SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Welcome once again to the Arcturian Group messages. 

Everything is proceeding according to plan although it may not seem that way.  Each day as more people awaken and begin to question the status quo, the collective consciousness grows lighter.  Many more are now beginning to ponder higher ways of living as they recognize that that which they have always accepted without question does not serve the majority.  

Much of the old energy remains alive and well  but do not be fooled by appearances for the changes taking place in individual consciousness are beginning to manifest outwardly. This does not mean everything is going to suddenly become roses and light, but rather means that increasingly the obsolete creations of duality and separation are being recognized and rejected.

A great deal of exposure is going to take place in the next year.  Those who refuse to to accept change and continue to flex their three dimensional muscles in hopes of keeping the majority in fear and old energy, will find themselves becoming less and less effective as those they hope to control begin opening their eyes.
Intense frequencies of Light are flowing and lifting  all who are receptive to higher levels of awareness. Everyone, receptive or not, is feeling these energies.  Relax and allow the process of integrating them as best you can.  Detach from the chaos when you feel the need, even if it means simply going to a restroom for a few moments.  Center frequently throughout the day and eliminate the "must get this done" programming  that pushes you to do, do, do, when your body is tired. 

Do not identify with the ascension symptoms you may be experiencing but rather simply recognize and allow them.  You are moving into an integration phase now.  Many believe they are sick or that something is physically wrong as their physical body  integrates higher frequencies and forms new pathways with which to carry them.  The ascension  process affects every person differently depending upon what is clearing and what is integrating according to their individual state of consciousness. 

Mind, which is an avenue of awareness, will always jump in with solutions according to what it knows.  Honor the mind and evaluate its suggestions, but never forget that  that there is a deeper and higher process going on that the human mind in and of itself, cannot explain to you.  Information that flows from within comes to you through the mind, but never from it.

You are well beyond the need to continue seeking for God and spirituality as these practices flow from a sense of separation.  Instead, begin to identify with the reality of your being, the I AM, the Divine Consciousness that you are.  Consciously accept that the peace, safety, security health, intelligence wholeness, harmony, abundance, etc. you have been seeking is already fully present within you. 

Once and for all release all favorite excuses as to why this is not possible.  Until a person begins to acknowledge and accept the reality of themselves, they remain in and continue to manifest from separation consciousness.

In general, consciousness is awareness  fully integrated and expressing through and as a person's thoughts and actions.  For example--learning to drive a car.  At first a new driver will study and think on an intellectual mind level about every step and rule for driving.  However with time and practice, the information becomes automatic and  driving becomes easy and without conscious thought.  Driving a car is now established in his/her consciousness. 

This is the secret behind child prodigies or talents that are quickly and easily learned.  The particular musical, acting, scientific, or artistic talent was developed and perfected through other lifetimes and is now a state of consciousness.  Although most are not aware if it, prodigies young or old, have all spent lifetimes studying, practicing, and perfecting their particular talent and because consciousness does not or cannot regress from an attained level, they incarnate with it intact. 

Divine Consciousness is all that exists--omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Consciousness flowing Itself as all that is.   Everything is this one Consciousness expressing  ITself in, as, and through individual consciousness which then manifests it on the level of their personal conditioning or attained state of consciousness.

When the consciousness of some truth is attained,  it is becomes available to all who are a part of your consciousness--children, family,  friends, etc. for there is only ONE.    If they are open and receptive they may receive insights or even healing but if not, they will not even notice.

My oneness with Divine Consciousness automatically constitutes my oneness with the spiritual reality of all living things as well as with every spiritual reality embodied in Divine Consciousness.

The spiritual journey is simply the evolution of individual consciousness which on earth is done through lifetimes in which a person gently or painfully learns to move beyond that which is false in his consciousness.  Divine Consciousness is already fully present in every individual simply because it is all there is, but freewill allows every person to express whatever three dimensional  conditioning they choose for as long as they choose.

The worst of criminals has Divine Consciousness but is allowing only a tiny pin prick point of its Light to express.  This is not done consciously.  The un-awakened do not yet know who they are and are only able to express themselves through the three dimensional  belief system they hold as reality.  Divine Consciousness remains forever fully present awaiting recognition in every individual  regardless of how limiting their present belief system may be. 

The evolutionary process requires  hundreds of lifetimes and experiences for most.  You have done this work or you would not be able to align with these messages.  Most of you chose to came into this lifetime having already attained a higher level of awareness in order to teach and serve during these energetically intense times.  Evolution does not end at a particular point, but rather continues infinitely because Divine Consciousness is Infinite.

Evolution is like observing  life through a very dirty window through which objects appear distorted and colorless.  The observer then bases his beliefs and life decisions on what he sees.  Each good or bad experience in every lifetime serves to wipe a tiny bit of grime off the window until at some point he is able to clear increasingly larger sections, allowing him to perceive that which was previously unrecognizable with new insights and clarity. 

Previously dull colors are now seen as vibrant and varied while life and people begin to reflect beauty, unity, and love.  All life forms are recognized to be in and of ONE and hope arises to replace previous despair, sorrow, and  sense of separation.   

You may wonder; "I am awake.  Why then am I still experiencing three dimensional problems?" At this point ask yourselves; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"  There are many answers to this question but frequently it is because new insights have not yet fully integrated and become one's living, breathing, state of consciousness.  Sometimes it is because the individual's has made a pre-birth  choice to serve in lower resonating energies for the purpose of helping awaken those who remain steeped in density. 

Know that once you choose to spiritually evolve you are on your way and whatever difficulties may present along that way are a part of your individual process.  Release all teachings and concepts regarding  how evolution must look or be experienced in order to be correct. Trust that your intention to evolve has set everything in motion and you don't need to light a candle, chant, or jump up and down to make it happen.

An attained consciousness of Oneness manifests outwardly as whatever is needed even in the most intense of circumstances and often as something seemingly very ordinary and practical.  Give up trying to figure out, plot, and plan everything with the mind.  The finite human mind is incapable of understanding or comprehending that which is infinite.

Cease struggling to attain what you already are.  You have been falsely programmed to believe that the spiritual journey  must be difficult and hard.   All that is required is that you live each moment from your highest state of awareness.  Simply allow the process and go within often to bask in Oneness with Source.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                          9/22/19

                                SEPTEMBER 8, 2019

The Arcturian Group welcomes you once again to messages presented with love for the purpose of helping all who choose to attain a higher understanding of who they are and what is taking place on planet earth at this time. 

The increasingly  intense frequencies of Light now pouring to earth are assisting all who are spiritually prepared to achieve a new and higher state of consciousness but many are not consciously aware of their readiness and so continue to resist change, allowing themselves only to open to if forced through painful three dimensional experiences rather than from gentle ways of non-resistance. 

Never doubt that every individual is aware of what they are entering into before incarnation because they themselves chose it.  Everyone works with Guides, teachers, and members of their soul group to choose the parents and life situations that will best help them move beyond old programing and resolve karmic situations from past lifetimes in awaken into a higher level of awareness.
In three dimensional energy all this is forgotten because  plans were made in a higher dimension and the individual is no longer able to align with those frequencies.  Children often remember past lives and what life was like on the other side until they are three dimensionally taught by adults who tell them they are wrong. 

Energetically sensitive young children often have a difficult time adjusting to the lower resonating energies of the third dimension.  Never force a child into a situation that may seem ordinary to adult thinking but is causing them to experience fear or resistance.  Even situations that seem ordinary like a large birthday party or loud music concert can overwhelm a young child or even an adult who is energetically sensitive. 

Duality and separation beliefs that remain alive and well in individual consciousness will always express themselves in forms of good or bad because there is NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS and even the smallest bit of old energy can manifest. The un-awakened do not understand this and so continue to create and further expand their three dimensional experiences with three dimensional solutions.

You have all lived many lifetimes during which you have had experiences of good, bad, and very bad.  You have worn every  color of skin and have been male/female/and both genders.  Some of these lives were very short and some were very long.  You have have lived mentally handicapped and extremely intelligent. You have been warriors and killers as well as peacemakers, and you have both hated and loved. 

When you observe these things in the world around  you, remember that there is a bigger plan than what meets the human eye, a plan in which each soul hopes to learn what he needs in order to awaken to his next level of awareness.

Once a person awakens to the deeper truths, he begins to stop thinking of himself as just a human who is subject to all the creations of duality and separation.  Fear begins to lessen and life automatically becomes healthier and longer (unless the person chooses to leave) because their cells have begun to hold more of the body's Divine Blueprint and fewer three dimensional beliefs about body. Physical living becomes less at the mercy of "fate" and more in the hands of the individual.

Allow  Light to flood the cells of your physical body and speak to them.  Give them permission to release all the old programing still being held  from this and  past lives and then avoid reprogramming them again through fear. 

If God did not form ITself as..., then whatever it is has no law to maintain or sustain it.  If God ever expressed ITself as disease, there would be no person, no mantra, no medical procedure, and no effort that could ever remove it because the creations of God are held forever in place by Divine Law.

It is a new time dear ones, one in which many commonly accepted beliefs are quickly dissolving.  Each
day more awaken in response to the intense waves of higher dimensional energy pouring to earth.   Gaia who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt to be used and abused has had enough.  She is shifting to her higher dimensional self and allowing her inhabitants to come with her if they choose.  

Be prepared for more earth events, for the clash of differing levels of energy can and often does result in chaos.  The old versus the new will express in whatever way it is able.  All is  proceeding according to plan and all is exactly where it needs to be so take your focus off of appearances and put it within where the answers lie. 

It is commonly stated that a problem cannot be solved on the level of the problem but this is exactly what the world continues to do.  Begin to meet the issues in your lives with truth and not with solutions wholly based in a belief system that is fast becoming  obsolete. This does not mean you cannot see a doctor if you are guided to, or see a lawyer for advice but it means that you take your higher awareness with you,  letting yourself be intuitively guided as well as being advised.

Stop analyzing everything according three dimensional concepts of how things should or must be. 
Depending on old solutions and programs to bring about permanent and peaceful resolutions  between people or situations will never be permanent and will always be subject to change because they are formed of duality and separation.  Many know this but are afraid to rely on it. 

Omnipresent Divine Consciousness is infinitely expressing ITself.  Mind interprets the One Divine Consciousness according to whatever conditioned beliefs a person has accepted in his or her personal expression of the One Consciousness.

Learn to trust your intuition, seeking answers about anything and everything from within rather than from  the level of the question.  All answers lie within you because your true essence is Omniscient Divine Consciousness. The unconditioned mind of a person who has attained a consciousness of oneness   is able to translate the events of the person's life from a higher level and into forms of completeness and wholeness that are personal to the individual. 

For example; A self realized surgeon will get new ideas about surgery if needed and a self realized mechanic will find himself knowing how to fix a complicated auto problem.  Neither will get the other's information unless they need it.  It is unconditioned consciousness translated by an unconditioned mind into individual understandable form.

Learn to think of yourselves as spiritual beings, not so much as one with God, but actually being God and thus embodying all that constitutes Divine Consciousness--I AM wholeness, abundance, safety and security, harmony, completeness etc. etc. now.   ONE can never be in conflict with or separated from ITself.  Separation is the myth of humanhood.

You are in charge of you--always have been and always will be but you have not known this.  No priest, guru, class, crystal, rule, or mantra has the power to make you more than you already are.  A realized  consciousness of Oneness is the key that opens all doors.  When you first know, accept, begin to live from, and then allow oneness to become your state of consciousness,  you open the door to its expression in even the smallest of ways.

Let go of beliefs about what you need or must have in order to be happy for they represent nothing more than majority concepts about happiness.  To continue holding on to them only serves to block something higher, better, and  yet unknown just waiting to express.

Trust, Trust, Trust.   Your higher self knows where you belong and how to get you there. Get out of your own way dear ones, and allow your already fully present Divine Consciousness to express.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                              9/8/19