AUGUST 26, 2018

Dear ones, greetings in love to you all. 

It has become a new time, a time during which high frequencies of Light energy are making available  a higher state of consciousness for all receptive.  In spite of appearances, everything is proceeding according to plan-- "the train has left the station".  Allow the process dear ones, for all is as it should be as frequencies of Light flow to the world in increasingly intense waves of higher consciousness. 

Those still asleep in the illusions of sense are unaware of exactly what is taking place but  experience these intense energies as well.   This often brings about a sense of empowerment in them that they are only able process through their limited spiritual awareness, resulting in actions of anger, fear, and aggression. 

You who are awake, know what is energetically taking place at this time, but it can be very easy to slip back into old habits previously called upon for survival like fear, doubt, and anger.  Simply allow the process dear ones, allow the process.  

Trust that your Higher Self knows exactly what you are ready for, when you are ready,  and how to bring it to you.  You have reached that point of spiritual readiness where you must begin to let go of and move beyond doubt, for doubt is nothing more than a facet of separation belief.  Continuing to trust your doubts rather than the truth will only serve to anchor you in the past. 

Separation beliefs  keep you isolated from God, other people, nature, and most importantly your own Divine Self.  Your spiritual journeying over lifetimes has brought you to a place of knowing that you are not and never could possibly be separate from ONE.  

However, some continue to understand ONEness as a mental concept or intellectual information, never allowing it to become their attained state of consciousness.  Honor yourselves through acknowledging that in spite of any appearances, you are and could only ever be expressions of the ONE Source because nothing else exists.  If for any reason you are excluding yourself from ONEness, you are in separation. 

Guilt creates a sense of separation even for the very awake when actions of the past are recalled and examined with  new and higher awareness.  Allow, love, and accept, everything from your past dear ones, the good as well as the bad, for in doing this will enable you to leave the past behind and relegate the painful parts to the nothingness that they really are. 

Guilt is simply another facet of the belief in separation--separation from your true self and from others involved.  Realize that actions taken in the past represented your attained state of consciousness at that time.  Every individual is required only to live out from their highest attained state of consciousness which is what you were doing. 

You are no longer in and of this former state of consciousness, but have evolved to become a new and awake individual  (the real meaning of being "born again"),  one who understand the world differently than in the past through a consciousness that recognizes the Divine nature of self and others.  Know that many past experiences were chosen for spiritual growth.  

If you are guided to make amends to someone within the framework of what is appropriate, do so, but do not let the past linger or weigh you down.  Your highest service to anyone who has offended you or whom you have offended, is to send light and forgiveness from a consciousness of ONEness to all involved including your self.

The time is here and now to acknowledge, accept,  and begin living as a Divine Being.    High frequencies of ascension energy  are forcing all who have been preparing through lifetimes, to make this choice. The time for procrastination is over.   Telling yourself you are not ready or spiritual enough is nonsense  based in beliefs of separation.  The time is now for all who are serious about their spiritual evolution.

Are you choosing to continue living, moving, and having your being in concepts of duality and separation, taking classes, reading books, lighting candles etc.  because it is familiar, continuing to seek and search for what you already know, or are you brave enough to leave that all behind and step into your own Light? 

All have free will and can live in illusion forever if they choose  but now is a perfect and powerful time for the awakened to move into new realms of consciousness and  leave behind everything that no longer serves their soul but instead continues to feed the illusions of material sense.  

I Am that I Am.  What does this sacred phrase really mean?  It means exactly what it says, dear ones.  I-- the only Consciousness, Energy, Substance, and Reality, is what I am.  Do you believe this or have  you simply and without thought relegated it to only "saints" and ascended masters?

Many of you are saying; " Yes, but..."  No more "buts" dear ones, the time for buts...has run out and  can no longer exist for anyone who is serious about their spiritual evolution.  Either you accept that you are a Divine Being embodying all the qualities of Source,  or you do not.  You have prepared for this through lifetimes and are ready to come into your own.  NOW. 

You are qualified to be finished with seeking and searching through classes, books, groups, spiritual tools, etc.  but the habit of seeking has become so ingrained that even the very evolved hesitate to give it up not realizing  that they will still receive information and be taught, but the higher learning will come from within rather than from without.

We are not saying there is no longer any place for classes, books, readings, crystals, beads, ceremony, etc. etc. because for many, especially beginners, these tools are the  bridge that will lead them into higher truths.  Nor do we say that you cannot enjoy your favorite crystal,  go to church, or take some class you may be guided to but these things must now become a choice, rather than a need.

You are no longer beginners and any continued dependence on outer persons, places, or things in the belief that they are necessary to your spirituality can only serve to keep you in bondage to what is old and false--everything based in duality and separation. 

Metaphysics is action taken to heal, correct, or change something.  Mysticism is the realization that there is nothing to heal, correct or change.  You are ready to become  modern day mystics. Those who live in the world  but are not of it.

This can be difficult for those who make their living through the practice and teaching of metaphysics.   It is the sacred obligation of those who teach and work in the metaphysical fields to allow their students to grow beyond needing them or any particular practice. 

An evolved teacher will make it clear to his students that spiritual tools only serve to activate that which is already fully present within them rather than being the source of power.  The ultimate goal of any spiritual path is to grow the student beyond needing it and into the realization of... 

                                   "That which I have been seeking, I AM"

Intense energies of Light are forcing dense energies still held in cellular memory to  surface physically , mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Allow these experiences which at times can be unpleasant, to move through and out which can take several days, aware that any pain or inconvenience is temporary. 

Old energies stored from other lifetimes are simply impersonal beliefs accepted and claimed as reality which is important to remember if a clearing becomes uncomfortable.  If you declare to yourself and believe  I am this or I am that,  (sick, depressed, fearful etc.) you draw these concepts back into your energy field and endow them with a reality and power they do not have and where they can once again become personally yours.

This does not mean you stick your head in the sand while shouting; "God is all" for to pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained is very human.  It means that in spite of appearances or while taking human footsteps that may be necessary for a situation,  you know and hold the truth.

If some painful clearing experience arises for  you, remember that these things are not some sort of karmic punishment, but rather represent a graduation indicating your readiness to clear them and move beyond the past and into higher awareness.  Learn to handle uncomfortable clearing experiences from a centered and neutral state of awareness able to say:  "Oh you again.", simply letting whatever is surfacing move out while giving it no power. 

A consensus consciousness based in duality and separation is what holds together the third dimensional world of good and evil.   You are witnessing the chaos of today because consciousness which is the substance of all form,  is rapidly changing as more souls awaken and add their Light to the mix.  

Because you are God Beings YOU ARE CREATORS  and must never forget or ignore this.  Be alert to what you are creating through your thoughts, words, beliefs etc. (your state of consciousness).  Allow miscreations  to become your teachers.   Rather than blaming some outside source when you find yourself in a problematic situation, honestly examine your belief system.

Learn to live  in the now moment as an observer, not ignoring what you observe, but rather seeing the world through eyes of spiritual awareness.  Be like an adult who is watching  children play in a sand box.  The observer notices that one is a  bully,  some surrender and do what the bully wants,  and others play  quietly by themselves giving no regard or surrender to the bully. 

The observer does not have to  get into the sand box with the children but may guide the direction of play through some firm but loving interaction.  Then again,  he may do nothing at all, simply allowing the energy to play out, wisely aware that with time each will  experience the lessons they have created and set in motion from their attained state of consciousness with or without his help. 

Whatever a spiritually aware observer does, he always does it from Center, following the guidance that flows freely from spiritual awareness and trust.

The time has arrived for all awake to live what they know by bringing unconditional love into every situation and circumstance no matter how seemingly "human" it may appear. This never means being another's doormat, or staying in some toxic situation in the false belief that they are being spiritual and loving.  Bringing unconditional love into some toxic situation may mean powerfully stating to self and others; "Enough is enough".  Always honor your own Divine Self.

It means fully accepting yourself as a Divine Being here on earth to awaken, learn, evolve,  and then assist others ready  to understand and ascend to higher dimensional realities. You are the way showers and the teachers--midwives assisting  the birth of a higher state of universal consciousness.

Everything you  have been preparing for for lifetimes has arrived.  Will you get on the bus, or wait another few lifetimes?

We are the Arcturian Group                                                             8/26/18

                                        JULY 15, 2018

We of the Arcturian Group wish to say that much change is on the horizon.  You are witnessing the death throes of world beliefs that have held mankind in bondage through lifetimes.  These dense miscreations can only dissolve as higher frequencies of truth begin to replace the energy that formed them in the first place.

A sense of discord comes when everything  familiar begins to change but intense fears and confusion will not come to those who understand that nothing real ever ends,  but rather transmutes into higher levels of expression as consciousness becomes more enlightened.  Because third dimensional energy is so dense, this process is  gradual and involves many twists and turns of resistance.

Focus your attention and efforts on being the highest level of truth you know in every moment and situation, rather than on the  illusions of material sense around you.  Your Light, the Light of awakened consciousness, is serving to open the pathways that allow more Light to flow to earth.  These high frequency energies are affecting all life. Everyone is  feeling them, the un-awakened, the awakened, and the animal kingdom as well. 

These high frequency energies are causing many of you to experience times when emotions,  physical aches and pains, or extreme physical exhaustion seems to take over.  If you are not alert, it can easily lead you to believe that something is seriously wrong, but then within a day or two things seem back to normal and you feel fine--until the next time.  These experiences are related to the process of clearing,  translating and integrating new and higher frequencies into the physical,  and the mind's interpretation of the process. 

It takes energy to do these energetic upgrades  leaving you with less for your usual everyday chores. Ascension energies are replacing the denser in physical  cells.  Allow the process to take place without immediately concluding that something is wrong, but rather know that  something is right.  Your physical expression is unfamiliar with what is taking place because serious energetic upgrades while remaining in the physical has never happened before.  

As you integrate these new energies  and your resonance changes, you will no longer be in alignment with many things that up to now have been a part of ordinary living.  Heavy foods, alcohol, sugars, and processed foods that you may of  previously enjoyed with no problem, now either don't appeal to you or make you feel sick when you eat them. 

Because everything is energy, energetic alignment is necessary if there is to be  harmony of anything--   marriage relationships, friendships, foods, entertainment, employment, ideas, beliefs, etc.  You are no longer in alignment with many of the seemingly ordinary things  you were once  aligned with.  Your evolving state of consciousness is resonating with new and higher frequencies and attempts to make something spiritually outgrown continue as it once was, will not work.

Free will allows everyone to ignore truth as long as they wish, but truth can never go away because it is the reality. Only those things created from illusory concepts can dissolve permanently.  Try to see change as a graduation, dear ones.  Many believe that they are open to change, but when something familiar begins to change or disappear, even the very awake will often respond with  resistance because there is a sense of security in what is familiar. 

You are no longer evolutionary beginners and are well prepared to withdraw your sense of security from the outer  through the realization that  safety and security are already fully present within, facets of  your own Divine Consciousness.  Learn to go with the flow while giving no power to events and situations that may affect your sense of security.  Stay in the now moment, trusting that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan individually and globally regardless of whether or not anyone believes it.

This does NOT mean that you never take precautions in situations where they may be required.  It means that you take the practical actions you are guided to take for living in a third dimensional world, but you do these things without surrendering to fear concepts regarding certain people, places, or things  secure in the realization that one with God is a majority.

We wish to speak of suffering which is a general term describing the feelings that follow great loss or simply living day to day in  physical, emotional, or mental pain.   Many ( awakened and  un-awakened) are suffering as the result of the intense clearings of old energy now taking place in Gaia,  individuals, and within the third dimensional belief system as a whole.

In previous  lifetimes, most individuals incarnated  with one lesson they wanted to concentrate on. Because of the powerful ascension process taking place now,  you came into this life with the intention of resolving and moving beyond any remaining issues with people, places, groups, or belief systems--anything in  need of completion or that might act as a barrier to your ascension.

Intense experiences of good or bad remain stored in cellular memory and are carried from lifetime to lifetime until cleared.  Cellular memories you are ready to to clear are surfacing through experiences that alert you to their presence but do not need to be identified or "figured out". 

As you live from a higher state of consciousness,  frequencies of Light automatically dissolve the lower resonating energies.   It is a waste time to dwell on or try to figure out everything that may be clearing because this just focuses on old energy.  If it is necessary for you to know something for your spiritual growth, you will somehow get that information  through dreams,  intuition, or actual memory.  At this time many of you are clearing for the world and not always personally.  Remember there is only ONE.

For those  of you experiencing  depression, sadness, and sorrow we say to you, allow these emotions to flow through without resistance.  Suffering is created by holding on to unfulfilled expectations of how things should look or be in order to be right which always reflects one's personal belief system. 

In the three dimensional world, most suffering is caused by seemingly uncontrollable forces--nature, laws, religious beliefs etc.  This is how a dimension based in duality and separation, works.  This is what you are evolving out of.  Duality and separation does not exist in the higher dimensions.  The three dimensional belief system represents the lowest rung of a very high dimensional ladder although most as of yet do not realize this. 

Suffering remains and will continue to remain alive and well as long as world consciousness continues to create through beliefs of duality and separation.  Never forget that as expressions of the Divine, everyone is a creator, forming their world out of the substance of their state of consciousness.  Help those who suffer in whatever practical ways you are guided to, but never believe that it is your duty to save anyone for all are learning  lessons they themselves chose with the help of their Higher Self and Guides.

Mind  interprets one's attained state of consciousness and  manifests it as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual form.   Suffering is resistance, a yearning for things to be the way a person believes they must  be in order for them  to be happy.  Nothing will or can change globally or individually  until consciousness changes because consciousness is the substance of all that is.   You have reached that place of readiness that will enable you to move into the realization and experiences of who and what you really are. 

Visualize  a bright sun with many beams of intense light shining outward.   As these beams of light get further away from the sun source, they start to become less bright, change appearance, and accumulate colors and  shadow.  Each light beam begins to look different from the other, absorbing different colors and accumulating layers of energy that take on the appearance of various fabric textures and color that change and increase as each ray passes has different experiences.  The ray of Light never disappears, but is now completely obliterated by the layers of debris. 

This is your story, the story of every man, woman, and child from the beginning.  You are the Sun Beam that forever remains pure, intact, and perfect regardless of how much illusion  is draped over IT.  Evolution is the gradual removal of all debris.

Accept that you are already awake and that there is no longer any need to seek and search outwardly for what is already fully present within you.
Allow the process and trust that everything  is proceeding according to plan.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                        7/15/18

                                      JULY 1,2018

Dear readers, it is with a great deal of love and respect that we once again speak about the present and increasing energies of Light that Gaia and all forms of life upon her are experiencing. 

Try not to slip into fear, but rather understand that great change is taking place both within and without.  Every day more and more individuals awaken and realize that the "Me first" world that they are so familiar with, no longer feels right.  As a result, many who have been fully three dimensional in their thinking are now finding themselves to be no longer in agreement with much of the status quo.  Although most are not aware of why they are having these feelings, it represents their first step toward a higher state of consciousness.

Change is happening on all levels and it is very easy even for the very evolved,  to automatically revert to thinking that something is wrong when new or unusual physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences happen whether they are pleasant or unpleasant.

Mankind is universally and personally waking up out of the illusions created by false concepts and beliefs, and is experiencing the birth pains of unconditional love--the connectedness of all within the One regardless of skin color, language, financial status, education, etc.  

For most, this means there must be a time of clearing any remaining dense energy still carried from both the past and present because the lower frequencies cannot enter into the higher ones.  Old concepts and beliefs cannot be taken with you into new and higher frequencies of Light.

Light vibrations are becoming more intense which in turn is exposing many third dimensional beliefs and actions that  heretofore have either been  hidden from the general public or promoted as the "right way".  Every day individuals are beginning to recognize that their belief system is not as correct as they were led to believe.  The higher frequencies  are assisting those ready to ask questions and open up to the  idea of one human family rather than  "us versus them".

Those who stand to lose money and power from mankind's spiritual awakening are pulling out all the stops in order to keep it from it happening.  Never doubt that most of the chaos you see taking place all over the world is  being aided, promoted, and fed by those who hoping to keep you in bondage to limiting beliefs that  keep you under their thumb.  "Power over" beliefs, rules, and concepts will simply dissolve when the  majority is no longer feeding them energy.

The Light frequencies now pouring onto earth are being felt by everyone regardless of their state of awareness which will often empower someone living completely in the three dimensional state of consciousness to act out.  Because they are not evolved enough to understand what they are experiencing and can only interpret these powerful energies according to their  level of consciousness, they express what they feel as anger, violence, rage, drug use, frustration, depression, and even suicide.

Some of those causing pain and  problems for others  are in reality making futile attempts according to their belief system to gain the respect and love every soul yearns for.  Unconditional love never means allowing others to force their un-awakened actions upon others.  There is and will be for some time yet, a need for law, order, and constraint as long as the world consists of beliefs of duality and separation because   THERE IS NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS.

Systems of constraint based in unconditional love would place those needing constraint in situations where growth and learning is available and where there are opportunities that will help the person understand themselves, their actions, and the consequences of those actions.  Some have never experienced unconditional love, and do not understand it.  Something as simple as  incarceration  where  prisoners take care of unwanted dogs, is a perfect first step toward opening a door to unconditional love.

Most  (not all)  the world's systems of incarceration at this time are grounded in  beliefs of punishment. Living constantly in an atmosphere of fear, anger, frustration, and degradation only strengthens and adds power to whatever negative energy is already being carried  in the person's energy field. 

Systems of punishment and degradation for the smallest of offenses only serves to block the evolution and spiritual growth of both the workers and the inmates who are meant to learn from their experiences.   Unconditional love can never be learned or even understood on the level of punishment, violence, and degradation, even when there is a need for very firm action.

If unconditional love is the energy carrying the necessary action,  the individual will respond differently than if the energy is self righteous, fearful, angry, and  hate filled,  with only a desire to punish.   Unconditional love never means being a doormat, or being "airy fairy" about  actions necessary for those needing separation from others.  Rather it means taking the necessary steps from a higher level of awareness.

Not all will or can  respond to energies of unconditional love,  but that is not the concern of the person responsible for any firm actions.  The job of a Light worker doing this sort of work is to carry the Light into every situation.  This is what  Light Work is.

This leads to the topic of judgement and criticism. The third dimensional world at present revolves around  these two activities.  If something or someone does not live up to perceived concepts of good or bad, they will often be silently and overtly judged and criticized which allows the person doing the judging to feel righteous and superior. 

Judgement and criticism are what make simple situations into news stories and color the words and actions of politicians, spiritual gurus, preachers, family, friends, and all holding  positions of authority. This is not to say you do not have opinions or ignore negative activities of those around you, but rather you begin to understand them in a new way.

Judgement and criticism takes place on all levels--physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, and
represents the belief that there is only one correct way for everything from personal appearance, lifestyle, religious beliefs or lack of, politics, family, marriage, etc. to what color paint is on a wall.   Individuals who judge and criticize believe that their way is the only right way, relegating all who do not  believe the same as being wrong and in need of correction through whatever means are necessary.

When a person spiritually awakens, it becomes very easy to recognize a better path for others and often a judgement and criticism arise.  When this happens, allow the situation to become a signal reminding you that every person has a personal learning contract, a Higher Self, and Guides.  This does not mean you will never be guided to assist someone in a practical way or offer them some much needed guidance.

Habits of judgement and criticism begin to fade as one ceases looking to those with seeming power
( political, religious, medical, rich and famous, family, etc,) for answers and begins to first look  within themselves, trusting their intuition.  Many continue to believe that just because a person holds a position of authority their concepts must be believed.  

A consciousness of judgement/criticism often reflects inner insecurity which then expresses as anger, frustration, and resentment toward those they believe to hold all the power.  They  resent being told what to do and believe but continue to do it because they believe they have no choice not realizing that the awakening sense of resistance they feel is their own self-empowerment trying to break free and manifest.  

Only you, yourself, can allow something, some belief system, or some individual, to have power over you. Never forget this.   Everyone has free will and what each does with it, is up to them.  As you learn to withdraw  power from everyone and everything outside of SELF, you will begin to feel less and less disempowered by those seeking to control you in any way be they family. friends, experts, or so called "authorities". 

Problems in the world are the result of mankind  ignorantly over time surrendering personal power to those who sought to take it for themselves whenever and however they could.  In the old and dense energies of the past, individuals often had no real choice, it was submit or die, but this is a new time. 

As a result of awakening  to your personal power as a spiritual beings,  you are beginning to lose your fears.  You are beginning to  realize that the bluster and blowing of those seeking to frighten you into obedience and submission  is really nothing more than that--" balloons with the skin peeled off." 

Continue to reclaim your  personal authentic power  by listening to and trusting your intuition, by never again doubting that you are a spiritual being embodying the fullness of the One that is all there is, and by  realizing the illusory nature of everything that would have you believe otherwise.

Not all in positions of authority are attempting to take  power from others.  Many are attempting to serve from  a heart level.  Use your intuition to discern which is which, especially when you vote.  As  evolved souls  mature and become new world leaders, their higher state of consciousness will express through service to higher good of all people, not just  themselves and friends.  New and more evolved world leaders will guide people to access their own power, rather than promoting that only they have the answers and must be obeyed. 

It is imperative for every serious student of truth to stop seeking answers and solutions outside themselves, looking to  people or three dimensional concepts that are rapidly becoming obsolete and disappearing. 

This is NOT to say that you must never seek the advice or help of those more experienced in certain areas, but the first step should always be to go within, ask,  and then trust your intuition.  When you do this, you will find yourselves being guided to the right person to help you, someone working on levels in alignment with your own energy. 

Everyone has free will to stay right where they are for as long as they wish or move into higher levels of awareness.  Those choosing to stay in the old belief system through fear of change, may not be able to survive the higher frequencies of Light that evolution is bringing for will not be in alignment with them. However, you reading these messages are ready or you would not even understand these words. 

You have done the work through lifetimes, and are ready to live it through consciously letting go of accepting at face value everything you see, hear, taste,touch, and smell in the world around you.   Much of what is termed news is simply made up or skewed in some way to get a reaction, which in turn promotes the agenda of those who do not have your best interests at heart.  

Consciously acknowledge the Divine nature of every person.  One easy way to do this is to visualize  a diamond in the heart of every person you see or think about.   You may become aware of just a tiny pinpoint of light in some while in others it may be a large body of light.  Do not concern yourself with whether you see anything or not because your job is not to analyze or judge but is rather to realize the truth about each and every person.

The work is--to know the truth, to live the truth,  and to be the truth,  always acknowledging  what is, rather than what isn't, regardless how abhorrent appearances may be.

This work is not for the faint of heart, dear brave ones.  Know that you are not them.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                  7/1/18

                                                                              JUNE 17,2018

Greetings once again dear ones.  We are well aware of the troubling activities and chaos tempting many of you to fall into fear and doubt.  Always remember that in spite of appearances, what you are witnessing is the exposure of old programming, secrets, and three dimensional creations.  High resonating energies of Light are illuminating and paving the way for their removal because denser energies cannot exist in the higher more refined ones.

All is well in spite of how things may seem.  The world needs to become aware of these things before it can change.  Do not lose hope dear ones, for you are creating a new world with your awakened consciousness as you bring in and hold the Light, assisting  those now ready to awaken and creating space for the many evolved souls now arriving.  

Some are coming as walk-ins and some as newborns, but a large number are already here as children and teens who have come specifically to assist in the ascension process of Gaia and mankind through their evolved levels of consciousness.  Most of them are not yet aware of their mission, but see and understand the world from a more evolved state of awareness than most.  Do not force these young ones into box's of conformity in the belief that there is something wrong with them.  They are very old souls in very young bodies.

As more and more individuals awaken, Light frequencies automatically become stronger and more dominant.  Understand that much of the suffering you are witnessing at this time represents pre-birth choices made by individuals for the purpose of changing world consciousness through exposing how many commonly accepted  beliefs serve only a few while bringing pain and suffering to others.

Many who up to now have lived  fully enmeshed in beliefs of duality and separation, are beginning to awaken and recognize the suffering brought about by some commonly accepted beliefs and laws many of which were created brought about by nothing more than self righteous moral authority.

Mankind is beginning to awaken.  Know that a great deal is going on behind the scenes that the general public is not yet aware of.  Your news sources do not give you the whole picture, so keep that in mind when you tune in.  Your job as awakened ones is to hold the Light within and without at all times in spite of appearances which does not mean sticking your head in the sand while shouting "God is all",  but rather simply doing what is necessary from a higher state of awareness.

There were and are many desirous of being on earth at this time but who were not permitted.  Only those with something to offer the ascension process and the strength to do it have been permitted during these powerful times.

But... "What about the terrorists, the troublemakers, the violent and un-evolved ones?" 

The terrorist state of consciousness is one that is fully enmeshed in the energies of duality and separation.  Many of them have had limited experience on earth and are only able to live out from the three dimensional belief system which is all they know.  It is their state of consciousness.  However, these dear ones are necessary at this time in order to bring about and expose issues of duality and separation.  Know that every one of you has been the "villain" in one or more lifetimes during your journey of awakening.   

You are right where you need to be at this time, doing what you need to do,  and doing a fine job of it even if it seems as though you are doing nothing.  Being the truth while not allowing outer appearances deflect you, creates an atmosphere in which change can happen.   Know that all is proceeding according to plan. The spiritual journey is now a matter of be-ing rather than do-ing.

Doubt is always based in the belief of separation and has been dominant on earth throughout your hundreds of lifetimes.  Doubt has become a habit that is ingrained in almost everyone until they consciously decide to move beyond it. 

When doubt arises,  remind yourselves that since there is only ONE,  you can only be in and of that ONE for nothing else exists.   Therefore, every quality embodied within  IT, must also be yours regardless of appearances to the contrary--order, harmony, abundance, intelligence etc. etc. simply forever are--held in place by Divine Law.

We wish once again to speak of love, for love is the foundation of all that is--the connecting energy between all living things within the ONE.  Love is the glue of life,  unfolding and revealing itself on new levels as an individual  evolves.

In the third dimension, love as well as everything else, can only be understood and  interpreted according to the attained consciousness of the individual.  Love, the energy between living things,  is often  felt,  interpreted,  and then acted on by the un-evolved consciousness through  actions of violence, rape, war, and abuse.  However, the reality and cohesiveness of ONE expressing ITself in infinite form and variety never changes or is affected by these false interpretations.

Those who ask; "How could God allow this?" do not understand the God knows nothing about illusory dreams.  Atrocities do not exist in Divine Consciousness. This is what waking up is all about, the understanding  and living of this truth.  

We see many struggling to attain a deeper understanding of love, but seeking it through the many false ideas about love that flow from three dimensional concepts and beliefs regarding love.  Love is and can only ever be selective, conditional, and limited when understood through beliefs of duality and separation.

"How do I love a government that seeks to torment its own people?  How do I love those who kill and maim and believe that their position of authority is a free pass to cause harm and suffering for others?  How do I love the drug or alcohol addict who selfishly causes so much hurt and pain to everyone around them?  How can I love what I see happening in the world?  How do I love?"

Dear ones, these questions are asked at some point by everyone seeking spiritual awareness.  Allow yourselves to let go of the hundreds of three dimensional concepts of love, and especially the one that says love is always emotional. Shift into understanding love as the law of oneness.  Yes, emotions are often  involved with the many forms of love, but the reality underlying love in all its forms  is Oneness.

You are the energy of love every time you do or think expressions of oneness,  no matter how seemingly small or insignificant that expression.  It may be as simple as helping a suffering animal,  opening the door for another, making someone's life a bit easier in some way without being asked, or recognizing the true Divine nature of an un-awake and obnoxious person.  Love can be as simple as courageously saying "no" if and when it is appropriate.   

As you attain an ever deepening consciousness of what Love really is, your thoughts and actions will automatically begin to reflect it.  You become  Love because in reality you are consciousness and not just a physical body.  This is what makes a spiritual master  appear to be different or more blessed than ordinary humans.  No, the masters are only different from everyone else in that they know who they are.  They are awake.

Love does not and must never exclude self for how can anyone be outside ONE?   Many serious truth students exclude themselves when they experience the arising shame and regret of past actions in the light of their  new state of awareness.   Never resist, but rather allow these emotions to come up for you to acknowledge,  but not give power to.  They are a part of your awakening process  now ready to be released from cellular memory.

For example; "I was hurt because someone did not include me in some thing I felt I should of been a part of and I responded with angry words and actions and feelings of resentment.  Now I am  ashamed. " Ask yourself;  "What was I  believing at that time that caused me to act this way?" You will quickly discover that most of these experiences were based in beliefs of separation--"I am not loveable.  I am always on the outside looking in." Now ask yourself;  "In the Light of what I now understand to be the truth, could this possibly be true?". 

The energy upholding the third dimensional belief system is always; "You will never be good enough.

Feelings of guilt and remorse often linger long after being recognized for what they are.  Do not resist or panic in the belief  that somehow you have failed, because resistance simply endows something with power.  Rather, allow these emotions to flow, experiencing them without labels of good or bad. Thank them for reminding you of what you may still be holding on to, send Light to your cells  telling them that it is time to release all old and finished three dimensional energies, and then simply move on with your day.  

It is a process.  Old energies recede as you are able to move beyond giving them importance or power over you.  At some point these things simply dissolve into the nothingness that they are because you are longer feeding them with your energy.

In a quiet uninterrupted time, visualize each undesired aspect of yourself as a small girl or boy standing back awaiting recognition and acceptance.  You may not even realize that you have rejected some part of yourself, but will discover it when you see the child come forward or hide awaiting acceptance.

Invite each child to you one at a time and allowing yourself embrace, love, and accept him/her.  Until you can unconditionally  love and accept all parts of yourself as simply being facets of who you were along the way or even now, you will not have the fullness of love to flow to others. 

Learn to love and accept all of yourself no matter how obnoxious or unloving you may now see your actions or words to have been.  Apologize if you are guided to, but do not waste an inordinate amount of time reliving or trying to fix some long ago experience.  Know that very action taken and every experience experienced in every lifetime, has been a step along the evolutionary highway for everyone involved   Nothing is or ever can be random within ONE.

Old memories have no power over you other than the power you give them.   Life on earth is about learning and evolving through experiences until such time as one's spiritual evolution is able to flow from within.  All is well, nothing is ever wrong.  Everyone in your life, so called enemies as well as friends,  are  a part of your and their evolutionary plan.

Your  Higher Self  knows exactly what you need, when you are ready for it,  and how to guide you through it if you allow, trust, and do not choose some form of resistance. 

Evolution is a not a journey for weaklings and doormats, rather it is a journey for warriors, and you are them.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                               6/17/18

                                     JUNE 3, 2018

Dear ones, with love and great respect we offer assistance to your evolutionary journey with the intention of bringing hope and enlightenment to all who seek it. 

We see a  great deal of change taking place on earth although you are unable to see it as we do.  Energies of Light continue to intensify as more individuals awaken and begin to comprehend truths previously unavailable to them simply because they were not open or receptive.  There is a great deal of assistance available to anyone requesting it, but you must ask. 

Many  previously closed to change or new ways of seeing and believing are now opening to the idea that there may be better ways of doing things as many accepted beliefs, concepts, laws, simply no longer work as they once did.  This realization is the birth of awakening.  At the same time, those already spiritually  aware are expanding into increasingly higher levels of awareness. 

Those already spiritually awake simply need validation of what they are experiencing at this time rather than increasing amounts of new information.  The temptation is to seek answers through the mind when things are not fully understood because the three dimensional belief system teaches that study, learning, doing, on a mental level is necessary to understanding which is true in the beginning stages of awakening.

You have learned in this fashion through many lifetimes, and have arrived  at a place where the human mind is no longer an effective tool for your inner journey.  The human mind is  limited to what is already known and cannot access the deeper realms of Divine Consciousness within.

This shift can be a huge and troubling leap for those who have devoted their lives to one particular spiritual path for many years or even through lifetimes.  This is especially true for the teachers of those paths who have dedicated themselves, taught classes, written books, and put all their energy and trust into some one particular  modality.  

Real spiritual  paths and modalities (those that have truth at their foundation) will not disappear but rather their core ideas will expand to new and higher levels.   Often it is the un-awakened consciousness of followers who fear change that hold the evolutionary expansion of some spiritual modality back in energies that have become obsolete.   Nothing real is or can ever be lost, only the illusions of it disappear.

Every organized religion, teaching, or spiritual modality originally come about as truth from a highly evolved teacher,  but over generations  original teachings are always lost when the teacher passes on and the teachings become organized as a religion.  The truths revealed by the original teacher then quickly become ms-interpreted by followers not of the original teacher's state of consciousness.  Some then declare themselves to be the teachers and  present the original teachings from a lower and often very three dimensional level.  This is why truth should never be organized.

Placing  faith, trust, or hope (personal power)  in a path, guru, or modality is not meant to continue forever.  These things are important tools for awakening, but only work up to a certain point because the nature of evolution determines that a  person will eventually evolve beyond a need for them.  There comes a time when the seeker is no longer in alignment with some of the very tools and modalities that served to get him to his new level of awareness--he has graduated.

Truths learned through an illumined path or teacher can only be fully accessed and become one's state of consciousness when they flow from within where all Divine Ideas exist in the fullness of their pure form.  Before that, they are simply intellectual knowledge. 

Meditation  helps to open the  door. The silent inner listening of meditation indicates to one's Higher Self that they are ready and receptive for more.   Once accessed, Divine Ideas continue to unfold and reveal themselves  as each new level of consciousness is attained where there is alignment with the new truth.
Enjoy life.  The ascetic practices of the past that came about as the result of believing spirituality to be separate from ordinary living are no longer a part of the world's belief system as they once were.  Contrary to what many still believe, pain and suffering does not please God in any way and never could because the harmonious perfection of ONE is all there is.  Pain and suffering do not exist in Divine Consciousness, if it did it would be universally permanent, held forever in place by Divine Law.

Living as an awakened individual is a matter of being in the world but not of it--living and enjoying life without attachment.  Go to work, go to school, have relationships or not, do what you are guided to do but do it from your highest level of awareness in the realization that you are whole and complete with or without these things. 

Spiritual living is the experiencing of ordinary activities from a place of love, one that is able to look through appearances of  "good" or "bad" with no attachment to their outcome in the realization that everything is spiritual and what is being seen is a three dimensional mind interpretation of it. 

You come to understand that your wholeness and completeness is is not dependent upon your education, money, body shape, or anything else three dimensional thinking defines as  success. You are comfortable wherever you are and in all situations because you know who you are. 

At this point you can  go to church or not, because you know that God is only in church if you bring "Him"  with you.  You begin to have more patience and love for those around you knowing that they have a soul contract and lessons they are learning.  You begin to accept the  idiosyncrasies of family, friends, and strangers  instead of giving them power over you for good or bad. You are able to watch news or not from a level of detachment rather than fear and worry because you now realize that in spite of appearances, all is well.  Living  becomes a being in the world but not of it.

Allowing the evolutionary progress of self and others is love.  It is the realization that everything proceeds according to plan without the need for mental plotting and scheming because in reality,  the earth is a spiritual universe peopled by Sons of God.   Gaia, who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt,  is  ready for her next evolutionary step and human thinking cannot stop it because there is a much bigger picture happening than what third dimensional thinking can know or even imagine.   

Spiritual consciousness allows others to live their personal journey without the interference that so often happens when well meaning "do-gooders" and many groups  ms-interpret love.  The belief that anyone who does not believe the same must be saved from their ignorance is a perfect example of how the belief in separation manifests in the world--"others" are separate from  real truth and need those who have it, to save them. 

Concepts of separation are basic to most organized religions who in turn send out missionaries in a false sense of duty to convert and  save anyone who does not believe as they do.  Efforts to save and convert others however well intended are always ego based (My way is the only "right" way) and more often than not bring  pain and suffering to the recipients while  destroying any spiritual practices already in place that are often more evolved than those of the missionary.

Every individual can only save themselves.  No church, guru, saint, teacher, or practice can do it for you although these things can open the door for those ready and receptive.  Everyone has  Divine Source Consciousness already fully present within ready to speak and guide the moment they choose to listen. 

Sincerely seeking help or guidance  aligns an individual with the help and guidance needed. The common belief that it is love and duty to save every so called floundering person is often just interference, for in spite of appearances no one really needs saving and those that seem to need it are usually learning some difficult lesson they themselves chose for their evolution. Their choice could of simply been to live fully in and experience third dimensional energy. 

Allowing is the gift of stepping back while at the same time having your hand ready to grasp the other's should they reach out.   It is NOT a reaching down and pulling someone up out of their personal and chosen gutter.  There is a fine line here that can only be accessed through intuition because the world in general continues to promote the "saving" of everyone whether or not the person desires saving.

Intuition, your inner radar or gut feeling,  is always the best  guide as to whether  or not someone appearing to be in need of rescue really needs and wants it or is just seeking someone to assist them to continue in their chosen lifestyle.  Always remember that there is a bigger picture going on. This will  allow you to make sense of the seeming discord another may be struggling with. 

Again, we iterate that there is a fine line in these situations where often intuition is your only guide.  Some may seem not to want help, but your intuition may be telling you that they really do want help.  Others may seem to want help, but only do it because it was forced upon them and soon return to their chosen lifestyle.  Not everyone is ready to be "saved" physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually and to presume otherwise is very human.

Free will allows everyone  to choose the gutter of their choice and it is not the responsibility of you or  angels or even their Guides to interfere with their choice. Always hold yourselves in the energy of compassion and not sympathy, for in sympathy you align with the the person's lower resonating energy. Your own personal choice may be that it is time to remove yourself from the person or situation which can be difficult when it is a family member, partner, or child. 

This is not to say that a parent does not take action, doing whatever they feel is necessary in the case of a child, but when that child becomes an adult who in spite of all the help  still chooses self destructive behavior, the parent or guardian must step back into the love of allowing.

Your job as a spiritually evolved person is to recognize that in spite of  all appearances every individual  is in reality, a Divine Being.  Surround the person with  Light and then move on for the more you hold them in consciousness according to their human appearance, you add to the illusion.  You are creators.

Know that it is often more loving to allow these dear ones to fall flat on their face or even leave this life than to continue enabling them in their illusion.  In their next lifetime they will make different choices based on the learned experiences of this one.  This is true for most addictions--drugs, alcohol , sex, rituals, or anything else an individual believes will give them the sense of wholeness, happiness, and peace they crave.
The divide between those awakening and those choosing not to awaken grows wider every day and
powerful frequencies of Light are forcing those spiritually ready to live their truth,  which can and often does mean leaving behind some person, place, or thing--physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. 

Now is a time of many choices that only you can make.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                           6/3/18

                                       MAY 20,2018

Dear readers,  we come in love and with continuing respect for the work you are doing both on inner and outer levels in the face of the turmoil, confusion, and anger manifesting around you.  Present times are bringing change which is empowering those who do not like or want change to plant themselves firmly in what is familiar and look fondly backward to "the good old days". 

Currently there are a great many films, books, and television shows  built around perceived ideas of these "better times".  This is because many are confused by the intensity of what is taking place the world over and have come to believe that earlier times were better, more peaceful, and that the issues they see today did not exist. 

The past will always look better to some because humans tend to forget the bad and embellish the good.   However, beneath those seemingly carefree times the very same issues of today were simmering, alive and well, but  not recognized for what they were by an unawake majority.

Ponder the state of women's' equality, racial prejudice, and war mongering of the "good old days" and you will quickly understand the illusory nature of nostalgia and how a great portion of it is ignorance accepted as reality. 

The  high frequency energies of Light now flooding earth as evolution unfolds is serving to expose much that has been  heretofore  hidden.  Keeping people ignorant is always possible when  personal power is freely surrendered to others--governments, experts, family and friends, or organized religions in the belief that these others know what is right for them and would never deceive.  This is rapidly  changing as more individuals open their eyes,  reclaim  personal power, and start to make their own decisions.

At this time every student of truth needs to examine world concepts of gain versus loss, concepts that perfectly reflect duality.  Third dimensional energy being an energy of time and space, duality and separation, always expresses as pairs of opposites for anyone living fully in third dimensional consciousness.  Manifestations of gain and loss appear on all levels  (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and are accepted as normal.

In its attempt toward more gain and less loss according to present day standards,  the three dimensional belief system holds specific concepts  regarding the gains a person must strive for.  The un-awakened state of consciousness has accepted these concepts as truth and  struggles  to attain them. 

Physically, many men and women intensely strive to attain (gain) a "perfect" body  according to TV, film, advertising, and fashion industry standards.  It is believed that having a so called perfect body  brings acceptance, love, and admiration, making the person superior to others.  Those  satisfied with a normal or even a "not so perfect" body are automatically relegated to the  "loss" side of the scale.  

Intense focusing on physical perfection at any cost has resulted eating disorders, depression, lack of purpose, suicide, self loathing, lack of confidence, and ill health for the many who still accept false concepts of who and what they are and who as of yet do not know that they are consciousness, not just  physical bodies.

Emotionally,  many strive to gain perfect emotional stability as  defined by  "experts" who often change their ideas from day to day.   The desire to attain some concept of emotional perfection and eliminate undesirable emotions causes many to simply bury unwanted emotions in the false belief that they are then gone.

If you experience some emotion you dislike, simply refuse to judge it as good or bad but rather love and honor yourself through the realization that it is simply a part of who you are at this time while asking yourself;  "Is this emotion old energy clearing, or does it represent something I am still holding in my belief system?  What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"  Know that nothing  is good or bad, it is only one's accepted concepts  about something that determines it  good or bad. 

Often those struggling to gain some concept of emotional perfection, turn to legal or illegal drugs which seem to make things better but which in reality only  serve to mask the very emotions needing to be addressed.  Drugs block spiritual  progress.  At some point, perhaps even in a future lifetime, every individual must begin to accept, understand, and heal the emotional body through self- love rather than self- loathing. 

Many negative emotions have to do with cellular memory and  past lives which is why certain unwanted emotions  may seem to be coming  now or have been with you your whole life.   You are now able to  realize that these emotions once served a purpose but are no longer needed.  Love them, thanking these parts of yourself for the service they may have provided in other lifetimes, and let them go.

Mental level gains for some (not all) is frequently about attaining as much intellectual knowledge as possible which provides them a sense of worthiness and value.  You all know people who tout their intellectual prowess on every topic to anyone who will listen in the belief that this makes them superior to others.

The intense drive so many have to gain ever more wealth and material goods even when  not needed,  is  a manifestation of the belief that wealth will give them the acceptance, credibility, and love that every soul yearns for.   The loss of wealth (duality) for those who identify themselves as their wealth,  has caused many to take their own lives.

Spiritually, there are those who continue to see spiritual gain as reaching some imagined  pinnacle through certain rites, rituals, teachings,  and products which often only serve to keep them ignorant of the fact that what they seek is not in the outer things.  Then after many years devoted to some spiritual path, these dear ones experience a tremendous sense of loss and failure because their efforts did not result in their self created expectations.

Those driven by a desire for the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual gain within the third dimensional belief system will experience some success, often great success, but will also have failure simply because duality and separation consciousness manifests  as pairs of opposites.

The reality existing behind all actions for gain on the three dimensional level is the soul's yearning for recognition.  This yearning  is an inner nudge to awaken  into the real completeness , wholeness, and unconditional love/Real Self/Oneness  that is already present.

The un-awakened state of consciousness does not yet know that what they strive for is already within and so when they experience an inner push for more (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)  they  interpret it according to their attained level of awareness which is usually  in and as forms of achievement (gain).

That inner yearning and hunger experienced on all levels will always remain even after the perfect body, partner, bank account or any other goal has been attained because the wholeness, completeness, and love sought through these things does not exist in them.  The soul can never be satisfied with baubles.

As individuals awaken to the reality of who and what they really are, they begin to understand  that everything they sought in outer has only served to hold them in bondage to these things.  At this point the  intense striving and struggle for outer gain  begins to dissolve.  The awakening individual begins to understand that the material gains he believed necessary for his health, wealth, and happiness,  represent what is already present within. 

This is how evolutionary learning happens.  Along the way of many lifetimes, every one plays the role of seeking and searching, finding and losing, success and failure, according to the concepts and beliefs of the time.  The three dimensional tools and actions of gain work when a person is in alignment with their energy but at some point of spiritual readiness, they stop working. 

At this point there often comes an intense but fruitless period of struggle and effort to make things  go back to the way they were.   Here many lose hope and declare themselves to be failures rather than understanding that these experiences are graduations, not failures--indications that they have outgrown and are no longer in alignment with some previously held three dimensional belief or concept.

We are not saying that all goals are unnecessary.  In third dimensional living many goals are necessary for learning and surviving  until a state of consciousness is attained in which everything needed automatically manifests.  What we are saying is that serious students of truth must not allow three dimensional concepts of "gains that must be attained" or "losses that must be eliminated" to hold power over them.

Never allow these concepts to validate or define your worth.  Every individual is a Divine Being.  Since there is only ONE reality, law, cause, and substance  there is nothing else anyone could be. What would it be made of?

Many experiences of  gain or loss are chosen events, facets of one's personal soul contract put there with the help of one's  Guides and honest self evaluation before incarnating  for the purpose of creating a necessary learning experience. Gain is every seemingly small bit of spiritual awareness that bubbles up into consciousness as you go about the ordinary activities of life.

This does not mean you do not seek some gain as you exercise, go to the gym, or do the physical activities  you enjoy for the physical body needs exercise in order to be healthy.  Many physical  activities such as Yoga have energy balancing techniques at their root. 

Many individuals are now ready for goals (seeking gain) regarding emotional  balancing.  On the spiritual level letting go of gain versus loss concepts does not mean you cannot take a spiritual class, or study with an evolved spiritual teacher if you are guided to do this.  What we are saying is that you are ready to move beyond beliefs that declare certain three dimensional gains as being absolutely necessary and the loss or absence of them as being failure.

Ask yourselves;  "Why do I going to the gym?  Why am I on a continual diet?  Why do I look at myself in the mirror and see failure?  Do I believe that every negative emotion is wrong, or that because I don't have lots of  degrees and formal education, or am not yet a spiritual master  I have  failed?" 

Never resist anything for resistance simply gives power to whatever is being resisted making  it even more real and firmly entrenched.  Just say; "Oh you again" to  beliefs, concepts, and emotions you know to be false and simply go on with the activities of your day. 

The  mind is an avenue of awareness,  not the end all of superiority over other living things as you have been taught.  Not everyone contracted to live the life of an intellectual  genius or to manifest in this lifetime their intellectual attainments attained in  previous lives or on other planets.  Some have chosen the experience of being mentally handicapped specifically for their or the caregiver's  spiritual growth. There really are no accidents.

It is not possible to revert from an attained state of consciousness although there are many who try in order to please those around them.   Attempts to continue living  from an outgrown state of consciousness can only fail because there is no longer alignment with that energy regardless of how familiar.  Some pretend for awhile,  but within   are well aware that it is not working.

Relax and rest in the realization that everything is proceeding according to plan, governed by the Higher Self and not by continuous striving, struggling, or doing.  Your Higher Self knows what you are ready for and when.   If you read these messages the "train has left the station" and you  no longer need to be ruled  by three dimensional concepts of gain and loss.

Every lifetime and every experience has been about remembering,  thus making all experiences gains, and so called losses, nonexistent.  
Cease the struggle, and rest in what is.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                        5/20/18

                                        MAY  6, 2018

Dear ones,  welcome once again to the Arcturian Group messages.   Know that you are rapidly progressing  into new levels of awareness which for some of you has resulted in discord with family and friends upset and disappointed because you have changed and are no longer the same person they knew and want you to continue to be. 

Spiritual evolution  often forces those closest to the one awakening to question their own belief system giving rise to emotions of anger and defensiveness.   Seeing and believing differently than you have in the past  will often "rock the boat" of those closest to you because the energy alignment you previously held with them is dissolving. 

Awakening often results in the end of some relationships.  This frequently  happens in families or with friends that are closely in energetic alignment  by a particular belief system,  religious practice, tradition,  or cultural heritage.  It is vital that you never allow some person or group to guilt you into remaining in a state of consciousness you have outgrown. 

The purpose of choosing to live on earth is to evolve, and choosing to to remain locked in some particular belief system in order to please others or simply "keep the peace" is a surrendering of personal power. This does not mean that you abandon family and friends unless it becomes necessary which it sometimes does.  It simply means that you stay centered in truth and alert to the temptation to align with any beliefs the group may hold but that you no longer resonate with.   Life becomes  being  "In the world, but not of it".

It often happens that one's evolution will simply, gently, and without effort, dissolve certain relationships as each realizes they no longer have anything in common.  This is often the case with those who originally came together for the purpose of completing something unfinished from a past life, and which is now complete.  There are those who try and  make  dissolving relationships continue,  but this can only fail because in order for relationships of any kind to work, there must be energy alignment.

Be not afraid of anything at this time dear ones, for you are witnessing how evolution works.  An individual will receive some deep insight and because there is only One,  those in alignment with that person anywhere in the world may also receive it, This is why it often happens that someone gets an idea for an invention and at the exact same time, another person often far away receives the same idea for the same invention.

Each time a new truth bubbles forth into consciousness,  it becomes part of the consensus consciousness available to any and all.  Over time, many masters have chosen to live lives on earth especially during times of spiritual  ignorance for the sole purpose of seeding  consensus world consciousness with truth,  making it available to anyone spiritually ready to receive it.  

Truth is  present in and as every individual,  but cannot become their conscious reality until the individual is prepared and capable of aligning with the higher energy of the truth.  (The Christmas story of the Christ being born in a stable.) 

Every soul at some point must open that door from which the "imprisoned splendor can escape".  Regardless of what many still believe, no one, no master, no "saint", no teacher or teaching,  no matter how evolved or revered can do this for you.   They can assist you in your choices as  you awaken, but only you can open that door.

Everyday more are awakening,  even if it is simply a growing dissatisfaction with how governments, religious teachings, and corporations have stripped people of  personal power.  Without the need for you do anything outwardly, those of you who go within, connect frequently, and live the truth you know are adding  Light to world consciousness which in turn makes it available to all who are receptive. 

Words and actions that flow from an evolved state of consciousness are capable of triggering a new state of awareness for those seriously seeking a higher way for themselves and the world.  Many are on the verge of awakening at this time and those satisfied with the status quo are becoming a minority.   Some who have always lived in fear are now reclaiming the power they ignorantly gave away and feeling comfortable instead of fearful doing it.  You are on the verge of much change in spite of appearances but you must be patient and allow the process.
We wish to speak to the idea of security which in the third dimension  primarily  revolves around vulnerability and separation, concepts designed to keep the majority locked in fear.  The only real security there ever is or will be is already fully present within you.  Safety and security is the automatic manifestation of the conscious realization that there is nothing you need to protect yourself against.  This is your protective work, not the hundreds of material concepts believed necessary for personal survival. 

The third dimensional belief system holds that there are millions of people, places, and things you need  protection from--diseases, bad people, dangerous places and anything deemed dangerous by those in authority.   If there is only ONE,  who or what can there be that you need protection from?  What could it be made of if there is only ONE substance?

This truth  will fly  in the face of the many  who still believe they need all sorts of material devices and actions  in order to maintain personal safety and security.  God realization is and always has been the only true safety and security one can  have on earth because a third dimensional state of consciousness can only and will only manifest as forms of duality and separation.

In spite of appearances, violence of any form is not real power.  Having  no law to support, maintain, or sustain it other than the energy of belief,  it will dissolve into the nothingness that it really is when enough people wake up to this truth.  Anything real is held forever in place by Divine Law and if violence was a reality, no one ever would be able to remove or change  it.

You are God and it is time to start seeing and knowing yourselves for who and what you really are.  Does God need weapons and fear order to survive?  Does God fear others who may not look, speak, act, or believe the same way?  Who are these "others" if there is only One?   God is the others.  

Imagine God as being wood.   Houses are built,  furniture is made,  and  thousands of  products are created,  but each no matter how unique, always remains wood.  This is the truth about everything--there is nothing not in and of the one Divine Consciousness and it is only the false beliefs of duality and separation that make the world seem otherwise because--YOU ARE CREATORS

You may say;  "But we don't live in a God governed world and the un-awakened will harm us".  This is true at this time, and it is wisdom to lock your doors at night and avoid walking down dark streets in violent neighborhoods.  Intuition is very practical and meets the need of the moment.  What we are saying is that as you evolve ever more  deeply into the realization of your oneness with Source,  this attained state of consciousness  then automatically becomes your safety and security.   Separation and  violence do not exist in Divine Consciousness. 

Never forget that your own attained state of consciousness  is the substance of your experiences.  A person living constantly in fear, always on the lookout for the "other" ready to harm them,  creates for themselves some form of whatever it is they fear which then in turn validates the fear, causing them to become more firmly entrenched in their illusion.  Every serious student of truth must ask themselves;  "What am I believing that is making me feel this way"?

Guns are simply modern day versions of the swords, spears, and axes of old,  expressing the same state of consciousness  (separation and duality)  carried forward into the present day.  Ask yourselves, do I really believe that I am a Divine being made in the image and likeness of God, or do I still believe that I am just a lowly human subject to and needing protection from everything I have been told is just waiting to harm me if I am not alert and prepared?

Try to imagine the master Jesus, or Gautama the Buddha  carrying  concealed weapons as they went about their work in the belief that these things were their safety and security.  Many will say; "Yes, but the masters were different."   How could that be possible if there is only ONE?  Every person no matter how asleep in illusion,  has everything that any master has ever had,  the difference being that those called masters were awake. 

In these present times  there is more than enough happening to tempt even the most evolved into feeling insecure and frightened but now is your time for learning, practicing, and living what you have come to know is the truth about who and what you are as well as who and what every other person is regardless of appearances. 

There is a much bigger picture going on than what you can see with  human eyes.  Many who have been involved in violent experiences or even death chose these experiences for the purpose of balancing some old karmic energy.  For others these experiences are necessary tools for learning because of their having taken similar actions in a past life.

Some slave owners of the past have come back in black bodies in order to learn and experience the other side of things but this is NOT to say that prejudice and racial violence are ever justified. We seek only to add awareness to what is happening in the world at this time in order to help you understand that behind everything  lies the unstoppable evolutionary journey of mankind and Gaia.

It often happens and especially in these times, that an evolved soul will choose  to come in and experience some violent or traumatic event not out of personal need, but solely for the purpose  awakening others.  Their loving choice serves to shine Light on some particular concept or belief  still holding mankind in bondage.

Much is happening energy wise but there remain many still unable to comprehend what is taking place and so revert even more deeply into the third dimensional tools of safety and security.    Be not afraid and never doubt that you are whole and complete, always have been, and always will be. The realization of this truth will allow you to live without fear  knowing that even so called human death is but a move from one location to another, one that you have already done many times. 

Do what you are guided to do, always trusting your intuition.   Some of you are not yet spiritually or materially  ready to give up the human concepts of protection and there is no failure in this because to pretend a state of consciousness not  yet attained, is very human. 

However, there comes a point in everyone's evolutionary journey where they must let go of the third dimensional tools,  be they physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual in the realization that everything necessary to one's  happiness, safety, and security is already present within just awaiting recognition.  

Most of you reading these messages are ready to embrace and live out from that higher sense of safety, security, and protection. 

Simply hold these truths silently, sacredly, and secretly in your heart.  Ponder them often, allowing them time to gestate and grow stronger until at some point your Higher Self determines you are ready for them to become part of your attained level of consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                 5/6/18