DECEMBER 30,2018

Greetings dear ones.  We observe that many of you are now able to rest in energies of peace and calm in spite of outer appearances. This is because your integration of higher frequencies more in alignment with your true nature are starting to manifest outwardly in every day living.
All is proceeding according to plan.  You are and will continue to witness universal discord for a while longer because those wishing the world to remain asleep in order that  their financial and power coffers remain filled, are resisting through fear tactics that have worked in the past.

Stay true to your highest awareness at all times dear ones, for by doing this you stop contributing more energy to the illusory "powers" of the third dimensional belief system.  Higher dimensional  Light is increasing every day even though it may not seem that way.  Many are now awakening or at least beginning to question the status quo.  All is proceeding according to plan. 

Be not afraid dear ones--Be not afraid.

Because today is a time of change and shifting awareness for everyone, fear and trepidation is manifesting in the hearts of those who are unaware of the evolutionary process taking place at this time.  Be aware that some will be drawn to your energy simply seeking your opinion while others may have become temporarily unbalanced by world events. 

When a person's  belief system begins to fail, their sense of security collapses as well causing some to believe that they are losing their mind,  creating more fear and confusion.  When this happens, some individuals act out negatively in a futile attempt to restore the familiar, while others simply begin their  awakening process.

Understand that you who are spiritually awake today were the un-awakened ones in previous lives.  Along the way you too lived from the same mindset as the spiritually young souls causing many of today's problems.  Evolution by earth school is a process of experiences through many lifetimes where after  having had most every experience possible the individual is finally ready to graduate beyond that form of learning. 

Everyone is seeking peace and love regardless of whether or not they are aware it.  This is why you will find people drawn to the energy of your awakened consciousness even though they do not really understand why they feel comfortable seeking you out.  However, do not be surprised if you occasionally experience baseless hostility from some few who react to your energy field with fear. Silently bless them and move on.

For those who are receptive, you can explain what is happening both within and without, but for those not yet ready or able to grasp  the bigger picture, simply give them comfort and love on levels they align with.  Always trust your intuition and use spiritual discernment--give spiritual pablum to the babes, and spiritual meat only to the grown ups.

Always work with those drawn to you for guidance from levels of compassion rather than sympathy because in sympathy you align with the person's lower resonating energy.

The higher frequencies are disrupting what is old, but it does not mean the end of the world as many still  believe and fear.  Rather, it is the end of the world as it has been known.  Higher forms of Divine ideas  will begin to appear as their old three dimensional forms fall away, bringing to world consciousness ideas never before known or even imagined with human thinking.

Higher dimensional expressions of healing, finance, education, science, government, and business, will become the norm as fifth dimensional energy replaces old three dimensional concepts based competition, lack, and limitation designed to get the most money possible out of every idea or institution. 

Hospitals,  schools,  businesses, and government will continue but will function from a higher level that serves from oneness rather than from separation consciousness.  Hospitals and schools of learning exist in the higher dimensions and many of you visit them when you are asleep,  bringing new ideas back with you. This is how inventors often get new ideas and because there is only One, the same invention is often  thought of at the same time.  Everything on earth is a microcosm of the macrocosm. 

Be prepared for some businesses to close regardless of tactics used to remain successful.  Those based in energies of self- service over service to others will be unable to align with the higher frequencies of fifth dimensional energy.  Businesses  based in the spiritual principles of love and gratitude that are the foundation of all business--  (I  give to you this product or service that is right for you, and you give me money as gratitude)--will expand and remain successful.

It is important to resist expectations of what changes will be or  must look like because expectations based in three dimensional thinking are very limited and consist of what is already known.  Simply remain open to whatever ways change may present itself and  know that there will be times when you may not like what you are seeing. 

In third dimensional energy where time still exists, there must always be a process, an unfolding versus the immediate.  Much that is coming is not yet a part of the collective consciousness.  

You are now aware that in order for interactions of any kind to work harmoniously, there must be an energetic alignment.  As personal and global energies expand, many are finding themselves no longer in alignment with what has always been familiar and comfortable, be it relationships or ideas. 

Trust your intuition in all things.  If something no longer feels right to you, trust this.  Intuition works softly and silently and will not be heard by anyone choosing to stay plugged in 24/7.   Allow yourself to let go of the things in your life that no longer work for you as they once did. This need not be a huge effort or struggle and can be as simple as eliminating certain foods.  Anyone choosing to evolve must be open change. 

Those refusing change, standing firm in obsolete three dimensional ideas--  ( "This is the way we have always done it!  This is the only right way!  This is the real truth.  Government knows best. That is woman's work. That is a sin!" )  --are in for many surprises and will soon find themselves to be in the minority, much like someone  on a deserted island shouting into the air. 

The sense of isolation that may result from  refusing change or compromise can be an important spiritual tool for those continuing to hold rigid three dimensional  beliefs.   The experience may cause them to question  whether their  belief system really is correct,  is simply what they have been told, or is just ego desiring to be right.

Everyone's "stuff" is rising to the surface in order to be looked at and this can be very stressful.  Never lose sight of the fact that  you wanted and chose to be on earth  at this intense and powerful time or you would not be here.  Problems arise because the majority as of yet does not consciously know this.

There remain many who still believe that everyone lives only one life after which they go to either heaven or hell depending on how well they followed the "rules" during  that one life.  This false belief is what causes some to do whatever it takes get everything they desire in this one  life regardless of the consequences to others.

Once you realize and integrate the realization that God is all there is, you understand as well that there is a Divine plan of unification (Oneness) forever held  in place by Divine Law.  Some third dimensional issues that previously caused problems now begin to lose their seeming power because you are no longer in alignment with that particular energy. 

Living the spiritual life never necessitates  leaving the world as many still believe, it simply means learning to be in the world but not of it because no matter where you may go to get away from something, you always bring your state of consciousness with you which will in turn express itself as the same issues you hoped to leave behind.

It is important that you realize we are not saying that leaving a violent or dangerous situation is not wisdom, we are saying that your  state of consciousness is what forms your outer experiences and must be carefully examined if you wish things to change.

Trust that you are exactly where  you are supposed to be even if you are tempted to believe that you are not. Never compare yourselves to others who may seem to be evolving more quickly.  Each of you is working through and moving beyond hundreds of different experiences. 

Once and for all let go of continuing to seek and search for God.  You have found him and He is YOU.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                             12/30/18


                                                                 DECEMBER 16,2018

Dear readers, during these tumultuous times of confusion and strife, we remind you to never lose sight of the fact that the real Self and the real world is fully present at all times in spite of any outer appearances.  When qualities of love and  harmony are absent and chaos seems to reign over persons or situations, know that it can only be personal and collective three dimensional consciousness  manifesting. 

Many duality/separation concepts do not go lightly into the night even after the person understands that three dimensional creations based in duality and separation have no law to maintain or sustain them.   Because of this you may occasionally wonder; "Have I failed?  Why am I still experiencing  issues that  I thought I had cleared and moved on from ?" 

Never resist, claim,  or make a power out of the unwanted thoughts or actions that may occasionally pop up unexpectedly as you go about your day.  Rather, simply recognize them to impersonal thoughts floating about in the collective consciousness or remnants of energy still held in cellular memory.  As your consciousness becomes ever more enlightened, these experiences simply fade away.  

When negative fears and emotions arise, speak to your physical cells  telling them that it is a new time in which they no longer need to retain intense and often fear filled energies from the past in order to warn and protect you.  Lovingly inform them that these old energies are no longer necessary and that you want them  to be replaced with frequencies of Light that reflect the physical body's Divine blueprint.

Never become impatient when you find yourself experiencing emotions that you thought you had cleared because the intense experiences of your many various lifetimes often clears in layers, allowing you the time needed to be spiritually ready for each next layer. 

Know that God  has never formed ITself as fear, anxiety, hate, disease, or lack and limitation.  If God the only substance did not form ITself as these things, then they can not exist as reality.  Where then do these things come from?  You who are awakened know the answer, that they are the manifestations of personal and collective states of consciousness imbued with beliefs of duality and separation. 

You are ready to make truth your attained state of consciousness and begin living it rather than allowing it to remain  interesting dinner conversation.  Many of you still live with one foot in both worlds but that only works for so long.  Truth must be lived once it is known otherwise it just remains information to be dragged out now and then during intellectual discussions and the spiritual journey stagnates.

Fear and anxiety is never yours  personally.  Only the sacred qualities of Source are personally yours. Everything else represents the the accumulated energy of the masses from hundreds of lifetimes lived in ignorance that created a consensus consciousness based in good and evil (duality), and separation. 

Often the remnants of energy from intense past life experiences (being burned at the stake, war, etc.) will remain hard wired in the physical cells and consciousness of even the very evolved until  a state of consciousness is attained in which lower resonating energies simply dissolve into the nothingness that they have always been and transmute into Light.

You who resonate with these messages have been preparing through the experiences of many lives for these ascension times and are prepared to claim your Christhood.  The word Christ does not refer only to the master known as Jesus/Jeshua  as many believe, but rather Christ refers to Light, illumination, and a consciousness that fully realizes self to be SELF. 

Much of the world will soon celebrate  Christmas  in the belief that it represents the birth of the only son of God.  Carry with you into your Christmas celebrations the realization that the true Christmas is not the birth of the one and only son of God, but rather is the birth of Christ consciousness that takes place within each and every soul when they attain conscious Oneness with God/Source. 

How could an Omnipresent God limit ITself to manifesting through only one person?  Since IT is all there is, where would the rest of mankind come from? This myth, a false concept still perpetuated and accepted by many, represents the belief in separation and promotes  ideas of being "less than" by those who seek power over.

Every soul at some point will experience a personal Christmas, the birth of Christ consciousness within.  For many it will not come in this lifetime but sooner or later it will because of who and what every person is, always has been, and forever will be--One Divine consciousness manifesting  ITself as infinite form and variety.  Every soul embodies the fullness of  all that God is regardless of how many lifetimes  lived or still being lived under the veils of duality and separation.

Never doubt that you live forever.  Can an Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient God die?   The lives you chose to live in  third dimensional energy are and always have been simply educational pauses in your eternal life meant to bring you to where you are now--prepared for your personal CHRISTmas.

Allow truth to penetrate your thinking in every situation, realizing that God alone is power, not a power over another power but rather simply the one and only power there is.  This realization automatically relegates all seeming powers to their rightful place as erroneous concepts and relieves a great deal of worry.

You have graduated beyond the seeking and searching that was  necessary at the beginning of your spiritual awakening.   You now understand that everything you sought for over lifetimes was and is already present within you.   Rather than continuing to search and seek,  it is time to live the truth you know in every aspect of "ordinary" every day living and ceasing to judge some experiences as good and others as bad.

You are quickly moving into new and higher dimensional states of consciousness yet some of you continue to seek and search in the belief that because you are not yet experiencing the fullness of your Divinity, you must continue to seek through rituals, practices, and begging God. 

Once you know where the Key To All Things  is hidden, continuing to seek and search for it in the outer  simply acts to block  access to it because the  belief in separation  is still alive and well in consciousness.  Does the college graduate feel any need to keep learning grade school lessons?

LET GO of continuing to seek and search in the outer for that which you now know is and always has been fully present within!  Allow your own Christ to be born  regardless of how humble you may believe your stable to be. 

No one is more worthy or deserving than another and no one is or ever will be barred from experiencing their personal CHRISTmas because it is the eternal reality.

In acknowledgement of your CHRISThood, we honor the true CHRISTmas of all.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                 

                                     DECEMBER 2, 2018   DECEMBER 2, 2018

People all over the world are becoming  increasingly aware of the hidden  agendas of those dedicated to self service. The false beliefs and concepts that have ruled the three dimensional  world for centuries are surfacing in order to be transmuted once again into energies of Light. Energy does not dissolve, but rather changes form as evolution takes place.   Other planets have done it and it is now earth's turn to  graduate into being a planet in alignment with other evolved planets.

Do not allow the chaos of the outer scene to lodge in consciousness as reality, but rather remember that Divine Consciousness, which is all that exists, is incapable of and thus never has expressed Itself as chaos, violence, or suffering.   If God did not form  Itself as these things then they must only exist as false creations,  manifestations of  a collective mind conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation. 

This is the illusion that is so often spoken of.  Earth and her people are real and not illusory but hypnotized states of consciousness interpret her realities falsely.  This constitutes the illusion.

The heat is being turned up so to speak, because those who stand to be acknowledged publicly for their self serving actions fear this exposure and are attempting to keep the status quo by means of tricks and fear tactics that have been successful in the past--anything to distract and keep the majority un-informed.

Learn to stay centered, resting  in that clear, cool well of contentment within, regardless of outer appearances.  Watch less news, detach from 24/7 electronics, and be alert to aligning with negative discussions.  If or when you find yourself in this type of situation, don't correct the others,  but rather stay centered and aligned, tossing out a seed or more of truth where there is receptivity.

There are times when you may be guided to join a heated conversation in order to add Light that will help to open and lift the energy.  Never "cast your pearls" where they can be trampled on but rather let intuition always be your guide, which may be to say or do nothing. This is how you secretly and silently pour gentle rain of Light on the fires of confusion.  This is Lightwork.

There are many in the world who are spiritually ready to go deeper but who remain reluctant, hesitant to do anything that might change their  comfortable three dimensional lifestyle.  These dear ones usually do not open to the deeper truths without some sort of wake up call forcing them out of their comfort zone. 

No one incarnates without first creating a contract that they themselves draw up with the help of Guides and teachers.  Spiritual contracts are agreed upon lesson plans for chosen experiences and interactions necessary for spiritual growth.  Contracts can be changed, but few realize this.  In spite of what third dimensional thinking promotes, no one is on earth simply to enjoy concepts of pleasure through any means available.

All is proceeding according to plan, never doubt this.  Physical eyes can only see the material, but you are reaching a new place by virtue of your inner work where you will begin to access  higher frequencies that exist beyond the third dimension.  Many of you are already doing this. Do not doubt when you begin to have deep and clear insights or have experiences that were previously unavailable to you. 

You are becoming YOU as old cellular memory is cleared and higher frequency Light is integrated.  You are beginning to align consciously  with your Higher Self who has been present in every lifetime,  even though you were mostly unaware of her.    Talk to your Higher Self for she/he has been lovingly awaiting your recognition since the beginning.

Each day more people are awakening and although they may not voice this to those around them, they are starting to question the status quo and seek for better and more loving ways of living.  The train of spiritual evolution has left the station and is moving forward.  Any attempt to slow or speed up the train by running back and forth in the train cars is futile.

We wish to speak of self- love.  We have often spoken of love, what it is and how it is, but there remains a great need on earth for real self-love, one not based self importance and ego.  Until an individual is able to love and respect self, he will be blocked from entering fully into unconditional love because he has left himself out of ONE and thus remains in alignment with separation.

Humans beings are taught from birth that certain codes of conduct must be adhered to in order to be loved and accepted by society.   If the parents are somewhat evolved, these codes will be primarily based in love but others are taught codes of conduct that arise out of denser belief systems. 

Every person brings their attained state of consciousness with them at birth because in reality you are consciousness and not just physical bodies.  This effects if and how these codes of conduct are accepted and lived which is why parents should not always be blamed for the actions of their children.

Every person, no exceptions, seeks love and acceptance because Oneness is the reality that underlies all creation.  Realization of Oneness is what evolution is and has always been about.  Every soul innately, but usually unconsciously seeks to once again experience the wholeness of realignment with SELF--Source.

This is the force that drives and governs the actions of human beings in accord with their level of awareness.  The love, acceptance, and sense of wholeness that every soul has sought lifetime after lifetime, is already fully present within  but remains dormant and inaccessible until consciously realized.

If love and acceptance is only received in negative ways, for instance from gang participation or some other organized group, desperate and un-awakened individuals will do whatever is required  in order to experience acceptance and a sense of belonging. (love and wholeness)

Third dimensional ideas about how to experience love and acceptance are usually promoted as being dependent on accomplishment-- concepts that often drive individuals to use any means to be beautiful, handsome, rich, strong, and powerful, etc. etc. in the belief that once these things are attained, they will finally have the sense of completeness, love, and acceptance that they seek.

These dear ones often force themselves into the particular mold they believe will make them worthy, by means that often drain them of true individuality.  However for some who are  spiritually ready, these exercises in futility can be a part of their pre-birth contract, one designed to move them once and for all  beyond seeking love outside of themselves.

Drugs and alcohol are often relied upon when even after achieving human success, there remains an  inner longing for more and sense of failure. These and other distractions can temporarily  relieve the pain but these feelings will continue from  lifetime to lifetime until that which the heart seeks is discovered within.  The soul's yearning to be whole is what drives mankind's continual search for the right partner, a better job, more money, beauty, power etc. etc.

What you as evolving students of truth must never lose sight of is that no one has ever or can ever be separate from love.  Once this  truth becomes your living breathing state of consciousness, the yearning drive to seek  love and acceptance from the outer things (jobs, partners, money, education etc.) dissolves.  Only God is love and when you see a loving person, know that it is God expressing ITself through them. Love exists fully present within you now--you are IT.

Many who lash out physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually at others have consciously or unconsciously recognized those same unacceptable qualities in themselves although they will deny this in every way possible.   Self loathing is usually  disguised as righteousness taken to intense levels of  judgement and even violence against certain  individuals or groups. 

This behavior is common among those who hold to strict religious rules and regulations of what is right and wrong.  When these dear ones suspect or discover something within themselves outlawed by their narrow belief system, they lash out at anyone or group represents these qualities in an attempt to convince themselves and those around them that the issue is not a part of them. 

Because energy always seeks to align with like energy (oneness) that which is being  judged, is in alignment with similar energy in the person doing the hating and judging, otherwise there could be no reaction or even awareness of the issue. 

Intense personal reactions to some person or group occasionally pop up even for the very evolved, causing confusion and guilt.  This happens because energy from a former belief system  is still resonating in cellular memory.  Without judgement or guilt, utilize these types of experiences as wonderful tools for more fully examining and clearing energies you may still be holding in consciousness.

As individuals  become spiritually enlightened, they often experience intense guilt over past actions. This is normal as you begin to  see the world with awakened eyes.  Experiences are how humans spiritually grow and evolve until they are no longer needed.  Do not give some un-loving action of the past power over you because it has only the power you choose to give it.  All experiences are steps along the path of enlightenment and without them you and the others involved would not be where you are now.

Earth school is a teaching school that begins which pre-school, moves to grade school, then high school, college, and graduate school where  most of you are now earning the right to teach and assist others coming up the ladder behind you.  It is never wisdom to burn down the school once you graduate or to sit back doing nothing in the false belief that you have arrived.  Evolution is a group effort-- ONE  individualized as the many.

Rejoice in your failures and in the parts of yourself that have caused you shame.  We are not saying that it is fine to continue with actions that reflect separation once you know better,  but we do say that it is time to accept that you grew and learned from these experiences qualifying you now to assist others dealing with the same issues.

In spite of what many paths teach, there is no right way to become more  spiritual, because you already are as spiritual as you will ever be.  No path, teacher, tool, or experience can make you more spiritual than you already are.  Evolution is simply the process of remembering and accepting this fact until it becomes a permanent state of consciousness.

If you are guided to  read these messages, it means you are ready to let go and move on from the million and one concepts the world presents regarding spirituality, most of which involve looking to some person, place, or thing outside of yourself.  Accept the reality of who and what you are and only ever will be.  This is how you love yourself.

                                                 To know self as SELF is self love.

Allow any shadow parts to assume their rightful place as representative of who you thought you were at that time.  Let everything  that has caused you to feel "less than" fade away and  Light to take its place.  Everyone is only required to live their highest attained level of awareness, doing the best they can  with what they know in all situations.  There are some who continue to live out from an outgrown level of awareness  in order to be accepted by others.

Humans chose to experience separation when they picked earth as their evolutionary path.  There are those on other planets who have and are evolving without third dimensional experiences.  When fully aligning with the lower resonating energies of duality and separation, humans are unable to access the higher frequencies of their spiritual nature. This is the so called  "veil" that prevents most humans from accessing the higher frequencies.  This is rapidly changing.

Every incarnating soul is aware of the "veil" before choosing "Earth School".  Those of you reading these messages have weathered many three dimensional storms,  lived as all races and both genders, and have experienced intense fear and suffering as well as joy and happiness throughout your hundreds of lifetimes.

Because of this, those drawn to you for spiritual assistance will not tell you anything new or that will shock and dismay  because you have already either heard about or experienced it in this or some other lifetime making you a teacher who embodies truth, understanding, patience, and unconditional love.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                              12/2/18

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 18 2018

Dear readers, welcome to the new earth.  "New earth" you say, "Where is it?"  Enlightened ideas and the changes that follow them must first enter individual awareness and integrate before they can become a state of consciousness able to manifest outwardly.  Not understanding this is why so many have become discouraged as they observe chaos and believe that nothing is happening. 

The integration process has been taking place on personal and global levels for some time and is now beginning to manifest outwardly. Remember, there is no un-expressed consciousness.  Ascension is not a sudden flash wherein everything is suddenly different. This does occasionally happen with  certain individuals who are well prepared, but in general evolution is a process, one that you are well into now. 

The third dimension functions in linear time and so events are unfolding in sequence as collective consciousness  becomes more enlightened.  Each day more awaken and recognize that many commonly accepted world beliefs are obsolete and false. This is what will usher in the new.  Trust that everything is exactly  where it needs to be at all times dear ones.  Your job is to hold the Light of truth within and see the Light without in spite of appearances.

We wish once again to speak of Love.  We have spoken of love and its many disguises in other messages but it bears repeating because love is the core reality holding everything  together as ONE.

Every discord or disharmony experienced throughout time globally and personally  is and always has been the expression of beliefs in separation--from SELF, God, others, animals, plants, and any and all life forms.  There is not now,  never has been, and never can be separation from the ONE except as a concept held in un-awakened minds.

There is only one substance, one law, one reality, and one Source from which all things are formed--omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Divine Consciousness.  You cannot make something out of nothing.  How individuals interpret this depends on the level of their awareness and personal belief system which will manifest as their life experiences.

You may say: "Yes, but what about those who are very evolved and  have painful and devastating experiences?"  These dear ones have chosen to be right where they are -- learning, growing, releasing old programming, honoring their soul contract, and fine tuning everything in order to be ready for their next and higher level of awareness.

Because of the powerful Light energies now on and flowing to earth, many evolved souls chose to come and make these times their  "wrapping up all remaining old stuff" lifetime which may appear to human eyes as a series of failures.  Never judge another's life experiences, for many are angels in disguise even to themselves.

There is an energy connecting all life forms because in reality they are all simply individual expressions of the ONE.  This connecting energy is called LOVE.   However, when  interpreted through an un-evolved state of consciousness, one that is fully immersed in beliefs of duality and separation, the manifestations appear as war, rape, abuse etc.  The ONE has not and can never change, it is the un-awakened mind's false interpretations that are manifesting. 

Many continue to ask; "How could God allow these things?"  God knows nothing about these things, they exist only in the conditioned minds of the hypnotized un-awakened.  If these things (disease, war, violence against others and animals ) were embraced within  Divine Mind, they would remain in place forever held by Divine Law.  

The negative situations you see in the world are the manifestations of collective ignorance, false  interpretations of reality, truth, and oneness.                        YOU ARE CREATORS.

The time has arrived in which all serious students of truth must be alert to thoughts of judgement, criticism, and separation about themselves and others that are so easy to allow in at this time.  Know that random thoughts are always  impersonal, floating about and available in universal three dimensional consciousness until personally claimed as yours. 

Utilize the thoughts that seem to continually bombard your thinking as tools directing you to remaining false beliefs and concepts  still being held.   Energy always seeks to align with like energy (oneness).   Repeating thoughts are simply "doing their thing"--drawn to and aligning with like energy. 

Example:  A person who has experienced lifetimes of disease and illness, will automatically draw to themselves energies regarding disease--current information, symptoms etc.--anything floating about in universal human consciousness regarding illness and disease until they are able to clear this old programming. They won't accept everything, but the temptation and attraction continues as long as there is energy alignment.  This is true for all types of energy carried by individuals.

Becoming more aware of judgement and criticism does not mean that you accept, condone, or go along with the nefarious actions of others, rather we speak of a state of consciousness that silently and secretly acknowledges the true identity of all no matter how little they may reflect it.  It is a state of consciousness able to recognize that behind another's bluster,  ignorance, or even violence  there is a Divine Consciousness awaiting recognition.

It is imperative not to leave yourselves out of this recognition.  As powerful energies of Light surface and expose global issues, they reveal personal ones as well.  This is causing many serious students of truth to experience remorse, regret, and guilt as actions of the past are examined with new awareness.  Leaving yourself out of Oneness, will keep you locked in duality.  Never deny, resist, or try to hide from actions of the past, but rather acknowledge them as necessary parts of your learning experience.

If there are actions of love you are guided to take with regard to some past action or words, then take the steps, but if this is not possible bless the "other" with Light, forgiving them as well as yourself and then move on.

Release the idea that evolution must be a struggle, one in which you must seek to continually overcome and resist the facets of yourself you do not like or consider to be "unspiritual".  Attempts to  squash the ego  represent old religious programming in which some things were considered spiritual and other things were not.  Everything is spiritual, because there is nothing else.  It is only limited awareness that judges them as separate. 

As you do the inner work, learning to recognize and accept  the reality of who you and everyone else is, the shadows created by your old state of consciousness will automatically and without conscious effort, simply drop away because the only reality they ever had in the first place was that with which you ignorantly endowed them.

Gather together the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual shadow parts of yourself in a loving embrace of oneness and love. Once  you are able to do this without struggle or resistance, you will find that others suffering from self loathing  are drawn to your energy of self acceptance and love. You will  be prepared  to offer the Light of your attained state of consciousness rather than sympathetic words.

Because earth is a planet of free will, everyone is free to ignore truth for as long as they wish or need to.  Evolving in three dimensional energy is about learning through experience and there are many in need of more experiences before they will be ready for more.  This is why there must be jails,  rules, and laws in the third dimension. These things do not exist in the higher dimensions.

Evolved individuals doing this type of work ( police, military, lawyers, and leaders)  can do whatever needs to be done, but will discover that if they silently and secretly work from  levels of oneness  (love) rather than from commonly accepted beliefs of separation, the situations will result in the highest good for all involved.

Awake and spiritually evolved individuals are not afraid to speak their truth or to take necessary action when intuitively guided.  Living unconditional love never means being the doormat of another which in reality represents an absence of self- love.  Rather, it is an individual who has reclaimed their innate power, integrated their masculine and feminine aspects, and is not afraid step forward and stand for what they intuitively know is right from a position of love.

Unconditional love is very different from the concepts of love that remain alive and well in third dimensional thinking.  Living from a place of unconditional  love may occasionally take the form of allowing another to fall flat on their face rather than continuing to rescue them from their own creations.  Earth is a school of experience in which you who are awake are becoming observers, lovingly allowing others to learn in whatever ways they need while at the same time being available should they reach out for "real" help.

Evolving  through experiences over lifetimes  is not for the faint-hearted and has often been extremely  difficult.  However, as you learn to rest in God alone is Power, every facet of living will begin to unfold harmoniously in ways that you could not of planned with third dimensional thinking.

As you let go of concepts of love based in ideas of separation, you make room for real love-- experiences that flow out from Oneness.   Love is the reality that underlies and connects all things and is what those who thrive and benefit from separation do not wish you to know.

Live truth and allow everything else to simply drop away.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                           11/18/18

                                                                     NOVEMBER 4, 2018

Dear readers, once again we offer love through these messages of hope and information. You are the way showers and as such, some of you are experiencing criticism from those around you who want you to be more three dimensionally involved and  who interpret your "silence" as doing nothing. 

Because you are aware of the bigger picture, you are bringing in and holding Light for the collective.  It may seem as if you are doing nothing, but in reality you are doing everything.  You are the mechanics helping to keep the engine of ascension running, creating a new world consciousness.  Never believe that resting in silent awareness of Oneness and truth, is doing nothing.

Be patient dear ones, for there is much more to come.  Try  not to get emotionally involved in troubling situations, but rather learn to step back as observers, silently and secretly knowing that a spiritual reality always underlies the outer scene.  Staying centered and aligned with truth rather than with appearances opens you to receive information from within about what is going on.

Take this understanding with you  into the voting booth as it will enable you to intuitively bypass the rhetoric and political bluff towards the candidate most closely aligned with unselfish motives.  Spiritual gifts are to be lived and utilized in every moment of ordinary daily living,  not to be filed away and called upon only for special occasions.

Be prepared to hear about the exposure of pockets of dense, dark energy.  Practices, beliefs, and actions long hidden from the majority are beginning to surface.  The Light created by every enlightened consciousness as well as that flowing through now open spiritual gateways is dissolving heretofore closed doors allowing access to hidden places that have served the energetically dark. 

Many will be shocked by some exposures, especially those who remain asleep in third dimensional living.  They will deny or say that the world has reached a new low, but nothing being exposed is or will be new, rather these things are only now being brought to light and this will continue for some time yet.

Current events are forcing many who have been living comfortably in duality and separation to begin examining their personal belief system which is an important step toward awakening.  Moving to a new level of awareness always begins with introspection, a pondering of the aspects of one's life that have begun to feel complete--physically, emotionally, mentally,  and spiritually. 

Ascension  is not a one time event as many believe, but is infinite.  As you attain and live from each new level of spiritual understanding,  more unfolds that moves you beyond your present level and in into the next.  Evolution  is the infinite process of remembering one's self to be SELF and all that this means.  This is what mankind has been doing in each of their hundreds of lifetimes.

Evolution is slower and  more of a process in three dimensional energy  because the density of the physical body only allows it to integrate the higher Light frequencies gradually.  Each individual's readiness is determined by their Higher Self.

Know that conditions of  good humanhood are no more real than bad humanhood.  Most religious teachings give you techniques for attaining "good humanhood" and everyone rejoices when a "bad" appearance changes into a "good" appearance.  As creators, never forget that if you believe in and seek human good, you are automatically in alignment with human bad for they are simply two ends of the same three dimensional duality stick.

You as spiritually aware individuals, are ready to cease seeking for good appearances while trying to eliminate the bad ones.  Your work now is to realize that the Divine Consciousness you are,  is already whole and complete.  When you attain that state of consciousness, it will automatically manifest outwardly  as what appears as human "good" in accord with your individual needs or preferences. 

Because there is only ONE, consciousness is always seeking to align with Itself.  Each person's consciousness acts like a magnet drawing to them whatever energies are in  alignment and then automatically expressing them. THERE IS NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS. This is why it is so important to ask yourselves; "What am I holding as truth in my consciousness? 

Because wholeness and completeness are qualities of Divine Consciousness, they are the reality, held infinitely in place by Divine law.  At this point your primary goal must become the realization that every quality of God is already fully present within you even if it doesn't seem that way, rather than dillydallying around in third dimensional  concepts and beliefs  which can only serve to keep you experiencing them.

Truth is infinite and real but for the most part mankind's awareness of it has been  blocked because third dimensional energy is unable to align with anything higher.  The higher frequencies of Light now flowing to the collective are enabling many to align with and receive information from previously unavailable sources in the higher dimensions. Because of this, many of you are starting to have or are having more psychic experiences.

Lives lived completely in third dimensional energy are like going to a movie where the  curtain remains closed. You hear and see bits and pieces, but are unable to actually understand what is really happening and so make up what you think is happening.  Every person there will have a different story based on their life experiences and states of consciousness.  This is what every life lived fully in dimensional energy has been  lifetime after lifetime. 

The curtain is opening, the wizard is being exposed as nothingness, and mankind is beginning to see.  Some will try and are now attempting to re-close the curtain, because having it remain shut  is comfortable and familiar.  Others are desperately holding the curtain shut because they do not want you to see the real story.  Know that you have the power to choose how you want to view the movie.

As good as things may have seemed in the past, everything still resonating with old energy is quickly becoming obsolete in order to make room for new universal awareness.  Always remember that nothing real can ever be lost, but rather simply returns again and again in higher and better forms.  Do not grieve the past dear ones, everything real is forever held in place by Divine Law. Relationships may change, but the love the creates them is forever.

Rest when you feel the need, eat lighter and more nutritious foods or don't eat at all if you are guided to. You are experiencing tremendous change on many levels at this time that often  leave you feeling tired, sick, and depressed.  Try not to immediately run toward three dimensional solutions for your discomfort because drugs alter your energy field. Use natural remedies if you feel the need for relief from "ascension symptoms".  It is better to just ride them out in trust, resting often and listening to your intuition.

Some of you continue to struggle in an effort to keep certain parts of your life working the same way they have in the past.  In order for anything  to "work"  (relationships, friends, foods, entertainments etc.) there must be energetic alignment. Your inner work has shifted your frequencies to new levels leaving  you out of  alignment with many things that up to now have been a big part of your life.  This does not mean that any of these things were wrong,  it simply means that you have graduated and are no longer in energetic alignment with them.

Because your  energy has become more refined, certain foods that you enjoyed in the past have become energetically denser than your personal energy.  This is often the point at which some become vegetarian.  If you enjoy and want to continue eating meat, choose that which holds clean, healthy, happy energy and not energies of fear and suffering.  

We have spoken of all these things  before, but it is important to reiterate because many, even those seemingly very awake,  continue to resist truth if or when it interferes with their life style, choosing to  look first to commonly accepted third dimensional information for answers, rather than going within and allowing their intuition to guide them to what may actually turn out to be a seemingly three dimensional solution. 

You are ready, more than ready to be the truth you know.  If you choose not to, you align  yourselves with much that is rapidly dissolving.  Gaia, who is a living soul and not a ball of dirt, is ascending and you can go with her if you choose.  

Like it or not, ascension is happening.

Cease from the struggle and rest in what is.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                    11/4/18

                                OCTOBER 21, 2018

Dear Friends.  We observe that many of you have become concerned, confused, and even despondent about conditions in today's world, but keep in mind that  you are witnessing the demise of an obsolete belief system that up to now has provided richly for those who benefit from conditions of anger, fear, and war.  They fear and resist any changes to the expressions of duality and separation that have supported them for so long and are thus intensifying their efforts to maintain the status quo.

Fear, anger, and suffering create an energy source for those who by choice cannot access the energies of Light within themselves.  Having chosen to cut themselves off from higher dimensional energies, they promote and then utilize the energy created from the fear and suffering of others. This is what underlies the dark practices you occasionally read or hear about. 

Be alert to everything you see and hear in these energetically powerful times.  Immediately recognize and then translate outer appearances into their reality, as well as acknowledging the true nature of everyone involved.   When a majority is able to keep energy their levels high, those relying on the denser energies will be forced either to change or leave.

We are not saying that you stick your head in the sand while shouting; "God is all--this dying child, this accident, this violence is not real."  We are saying that when you see these sorts of things, you lovingly proceed with whatever human footsteps you are intuitively guided to take, while at the same time knowing that you are witnessing the manifestations of duality/separation consciousness and not spiritual realities.

You who are awake are creating the changes the world has been longing for.  You are on earth at this time to assist with the birthing of a new and higher collective consciousness on earth.  Other planets have in the past also experienced the ascension shift that earth is now going through and because of this their residents understand what humans are experiencing and are trying to assist in whatever ways they can. 

Because earth is a free will planet evolved galactics and ascended masters are not permitted to do the work for you.  If they did this, it would not help anyone's learning process, much like so called "helicopter" parents who hover, protect, and direct their children to the point of blocking the experiences necessary for their growth and learning.

Those from evolved planets have much to share technologically and spiritually, but must hold back as observers until mankind is ready to accept them as fellow beings rather than evil enemies.

There are some who simply wait expectantly for a fleet of galactic ships to swoop in and save the world but this cannot happen because the free will of humans must  be honored.  Only the people of earth themselves can bring about the changes they hope and pray for.  You are the creators, formed of creator energy individualized. 

The reason we advise cutting back on watching and listening to the news is that unless a person is able to remain centered and alert,  it is very easy to fall  back into what is old and familiar, that which you are trying to move beyond.  Stress, sorrow, anger, and fear, feed and keep the false alive--because you are creators. 

If you haven't done it already, once and for all give up waiting for someone, anyone, to save you, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually-- that job is yours alone.  It is perfectly fine to utilize  3D solutions along the way, but eventually every serious student of truth must realize that everything flows from within in accordance with their attained state of consciousness.

The false ideology of most organized religions is based in the premise that an intermediary (saint, ascended master, guru, priest, shaman, ancestor, or even the local priest or pastor) is necessary in order for you, who are a lowly sinner, to access God in any meaningful way--a God separate from you. 

The business of "soul saving" is a money maker for churches keeping them alive and necessary in the minds of those who do not yet realize that God is fully present within them and not in a building, organization, or "holy" person.  The idea of needing to be "saved" is nothing more than  the promotion of false beliefs in separation. 

Everything needed  to access God already exists within each and every individual because a person can never be separate from what they are regardless of whether they know it or not.  It just is...

Evolution is the process of awakening into higher levels of reality globally and individually. It usually begins with an intellectual awareness of some truth as being an "interesting idea" which grows and develops through many side journeys over lifetimes to finally become an attained state of consciousness.

The awakening process for most  begins as a general sense of dissatisfaction and weariness with third dimensional concepts about pretty much everything.  This comes from having lived in and experienced  duality and separation in enough lifetimes to finally bring about a state of consciousness that feels no real satisfaction with even  "good" humanhood. 

These feelings continue and even intensify as the individual attempts to change things through various 3D methods or even in extreme cases take their own life.  With time most reach that point of "enough is enough, there must be a better way" and the person becomes receptive and open to higher ways of understanding reality.

You have all gone through similar experiences either in this lifetime or another or you would not be able to understand messages such as this.  Perhaps you yourself or others you know of are at this very time going through experiences like this.  Once you understand what is going on, it is easier to let go and allow the process.

The time has arrived in which all who intellectually know truth must begin to practice, embrace, and allow it to birth into a living state of consciousness rather than continuing to hold truth as  interesting  intellectual knowledge to be debated and discussed.  For some this means withdrawing the trust and power they have endowed on  certain practices, paths, or tools that helped them get to where they are now.

Example;  Crystals carry wonderful high resonating energies, energies have been for ages and still are used to assist mankind in many different ways, but you must never forget that crystals do not give you something you do not already have.  Crystal energy aligns with and intensifies those energies already present within you.  When you depend upon them or anything else outside of you to make you rich, heal your body, or bring you romantic love, you engage in idol worship.

Those still living fully in the third dimension, can and often do attain what they seek from the outer, from material concepts and beliefs because they are manifesting of their attained state of consciousness.  However, for those of you who are awake and living at a more evolved level, will find that those same 3D methods no longer work as they once did because you are no longer in alignment with them.  

You are spiritually evolved enough to move beyond experiencing  the ups and downs and the good and bad of duality consciousness.  Begin to accept and understand yourself as no longer being in and of  three dimensional  consciousness.  You are learning to bring about change from a higher level, a level that does not result in the pairs of opposites that accompany so many strictly 3D manifestations/accomplishments.

Do not compare  or think yourself to be a  failure when you observe those living three dimensional lives who seem to easily attain things you also would like to have, and doing it with very little effort through  methods of three dimensional manipulation. 

Consciousness will always express itself and a consciousness of duality and separation will express as "good" one day and its opposite the next.  As evolved students of truth, you are seeking that state of reality consciousness  where the pairs of opposites do not exist.

Traditions and their accompanying tools have been and remain a big part of most  spiritual journeys and  have served  mankind throughout the ages by assisting seekers open  to new levels of understanding.  However, dependence upon them is meant to end when the student of truth  is spiritually ready to consciously transfer power from the without to the within. 
Continuing to cling to a state of consciousness that has been outgrown from fear of the unknown or simply because it is comfortable and familiar will cause the evolutionary process to stagnate and keep you in bondage to concepts of separation.  No one is meant to remain in the same state of consciousness forever.   Evolution continues--it is an ongoing infinite journey of remembering. 

There comes a time for every student of truth to accept that they already embody the substance of everything they sought from a certain teaching, tool, path, ceremony or ritual etc.  Nothing real exists outside of you.  You are whole and complete, now and always have been. You are IT.

Please be advised that we are NOT saying you cannot enjoy your favorite spiritual book,  crystals, or ceremonies.  What we are saying that when you place  full hope and faith in things, or persons outside of you in the belief that you "need" them,  you are worshiping idols and you who read these messages are well beyond that.  Try to think of tools as being  helpers assisting you to discover the real YOU within, and not to be it for you.

Living from your highest attained awareness of truth at all times allows it to flow and increase  until it becomes who you are.  Being your attained level of awareness must not be put off until tomorrow when you think you will feel more ready, or when your guru or church tells you is is ok, or when family and friends approve, or when your partner spiritually wakes up. 

You are the love you have sought without success from others and things lifetime after lifetime and are now spiritually qualified to surrender seeking outside of yourselves  because you have attained a level of awareness that knows the fullness of Divine Love is your real essence and that of all life forms.  It is now time to discover exactly what this means.

The Divine Self that is YOU is complete and whole in every way and as this realization fully integrates and becomes your consciousness,  IT will express ITSelf in every facet ordinary daily living.  

Be the change you want to see.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                              10/21/18

                                                                                  OCTOBER 7 2018

Dear readers, the time has arrived when both the awake and the unawake are discovering that a great deal of change is beginning to take place within the status quo you are so used to.  When change comes to firmly held belief systems, it causes a great deal of anxiety and fear  because there is comfort and security in knowing what is going to happen, when, and how. 

Wanting to plan and know the when and how of everything is a facet of the third dimensional mind set, one that sees itself separate from others and from God and thus must plan for every contingency in order to be safe and survive. 

You are well aware at this point in your spiritual evolution that  you are not separate and must begin living  these truths and trusting that there is a bigger picture going on behind the scenes  separate from what you are seeing and hearing on the news.

Dense creations of the three dimensional  belief system  are being exposed so that they can be recognized for what they are and changed.  Each day more and more awaken to realize that a large number of commonly accepted laws, beliefs, teachings, and promotions are simply not true and do not serve the highest good of mankind.  

Enlightened ways of seeing and doing are replacing many false beliefs in spite of the fact that there remain some willing to go to any length in order to maintain the status quo. 

A huge component of the evolutionary journey throughout the ages has been the ongoing imbalance of masculine and feminine energies, each of which is actually fully present within every person.  Attaining this balance is a necessity for anyone seriously seeking to spiritually evolve because the low resonating energy of separation cannot be brought into the higher energies of Oneness. 

This is the reason so much cellular clearing is taking place at this time--accumulated false and lower resonating energies are simply unable align with higher frequencies--you can't bring them with you.

You are witnessing the rise of the Divine Feminine  because mankind is finally evolved enough to do the work along with the fact that powerful  ascension energies are exposing the need for it. The Divine Feminine is the original energy of earth, located in the heart center of every person.  Over time those seeking "power over" blocked, intentionally  ignored, and closed their heart centers allowing only their analytical masculine side devoid of input from their feminine  (love and equality) to dominate.

The "masculine"  is the active, be-er, do-er, intellectual aspect of God . It's energetic color is blue. The "feminine" is the love, intuition, receptivity aspect of God.  Its color is pink. When perfectly balanced the resulting color is purple, the color of royalty and high status.   

As with all reality, the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine find expression on earth as physical form, emotions, and mental thinking.   The masculine and feminine are the two halves of ONE whole.  An individual's spiritual evolution cannot proceed until this is realized, accepted, and becomes his attained state of consciousness.  This is what is called the Mystical Marriage, reflected in the third dimension as ordinary marriage.

Because humans are consciousness and not bodies, it does not matter if the three dimensional  sense of marriage takes place between two men, two women, or a man and woman. The Mystical marriage takes place within every person individually when they are ready and has nothing to do with concepts of marriage. The mystical marriage often leaves a person no longer desirous of human marriage or partnership, because they no longer feel the need to look to another to provide their missing half.

Your masculine is that part of you that acts to protect, plan, do, and analyze.  Your feminine is that part of you that brings intuition, compassion,  and love to the decisions and actions of the masculine.   You all know people who are well balanced; the man who brings love and intuition into his actions and the woman who lovingly gets things done.
Issues of balance are not dependent on a person's present physical body because humans are consciousness, not just flesh and bone.  Every person brings with them energies accumulated in other lifetimes.  If a soul has experienced lifetime after lifetime as female and then chooses to experience life as a male, he will continue to experience the familiar feminine energy he is used to until he adjusts to what is unfamiliar.  It is the same for a female who has lived many lifetimes as a male. 

This is the source of gender confusion. These dear ones are in the right and chosen body, but believe they are not because they are experiencing the energy of the other gender brought with them from  past lives.  This is also the reason a woman may have too much masculine energy or a man too much feminine.  Gender related issues are often carried from lifetime to lifetime until false beliefs about gender and sexuality are evolved beyond and a person begins to understand that they carry both the masculine and the feminine.

Division, judgement, anger, superiority etc. regarding  masculine versus feminine has run its three dimensional course and you are witnessing the dissolution of these obsolete separation beliefs as high resonating ascension energy flows to earth.

Attaining balance does not mean that women should begin acting like men, or that men should act like women. Gender is chosen pre-birth based on the dominant energy needed by the incoming soul.  It means living as a man or woman with balance--men allowing their feminine to have a part in their actions and women allowing their masculine to express through the courage to make their own decisions while reclaiming any power they may have given away in order to be loved.

The feminine/masculine pendulum is swinging wildly  beyond center at this time, but this is a necessary part of the process. Many still hold tightly to third dimensional concepts of "real men" being only those expressing in "macho" masculine ways and "real women" being only those who are clingy, powerless, and beautiful. 

Many are acting out in frustration and anger because they are not being heard which reflects  two levels of consciousness energetically unable to align.  With time the pendulum will center and there will be a balance of masculine and feminine energy in both men and women because it is the reality.  This is evolution

It is a new and energetically powerful  time dear ones, and  what you are witnessing unfold represents  but the tip of the iceberg.  World consciousness is changing and can never return to the old patriarchal beliefs of the past because the energies that gave birth to these beliefs is dissolving as more and more awaken.  

There is and will continue to be discord for some time yet regarding the equality of masculine and feminine because these beliefs go far back in time and are deeply imbedded in universal consciousness. Those who either consciously or unconsciously cling to them are in fear of losing the whatever seeming power patriarchy has for provided them.  Anyone believing himself to be superior simply because he lives in a male body is in for a wake up call.

We have spoken  mostly in regard to issues of male energy dominance, but there are some living in female bodies who also manipulate others by utilizing commonly accepted concepts of femininity for personal gain.   Men as well as  women desperately need to wake up and honor both aspects of themselves and others. This is love.

Try to not judge what you witness in the outer scene, but rather know that those involved as well as those observing are learning and evolving.  You who resonate with these messages are already balanced or close to it.  Many of you did this work in other lifetimes and are here to be an example of balance to others. Some of you will continue to experience situations necessary to the integration your masculine and feminine because you are ready.

A man who is spiritually ready but refuses  to open his heart without attached conditions, or who relies completely on his intellect while ignoring his intuition, will begin to have life experiences that force him to activate his dormant feminine side.

A woman who is spiritually ready but continues looking to others to make decisions for her,  believing that she must look and act a certain way in order to be loved, and surrenders  personal power to others will begin to experience  situations that force her to make decisions and reclaim her power.

Learning experiences for both men and women can be difficult, life changing, and frightening, but provide the necessary jolt required to shift an individual out of his or her comfortable but outgrown state of consciousness and into new and higher levels of awareness.

Silently and secretly send Light to all struggling with the masculine versus feminine issues surfacing at this time. Send Light to those who are rigid and ignorant regarding these matters as well as to those trying to present a more enlightened viewpoint. 

You become a healer when you attain  a consciousness of truth because your consciousness goes with you into every situation, lifting the energy of those who are receptive. Your awareness of what is taking place in the outer scene and your non-reaction to it, helps to shift the conditioned consensus consciousness to one no longer in alignment with what is false and outdated. 

Be aware that much is coming that will validate what we are telling you.  There  are going to be changes that you never expected so let go of trying to figure it all out intellectually. As humanly smart as someone may be, unless he can align with the higher frequencies, his information will always be limited.

There is a plan, a bigger picture (evolution) happening on earth right now and it is being assisted by many evolved Beings of Light as well as extra- terrestrials from spiritually and technologically advanced planets--many of whom  you will soon become aware of.

Remember and rest in;

God alone is power and all is proceeding according to plan. 

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                   10/7/18

                                     SEPTEMBER 23, 2018

Dear readers,  welcome to these times in which the birthing of a new consciousness both personally and globally is taking place.  You are ready.  It is time.

You have paid your dues in preparation and were aware that a great deal of chaos would be taking place, yet you chose to come because you wanted to be here and be a part of it.  Many others wanted to be on earth as well but were deemed not sufficiently prepared for the shift of consciousness now taking place. 

You came into this lifetime with the intention of completing anything unfinished from other lifetimes and tie up  loose ends with regard to people and belief systems.  Completing something left unfinished from another lifetime is often the reason two people marry only to discover that they have nothing in common.  Relationships of this sort frequently represent the pre-birth intention of one or both to bring closure and resolution to something unresolved involving the person who is now the partner or others in the family group.

When an individual feels spiritually prepared, he/she often chooses to be born into a family or situation that is enmeshed in the particular  belief system or issue that he feels ready to clear from himself.  By doing this, the energy of the issue that he still carries (strict religious beliefs, male domination, abuse,etc. ) is reactivated, and the person once again finds themselves a part of the particular negative pattern. 

However, now, having attained a higher level of awareness, he/she is able to see it from a new level, rise beyond  it, clear it from cellular memory,  and  once and for all be free of something that may very well have plagued him/her through lifetimes.  When some negative energetic situation that has been  carried through family lineage for lifetimes is finally healed and dissolved in this higher way rather than just humanly repressing it, the  lineage is broken and descendents will no longer inherit it.

The particular issue or belief system  can no longer exist in his/her experience because his/her awakened consciousness no longer holds the substance from which the issue was formed in the first place and so is no longer being created.  This is why the best people to help  others with some particular problem, are those who have been through and risen above that same problem.  It is not unusual for an evolved soul to choose to experience and then rise above some three dimensional  issue such as alcoholism in order to serve as a light for others.

Remaining stored cellular memory from intense experiences of both good and bad are and have been clearing from your energy field for some time. A great deal of clearing takes place as you sleep and is often reflected in dreams.  Some energy clearings manifest physically as unexpected aches or pains which can be intense and  traumatic if the person is unaware of what is happening.   Clearings  of this sort usually just fade away (some more quickly than others) as their frequencies shift to new and higher levels. 

You knew and were prepared to do the required inner work before incarnating--work that would enable you to add the Light of your awakened consciousness to the universal three dimensional  consciousness  that holds mankind in bondage.  Never doubt that you knew what you needed to do before coming and that you were also aware that some of it would be difficult.

Experiences judged to be failures according to third dimensional thinking are more often than not graduations for the serious student of truth--experiences that are necessary in order to better recognize some false concept or belief they may still hold.  Consider any so called "failures" to be simply notches on your awareness belt.

If  you are living the truth, then you are doing the work dear ones.  Trust that you are right where you are supposed to be and that everything is proceeding according to plan  because you as  humans are not really running the show.  Try not to despair or fall back into the hypnotism of three dimensional appearances, becoming enmeshed in the games of duality and separation that are being played out at this time even if those around you say you must be more practical. (According to their belief system) . 

The real essence of every individual  regardless of appearances,  is and can only ever be Divine Consciousness because that is all there is.  Those who do not yet know this live their lives according to the false concepts and beliefs that make up third dimensional consciousness.  Your job is to silently acknowledge the reality behind all appearances at all times and in all circumstances.  A consciousness imbued with truth can actually shift another out of their illusions if the other is receptive. This is Light work.

                                                ONE WITH GOD IS A MAJORITY

Many still think of Light workers as being only those who channel, are active in one or more healing modalities, or teach classes of spirituality, etc.  Light work is nothing more than living out from (be-ing) your highest awareness of truth in each and every mundane and seemingly ordinary activity of the day. 

You are a Light worker when you silently and secretly acknowledge the Divine nature of the person serving your table at lunch, the person collecting your garbage, and your child's teacher, as well as the CEO of some large and possibly corrupt corporation or your nosy neighbor.  No one is more Divine than another in spite of appearances to the contrary, some are simply more awake than others.  It is folly and separation at its finest to worship some person from the past or present simply because they know and live realities  that are fully present within all.

Like it or not, you become a Lightworker the moment you awaken to truth and cannot go back to the seemingly more easy life you think you had when spiritually asleep. The Genie of awareness can never be put back in the bottle although many try when life becomes difficult.  Have you ever attempted to once again be the old you, the one you were when you simply believed what you were told and had many like minded companions only to have an annoying little inner voice say; "You damn fool."?

Everyone chooses to live on earth in three dimensional energy in order to gain wisdom and eventually  remember their Divine nature through experiences of duality and separation.  In order to do this, an individual must experience all facets of third dimensional living--being male, being female, being a warrior, being a king, being  beggar, being black,white, red, brown, being homosexual, being heterosexual, being smart, being dumb etc. etc. 

The retarded person you feel sorry for may very well have chosen the experience and is not atoning for anything done in the past, as many believe.  Experiencing a mentally handicapped life may well have been on the soul's  "bucket list" so to speak.  Difficult lives are  planned before incarnation with the help of Guides and  input from those around the person who will be affected as well because they too will learn and evolve from the experience of being  the parent, sibling, teacher, caregiver, etc.)

Never categorize a person or situation because the reality behind appearances can never be fathomed. Even the most intelligent human mind is by itself very limited.  There are the accumulated energies of hundreds of lifetimes and interactions playing out in most all human situations, much more than can ever be analyzed with three dimensional thinking. 

It is difficult not to judge  and become angry as the darker side of humanity continues to be exposed. These times are especially problematic for those who have believed in and relied on  falsehoods  promoted by ignorant and un-awakened governments, religions, experts, friends, and family.  At this time, the world of illusion is collapsing for many and they believe they have no where to go.

Lightworkers do not ignore world problems nor does it mean they cannot assist those who find themselves floundering in the midst of their collapsing belief system.  Rather, this is where and when Lightworkers silently, secretly, and sacredly do the work.  Often the action of simply throwing out a tiny seed of truth, nothing more,  along with love and gentle support,  will serve to open a tiny crack that allows the suffering one to begin seeing life on a higher level.  Some will plant the seed they have been given and others will not, but that is not your concern.

Learn to live as an observer in these chaotic times, simply doing whatever it is you do from a level of consciousness that has learned to be detached from outcomes and does not give the power of spiritual reality to appearances. 

At this point you are aware that there is no death and that three dimensional situations can only exist as long as they are energetically fed.  The material world you see and experience with your physical senses is in reality, the very real spiritual world  being interpreted and viewed through the limited awareness of a third dimensional consciousness that consists of concepts and beliefs in duality and separation. 

Man, as an expression of the one and only Power and Reality, is  a creator.  What are you choosing to  create?  We have brought this up many times, but it must be reiterated because many, even some considered to be spiritually awake, believe themselves to be at the mercy of outside people, places, and things, and until they allow the truth they know to become their attained state of consciousness, they will be.

Lower, denser, and heavier frequencies are unable to align with and enter into Light.  Your defense and  shield is always your enlightened consciousness.   Trust your intuition always, and know that we are not saying that you can walk down some dark alley in an unsafe part of town with only an intellectual knowledge of this truth and expect no harm to come.  We are saying that your state of consciousness appears outwardly as form.

Never doubt that you bring your state of consciousness with you wherever you go because it is you.  Entering a convent or monastery, or moving to another state or home simply to avoid some unpleasant situation will not eliminate the  experiences.  They may take a different form, but if the energy of them  is still present, it will manifest.  Consciousness always expresses itself.  

Learn to be the consciousness you are (I AM)  rather than just bearing witness to it outside of yourself (separation).

As you live each day from your highest level of awareness, more will be given.  Truth flows energetically and increases as you allow what you already have to flow out.  Consciousness can not exist as empty space, and the truth you live and allow to flow out immediately fills in with more.  Truth is infinite. 

All third dimensional situations are temporary and many of you have reached a readiness to leave behind the things that may be holding you in bondage to something finished.  You are ready to be free.

It is time.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                             9/23/18

                                  SEPTEMBER 9, 2018

Greetings from the Arcturian Group.  We are a collective of evolved Arcturian Beings of Light who have chosen to work with the people of earth at this powerful time of ascension energy by assisting all ready and willing to move beyond the third dimension and into a  consciousness that no longer embraces duality and separation. 

We are love and easily observe the innate purity of each of you.  Our work is to assist you to understand and accept that you too are Beings of Light but have forgotten.  You may call upon us when ever you wish for you are part of the Arcturian Group collective consciousness.  We are not here for one person alone but for anyone seeking enlightenment.  This is our work, our joy, and our mission of Love.

It is time to fully open to deeper awareness and really see dear ones, to observe and translate beyond the plethora of situations that so many struggle with on a day to day basis.  Many, even those awake to truth find themselves in the midst of physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual turmoils  leaving them in doubt, confusion, and sorrow. 

The world as you have known it is a material concept of the real world.  The real world is a spiritual Idea within the mind of God.  The material world that seems so real, the the interpretation of a consensus consciousness enmeshed in beliefs of duality and separation.  A tree is not as you see it with human eyes, but in its true form is a beautiful, living, body of Light which is true of all living things.

The  material sense of earth will change as the false beliefs that formed it begin to dissolve.  It can never return to what it was in spite of efforts by those attempting to make this happen because the substance of it is different. 

People are beginning to honor and appreciate all life forms and are finally giving  serious thought to cleaning and protecting  the earth because they are starting to understand Oneness--that what they do to others and to Gaia, they  do to themselves.  Humans are the only species that defiles its own nest.

Those who do not yet know that they are spiritual beings (consciousness and not just a human body),  are experiencing  varying degrees of panic at this time as they observe their reality  (the right way of things) fall apart. Because of this, some are acting out through violent and thoughtless reactions in a useless effort to keep the status quo.  

Because people build their lives around their attained state of consciousness, their personal  "security rug" gets pulled out from under them when change happens, either personal or world wide.  Some love seeing the  "bigger picture" while others panic.  This can happen when a spiritual shift takes place as well.

Awakening to a new level of awareness happens when the individual  is spiritually ready, and not when he/she thinks they are ready.  This is why many rites, rituals, and activities promoted to shift someone spiritually are really quite useless.  Trust that your Higher Self knows what you are ready for and when you are ready for it.  

Shifts in consciousness can feel like and  often are thought of as being a personal failure because they often result in the collapse of one or more parts of one's life that were created out of a past state of consciousness.  Always remember that nothing real can ever dissolve, only concepts entertained about something can disappear.  If something in your life is a spiritual reality meant to be there, it will reappear in  higher and better forms as your consciousness (the substance of it) evolves.

In reality these experiences are graduations, events necessary to force someone out of their comfort zone.   Without these "wake up calls" many would continue to simply stagnate in the illusions of material sense because it would be all they were aware of. 

With time, every soul moves beyond the need for difficult experiences (wake up calls)  in order to learn and grow because they spiritually reach a point where they can access and be taught from the ever present Divine Source of everything within.

Recall the most devastating event in your life.  Did it leave you in the same place you were before? Did it make you more compassionate toward those with similar issues, or did you become resentful and angry?  Outer experiences always reflect one's  belief system and can be impersonal (formed out of consensus world consciousness) or personal (reflections of one's personal belief system).   Energy always aligns with like energy.

Being expressions of the ONE Divine Creator,  makes each soul a creator as well.   Experiences, no matter how seemingly painful or useless to material sense, serve to teach the evolving soul what it needs to learn through its own creations.  Unaware of the vast fount of information sleeping within them, newly awakening souls are usually only able to learn through their painful and difficult creations.

Some evolved beings choose to be a part of a disaster situation in order to assist others and add  their Light but are usually not consciously aware of having made this inner choice.  No one is ever punished for past indiscretions as many still believe.  Karma is simply the balancing of energy created  by the person involved--alignment of energies--the soul experiencing its own creations so to speak.

Revenge, retribution, and punishment are human concepts that never have and never will be qualities of Divine Consciousness.  Every spiritual idea embodied in Divine Consciousness (abundance, harmony, wholeness, intelligence, joy, peace, etc. etc. ) is  held in place as LAW which no individual could ever fix, heal, or change.   Ponder this truth with respect to disease, lack, and other three dimensional issues.

The third dimensional belief system considers uncomfortable physical, emotional, or mental experiences to be "bad" and in need of solutions and preventative measures.  Some practical three dimensional advice for making life easier is perfectly fine and necessary for everyone, but the the problem with most "solutions" is that as a whole, the professionals involved do not yet understand the bigger picture, and no matter how well intended, their solutions often serve to add more power to and thus prolong some situation. 

Most healing professionals do not yet understand that a person is not just physical, but has an emotional, mental, and spiritual body as well.   As a result, "treatments" (often simply chemicals that serve to cover up an issue and block the person's clearing of it ) only lop off an offending branch and do nothing for the root.  

Many highly evolved souls are now entering the healing professions and they come armed with a consciousness that recalls powerful ancient healing techniques as well as a realization of the innate Divinity of every person who comes to them.  Many of today's treatments and beliefs about health and disease will soon be considered obsolete.  

You are so much more than than you have been lead to believe and this is how we see you.  Never ever forget that you are a Divine Being,  an actual facet or expression of God on earth  experiencing a sense of separation that is  teaching and leading you to remembering who you are. Self love is imperative to spiritual advancement for you remain locked in the third dimension as long as you believe yourself to be separate from Source or unworthy in any way.

Many, even some who are very evolved,  have gotten trapped in the ever so real illusions of duality and separation, and have become like stone statues holding  one pose forever--lifetime after lifetime.   At this time,  right now on earth,  intense high frequency energy is pouring to earth and available to assist anyone receptive to it.  These powerful evolutionary energies of Light are breaking apart the stone consciousness of a sleeping world through what seem to be disasters. 

You who read these messages are no longer of this dense energy or you  would not have found the messages (alignment) and they would make no sense to you.  However, many of you still  struggle when you begin to realize that you are no longer in alignment with many cherished beliefs and concepts-- some of which have served as bonds within family, friends, and activities.

It is at this point that the spiritual road can become a lonely one, especially in the beginning.  The awakening student of truth often finds himself with no friends with whom he can share, no longer having anything in common with many of his old companions.  If this happens, never believe that you have somehow failed or that living the spiritual life means you must live a lonely life. 

Gradually your consciousness will automatically and without conscious thought, draw to you those you are in alignment with as well as some who are ready to learn from your level of awareness. 

This does not mean  leaving behind everyone who does not believe as you do, (or favorite foods and activities).  Rather it simply means that as you evolve to new levels of awareness you automatically move out of alignment with many familiar things  and may no longer desire to engage in them as you once did. This is not a good thing or bad one, it simply is.
Divine Consciousness which is your true Consciousness (for there is only ONE consciousness), is a law onto ITself being the one and only Power there is.  IT is not a power over something, for nothing exists for it to be  power over.  It simply and infinitely is the only Power. 

Remind yourself in every waking moment and in every situation; "My consciousness" (not the human conditioned consciousness, but my real SELF)  "is a law of abundance, wholeness, harmony, peace, etc. governing everything in my experience."   The realization of this truth will gradually begin to manifest as more harmony in every ordinary aspect of your life.

Many are choosing to leave at this time (not consciously) knowing that  they can be of better and higher service from the other side so do not be overly sad or concerned when a loved one chooses to leave.  Remember there is no such thing as death--how could an infinite God die? 

When a person chooses (yes, chooses) to go home, he is met with celebration.  Friends, family, and Guides are there to greet him often saying; "Oh, are you back already?"  Overly mourning a loved one by building shrines or constantly talking about them  only serves to hold the loved one in earth energy and away from moving on in their own spiritual growth journey.  A healthy period of mourning by those left behind is normal.  We refer to situations where it is excessive.

When death is understood as "going home" by the majority,  it will no longer be feared and resisted but will be seen as the personal choice of someone who knows their work is finished.  Some  serve and learn  here, while others  serve and learn from the other side.  You are actually more real on the other side than on earth.

All is one, all is perfect, and all is love for there is nothing else.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                          9/9/18