JUNE 2, 2019

Dear readers, we often speak of ascension but our messages are primarily meant to awaken you to the reality of who you are.  We seek to help you understand  that rather than being simply human physical bodies that must forever struggle for necessities, the reality is that you already embody everything you have ever sought in every lifetime.  You are Divine Beings, God in expression,  experiencing three dimensional energy. 

In the beginning, all were pure spirit,  expressions of Source/Divine Consciousness/ God.  Over time and as the result of many circumstances and manipulations, the energy became heavy and dense and  bodies became physical.  Then these dear ones began to lose their way, forgetting who they were and no longer in alignment with higher spiritual energy. This was the beginning of their journey back "home".

In these present times of intense energetic frequencies, many are suffering from the low resonating actions of un-wakened humans as well as from natural disasters.  Know that God does not or could not punish anyone.  Could Divine Consciousness punish ITself? 

The concept of a God punishing individuals for "sin" is a myth that was created and has been expanded in religions over time for the purpose of control, keeping members "needing" them and in line with whatever man made rules and regulations the particular group espouses. 

The majority of today's religious leaders do not purposely intend to mislead people, although many become lost in the ego gratifications of "power".   They themselves are hypnotized by concepts of good and evil and most believe that they are doing "God's work" when they preach false concepts about a God of hell and damnation. 

Every  individual creates their own "hell" both on earth and on the other side from of the contents of their consciousness.  Consciousness is the substance of form but the majority as of yet do not understand this and so continue creating from  levels of consciousness that embrace duality and separation. The results are not punishments, but simply the creations of the one creating.

This is not to say that the perpetrators of actions intended to hurt others should not be disciplined or even incarcerated as this is still necessary on earth.  However, correction needs to be carried out from  unconditional love that is geared to the level of understanding (state of consciousness) of the individual being corrected rather than from concepts of revenge that remain the focus of many prison systems and individuals. 

Discipline techniques based in revenge will not work in the higher dimensional energy.   Examine your personal belief system for hidden concepts of revenge that may still linger in your belief system from this or other lifetimes.  These concepts often remain alive and well but often stay deeply submerged until some personal or global issue brings them to the surface.

The majority of those suffering catastrophic events are not being punished, but rather are living and creating from a consciousness of duality and separation.   This is not always the case however,  as many evolved souls choose to be a part of some "natural disaster" in order to serve.   Others choose to clear old energy through these types of experiences,  while some simply have this on their "bucket list".  Everyone in these types of situations is learning and incorporating new facets of unconditional love. 

Mother earth, Gaia, is not an impersonal  piece of dirt to be used and abused by those who stand to benefit financially from her but is a living soul who has chosen to ascend out of the dense third dimensional practices that have almost decimated her body.  She is clearing energy that has accumulated for eons and this often takes the form of a "natural disaster".  However, those who do not wish mankind to spiritually evolve have had a hand in some of these events.

It is a time of renewal and the remaking of all things.  The energies that created and still support three dimensional concepts of healthcare, government, education, and spirituality, in their present form are dissolving.  Rather than seeing change as negative, always remember that nothing real (every facet of Divine Consciousness) can ever disappear, but rather will change form when manifested from higher levels of consciousness.  

Never forget that consciousness is the substance of all form.  What you see materially is the mind interpretation of an ever present Divine Idea  interpreted according to the state of consciousness of the individual or collective.  An ordinary car is actually a three dimensional concept of Omnipresence.  As mankind evolved, so did the cart, horse, and model T,  become  airplanes, trains, and technologically evolved cars.

Many,  even some who are spiritually aware, still question and ask themselves;  "Why did I do this?  Why did I choose this person to be my partner?" Why did I not do this, instead of that?  Why did I make such a foolish decision?".  These questions are natural for humans because the world in general is ignorant of why people are on earth, and thus continues promoting certain do's and don'ts, rights and wrongs, as being necessary for happiness. 

When a person becomes serious about their spirituality, experiences are no longer random as they are when people are living fully in the third dimensional belief system.  Experiences at a certain evolutionary  point begin to express one's spiritual contract--life events the individual is ready for and has chosen to experience while on earth. 

Everyone has a spiritual contract, a contract that he/she has put together with the help of guides and teachers consisting of their choice to interact with certain people and to have specific experiences  deemed  necessary for further spiritual growth or the completion of something.

Contracts can be re-written, avoided, or discarded through free will but most are intuitively guided toward fulfilling the contents of the spiritual contract they incarnated with.  Once you understand this, life decisions that you have questioned and felt guilt about no longer seem to be mistakes, but rather steps along the way.

Even those living in the worst of human circumstances are spiritually evolving.  Every lifetime  is a facet of the evolutionary journey even when to human eyes it looks to be failure.  Every person is a Divine Being who has chosen experiences of separation to be the teacher that will lead them into spiritual realization.  How long this takes is not important as it is a free will choice and  spiritual readiness is determined by the Higher Self. 

The density of three dimensional energy serves as a block that keeps most people from remembering why they are on earth.  This energetic barrier also prevents the majority from interacting  with those of higher dimensional energy (no alignment) resulting in the world of duality and separation that you all know. 

There are some who evolve in other ways on other planets without the intensity of three dimensional experiences, but when a person spiritually graduates from lifetimes done in difficult "earth school" he/she  becomes a very powerful spiritually awakened being who can no longer be fooled by the illusions of sense and is well prepared  to assist others seeking evolution.

There is is no right or wrong,  good pictures are just as illusory as bad ones . Evolution is about graduating beyond illusory concepts of good and bad and into the reality of ONE, and that ONE  governed by unconditional love and manifesting  ITself as wholeness-- peace, harmony, abundance, health, and happiness etc.

The utopian world that people seek can never be attained through three dimensional means because a consciousness of duality and separation can only express in forms of good and evil.  Peace contracts based in this energy represent a first step, but will never result in permanent peace because good that is created from duality and separation must eventually flip, allowing its opposite to express.

It is time to cease trying to save, heal,  or correct the illusions of a three dimensional world and begin  living,  moving, and having your being in truth until that becomes your attained state of consciousness.  This is the only way the the world will be changed,  not through prayers for peace.

When you pray to an outside God for something,  anything,  you are perpetuating and creating from a consciousness of separation-- "I don't have".  Rather let your prayer be a resting in the silent awareness of; "I and the Father are ONE." and then extending that realization to Gaia and every living thing upon her regardless of outer appearances.

As long as society continues to promote   "wars" on drugs, "wars" on cancer, or "wars" on anything, these very things remain empowered and energetically fed which allows them to grow and continue manifesting. 
As difficult as it may be, every person at some point must choose to let go of and move beyond all  comfortable but erroneous beliefs that have heretofore governed their life.  When enough people do this, the world and every living thing on it--the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the devic, elemental, nature spirit kingdoms, and every human being will begin to experience themselves as they truly are and will discover that every good they sought throughout lifetimes has always been fully present.

                                       MAY 19,2019

Dear ones, we are here to assist you in awakening more deeply to the innate beauty and grace of your Divine core essence in spite of the difficult experiences some of you are having at this time.  Know that at this point of your evolution, difficult experiences are no longer random but rather represent necessary lessons chosen by you in order to more fully awaken. 
The familiar world seems to be crumbling both  personally and globally and in truth, it is.  Long held concepts about life are beginning to dissolve as mankind awakens to more evolved ideas.  This is serving to create a new world consciousness that can then manifest in higher forms of everything. 

Every awakened person is automatically seeding the universal collective consciousness with truth.  Every truth realized adds more truth and helps to dissolve that which is false.  These changes are beginning to penetrate the consciousness of everyone, both those who are awake and those who are not, resulting in the intense outer expressions of fear, hatred,  and resistance you are now witnessing.  However, there are increasing activities of unconditional love as well. 

Over time, many masters incarnated on earth for the sole purpose of seeding the collective in order make new and higher truth available to those ready for and seeking it.   Jesus, Buddha, LaoTsu, etc. were only a few of the many spiritual masters who fed ideas of love and oneness into the collective.  You do this every time you chose to know and live truth instead of three dimensional concepts about truth. 

There is only one consciousness--omnipresent Divine Consciousness, but mankind has allowed beliefs of duality and separation to pollute their personal experience of the One Consciousness  which has resulted in the third dimensional world of pain and suffering, lack and limitation most have come to accept as normal.  Every truth realized automatically helps to dissolve its false component and adds Light to the conditioned version of Divine consciousness until eventually the collective will contain more truth than false.

Because every person is an expression of Divine Consciousness  they are creators, creating in every moment with every thought and belief according to their attained state of consciousness.  The un-awakened are not aware that they are creators and so blame others for their problems but there really are no victims just as there are no saviors.  Evolution is the free will choice of every person.

At this powerful time of awakening many are choosing to leave because they have realized on a deeper unconscious level that they need more time to attain the frequency levels necessary for ascension.  

Those who understand what is really taking place are rejoicing for the spine of dark  "power over" energy is breaking.  This is behind the many forms of "lashing out" you are witnessing. Those enmeshed in fear of change as well as those who stand to lose their comfortable "power over" status are taking actions based in their limited awareness. 

Do not resist dear ones, for resistance is the opposite of allowing.  At a certain point of evolution one must consciously allow the Divine I AM to express Itself through and as you.  Spiritual surrender is not the three dimensional sense of being someone's "doormat",  but is rather a state of consciousness able to surrender the personal and separate sense of self to the I AM,  allowing  IT to live  ITs  life as you and fully aware that IT doesn't need to be told how to do it.

Resistance is natural because over time it has become ingrained in human consciousness.  Over lifetimes men and women both have had no choice but to handle difficult situations through resistance as a matter of survival.   However, for the most part you have graduated beyond these types of situations and are ready to embrace truth solutions instead.

As with there being only One Consciousness, there is likewise only One Mind-- Divine Mind.  The human mind is the one and only Divine Mind but filled with and conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation.  Divine Mind is and will forever be the only reality, but cannot be known and experienced until recognized as such.

The human mind quickly jumps into every situation with suggestions and guidance much of which is fear based and drawn from third dimensional collective consciousness,  personal experience, or what it has been taught.   Never dismiss or reject the mind for trying to help you based on the concepts of survival it has learned, but rather lovingly begin to educate and evolve the mind through the study and practice of truth.

Opening more fully to that infinite Source of information within allows the mind to access that rather than only the three dimensional collective. Mind interprets your state of consciousness.  The mind is an avenue of awareness, a facet of your own Divine nature so never attempt repress or negate it in the false belief that it is unnecessary or gets in the way of your spiritual journey.

The human mind is a wonderful tool, but is not the boss or supreme authority that many still believe it to be.  A mind conditioned by third dimensional beliefs and concepts is only able to present this level to you.  When fear based, negative, or "shocking" thoughts  come as they do for everyone, (often during meditation)  know that they are simply thoughts from the collective and never become yours unless you claim them as yours.  Just allow them to float on by without giving them power.

If you find that certain types of thoughts are continually bombarding you it might indicate a need to look deeper.  You may still hold some old energy that is in alignment with this particular type of thought.  Use these experiences as tools to examine  your belief system which will then allow you to fully clear something you are obviously now ready to release.

Some serious spiritual students continue to resist leaving practices that helped them spiritually evolve as beginners in the belief that  these rituals and practices must go on forever in order to spiritual evolve.  This is a fear based concept that can  block spiritual growth.  There comes a point at which a dependence on rites, rituals, and practices  becomes a barrier to further growth. 

It must be understood  that there are no spiritual rules.  Spiritual rules were and still are created from  three dimensional consciousness for the purpose of power over, control, and self righteousness.   God knows nothing about man's spiritual rules.  The ten commandments were given at a time when  consciousness was very un-evolved and needed rules.  Some still need them, but you do not because you have evolved beyond them.

There is  only one spiritual rule and it is unconditional love.  The One Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient reality is the only spiritual rule because IT is all that exists infinitely governing ITself through and as infinite form, variety, and individuality.  Everything else is a concept of this reality.

Once you give permission to spiritually evolve, you are more clearly guided.  If from a human perspective everything seems to fall apart, trust that a bigger picture is taking place and allow the process as best  you can. The death of the old can be very painful on all levels and there is a great deal of cellular clearing still taking place for most on one or all levels--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

Many come to believe that they are spiritual failures when after years of serious study and practice everything in their life seems to collapse.  Remember, you can never regress from your attained level of consciousness so learn to see these experiences not as failures, but rather as necessary facets of your personal  journey, events meant to shift your awareness to new levels if you allow it. 

Karmic relationships are being reactivated in order to be competed and cleared.  Old physical injuries and diseases are reappearing as the energy of them flows from cellular memory.   Relationships of all kinds are being healed.  The three dimensional eyes of others may see problems and offer you solutions based in that belief system, but you yourself must go within and discover what is really taking place.

You are ready to stop looking to others for love, validation, gratitude, friendship, or appreciation etc.  even from those you would naturally come to expect it.  These qualities are God qualities and only God can give them to give you.  They flow through others but are never from them for humans do not have them to give. 

Learn to seek these things from Source the only place they exist, and then  allow them to manifest as they will, often through those you may least expect it from.  When you cease looking to and expecting these things from a particular person or persons and instead look to Source for them, they will manifest in ways you could not have imagined.

Mankind's biggest mistake has been in believing that human beings can give what only God has to give. To look within for everything means to acknowledge that peace, love, abundance, harmony, wholeness, companionship etc. etc. are Divine qualities that can flow through one's self and others when recognized as such.

Everything necessary on every level is already present within and this realization opens the door for what is needed to express outwardly if not conditioned by concepts of how it must look or who it must come from.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                          5/19/19

                                     MAY 5,2019

Dear readers, we welcome you to this message of guidance and wisdom with which you also receive energies of Light.  You have reached a place of readiness for more than main stream news and doctrines filtered through the three dimensional consciousness of others.  You have the ability to access information from within.

Whether  information comes from a government, church, corporation, family member, or your own mind, learn to stop accepting it at face value and without deeper consideration.   Begin to question and ask yourself;  "In the Light of what I now know, is this true or simply what the majority believes?"  

The outer scene is manifesting a "changing of the guard" so to speak.  Many third dimensional creations are beginning to dissolve as increasingly more people awaken out of the third dimensional  dream and stop feeding them with their energy.  If allowed,  the higher frequencies of Light replacing them will begin to form better versions of whatever it is--health, government, spirituality etc.

The effects of the collapse of beliefs long considered  "tried and true" is causing confusion even for those who know what is taking place.  It is at this point the  human mind struggles to salvage the familiar with solutions based in what is already known and believed by the collective.

The question continues to be asked; "Why haven't we seen change? Why do things seem to be only getting worse?"  You are witnessing the result of Light penetrating into the world's dark and previously hidden places which is stirring up and illuminating everyone and everything living there. 

Exposures are allowing many to rethink their belief system and re-evaluate what they heretofore accepted as normal.  Frequently a person's belief system must be negatively impacted in some way before they will even begin to question it. 

When you choose to awaken, you automatically become a way shower for others.  Once truth becomes an attained state of consciousness, it automatically flows into every aspect of life.   For example--business.  Businesses formed from a consciousness of lack and limitation, will do whatever it takes to make money, often dishonestly.  These businesses can only fail as they will be out of alignment with the new and higher energies. 

Whereas those created from a consciousness of oneness and  function from levels of love and gratitude will be in alignment with the higher frequencies.  These are ordinary businesses who express love as; "We are happy to provide whatever goods and services you may need."  and in turn receive the gratitude of customers more than happy to provide payment for their wonderful service.  You are all familiar with both kinds of businesses.

Way showers live without effort from a place of unconditional  love (realization of Oneness)   becoming examples to those around them.  It is not necessary for a way shower to join  a group,  engage in protests, or take actions unless they are intuitively guided to do it which some of you may be.  Rather, a way shower is simply an evolved person living life from his highest level of awareness and those who are spiritually ready, will observe.

You who read these messages are prepared to step boldly into your power and claim the gifts of your true nature.  Begin to live and make decisions from this level at all times  rather than just when a decision isn't "really" important.  Many receive guidance and intuitively know what needs to be done, but then allow experts, family, friends etc. to persuade them with three dimensional advice and solutions rather than trusting what they get from within.

In the third dimension, power is always seen as power over someone or something.   Throughout time rulers have held the power of life or death over their subjects.  Organized religions have and still hold power over their followers through threats of punishment for anyone who does not obey their man made rules.  Families with strict traditions often endow these traditions with a power not to be questioned or denied. 

"Power over" anything always reflects old energy based in duality and separation. You are beyond that now.  Many intellectually grasp this truth,  but cannot accept that all power resides within because they are trying to understand truth with three dimensional thinking--wondering how dollar bills could be inside of them. 

Empowerment is the realization that Divine Consciousness, the substance of all that exists and thus everything  is a form of it but conditioned by universal collective belief. 

Empowerment is no longer fearing to say;  "Thank you for  your opinion, but I am going to do this." 

Empowerment is allowing those whose acceptance, love, and friendship is based on your obedience to certain concepts and rules, to fade out of your life.

Empowerment lies in the conscious realization that all answers are already present within.  It is knowing that you have attained a state of consciousness that no longer needs others to interpret spiritual truth for you. 

Empowerment begins dissolving three dimensional fears allowing harmony to flow through even the most ordinary of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual endeavors and situations.  

Empowerment means knowing, living, and trusting that the  I AM  you are knows how to live IT's life as you and then allowing it to do so.   It means allowing the human mind take a less important role than in the past even while it continues to push the three dimensional rules, standards, and beliefs.

Empowerment is letting go of the belief that you need validation from anyone or anything outside of yourself because you realize that I AM is infinitely validating ITSELF through and as you.

There comes a point at which all that is old and false must be left behind.  It is foolish to continue pretending to be a part of something you no longer resonate with simply to please other people which in reality is the surrendering of one's personal power to them.  The time has ended  (in most countries) where you could lose your head for your beliefs so be who you are even if you have to do it silently and secretly. 

This does not mean that you cannot participate in religious holidays with family and friends who may still need these tools.  It does not mean you cannot enjoy ceremonies or functions even though they no longer resonate with you as they once did.  It does not mean you are free to ignore rules created for the protection and good of the majority even though you have moved beyond needing rules and regulations to tell you how to live.  Let your intuition guide you in these matters.

It does mean that you realize you are no longer in alignment with much that you once were in alignment with and that if  "push came to shove", you would choose to stand in your truth.

The realization and acceptance of personal power brings with it trust through the understanding that there is an infinity of good accessible at any time because  IT is you.  It is learning to rest in  this awareness throughout each ordinary day knowing that  IT will express ITself as the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent Being that it IS, if not kept hidden behind three dimensional concepts and beliefs. 

Know that all is proceeding according to plan  personally and globally.  When an individual or collective opens to enlightenment (a choice often made on an unconscious level)  the journey begins and the Higher Self does not need to be told how to proceed. 

Trust, trust, trust, and allow, allow allow.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                  5/5/19