking and actions of humans who believe themselves above and separate from other life forms to cease.  All must come to accept that there is only One Life and that what is done to one form of this One Life effects all  including their own.  Animals, trees, plants, and even the rocks  have levels of consciousness and to continue believing otherwise is ego folly.  Animals evolve and re-incarnate.  Human beings were never given permission to harm, destroy, and devalue other forms of the ONE life.

Life,  in all of its infinite forms,  expresses the One and only life that exists--even the life of a virus.  Ponder this.

As personal and global consciousness  evolves into the higher frequencies of truth, the present form of many ordinary and universally accepted ideas and expressions (art, health, education, politics)  will dissolve.  The old denser energies that formed and held them in place cannot exist in the presence of higher lighter frequencies. 

Those who insist on perpetuating the creations of a previous state of consciousness whether personal or global are going to meet with a great deal of struggle and resistance for you cannot make something out of nothing.  Evolution of mankind is taking place whether some like it or not.

Trust that all is as it should be.  We and all beings of Light assisting in earths' ascension process are with you at all times.  You are loved and being guided at all times.

Trust...  Allow...   Be...

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                3/22/20

                                    MARCH 8,2020

Welcome all readers,  

The time has arrived in which those who are ready are being guided to let go of all remaining concepts about how everything is or must to be in order to be correct and acceptable--all, not just the not so important ones.  Good concepts are just as illusory as the bad ones, both must be seen through.  No matter how comfortable or efficiently some concepts may of served you in the past, many can no longer do it because you have changed. 

As individual consciousness evolves and begins to resonate with a higher frequency, much that resonated in the previous state of consciousness automatically shifts out of alignment.  Many of you are discovering that favorite books, movies, friends, foods, even employment and much more that up to now have been satisfying facets of your life have suddenly begun to feel boring and empty, you no longer find satisfaction in them.

Allow the things that no longer resonate to fade away no matter how important they may have once seemed or may still be to those around you.  This can take courage for usually these things-- events, beliefs, systems of functioning, and activities involve others--family traditions, business, church etc. 

Letting go of that which no longer resonates with you need not be overt rejection which can easily slip into an ego exercise.  Rather, simply, silently, and without fan-fare allow these things to gradually and gently fade out of your life without assigning power for good or bad to them.  This does not mean you must no longer engage in an activities that once worked for you and may still be important to those around  you, but rather engage if you choose but without attaching importance and necessity.

Ideas, projects, life issues more in alignment with your expanding consciousness will replace many of the things now fading away because everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the third dimension is a material  concept of its underlying spiritual reality--you cannot make something out of nothing.   Vehicles of transportation are actually Divine Omnipresence materially interpreted.  A home is actually Consciousness. Therefore the Divine reality will always re-appear on  new and higher levels if not blocked by false concepts and beliefs.

This is a process that does not take place over night.  Never think you have failed if you find yourself in the midst of some physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual dilemma.  Old and finished  energy is flowing up and out for everyone--the un-awakened as well as the awakened.  Allow it to flow out, addressing any accompanying issues as needed.  Try not to claim these energies as being yours personally.  They may seem to be, but can never really be for constitute the illusion having no law to maintain or sustain them.
Stop fighting, struggling,  or attempting to get things back to the way they once were whether  through learned metaphysical techniques  or through the three dimensional belief system.

Allow the I that you now know you are to express, trusting that IT can only express ITSelf as ITSelf which is and forever has been infinite wholeness completeness, harmony, abundance, safety, security etc.

God is and this is all you can ever know about God until God  reveals ITself to you.  It is an exercise in futility to believe one can know what God is with the human mind.  A finite mind cannot and will never comprehend an infinite God regardless of how many articles,  experts, or religious leaders expound about having done it.  Up to the point where God reveals ITSelf to you, simply know that God is--period.

Spiritual evolution is the gradual process of moving though and beyond the accumulated layers of  illusion that overlay personal and collective awareness.  This all happened over a long period of time and through many lifetimes lived in third dimensional frequencies that created collective alignment with those energies rather than with the higher frequencies of Light left behind when incarnating. 

Clearing is simply the dissolving of those energies still sustaining and maintaining the shadow appearances and is individual.   You are quickly evolving to new states of awareness and the high frequency energy is why clearing has become intense for some at this time. It is like shining a bright light into a dark room where much that was not seen before is suddenly exposed.

Alignment with duality and separation caused each to accumulate and store in cellular memory  intense experiences of both good and bad from each lifetime until at some point every individual begins seeking for "more".  This is the meaning of the bible story that tells how Adam and Eve were forced out of Eden through their act of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

Some of you are suffering intense physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual discord at this time.  Allow...  Trust...You are learning to let go of the need to  struggle for control over everything.  The mind is confused.   It is trying to help you through what it knows but is limited, offering solutions based in the collective belief system as well as in the metaphysical knowledge you accumulated through years of study leading up to this point.  Metaphysical knowledge is an important part of the journey for most, but must never be considered the end point.

Let go of trying to figure everything out and then heal, change, or fix it.  Nothing needs fixing or healing.  Allow your real Divine Self to be your reality without feeling that you need not tell it how.  This is an extremely difficult process for those who are used to being efficient, organized problem solvers.   The temptation remains to take charge,  jumping in with solutions based on what has been learned over the years.

As the Divine Feminine energy integrates on earth and begins to more fully express in the world as balanced male/female energy, the aggressive, active, be-er, do-er, traits of unbalanced masculine energy will recede.   As the receptive, intuitive nature of the Divine feminine aligns with the masculine,  life will be easier for those men and women who have always been compelled  to jump in and take charge of every situation whether they are needed or not.

The time has come to stand back and allow the I of your being to function through, in and as you rather than constantly trying to control everything through eyes unable to see the whole picture.  Like it or not, it is an energetically powerful time for everyone who has chosen ascension.  You must accept that many of the old ways are simply no longer valid in the presence of increasing more higher states of consciousness.

Many continue with attempts to make something that is complete and finished (often relationships)  work according to the world's concepts of how things must be in order to be correct, fulfilling, meaningful, or loving.  These concepts are encouraged through your media, and a society that continues to embrace only third dimensional concepts based in duality and separation with regard to all issues of daily living.

At this time the world is experiencing a great deal of fear regarding the virus disease that has penetrated world consciousness.  As the  media continues its non stop promotion, it gives ever more reality and substance to the issue for you are creators.  Do not fear and do not give it power and thus substance.  As with all things that are not God ordained, maintained, or sustained, it will pass into the nothingness that it is,  if allowed.

There never has been or could ever  be death for you are spiritual consciousness and not physical bodies.  When a person leaves their physical vehicle behind it is always with permission given on a deeper level.  Stand back and allow,  become a silent observer of unfolding consciousness rather than a participant in the illusions of sense.   Even if your work lies in some area of world discord, you can still maintain a objective stance, helping, and serving for the highest good of all, but not aligning with appearances.

Living spiritually does not mean you can not see a doctor if you feel the need, nor does it mean you stand back and simply ignore the fear and suffering of yourself or those around you in an attempt to live the absolute.  Rather than pretending to a state of consciousness not yet attained,  hold  truth while lovingly ministering to self and others in the ways you are guided to which may simply be to do nothing but hold the Light.

It is a new time, new ways, new ideas, and change and to be a part of it you must allow and move with it.  It is why you are on earth at this time.  Align with and hold Light for Gaia as well, for she is a living soul and not an inanimate piece of dirt.  She needs your love and support as she too is clearing old energy. 

Let the past go.  Let the present go.  Let it all go and move into  allowing.  You are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                    3/8/20

                                 FEBRUARY 23, 2020

Dear readers, we hold a great deal of love and respect for you who have chosen to be on earth during these challenging times.  You chose to enter this incarnation fully aware that it would be a time of energetic shifts and difficulty but you wanted to participate, knowing that your awareness could help others.

If you believe that you only recently woke up from the three dimensional dream, you are wrong. You who align with these messages are not new souls just learning about truth even if it seems that way.  If you had not already attained a high level of awareness in other lifetimes, you would not be in alignment with the higher truths you are now integrating. You are wise, seasoned, and prepared to make the dimensional leap by virtue of having learned through hundreds of lifetimes--some good, some bad, and some just plain horrible.

Having already attained a high level of awareness you knew that these times of dimensional shift would offer you opportunities to bring everything full circle and into third dimensional completion, allowing you to become the whole, compete, wise, and evolved state of consciousness you always sought.

High frequency energy and assistance is available now as never before.  Earth and her inhabitants are being offered the opportunity to shift into higher dimensional awareness if they choose.  No one is or ever can be forced to take advantage of this for all are free will beings.  This is why your Guides can assist you with your decisions, but will never tell you what to do.

It can feel unpleasant when you witness some friendships, health, or even familiar activities fade out of your life.  Remember, everything old is making way for the new on all levels, in the outer scene as well as the inner which can be as ordinary as old equipment breaking down.  However, the dissolution of the old is often simply the first step toward its reappearing in a new and higher form if it is meant to be in your life.

All are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually feeling the intense frequencies now pouring to earth.  Old energy accumulated from from hundreds of lifetimes and stored in cellular memory is surfacing for everyone in order to be recognized, released, and replaced with higher dimensional frequencies.  Each person is responding to this according to their attained level of awareness.

For some this process is bringing fears that have lain dormant through many lifetimes into conscious awareness causing them to lash out and blame some  person or particular group for their emotional pain and the world's problems. They then attempt to make things better in the only way they understand which is usually through violent actions . This is what lies behind the  violence you are witnessing at this time. 

Allow your personal process to unfold without comparing it to another's.  You cannot evolve incorrectly for once you have chosen to embark on a spiritual journey, the "train leaves the station" and the "human" you is no longer running things in the same way it did when you were living fully in third dimensional energy.

Everything is consciousness in vibration-energy.  Consciousness expressing itself as....How each sees and experiences the world  depends upon their attained level of consciousness.  What you believe and hold in consciousness you are in alignment with in the outer scene and can experience.  A rose may represent beauty and love to one, but thorns and allergy to another. 

In reality there are no victims, because as God beings everyone is simply drawing to themselves from the collective that with which they are in alignment.  Remember, there is only ONE and that ONE is always seeking to  align with itself-- wholeness. 

Both the good and bad pictures of material sense have no law other than belief to hold them in place and will dissolve in the presence of a high resonating state of consciousness that sees them only as mind interpretations of reality. This is how the master Jesus healed.  People brought themselves into his consciousness where disease simply had no reality.

This does not mean that the spiritually evolved never have problems.  Never believe that you have somehow failed if your life suddenly turns upside down but rather learn to see difficulties  as facets of your evolutionary journey indicating that you having attained the spiritual readiness necessary to deal with deeper issues--karmic resolution with some person, place, or thing, the clearing of some ancient experience,  or simply the gaining of new insights into something you have struggled with for your whole life.

Many creations result simply by not paying attention, letting the mind wander and accept whatever comes floating by from the collective.  Be aware of what you allow into your consciousness for you are creators.  Learn to step back from those things that pull you into lower frequencies. Stop occasionally and ask yourself; "What am I creating in this now moment?"  Do not resist what you may discover for resistance only serves to give power to something that has no power of its own.

Consciousness changes and evolves as beliefs based in duality and separation are let go and truth is integrated.  Spiritual growth and evolution has often meant spending whole lifetimes or even more on learning just one thing (example-honesty) which is why it takes so many lifetimes to reach an enlightened state.  Lessons learned and truths integrated become the fabric of individual consciousness which is then further built upon and expanded through each following lifetime until third dimensional lessons are no longer needed.

It is a time of worry, concern, and frustration for many hoping to see the earth restored to her natural perfection. This must eventually manifest because what you see with human eyes is the material concept of a spiritual earth.  Human eyes are  unable to see the spiritual realities that underlie everything just as what you see in the mirror does not reflect the real you. Try not to judge by appearances but rather hold to the truth that God alone is.  Change cannot happen over night in a world of time and space.  Allow the process.

Energy, vibration, and frequencies form the material.  In reality the world is and always has been spiritual for God could not create anything outside of ITSelf as nothing exists outside of ITSelf. However, the world as seen and experienced by most is being interpreted through a collective consciousness conditioned by beliefs in duality and separation.  This is why you must "come out and be separate".

It is a time of worry, concern, and frustration for many who hoped to see the earth restored to her natural perfection. This must eventually manifest because what you see with human eyes is a material concept of a spiritual earth.  Human eyes are  unable to see the spiritual realities that underlie everything just as what you see in the mirror does not reflect the real you. Try not to judge by appearances but rather hold to the truth that God alone is power.  Change cannot happen over night in a world of time and space.  Allow the process.

Everyone is born into this false sense of the world.  Small children often remember the higher dimensions but soon get caught up in the lower frequencies that surround them.  As increasingly more awaken, Light is added to and changing the vibrational pattern of the collective which in turn will allow human minds access to higher ideas.

Each generation enters into the collective consciousness that is in place at that time.  The collective  of 200 years ago was much different than it is today because evolution is an ongoing process that effects all levels--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The evolutionary opportunities available today are extremely important because they offer an evolutionary path of infinite possibilities for shifting to higher dimensional awareness while remaining in the physical body.

Because increasingly more light is flowing into the collective, many more individuals are starting to re- think their beliefs.  Laws, ideas, and some social norms previously considered acceptable are beginning to be  recognized as untrue.  Those who profit from the ignorance and fear of others are attempting by all means possible to keep the status quo in place.  They do not understand that in spite of their efforts or temporary successes, the evolutionary train has indeed left the station. 

Spiritual evolution can never be stopped.  It can be delayed but never stopped because everything and everyone is Divine Consciousness  whether anyone believes it or not.  Those who choose to believe that people are nothing more than flesh, cannot change the reality.

Peace and harmony exist fully present now, held infinitely in place by Divine Law simply awaiting  conscious recognition. 

We are the Arcturian Group                                                               2/23/20

                                 FEBRUARY 9, 2020

Dear ones, the world is increasingly moving toward more revelations with regard to negative actions and those  involved in them.  Be not afraid of what you may see and hear from commercial news sources or your technology for everything that resonates with old energy cannot help but change or actually disappear as new and higher frequencies integrate into the collective.

Many commonly accepted rules, beliefs, and concepts that over time have resulted in today's belief system, must be exposed for what they really represent before those who consider them acceptable will be able to see them for what they really are--programs based in false beliefs and the surrendering of personal power to those who seek it for themselves. 

Appearances would testify that mankind is going backwards and reverting to an old state of consciousness.   In reality, consciousness is going forward.  Each day as higher frequencies of Light increase, more individuals  become aware of what up to now has either been sanitized through false teachings or simply hidden behind closed doors. 

Allow your light to shine in each now moment of the day for this is what adds to the incoming frequencies of Light flowing from higher dimensions.  Accept that you are the one you have  searched for over lifetimes.  The high resonating energy of each awakened consciousness  is what will bring change,  expose shadows, and assist the un-awakened to wake up.

All is proceeding according to plan.  Rejoice as you witness increasingly more people become aware of the need for change and better ways of living for all rather than a select few.  Changes are coming, but don't spend your days waiting and looking for them while dwelling on and adding energy to negative appearances.  Rather keep your focus in truth, in the higher frequencies of conscious Oneness with Source and what that means.  Remember, you are creators.

Honestly examine how much time and energy you spend thinking about negative issues and learn to be  very selective with regard to networking, websites, or groups that easily pull followers into dense energy under the guise of information.  Many of you are beginning to recognize an energetic heaviness when visiting certain websites, news sources, or even entertainments. 

Be intuitively selective with regard to what you accept into your consciousness.  Many sites that began as light fun and interaction with others have become platforms for promoting fear and separation.

Understand that as your consciousness  increasingly shifts to new levels, you automatically move out of alignment with some previous interests--online or in person.  Attempting to make something from a previous state of consciousness work as it once did is futile and only serves to hold one in bondage to energy that is familiar but which has been outgrown. 

Be very honest with regard to how some people, places, or things effect you and have the courage to withdraw from them if they no longer serve.  Not only are you changing, but many things that began innocently enough also changed as they were recognized to be excellent platforms from which to to promote an agenda.  Always listen to and trust your intuition in these things.

There is much to come dear ones, much that we cannot yet speak about for we do not wish to influence you or cause you to sit back awaiting the arrival of some concept of  "savior".

Love yourselves, all of yourselves not just the "good" parts, and allow your inner process to unfold. A great deal of clearing-- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is taking place at this time.  Many of you are experiencing odd symptoms of one sort or another on one or all levels, 

The clearing of old energy is individual because energies needing to be cleared result from individual experiences and different lifetimes.  One person's process  may be to actually re-experience something  while another's  will simply be to feel exhausted or sick.  Allow you process without comparing it to another's. 

Allowing indicates a consciousness able to  trust that the God/I AM of your being knows how to express ITSELF as and through you without your need to tell it how.  In every situation, simply say; "I allow..." rather than  "Teach me how to allow" because if your intention is to be taught, opportunities for practice will indeed present themselves.

Rest and pamper yourself when you feel the need but don't endow your clearing symptoms with power. Love and support  your physical body as it clears old cellular memory and integrates new frequencies of Light .  Speak to your cells telling them to release low resonating energies acquired through inheritance and experience, and  allow frequencies of Light to replace them.  Visualize bright golden Light moving into each cell and pushing out any shadow as it does so.

Everyone at some point reaches a level of awareness in which they must cease looking to others for love, cooperation, gratitude, appreciation, friendship, support, etc. even from those where it is most expected.

These things are God qualities, facets of Oneness, that  human beings in and of themselves do not have to give.  Looking to some person for what God alone possesses can only result in disappointment because individuals are only able to express  God qualities at the level of their attained state of consciousness.

Every person eventually evolves to a place where they must begin to acknowledge their Oneness with Source and seek only from  IT.   This then allows whatever is needed,  be it the solution to a problem or the receiving of appreciation, to manifest outwardly though the avenue best qualified.

Solutions often appear through a person from whom it is least expected or even a stranger.  Never doubt that what you need will appear, often before you know there is a need  if you rest always in a consciousness of Divine completeness. 

Third dimensional energy is and always has been about looking outside of self for everything.  This is because third dimensional energy can only express as duality and separation.  Enlightenment means realizing that harmony, wholeness, completeness, abundance, love, acceptance, appreciation, safety, security, and infinite supply are already fully present within never dependent upon outer appearances but rather upon a conscious realization of SELF versus self. 

God qualities express and flow through humans, but can never flow from them, simply because human beings in and of themselves do not have these qualities to give.  Once you understand this, you stop being disappointed by another's  lack of empathy, appreciation, friendship, love, support, or gratitude because you understand that every person is only capable expressing God at their level of consciousness.  Everyone is  expressing their highest level of awareness. 

By not expecting another to give what only God has to give you are loving and allowing them to be who they are at this particular point in their evolutionary journey.   At the same time you are allowing yourself to trust that what you may seem to need at any given time already exists  within and so you allow the God qualities of your own Divine Consciousness to flow wherever and through whomever is the best vehicle.

In these times of change you are witnessing the disappearance of much that has always been held as being "tried and true"-- facts about successful living that you could rely on.  Fear often arises for even the spiritually evolved when suddenly they discover certain solutions no longer work or carefully laid plans fall apart. 

You have all lived lifetimes based in mind alone, where plotting and planning was the only acceptable way to resolve  issues of any kind.  Shifting away from mind alone and into truth and intuition is difficult at first when things begin to no longer work the way they are "supposed" to.  

Because almost everyone still carries frequencies reflective of familiar and commonly accepted  ways of doing things,  panic, confusion, and fear will often manifest as an individual moves to a level of consciousness that requires trust and allowing. 

Begin to put everything you have learned about truth throughout this and your many other lifetimes into practice and  begin to totally embrace the fact that you are a Divine Being having third dimensional experiences through your own choice. 

Spirituality was all well and good and even quite comfortable when it was something discussed in classes, listened to in lectures, read in metaphysical books, given through a psychic, or by meditating now and then.  It was something you enjoyed with like minded people and left you feeling "holy" and perhaps even a little "better" than those who didn't know what you did. 

That work is complete.  You are ready to leave behind spiritual tools  based in a sense of separation that promoted  struggle in a vain attempts to contact some far away God or become enlightened.  You  came to believe that spirituality could only be attained through effort, ceremony, right practices, and a whole lot of work.   You now know that everything you sought through these practices is within.

You may still be guided  to seek help from a certain teacher, book, or class to help you move through a "stuck" place, but spiritual  tools are never intended to become one's lifeline.  A continuing reliance on anything outside of SELF simply prevents one from realizing that everything they need is fully present within. The books, classes, crystals, mantras, and gurus necessary to one's earlier steps are meant to be  bridges leading within. 

Example; Crystals carry unique and often very powerful energy, but are meant to align with  and strengthen this same energy within the individual, rather than give them something they don't already posses.

Those of you who are  spiritual teachers in some capacity must keep in mind that it is vitally important that you never allow human ego to keep your student coming after they are ready to go "solo".  A spiritual teacher's job to give wings to each student as they lovingly guide them toward realizing their Oneness with Source.

Integrate each truth as it reveals itself to you and live from your highest attained level of awareness. At some point  IT begins living ITSELF as you without effort or study on your part.  Most of you are either already there, or close to it or you would not be drawn to or even understand these messages. 

Let go dear ones.  Let go and jump off that spiritual cliff you have teetered on for so long.  Allow your Divine self to be your sword and shield.   Accept that you really are a Divine expression of God in material  form and never have been a powerless human subject to all the manifestations of duality and separation. 

I AM everything I have sought for lifetimes...there is no longer any need to keep seeking.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                     2/9/20

                                     JANUARY 26, 2020

Dear Readers, welcome to our message of hope and guidance.  Much is soon to manifest that will cause many to question personal beliefs and those of the world in general.  Allow your spiritual journey to unfold without limitations that consist of nothing more than concepts and beliefs based on the experiences of others for every person's inner journey is individual and authentic. 

Allow, by truly accepting that you are not the person you believed yourself to be, but are a Divine Being, an expression of Source Consciousness who formed for yourself a physical body in order to work and live in the denser energies of earth--a three dimensional interpretation of the real body, one of energy and Light.

You are more than ready to identify with the reality of who and what you are--Self sustained, Self maintained Divine Consciousness.   Within "Self-sustained and Self-maintained" exists every Divine Reality, everything ever believed to be lacking-- abundance, harmony, wholeness, safety, security,  peace, completeness, intelligence, companionship--ad infinitum--just awaiting conscious  recognition. This is the secret of life, the holy grail, hidden in plain sight where most never think to look--within.

Divine qualities have always been and can only be fully present within every individual simply because Divine Consciousness is all that exists, manifesting ITself in infinite forms.  Beliefs of duality and separation have created a collective consciousness that believes itself separate from other people, animals, plants and all living things as well as from God.   The ups and downs, good and bad experiences of daily living are simply duality in expression for there is no unexpressed consciousness.

                   This is the work--"What am I holding as truth in my consciousness?"

The three dimensional experience is like someone having a large bank account that they are unaware of and so live in poverty and need.  However, each day more people are waking up to realize that much they have always accepted as true regarding every facet of daily life is simply not true.  It is at this point that food, entertainment, activities, and desires,  begin to lose their appeal and he/she begins his/her journey toward their as of yet unknown "bank account". 

Never attempt to reclaim the past dear ones, for once the lesson of some experience is complete, it is no longer needed.  As you shift into ever higher states of awareness,  you are no longer in alignment with much of your past.   

Some attempt to re-create the past, clinging to nostalgia for the "good old days" in the belief that these times were better  but which in reality held the same dense and negative issues the world is witnessing today.  In general, the unawakened majority of earlier times surrendered their personal power to others, thus allowing the same dense and negative issues of today to be ignored, denied, or covered up.

Struggling to achieve, or attain some long held goal simply because you once set it for yourself can be wasted effort.  The chosen lesson may very well have been about the journey itself and  not in achieving the goal.  This does not mean that guidance from within toward some goal never happens, but rather means that if its attainment is fraught with continual roadblocks and negativity, the goal may be based in concepts rather than inner guidance.

Goals are usually based in some concept of success or happiness that must be attained in order to feel fulfilled or worthy of acceptance, love, respect etc.   Many, once realizing that they have not and will  not attain some personal goal, experience a sense of failure.  Others who have actually attained some goal are discovering that it did not bring them the fulfillment they expected. 

The evolutionary journey is about growing through experiences until one reaches the point of being able to access learning from within.  Once an individual is willing to honestly examine their belief system, they begin to understand that successes and failures are tools that allow one to recognize and re-examine their beliefs regarding success, value, and worthiness.  

Many committed suicide during the great depression, especially those who lost a great deal of money.  They did not understand that the same Infinite Source that manifested it in the first place could do it again.  They believed that their money came from themselves and was thus limited. These dear ones in their next life will be more aware of the deeper truths of abundance by virtue of having been helped and taught between lives about their experiences.  This is how the evolutionary process works.

Frequently someone who is extremely talented at art, science, or some other talent will completely lose interest in it, to the dismay of those around them.  This happens because they have attained this particular goal and it is complete.  Every person continues to seek fulfillment on and through all levels awareness throughout lifetimes  until finally they are ready for true fulfillment and the experiences of conscious oneness with Source  

Every dream and desire no matter what it is or how ordinary, mundane, or even negative it may seem to others (relationships, money, education, power etc.)  is in reality the inner pull that every individual  has to once again experience their innate ONEness with Source.  The Divine is always and can only ever be Itself within every individual which is felt as desire for what one believes will bring happiness. 

Every human  feels this Divine presence but does not understand what it is.  This deep yearning for Oneness is interpreted by three dimensional consciousness as the perpetual seeking for fulfillment in the outer scene--goals and desires that one believes will bring wholeness according to the state of consciousness of the individual.  Even a murderer believes his goals are valid and will make things better for him/her.

Every person chooses their earth experiences pre-birth according to what they believe will help them spiritually grow beyond their old belief system. The homeless person, may very well be a very evolved soul who pre-birth recognized the need for a deeper understanding of issues that surround lack and limitation.

The transsexual person that so many label immoral, wrong, or disgusting  is a person who has lived many lifetimes as one gender, and recognized the need to learn and experience the energies of the other gender in order to bring their masculine/feminine into balance.  However, once on earth, they forgot this and began to identify with their dominant energy.  Because they are unaware that they are consciousness rather than just a physical body they believe that somehow they are in the wrong body,  become confused, despondent,  and spend their lives attempting to once again be the energy they more closely resonate with. 

None of these issues are right or wrong. They simply represent the learning process of every individual.  Judging, criticizing, or humiliating others with regard to the experiences of their journey,  are the actions of an un-awakened consciousness.

As more come to understand the reality of consciousness versus physical, judgement and criticism lessens and is replaced by more receptivity to giving and receiving  assistance in the form of practical advice,  guidance, and acceptance for those struggling with some issue on any level.  As individuals come to know who they really are, they can be shown how to release and clear old energies holding them in bondage.

Know that judgement and criticism can only take place if this energy is already present.  It is usually held unknowingly in cellular memory about self and then projected outwardly onto another. As a person is able to love and forgive themselves, they find that the judgement and criticism they have held for others begins to simply fade away.

Some are very young souls that  have not been on earth enough times to accumulate wisdom or personal power.  They live in fear believing themselves vulnerable to every three dimensional concept they learn about.  They need the structure of rules and laws in order not to harm others or themselves.

Others have been on earth many times, but need  more three dimensional experiences  in order to grow beyond their need for them.  These are people who are kindly but who usually hold rigid concepts about what they have been taught and as of yet are ignorant of deeper truth. 

Then there are the  "old souls", those who have lived hundreds of lifetimes on earth during which they have experienced almost every good or bad that could be experienced.  They have lived as all skin colors, in all societies,  and as each gender many times resulting in a state of consciousness that is wise and compassionate toward all people and life forms.

They are you.  You who understand and seek to always live from your highest level of awareness are the "old souls", the way-showers.  You have the ability to carry light for those who wander through the dark maze of third dimensional creation seeking a path out of it.  Let your Light shine dear ones, you have earned the right to shine.  No more "I am not worthy.  I am not there yet.  I need more time."  These are third dimensional games dear ones, and you have moved beyond the need for games at any level.  You are ready.

Shine your attained Light silently and secretly wherever you are in each now moment be it simply petting a lonely dog or speaking a kind word to a stranger.  See, hear, taste, touch, and smell the reality of everything for no one thing is more "holy" or spiritual than another.  Recognize all experiences, the good and the bad, to be sign posts directing you to more deeply understand that what you may still be holding in consciousness as  power.

Allow the awareness you have earned through lifetimes of dedication and hard work to come into fruition as your everyday world.  See through your awakened eyes and allow your every word to flow out on an energy of unconditional love even if those words occasionally need to be firm.  

Allow...not in the sense of giving up, but in the sense of trusting that there is something greater taking place beyond what human appearances testify to.  Allowing is natural for a  consciousness able to rest in the reality of I AM.  

It is knowing without question that IT will and can only function as ITself manifesting  ITs ever present harmony even in the midst of pain, chaos, and suffering.  IT is who you are, now claim it, live it, be it.


We are the Arcturian Group                                                  1/26/20

                               JANUARY 12, 2020

Dear ones you intellectually understand, but must actually accept that you are so much more than you have been led to believe.  Throughout lifetimes humans have been manipulated and taught that they are little more than animals deserving of and needing harsh treatment and incapable of making proper decisions and must look to those more qualified to tell them what is right or wrong or how to live.

Because of this, many unconsciously still carry old energy from those lifetimes in cellular memory.  As long as these energies remain active they can and often do manifest seemingly out of nowhere as experiences of either overt aggression or its opposite, powerlessness.

As old and dense energies clear both  personally and globally, some are re-experiencing deeply buried energies of fear, aggression, or powerlessness and not understanding why.  Because low resonating energy cannot align with the higher these must be cleared.  This often takes place through dreams but  through experience and emotions as well. 

Allow the clearing process to take place without resistance or the belief that these things are who you are.  Negative emotions, thoughts, or feelings are never who you are.  Allow them to move through and out without attaching power to them.

When mankind was much less evolved, rules and guidelines were important and often necessary for staying alive.  However, mankind has evolved beyond those times and many of these guidelines have become obsolete and no longer necessary.  More and more, the concept of a "ruling class" has devolved into being simply a means for power over others.

Beliefs in duality and separation have and will continue to perfectly manifest  pairs of opposites as long as they continue to dominate collective consciousness simply because consciousness is the substance of form.  Mind, being an avenue of awareness,  interprets what it sees according to the state of consciousness of the individual or collective.

Demonstrations and actions hold an important place in helping to change world awareness, but unless guided from within to bring your light to some situation through participation, most of you will not be called to demonstrate and protest.  Those awakened and evolved usually serve on levels more in alignment with their state of consciousness, bringing  Light to the outer scene through silent alignment with "God alone is ". 

Pre-birth every individual chooses the experiences he needs, and is spiritually prepared for in order to learn and evolve during his time on earth.  A person with a weak and powerless personality, who who has always allowed others to run his life may feel ready and thus choose experiences that will force him/her to empower themselves. 

Example--After having never held a job, always looking to others, and believing self to be a victim, he/she may be forced  into empowerment after finding themselves in "do or die" situations following the death, abandonment, or withdrawal of those who have always enabled them. 

Loving occasionally means allowing another to fall flat on their face.  When  you continue enabling someone who has had many opportunities,  you take away their job which is to learn and grow.

Those new to life on earth get a great deal of assistance  when choosing life experiences and are guided to choose only what  is not beyond their ability to complete.  Those more experienced and evolved  make the majority of their own decisions along with the others who will be involved.   "Older" souls are well aware of where they have failed in the past and what they need to learn.  However, all choices are lovingly guided and approved pre-birth based on each soul's readiness rather than their enthusiasm. 

You have entered a time in which many are opening to deeper levels of awareness through painful and intense life experiences.  Most are as of yet unaware that they themselves chose these or similar experiences either simply for the experience itself,  or to force themselves deeper within.  "Wake up calls"  are often necessary for those who are spiritually prepared, but who refuse to budge from their three dimensional comfort zone.

Most are unaware that when they realize some new facet of truth, they are in fact simply remembering it. Truth is, always has been, and can only be already fully present in the Consciousness of every person.  It does not flow from some outside source for there is no outside source.  All truth flows from where it has always been just awaiting recognition--within-- even though often appears to come from a teacher, book, class, channel, or practice.  Evolution is simply remembering.  At no time have you ever not been the fullness of God expressing ITself.

You who read these messages are ready to release yourselves from all remaining self created prisons of illusion. The world  is not an illusion as many have been taught and believe.  Rather the three dimensional  concepts of the world are the  illusion.  A tree may appear to be an inanimate stand of wood to three dimensional consciousness but those able to see higher dimensional energy see the Light of Life flowing in, through, and around every branch and root, connecting it to every other tree.  "Tree huggers" are not hugging a piece of wood, but rather are connecting with the one same Divine life essence each holds.

Learn to look beyond all appearances, large and small, good or bad.  God is not just in good appearances and not in the bad ones.  Both are mind interpretations flowing in accordance with the state of consciousness and conditioning of the observer.  Because there is only ONE consciousness, everyone in alignment with the conditioned collective sees the same thing. This is what is meant by "You must come out and be separate".

When you react strongly to some negative appearance, you feed it energy allowing it to continue.  Stop feeding world concepts based in duality and separation.  Honestly examine your belief system in order to understand if or how you may be doing this.   Rest in your Divinity rather than your humanness. You are ready. Understand and accept that everything reflective of duality or separation is nothing more than a mind formed  illusory corruption of some underlying reality. 

Everyone comes to earth for the experiences they have chosen based on what they have not yet experienced or need to learn.  However, once on earth this is forgotten as the person sees and experiences physical and emotional struggles, as well as success.  Both are tools for learning but become obsolete and no longer necessary once a person attains a consciousness of Oneness and the non-power or reality of appearances.

This is not to say that "problems"completely cease upon awakening for as long as one is living in the three dimensional world, the pairs of opposites will present themselves.  However, those living from a higher level of awareness will find them occurring less frequently and usually for the purpose of drawing attention to some ingrained belief needing to be recognized and cleared. You will find yourself intuitively guided to the "right" person, business, or service capable of assisting with the problem if you allow and trust your oneness with harmony and wholeness.

Cease endowing "problems" with power.  Ask yourselves, "What is this experience teaching me? What am I believing that is causing me to feel this way?  Is this belief true in the light of the truth I know?"  You will discover that a great deal of what the world has labeled good or bad, acceptable or not acceptable began as nothing more than popular opinion given credibility through acceptance allowing it to become a rule, law, or societal norm.

It is time to let go of everything false and rest in the the truth that all is and can only be whole and complete because nothing exists outside of the ONE.   "Well, things don't look so whole and complete." you say.  Three dimensional appearances will always appear to defy and take president over truth simply because at this time the majority remains capable only of comprehending the material--that which they can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell.  This  is why the journey of every aspiring master is difficult especially in the beginning.

Never deny appearances  but rather simply acknowledge them for what they are and do what you may be guided to do to for self or the others involved.  Do what needs doing, but do it with the detachment that comes of not giving appearances power for good or bad. 

Occasionally a misguided truth student will consider it spiritual to simply spout "God is all. Everything is illusion." and do nothing during difficult times.  Pretending to have attained a consciousness of the absolute while it remains only intellectual knowledge is three dimensional thinking. Yes, know the truth, but then take whatever actions you are guided to take which more and more will become inner actions.

This type of thinking frequently occurs around health issues.  A serious student does not address some issue in the belief that he must hold to absolute truth or spiritual fail by looking to some outside medical assistance.  Assistance is offered on all levels and it is all spiritual.  Know the absolute and bring it to conscious awareness, but then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take without assigning power to the situation.  You will soon discover that the sky does not fall down nor there is there any spiritual regression.

Some of you may be called to work in the outer scene, to take a stand,  lead some group, and solve world problems but most of you at this time are doing spiritual work by living each moment in silent awareness of One Reality always expressing ITSelf.  This work is not for the faint hearted because you are not yet the majority and it can be very tempting to simply "go with the flow" of majority thought.
As you live from your highest level of realization in each now moment of every seemingly ordinary day not hoping, seeking, looking for some future event, or miracle from on high, you will begin to witness personal and global change that is inevitable.  Ordinary, familiar, and commonly accepted beliefs within governments, organized religions, health fields, education, finance,  etc.  will begin to change and evolve into higher and better form.

In the meantime let go of expecting and looking to this or that to appear and save the world. These types of beliefs were born from the old belief system enmeshed in separation.  You are the change you hope to see and have been seeking for lifetimes.  You are the Holy Grail, God and Savour but have not known it.  You know it now, so allow these old concepts to fade into the nothingness that they are.

Live each now moment in conscious union with your Divine Self,  while allowing the "heathen to rage" however it pleases.  Consciously live the events, chores, joys, and disappointments of each day from center, from that silent, secret, and sacred place of Oneness.

This is Lightwork--you being YOU.  No group of ascended masters, evolved extraterrestrials,  angels, or gods somewhere in another dimension can do the work for you.   It is why you chose to be on earth at this time.

Allow your consciousness of Oneness to express ITself as you. 

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                    1/12/20